When Anna Jay made her return to All Elite Wrestling television recently, she received a big ovation from the crowd. When she has appeared since fans have continued to give her a loud ovation that seems to be growing. It’s growing to a point where she could be the next major challenger for Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D AEW Women’s Championship

AEW Beginnings

Anna Jay only started wrestling training in 2018 but has made major strides in her skill set since being with AEW. Trained by Glacier and QT Marshall, she made her Dynamite debut losing to Hikaru Shida in April 2020. The Dark Order member would enter the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup tournament teaming with Tay Conti. Teaming with Conti created a special bond between the two wrestlers and both became allies over the coming year. In the tournament, they lost at the semifinals stage but a connection with each other and the crowd was made which has helped them stand out from the crowd within the women’s division.

Join The Dark Order

During an episode of Dynamite in June, after a loss to Abadon. The Dark Order helped Anna and begun to support her. It was on the August 27th episode of Dynamite that Anna Jay became the female member of The Dark Order under the guidance of the late Brodie Lee.

Anna Jay spoke with Chris Jericho on his podcast about working with Brodie Lee.

“It was great. First off, he was super welcoming. Then being the only girl with all those guys, he was super nice. He was super helpful with my character telling me how I should portray myself. He also helped me get people to be interested in what I was doing which helped a lot. He gave me the Queen Slayer and 99 names. He would always watch my matches. Every segment that I did, when I would come to the back, he would tell me what I should do differently or if I did good or what I should fix for the next time. He helped a lot.”

“I think I mentioned on Twitter that he would always watch my matches, and every segment I did too, he would tell me what I should do differently and what I did good, and what I should fix for the next time. So he helped a lot.”

Being a member of the Dark Order pushed Anna Jay to new heights. She instantly became a recognisable name within the company and stood out from the rest of the women’s roster as the sole, female member of The Dark Order. Unfortunately for Number 99, she injured her shoulder for the second time during her career and was sidelined for over 6 months.

Return from injury

Her return recently to save Tay Conti from Penelope Ford and The Bunny was an unannounced surprise and set up a perfect feud for the returning star. Anna has been active in the ring straight away on her return, facing Penelope Ford and The Bunny In singles action. The crowd are behind Anna Jay and with a huge win along with Conti over their rivals, a championship push could be on the horizon.

With the Dark Order staring they are now one and their civil war is over, they still might need a leader. Maybe their alliance was a one-time-only thing on Dynamite in Rochester and unrest could begin again soon. But could Anna Jay be the one to lead The Dark Order? A new fresh approach to their group could see Britt Baker come up against her biggest challenge yet, the whole Dark Order. Anna Jay has return with momentum on her side which will lead her up the AEW Women rankings. Her in-ring skills and ability, mixed in with the connection she is established with the audience mean she is a viable and credible challenger for the AEW Women Championship.

All pics and videos courtesy of AEW and Scott Lesh Photography

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