So, this is something rather different. We’ve had nostalgia shows in the past but this might be one of the most unique theme shows I’ve seen in quite some time. GCW wanted to tap in to the day of eyeliner, the scene kid hair, and Myspace with Emo Fight, a collection of Emos and people willing to adopt the Emo scene for a night. We were in for fun, fights, music, and shocks as my teen years were thrown back at me. We’d see DJ Nick Gage get everyone hyped up, scrambles, the GCW return of Jimmy Jacobs and so much more. Let’s get Emo.

Scramble: Dante Leon defeated Matt Vandergriff, Lucky 13, Steve Sanders, Colby Corino & Chris Carter via Endseeker on Vandergriff

The show opened with Zac Eisenstein of Man Overboard giving the audience an acoustic set before getting to the first match of the night, a scramble of high-flyers ready to break the laws of physics. We had fighters from across the country coming in to fly the Emo flag and break some skulls. We’d had My Chemical Romance’s Teenagers and Emil Jay as a Black Parade member so we were off to a good start. Lucky 13 stalled his entrance because the music broke so the audience went acapella. The match itself was exactly what you’d want it to be, a high-flying, death-defying, innovative as hell scramble. It was a constant barrage of blink and you’ll miss it action as a lot of these guys were familiar with the other’s work. No one slouched as the younger guys and the vets went to work, Lucky 13 showing he can still hang with anyone. It wasn’t all perfect but it was damn entertaining to watch. It was great seeing Sanders back in action, Chris Carter getting another match in GCW and obviously, it was great to see Dante Leon get a big win. Everyone killed it in the short time this match was given.

Allie (Katch) Way defeated Gabby Ortiz via Torture Crab

Next up was Gabby Ortiz flying the Emo flag as she prepared for a match against a mystery opponent. No one knew who they were fighting until it came to the bell time. Ortiz was fighting Allie Katch or in this case, Allie Way, who’d gone all out on the Emo entrance. Both seemed ready to fight as we prepared to see what this new Allie variant could do. Again, this was a really solid match, we had technical wrestling, heavy striking, and Way leading a sing-along using Gabby’s arm as a mic. This got really competitive as we saw Way break that Emo lethargy and Ortiz match the ferocity that Way was bringing. Again, this could have benefitted from more time but it was very good for what it was. Allie Way was definitely another interesting Allie variant that had carried over the lethal Katch style. Ortiz got a great showing too, here’s to hoping we’ll see more of her at future shows.

Everett Connors defeated Dyln McKay via Destroyer

Before this next match, we got Zac Eisenstein on commentary and we got a music performance from Wicca Phase Springs Eternal to represent the Goth Boi Clique. They performed three songs and sang Everett Connors to the ring posing with him to let him know. His opponent tonight, the straight edge ledge, Dyln McKay who entered to All Time Low’s Dear Maria, Count Me In. This threatened to be the most fashionable match of the night. This went from 0 to 100 instantly as we had Ushigoroshis and DDT-Stroyers thrown in instantly. Connors took the time to pose and paid the price as McKay quickly bust out the Shooting Star Press. It didn’t slow down there as it was just fast-paced kicks, knees, and more as these guys had no breaks. The pair just kept trying to outdo each other in the risk/reward department. McKay was making full use of the spotlight to show what he’d learned at H2O but he tried to show too much and ended up taking himself out, missing a 630 SSP. That opened the door for Connors to nail a destroyer and take the win. Once again, excellent match that could have gone a bit longer as the pair were clearly having fun with this. Post-match, Connors couldn’t even celebrate as he was attacked by Charles Mason and his goons Bam Sullivan and Slade. McKay tried to help but Mason killed him off like the poor people he tortures for fun. He returned his attention to Connors and choked him out with a plastic bag. No one came to Connor’s rescue, which I find highly surprising. Boo Charles Mason, boo. Of course, he’d choose to pick on the Emos, sociopaths aren’t known for their emotions.

EFFY defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Diving Blockbuster

Nick Gage is Emo, well for tonight. He was doing a DJ set and it was time to see what the God of this shit would play. He proved to be the ultimate hype man as he gave the shout-out to his boys and his gang, then got the Black Parade played, leading the Emos in their national anthem. Gage proves to be the ultimate ally of the people and the Emo world appreciates it. He announced Jimmy Lloyd to the ring who was in full corpse paint. Lloyd had joined the Black Parade! His opponent, EFFY! Daddy was home and he was showing that EFFY is Emo, coming out to the All-American Rejects. This variant was just as loved as any. Once again, this was a great but short match as we got the greatest hits of EFFY and Lloyd with EFFY doing his best to fire up Lloyd. Earl Gardner got caught in the fray as the fight broke to the outside and EFFY nailed a Suicide DDT. EFFY took a death drop via Apron DVD and found himself being beaten down by the Emo boy. Both guys aggressively slugged it out and got emotional whilst slapping each other. Both proclaimed their hatred for each other and EFFY floored Lloyd with a clothesline to hit the Sack Ryder. Lloyd returned fire with the Tea Bag Driver but missed a Moonsault and ended up Under the Rainbow. The Blockbuster followed and EFFY was the winner. The tension in the room was palpable so Gage came out to be hype man again and get the MDK chants going. EFFY issued a fuck Matt Cardona chant going and Lloyd sealed the segment with a heartfelt kiss.

