Welcome back to MLW. Fusion ALPHA continues on with another three-match card of title fights and new opportunities. We’d see Alex Kane get his big MLW singles debut against Budd Heavy, Aramis and Arez debut against each other in a feud as long as time itself and in the main event, Filthy Tom Lawlor shows he can live up to Cesar Duran’s visions of violence by trying to take the National Openweight Title off Alexander Hammerstone. With Fightland looming, could CONTRA look to tip the tide in Lawlor’s favour here or would we have the untainted match we’d all hope for? Plus, who knows what could happen throughout the runtime as tempers flare and MLW tries to manoeuvre around its new booker. Let’s get into it.

Aramis defeated Arez via Desnucadora del Muscatero

Up first was a super Lucha showcase. Aramis would do battle with the King of Strange Style, Arez. This is a war that has been seen before and it always impresses. These two are incredibly innovative, mind-blowing and a joy to watch. Let’s see what they’d bring MLW to try and get in on the Middleweight Title scene. They opened with a whirlwind exchange of submissions, counters, and chain holds that made the traditional seem brand new. They didn’t pause at all as each counter and kick out led to more grappling. They reached a stalemate on arm-drags and finally took a breath to appreciate the crowd response. The fight went to the apron and both fighters continued to go counter for counter until Arez wiped Aramis out with an Asai Moonsault. Arez threw Aramis back into the ring and cockily picked at him, setting in motion another explosive exchange of kicks. Arez fought through and crippled Aramis with a PK to the back. Aramis returned the favour and the pair levelled the other with clotheslines until Arez caught Aramis into a buckle bomb, dumping him over the top rope. Once again, nothing could keep Aramis down and he rushed back with a flip into a Bicycle Kick, Half and Half and bullet-like Tope Suicida. Arez thought he’d dodged a second diving move by rolling outside but Aramis just walked the ropes and dived on him from there. He dragged Arez in again and landed a 450 but only got a two-count. Yet again, the action picked up and Arez showed off another combination of clever kicks into a Michinoku Driver. The frantic action just kept going as Aramis landed a Spanish Fly and Powerbomb. Both guys kept throwing out bomb after bomb and neither would stay down for more than a one-count. Arez self-destructed missing a Shooting Star Press and Aramis capitalised with Desnucadora del Muscatero Airplane Spin bomb to take the win. The pair threw animosity aside post-match because they both knew they’d put on a classic. This was incredible and both guys have the world at their feet. What a way to open the show and what great acquisitions for MLW.

Alex Kane (w/King Mo) defeated Budd Heavy via Ripcord Olympic Slam

Up next, we had the singles debut for Alex Kane. We’d seen him throw bodies like nothing in the Battle Riot. How was the Suplex Assassin going to fare in a singles contest? We’d find out now as Budd Heavy took him on. The crowd really seemed to love Heavy which probably made what they were about to see all the more painful. Kane was pissed he wasn’t in the Opera Cup so he was going to take that anger out on poor Heavy. Kane booted and chopped the hell out of Heavy then smashed him off the buckles. The Suplexes started coming out and Mo made sure to keep count with little number cards. Kane wasn’t letting Heavy off easy, dragging him out of pins and massacring him with more strikes. Heavy tried to mount a comeback but Kane drilled him out of it with a forearm and launched him with an Exploder. He let loose more horrifying elbows and sent him to the mat again with a ripcord Olympic Slam. Kane made a cocky pin and took the win. He had dismantled Budd Heavy with ease and left behind a mark without having to use the Mark of Kane. This was a purely malicious attack on a beloved underdog and Heavy’s valiant defiance earned him even more of that work post-match. MLW have made Kane a monster and I’m all for it. Plus, Kane is now an Opera Cup alternate now.

Between the matches:

  • CONTRA interrupted the Lucha match entrances so Mads Krügger could threaten to end Hammerstone before Fightland. They would also air a video obituary to most of Jacob Fatu’s former opponents as they showed off the destructive power of the World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Matt Cross confronted Cesar Duran again as he made a phone conversation demanding an answer to his title request. Duran hated being interrupted but admired the ambition and gave Cross his match next week.
  • EJ Nduka promised MLW he would be back in an interview with Alicia Atout after a video package signposted his achievements during Battle Riot.
  • 5150 warned Injustice that they were coming for them. The turf war had been started and they were coming for the kill. That match will be happening next week.
  • The Fightland control centre reminded people of the card as they announced Myron Reed vs Tajiri vs Arez vs Aramis and MLW Embedded with a slew of wrestling media. I would not want to be Myron Reed in that bout. The Young GOAT is going to have to prove that moniker again.

National Openweight Title: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Filthy Tom Lawlor via Nightmare Pendulum

Last but not least, the main event. Filthy Tom Lawlor had wanted a title match so Cesar Duran had given him one, just not at the belt he wanted. He did however have a chance to spoil the big Title vs Title Fightland main event by stripping Hammerstone of his title. We’ve seen Hammerstone battle all comers but could he keep up with the submission game of Lawlor and would Team Filthy come into play at all? Lawlor started with a leg pick and heel hold, forcing Hammerstone to the ropes instantly. The pair locked up and Hammerstone overpowered Lawlor out of another hold to force him to the ropes with a wrist-lock. The pair kept trading as Lawlor threw kicks and used every trick he could to break Hammerstone’s grasp and lock him up again. He couldn’t find another way to take Hammerstone off his feet so he rolled outside for a breather after being knocked down with a shoulder tackle. Lawlor milked the count and snapped Hammerstone’s arm off the ropes but even that couldn’t throw off Hammer and another failed lock-up saw Lawlor thrown right back outside. The pair punched it out on the outside and after wincing at Lawlor’s chops, Hammerstone dropped him on the apron with a press slam. Back inside, Hammerstone tried for another lock-up but Lawlor raked his eyes and drove his shoulder into the mat.

Lawlor had his target and snapped at that as he chopped down Hammerstone. Hammerstone forced his way up out of the corner and sent Lawlor falling over the ropes. He tried to go in pursuit but Lawlor used the ring apron and ring post to further break his arm. Once again, Lawlor used this chance to land a barrage of strikes alongside working the arm. He nearly locked on a Cross-Armbreaker but Hammerstone made it to the ropes. That reset the fight for another round of strikes and the counters started coming out as Hammerstone caught kicks and Lawlor turned a slam attempt into a Guillotine before going right back to that injured arm. Hammerstone had to drag himself to the ropes again and managed to catch Lawlor into the swinging uranage. He started lighting up Lawlor with more strikes and mauled him with a clothesline. He crushed Lawlor in the corner and sent him flying with an Overhead belly to belly. Lawlor fought away the Nightmare Pendulum and tried to signal his troops but no one came out. Lawlor begged forgiveness but Hammerstone punished him with a Bicycle kick and dropped him with a German. A powerbomb and Nightmare Pendulum later and the match was over. Hammerstone had fought off Lawlor but it had left him with a mangled arm. He remains undefeated whilst Lawlor’s undefeated streak has been broken. In the battle of the Battle Riot winners, Hammerstone took the day. Seriously though, this rocked. Another perfect clash of styles that showed how versatile both fighters can be. Sadly, we couldn’t end on a happy note as CONTRA ambushed Hammerstone as he went backstage. They beat him and Richard Holliday, who flew in to stop Alicia Atout from getting caught in the carnage. As usual, CONTRA is taking no chances with Hammerstone before the big match.

All images courtesy of MLW, Basil Mahmud, video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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