Welcome back to ICW NHB and to their proving ground of violence, The Pit. In the fourth instalment of the improvised fighting arena, we’d see a whole host of new faces make their way to the company to leave a mark. Everything is earned in the Pit and it can lead to more appearances and stronger competition. As the Michigan storm rolls on, we’d get the ICW debuts of Hoodfoot Mo Atlas, Isaiah Broner, The Carver of Cutters Alley, and Aaron Orion as well as a special appearance by NHL veteran Darren McCarty. It was all leading up to John Wayne Murdoch’s first American Deathmatch Title defence of the weekend as he fought Tommy Vendetta. Let’s get into the carnage.

Aaron Williams defeated Aaron Orion via Head Kick KO

Up first was a battle of the Aarons. It would be the Baddest Man Alive Aaron Williams fighting the newly debuting Aaron Orion. This was going to be a heavy-hitting, no-frills bout of violence as both guys love a bit of the old ultraviolence. Orion was the favourite here as the chants for Death Threat Army were drowning out his music. They teased a lock-up and started punching/kicking the shit out of each other. Williams tried to roll into a Cross Armbreaker and kicked up dust as he repeatedly kicked Orion. Williams continued with trapped chest kicks but Orion caught the final kick and trapped Williams for a backbreaker. He rained down punches and dragged Williams up for another round of counter-fighting, ending in a railing Moonsault from Williams. He deposited Orion over the guardrail and went old-school with the ref’s help for a double stomp to Orion’s neck. He set up a door but couldn’t use it as Orion trapped an arm and hammered elbows into Williams’ neck. He stunned Williams again so he could set up a chair platform. Williams fought free of Orion’s clutches and moved the chairs for a step-up chest caver kick. Orion fell against the rail so Williams launched himself up again and slammed him across it. Williams tried to roll through again but Orion caught him and suplexed him onto the door. He dumped the door across Williams’ back and tried to end things but Williams broke free and applied a Sleeper. Orion dropped to his knees and Williams knocked him out with a head kick. This was an awesome opener as 2 hybrid strikers were unleashed on each other. It was a stiff opener with a nice mix of strong style and plunder. It’s also awesome to see Williams get a win though I do want to see Orion again, his style is great for the Pit.

Justin Kyle defeated Isaiah Broner via KO Knee Strike

Okay, released the titans. Isaiah Broner feels like a no-brainer for ICW. He’s violent, efficient, and can knock someone out in mere seconds. He was finally coming to the Pit and was going to give Justin Kyle a run for his money. Kyle is one of the most dominant in the Pit and amongst the chains but could he withstand the physicality the Seven Mile Destroyer brings with him. This erupted into a swarm of thrown fists and shunts. The swinging reached a stalemate and they shook it out before going into another round of charging and punching. Kyle threw knees and forearms but got knocked loopy as Broner threw a lethal punch. Kyle asked for more so Broner obliged and caused Kyle to bleed. Broner narrowly avoided a spin kick and went in for round 3, driving Kyle into the rail again. The pair kept slugging it out and shifting the railings until Broner had Kyle crumpling. Kyle got pumped off his own blood and started smashing Broner’s head off the railing. Broner collapsed and Kyle knocked him out with a running knee. Once again, Kyle had survived another challenger and taken another scalp. Broner had left him rocked and bleeding but the Super-fight Beast had persevered and found his way to win. It was a competitive fight and showed that Broner is more than ready to throw hands for ICW.

Satu Jinn defeated The Carver of Cutters Alley via Guardrail Uranage combo

Did someone scream bloody murder? Well, they were soon going to as the debuts kept on rolling with the serial killer of pro-wrestling and the 2021 Prince of the Deathmatches, The Carver had come to play. I hope Satu Jinn wasn’t afraid of clowns as The Carver had come in his John Wayne Gacy gear, brandishing his trusty axe. Someone was going to get cut in this one. It opened with heavy slaps and descended into fists and headbutts until both guys got a taste of the door. Jinn shook off a door pummelling and launched Carver through a gusset board. Jinn came at him with a second gusset but Carver put the block on and hammered it into his head. He kept the blood pouring by choking at Jinn with his chain and threw Jinn into the railing again for some hammer fists. The axe came out and entered Jinn’s skull, carving away skin. The crowd were chanting “you sick fuck” so Jinn powered up and started throwing chairs. The cane knife came out and Jinn cut up Carver’s chest and face with it. He carved up the Carver around the Pit and smashed him in the back with a gusset paddle. Jinn set up a guardrail and another round of slaps broke out. Jinn cut things off with a headbutt and stunned Carver with a ripcord lariat into a railing Uranage. Carver was still kicking so Jinn gave him a second one and took the win. It had taken everything he had to put down the wrestling madman and had cost him a lot of blood but it had been done. The Carver had left his mark on the crowd and on Jinn. Now you’ve let the devil into your home, I do hope he’s back. Carver has one of the best aesthetics in wrestling and I hope to hell he comes back.

