Welcome back to ChocoPro and the Season 9 Finale. We’ve seen so many amazing matches this season, now it’s time to end it all with a bang. We finally had the next challenge for Best Bros to overcome, a triple threat of pure chaos and a showdown between a Panda and a Tropical Fairy. Things were going to get pretty intense pretty fast. This was the big end to show that ChocoPro had carried on without Emi Sakura. They’d begun again and pushed forward in a new direction. The only thing that was unchanging was the Asia Dream Tag Team champions, but even that was at risk now as they faced not one but two challengers. Let’s find out who was still standing when the dust settled.

Chon Shiryu defeated Cherry & Tokiko Kirihara via Jack-Knife pin steal on Kirihara

Up first was a change to the scheduled match. Due to some health circumstances, Sayuri was out of the running today so the original tag match became a manic triple-threat between the Dragon Chon Shiryu, Cherry, and Tokiko Kirihara. We saw how well the duo were getting on yesterday, would we see a six-pack team-up on Shiryu? That happened instantly as the pair mocked Shiryu for being alone and jumped him. They locked him in a double submission and started tearing at his ears when they realised his hair was too short to pull. They locked on a Figure-Four Comaneci and posed on him but as they released the hold, he unloaded on them both with chops. They ground him back down with dancing foot stomps and tried for more double-team but Shiryu drove the pair into each other and landed on them with a Trust Fall. Kirihara went out of her way to protect Cherry so Shiryu punched her in the mouth and vented his frustrations on her whilst Cherry looked on in horror. Cherry switched sides and joined Shiryu in stomping Kirihara, then ripped at her hair. The pair kept abusing Kirihara with a wall and mat combo as Mei Suruga lost her mind on commentary. The betrayal was real as she then tried to steal the pin from Shiryu. That alliance broke down and Kirihara downed both with the Claw. Cherry tried to switch sides again but Shiryu and Kirihara both cornered her and punched her in the mouth.

They massacred Cherry against the wall and put her down with their Judo Throws. Cherry came back by choking the pair and stomping their feet but it didn’t last as they chopped free and threw her again. Kirihara was betrayed again, this time by Shiryu as he ground her foot into the mat again drove the Dragon Claws into her eyes. He drilled both with his signature offence and nearly took the win with a flying kick. Cherry sent Shiryu out the window and went after Kirihara with an STO but she too only got two. Kirihara kicked back and nailed the Judo throw again for another two, then climbed to the window but Shiryu was waiting and sent her flying. Cherry tried to put him to sleep and knocked Kirihara loopy with kicks before tripping both opponents onto each other. Shiryu stole the pin and took the win from Cherry. She was furious but all this treachery bit her in the ass in the end. The devious dragon of ChocoPro had racked up another big win against unlikely odds and helped put on one hell of a triple-threat.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Ayano Irie via Wall Run Splash

Next up was a battle for the kawaii. It would be the Tropical Fairy vs the Ear Kicking Panda as Ayano Irie made her next appearance to try and derail the winning streak of Yuna Mizumori. The pair had proved to be great partners but how would they do against each other? Irie got under Mizumori’s skin by being cute to the camera and the pair locked up, Mizumori overpowering Irie into an unclean break. They started trading holds and Mizumori fought through a pin to be cute again. Every time Mizumori put Irie down or tried to attack, she was right back up and posing again, driving Mizumori insane. Irie pushed Mizumori to pose too and took her out with a dropkick. She put Mizumori in a Kawaii Camel Clutch and Mizumori countered into a purely brutal variation of the same hold. She hoisted Irie up to give some special thank you messages and dumped her with a Tropical Yahho. That was followed by a wall catapult and crab but Irie escaped. Mizumori landed the wall elbows but her Papaya Mango Coconut was dodged and Irie slammed her into the mat and rolled through into a crab. She tried for the ear dropkick but Mizumori dodged and tried to bait her into attempting it again on the floor. Irie just booted her instead and tried to grapple. Mizumori reversed that into a Coconut Crush and hit a Tropical Crossbody. The pair slugged it out and Irie took the lead with a Stunner into her dropkick. She downed Mizumori again with a Russian Leg Sweep and tried for the Tropical Crab but Mizumori kicked her away. They kept battling over the crab and Irie used a unique counter to a cannonball, turning it into a pinfall. Irie finally locked on the crab but Mizumori quickly escaped. Irie charged again but Mizumori KO’ed her with a dropkick. A pinfall war broke out and Mizumori nearly took the win with a Tropical Lariat. She hit the Tropical Yahho and ended things with the wall-run Splash. This was a fight pure and simple. Both fighters beat the hell out of each other and mixed Kawaii with painful wrestling. Irie was not happy about it and took the fight into the streets. I think we need to see this one again, it bloody rocked.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated MasaTango (Masahiro Takanashi & Hoshitango) & Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via Royal Dolphin Press on Hoshitango

