It’s spooky season once again. You know what that means. It’s time to dive into another 31 deadly, bloody, horrifying deathmatches as we go into the 3rd annual deathmatch calendar. As always, this will be a day-by-day calendar of gore as we break into some of the greatest, nastiest, and most infamous of deathmatches across the years culminating with my pick of the year so far at the number 31 spot. With the preamble out of the way, let’s see what is awaiting us in this year’s tour of wrestling terror.

Russian deathmatches are something that I’m not too familiar with. They do exist and as I have learned over this research process. I have settled on Gorky City Wrestling’s Slavonic Violence tournament. A match I found through the wonderous world of YouTube and a horror show featuring two barefoot competitors. They had boards of brutality, thumbtacks, pine cones, and glass as you wouldn’t be traipsing across a normal canvas in a deathmatch. The competitors would be Alexander Nabiev, one of the well-known bloodletters of Russian Deathmatch and the most dangerous competitor in the country, Magadan Cross. They both had armed hype men with them and a whole lot of plunder to break each other with. Both men were on the beers and I can’t blame them, this looked like it was going to hurt. You even got to see Russian wrestler twerk on barbed-wire ropes.

We learned very quickly, Magadan wasn’t playing fair as he instantly went on the attack and did not remove his footwear. Nabiev took a hellacious forking but came right back to drive Magadan into a pit of tacks. Nabiev removed Magadan’s shoes and drove him feet-first into the tacks. He cut up Magadan with a giant knife and stapled his feet before stapling Magadan’s shirt to his tongue. Magadan dodged a double stomp and dumped Nabiev into the pine cones. Nabiev rolled away so Magadan battered him with a tack bat and went at his foot with tacks. We got dick punches and elbow drops but Nabiev wouldn’t quit so Magadan skewered him. Dimitri on Commentary and the ref were completely horrified. Nabiev just kept taking nightmarish bumps but wouldn’t quit and came back with a fury and a whole lot of tack bat shots. He retrieved a fork board but couldn’t use it as Magadan drove him onto it stomach first and dropkicked it in further. We got more foot stabbing as Magadan drove a syringe into Nabiev’s foot and Sanchez had to try and help. He was powerbombed into the pit and Nabiev used the distraction to drive Magadan into the glass pile with a sit-out DVD. He syringed Magadan through the cheeks and forced a third one through his nose. Magadan got skewered and drove them in further with a DDT into the pit. Things went from bad to worse as Nabiev set a guitar on fire and smashed Magadan with it, setting himself, his opponent, and the ring on fire. Nabiev jumped in the pool to save himself and quickly rushed back to the ring to take the pin and the win. This was wild and I was taken aback by the violence on display. Most of the time, fire spots go terribly, here it went way too well. I regret not checking this scene out sooner, this was incredible. Come back tomorrow for the next deathmatch delight.

All images courtesy of screenshots, Video courtesy of Hardcore Wrestling,

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