Tank (w/Reverend Dan The Dragon Wilson) defeated Hoodfoot via Chair Covered Head Stomps

This might just be the most hyped debut of them all. You want monsters? You want physicality? You want a battle of the big men? This is what we were in for here. Hoodfoot was finally debuting for ICW and he was getting a baptism by fire as he took on the Bloodbath Behemoth Tank in the Pit. This was another chance for some new blood to leave a lasting impression and a broken jaw. Once again, this was going to get stiff as hell. Hoodfoot rushed in with a flurry of blows and caught Tank off-guard. Tank struck back with headbutts and lit up Hoodfoot with a kendo stick. They chopped and struck it out again with Tank once again knocking Hoodfoot loopy with another headbutt. He went after him with a tack bat and tanked Hoodfoot’s barrage of punches to launch him through another guardrail. The trading resumed and Hoodfoot started to turn the tide with headbutts. Tank set up chairs and the pair had a barfight, testing the other’s jaw further. That broke down after multiple rounds of fists to jaw and Tank gave Hoodfoot a gusset to the head. Hoodfoot wandered round stunned and Tank hoisted him up for a chair chokeslam. That fired Hoodfoot up so Tank cut him off again with a sickle to the head. Hoodfoot kept throwing elbows despite the blood loss and nearly KO’ed Tank but the Bloodbath Behemoth levelled him with a back-fist and knocked him out with chair covered head stomps. Tank had racked up another win in ICW, knocking out the Hoodfoot after taking a load of abuse. Once again though, the new blood showed the fuck out. Hoodfoot has been slowly getting acclimatised to the deathmatch game and this was another sign of him showing his hardcore prowess. He brought an excellent fight out of Tank and went down a hero.

Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) defeated Darren McCarty via Light-tube Schoolboy

Okay, time for the strangest fight of the night. I know very little about Ice hockey and the NHL but from what I can gather Darren McCarty is one hell of an accomplished, respected veteran of the sport and now he was fighting Brandon Kirk. The Kirks had earned a whole lot of infamy on their entrance with some kind of hockey jab and were ready to face the wrath of McCarty for it, which struck me as a horrible idea given his enforcer record and fight count. On a brighter note, Kasey Kirk had a really cool Friday the 13th themed jersey that stood out from her husband’s mocking attire choice. Kirk attacked instantly and punched McCarty in the head repeatedly. He kept going with kendo stick shots and was sent reeling when McCarty hit him in the mouth. Kirk went to the eyes so McCarty regathered himself and speared him through a door. McCarty let Kirk get to his feet and started trying to tear off his offensive jerseys. Kasey got involved and McCarty berated her for stopping him. In that downtime, Brandon retrieved a tube and brained McCarty with it. He quickly followed up with a schoolboy and took the win. The Kirks had toppled a hometown hero in record time, but Brandon had definitely taken more punishment than he’d expected. I wasn’t sure what we’d get here but this was fun. it wasn’t dragged out and McCarty makes sense as part of hockey is fighting. He certainly gave Kirk that, even if it didn’t quite work out here.

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Tommy Vendetta via Chair Brainbuster

Last but not least, the main event. John Wayne Murdoch was taking back the top spot and putting his American Deathmatch Title on the line against the Loveable Psychopath, Tommy Vendetta. The Duke of Hardcore was armed and more than ready to take on the other half of the Death Threat Army. Let’s see if Vendetta could seize the opportunity. Murdoch opened by dodging Vendetta’s block bat swings and cracking him in the head with a tube. He tried to carve into Vendetta but that bat met his gut and the blocks went flying. They traded shots with gussets and chairs then Murdoch found a knife pack and stabbed up Vendetta’s head, giving him a cutting tour of the Pit. Vendetta took the knife to the back and the pair played whack a mole with trashcan lids. Both guys got fired up and Murdoch extinguished Vendetta’s flame by throwing him through a door. Vendetta tried to get up so Murdoch fed him a razor blade and cut up his mouth with a Jawbreaker. As if it couldn’t get worse, Murdoch then threw him through a strip door too. Murdoch dropped a razor board in position and prepared for the Brainbuster when Vendetta wiggled out and booted Murdoch into a Piledriver onto it. Vendetta covered the board in blocks and drove Murdoch onto it again with a DDT. That got two so Vendetta set up a chair and signalled for the finish. He booted Murdoch out of another Brainbuster attempt and Murdoch countered another piledriver to deliver the Brainbuster and take the win. Vendetta had been a scrappy challenger and made the Duke hurt but this was another dominant performance for Murdoch. It had been a nice and fast main event for a nice and fast show of Pit-fighting action. Definitely a worthwhile watch and full of exciting new performances from the new debuts. You really can’t go wrong.

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