Last but not least, our final main event of the season. A triple-team challenge for those Asia Dream Tag titles. Best Bros have seen off all-comers when it comes to their belts but now, they’d have to worry about two teams at the same time. Egg Tarts and MasaTango both had legitimate claims at the belt and now they’d both be gunning for them and each other. Suruga claims to be a Giant Slayer, was today the day she would finally stop Hoshitango. The odds were not in their favour, especially as there was no time limit. It would be Shinno vs Akki vs Takanashi to start as the trio went from staring to grappling. Akki broke the cycle of waist-locks with a double wrist-lock and Takanashi took the idea and innovated. They all reached a stalemate and tried for round two with their partners entering the mix, Hoshitango proving to be the decider in which team won the shunting contest. He took out everyone who rushed him and took them all on at once, shunting all four fighters. Takanashi and Suruga renewed hostilities, countering each other until Suruga rolled Takanashi into the rolling Swanton. Best Bros bullied Takanashi and tried to win with a double submission. Egg Tarts entered the fold but Best Bros sent them away and went back to bullying Takanashi. Egg Tarts appeared again and this time got rid of Best Bros, then continued the bullying on Takanashi, chasing him into a Demon Chop. They kept picking him apart with submissions and kicks as no one came to his rescue. Our original trio returned as Akki broke up an Ankle Lock and Takanashi used his deviousness to use bodies as weapons and got out of the match. Hoshitango started downing bodies again and Suruga desperately tried to be the Giant Slayer. Takanashi prevented this attempt and launched Best Bros at the wall but they responded with double crossbodies. Suruga’s landed and took out Takanashi whilst Akki just splatted against the brick wall that is Hoshitango.

Suruga went Giant Slayer mode again but Hoshitango just caught her so Akki jumped on too and they finally knocked the Giant down. The celebration was cut short as Shinno blasted Akki and the pair slugged it out. The devastating kicks came out and the pair got hyper-competitive with counters and holds. Suruga piled on for another double submission but Koishikawa came to Shinno’s aid and chopped away both Bros. She launched both with a Tornado Arm Drag and Demon Chopped both. Egg Tarts targeted Akki with lethal chops and Best Bros came back with more crisp double-team, nearly taking the win with a double La Magistral. We got another double submission spot as Suruga licked Koishikawa in Gâteau Invisible and Shinno reversed the Namaste Splash into an arm-breaker. Just as Egg Tarts looked to be getting control back, Hoshitango flew in from offscreen mimicking the Best Bros surprise crossbody. Akki and Takanashi gave a brief masterclass in counter wrestling until Akki drilled Takanashi with a Brainbuster. Takanashi once again used Shinno and Akki as weapons and trapped both in a double submission before rolling to safety as Hoshitango dropped in for a splash. He tried to follow up with the Taka-Tonic but Shinno stepped up Akki to deliver an enzuigiri and knocked him out of it. All three were dead and all three tagged. The Warm Caterpillars briefly united to go after Hoshitango and dropped the giant out of the window after he ran himself into the wall. The alliance disintegrated and Suruga and Koishikawa took turns trying to beat the hell out of each other. Koishikawa went for Suruga’s knee and locked on the Muffler but Suruga was savvy enough to roll out into an armbar. Suruga kept barring that arm but Koishikawa wouldn’t give so the double stomps came out. Suruga tried for a Taka-Tonic and got bucked off and chopped down. Suruga tried to Matrix out of another lethal chop but Koishikawa just dragged her right back up and delivered the chop. Koishikawa was in firm control but couldn’t quite tap Suruga out.

She climbed up the window for the X Chop but the monster Hoshitango had been waiting behind the glass and shoved her right back down. MasaTango came after both as Takanashi set up the crash pad of bodies and Hoshitango looked to fly from the sink. Everyone rushed to stop him and both teams brought him crashing down, Suruga using a stool to the head to stun him. Suruga tried to celebrate with a double stomp but she may as well have hit a trampoline as Hoshitango sent her flying. He went on the rampage until everyone, including his own partner, took him out with lariats, chops, and thrust kicks. Hoshitango had taken out Egg Tarts so Suruga hit a Super Mei Punch on Takanashi and Akki threw her into the Royal Dolphin Press onto Hoshitango. He piled on for a double pin and the Best Bros had bested another challenge. Despite the odds, they’d taken out both teams and formed the necessary alliances to keep Hoshitango at bay. This was an awesome way to end a season and a fun little moment for the Giant Slayer, Mei Suruga. Egg Tarts had come so close again but it would be the current champions continuing their glorious reign. This was a nicely concise epic of a match that showcased all three teams nicely whilst finally ending the giant killer story. What a way to end a season. Here’s to seeing what happens in the next one.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Tokiko Kirihara, FlyingVTrigger, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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