Welcome back to MLW and to one of its biggest events of the year, Fightland. After the hype and build across MLW Fusion ALPHA, we were finally getting to see some of the action from this monumental event. This Vice TV special would be bringing us two of the biggest slices of action as we’d see the MLW Middleweight four-way fight between Arez, Aramis, Tajiri, and the champion himself Myron Reed, and the Title vs Title match between the National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone and the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Fatu. Today was the day someone makes MLW history, let’s see who it was.

MLW Middleweight Title: Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Myron Reed, Arez & Aramis via Buzzsaw Kick on Reed

Up first, we were in for some Lucha-infused Middleweight craziness. Cesar Duran had been so impressed by his Luchadors wrestling, that he’d put both in a title match and added the legendary Japanese middleweight Yoshihiro Tajiri into the mix. This was going to be chaotic. Aramis and Reed started things by shaking Tajiri’s hand and Arez feigned doing the same but used it as a chance to attack. Everyone went for early pinfalls and Tajiri was tossed outside. Reed was thrown out to leading to another frantic exchange between Arez and Aramis. They blew minds with their abilities again and Arez threw Aramis into Reed’s Guillotine leg drop. Reed also had a leg drop for Arez as Tajiri just watched on the outside. He picked his moment to return and started cleaning the house with a multitude of kicks. Aramis and Tajiri went through an exchange, then once again the match got blown apart as bodies filled the ring or left it, as everyone went diving. Aramis took everyone out with a Moonsault and once again, Reed took to the air with an Ace Crusher. He followed up with the No Cap Splash but Tajiri kicked him out of the pin. He dropped Reed with a Brainbuster but Arez stopped his pin. Arez introduced Tajiri to strange style but the crafty vet ducked an Enzuigiri and got nailed with a double stomp. He rolled aside as Aramis returned to hit a rolling Suplex. Tajiri trapped him in the Tarantula and Arez jumped on to kick the trapped Luchador in the chest.

Reed got caught by Arez and Tajiri returned the favour with trapped chest kicks under the chest protector. The pace picked up again as Aramis and Arez went to war again and took out their opponents with more dives. Arez almost took the win with a Strange Driver and Reed caught him out of a splash into a Cutter and Cap’n Crunch. Tajiri saved the match and ate a Suplex Cutter. He pushed Reed into the ref and sprayed the champion with the green mist. Tajiri cleared the ring a final time with a handspring kick and took the title with a Buzzsaw Kick on Reed. Tajiri was your new MLW Middleweight champion, beating not one but three opponents in a crafty as hell manner. I’m so happy to see the mist back in action. What a fight and what an incredible opener. All these guys are exceptional. Arez and Aramis have the world at their feet whilst Reed continues to prove he’s the Young GOAT and Tajiri is still racking up titles because he’s that damn good.

Between the matches:

  • Mads Krügger hijacked the feed again to threaten Hammerstone that he will not get the thing he desires. The camera, then showed him rampaging around the backstage area with Ikuro Kwon and the Sentai Death Squad. They ran into an ambush led by EJ Nduka and Richard Holliday and started brawling. Cesar Duran locked them all in that area and promised that no CONTRA interference for his monster main event.
  • MLW announced future matches as Davey Richards takes on Filthy Tom Lawlor and announced King Muertes in action next week. They also announced Will Ospreay coming later in the year.
  • MLW Embedded was our halftime show where Alicia Atout was joined by Dave Meltzer, Raj Giri, Andreas Hale, and Emilio Sparks to discuss all the latest wrestling news. They discussed the potential of a WWE sale and future AEW signees. They also confirmed Will Ospreay is debuting in Autumn.

Title vs Title: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Jacob Fatu (W/Josef Samael) via TKO

Here we go, time for the ultimate main event. It would be the Contra Hunter, the Beef Castle, Alexander Hammerstone putting his Openweight Title on the line against Jacob Fatu, and the MLW World Heavyweight Title. One man was going home a double champion. They had 60 minutes and no DQs to derail the match. It was finally time for these titans to fight. After posing with their belts, they charged in and Hammerstone drove Fatu in the corner for a beatdown. He did the same into another corner and Fatu did the same with stiff chops and headbutts. Hammerstone launched Fatu with a duo of Overhead Belly to Bellies and sent Fatu to the outside with a lariat. Fatu looked bewildered on the outside and returned to the ring to administer another corner beating. Hammerstone crashed off the buckles and leapt at Fatu but got caught into a Swinging Uranage. He collapsed to the outside and Fatu sent him into the rails. Fatu defied physics with a railing Moonsault and got into an apron slug-out with Hammerstone. Fatu got the better of the exchange and nearly murdered Hammerstone with an apron piledriver. He kept the beatdown going in-ring with Hammerstone too out of it to even stand. That only got worse as Fatu drove him headfirst into a chair and went Coast to Coast with another chair. That got two so Fatu went for the nerve hold. Hammerstone somehow found a second wind and dumped Fatu with a backdrop. He booted free of the corner with a step-up Enzuigiri and rocked Fatu with an Exploder into the corner. He assaulted Fatu with running strikes and blasted him with the Valkyrie Missile.

Hammerstone couldn’t stop now and kept the pressure on with a Bicycle Kick and monstrous German. He went for the kill with a sit-out Powerbomb but only got two. Hammerstone’s ankle was bothering him now and Fatu took advantage with Alley Uce. He crashed down on Hammerstone again with a Swanton but couldn’t capitalise as Hammerstone rolled outside again. Fatu threw himself out with a Suicide Dive and dumped Hammerstone back inside but got knocked back to the floor by an elbow strike. Hammerstone wasn’t going to be outdone and flew over the ropes with a Pescado, flattening Fatu into the concrete. He hobbled to the top for a Missile Dropkick and both men got up to stare the other down and smash each other in the mouth. Hammerstone had Fatu dazed, then made the terrible mistake of headbutting Fatu. That woke up the Samoan Werewolf and saw him go headbutt crazy on Hammer. Hammerstone withstood and knocked Fatu down again so Samael finally interjected himself into the fight, grabbing Hammerstone’s ankle. Fatu clotheslined Hammerstone to the floor and Samael stabbed him in the throat with the spike. A table entered the mix and Fatu laid Hammerstone on it, under the flag of CONTRA. He hit the Killing Moon and broke the table but somehow, Hammerstone kicked out. He was fired up now and tossed the flag aside to turn Fatu inside out with a clothesline. Fatu nipped up and charged but Hammerstone caught him into a powerslam and took the belt with a TKO. Hammerstone just toppled the undefeatable King of CONTRA, the monster Jacob Fatu. This was a brutal epic of a match with Hammerstone overcoming setback after setback to take the match. He is the undisputed King of MLW now, the figurehead and the dawn of a new era. Both men killed it here. This was a non-stop slugfest of power and athleticism that delivered on the hype. I couldn’t be happier for Hammerstone, he became the pillar of MLW and now has both crowns to show it. Congratulations to double champion Alexander Hammerstone!

All images courtesy of MLW, MLW Twitter, Court Bauer

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