After intermission, we returned to the show and found Marko Stunt set up to perform. He had his acoustic guitar all plugged in and ready to go and got some laughs adjusting the mic stand. He’d come home to the building that put Stunt on the map. He started off singing Never Shout Never and genuinely blew everyone away by how good he was. He went into Only One by Yellowcard and ended his set with Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne. It was a nice return from intermission and genuinely surprised me.

Scramble: Treehouse Lee defeated Yoya, Tony Deppen, Jordan Oliver, Cole Radrick & AJ Gray via Corkscrew Leg Drop on Yoya

We had our second scramble of the night as Treehouse Lee made his triumphant return to GCW to spread more bullet ballet. He was coming against some stiff competition as he’d have to battle Yoya, Tony Deppen, Jordan Oliver, Cole Radrick, and the Motherfucking Truth AJ Gray. We were about to see Emo collide with the world of Nu-metal as Gray showcased his love for Limp Bizkit. Once again, this was an incredibly fun scramble. Yoya filled in for Alex Zayne who’d been fucked around by airlines and once again become the punching bag for a lot of the match. Deppen was trying to live up to Hollywood’s favourite wrestler moniker he’d made himself and Radrick was clearly having fun with the Emo festivities. The wrestling was all crisp as hell and everyone showed out in the time they had. This was a scramble full of the indie elite and it showed. Treehouse Lee is such a joy to watch whenever he’s given the chance to shine and him getting the win here rocked. That being said, anyone could have gotten the win here as Gray tried to kill Yoya, Radrick and Oliver tried to show everyone up and Deppen kept things moving. There were false finishes galore and so many pairings that would be fun to revisit in one on ones. GCW always nails scrambles, this one was another shining example of that. Seeing Yoya busting out destroyers is an incredible sight.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Atticus Cogar via Roll-up

Last but not least, the main event. It wouldn’t be an Emo night without a visit from the Zombie Princess Jimmy Jacobs. He was performing the Ballad of Lacey for the first time in 15 years. At least he should have but Atticus Cogar interrupted it before he could start. He came along to ruin the fun because he hadn’t been invited. He mocked Jacobs and Lacey, taking aim at Jacobs going Emo again. Cogar claimed to be a hero but Jacobs didn’t agree and decided he’d now come to fight. Jacobs unloaded on Cogar with headbutts and used his scarf to throw him into the crowd. Allie Way took to commentary and watched as Jacobs beat Cogar with shoes. He beat Cogar around ringside and dove onto him with a Pescado. Cogar fired back with a dropkick through the ropes and drove Jacobs into the mat with a hanging DDT. He clawed at Jacobs’ face and methodically beat him around the ring. The anger seeped through as Cogar stomped down Jacobs and bit down on his exposed toes. Jacobs fired up and started flooring Cogar with clotheslines but Cogar cut him off with a headbutt. The battle went to the corner and Jacobs hit the Tornado Suplex. He tried for Sliced Bread but Cogar nailed him with the Schoolboy Superkick. Cogar got a door and the pair danced around it until Cogar kicked Jacobs in the balls. He broke the door with the running Air Raid Crash but only got a two. Cogar set up another door fragment and beat him with more door parts. He tried for the Brain Haemorrhage but Jacobs pushed him away and rolled him up for the win. Jacobs had bested Cogar but he couldn’t celebrate. Cogar smashed him with more doors and prepared to skewer Jacobs when Lacey herself appeared. She kicked Cogar in the dick and dropped him on his head with a DDT. Jacobs climbed to the top and took out Cogar with the diving Cutter and the Sliced Bread. Jimmy loves Lacey forever and now she’d come to his aid. With her in the ring, he had the mic and we got the performance we’d all wanted, The Ballad of Lacey. Thus ended one of the oddest experiences I’ve had with GCW. It was such a fun show and I appreciate the experimental approach but I think I’d have liked to see a bit more wrestling. That being said, it was rather nice to see something so focused on fun and celebration. GCW and MDK are all about people being themselves and today it showed.

All images courtesy of GCW, FITE, Screenshots, IsThisWrestling

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