It’s spooky season once again. You know what that means. It’s time to dive into another 31 deadly, bloody, horrifying deathmatches as we go into the 3rd annual deathmatch calendar. As always, this will be a day-by-day calendar of gore as we break into some of the greatest, nastiest, and most infamous of deathmatches across the years culminating with my pick of the year so far at the number 31 spot. With the preamble out of the way, let’s see what is awaiting us in this year’s tour of wrestling terror.

Some of the best matches can be super-charged fights. Not everything needs to be a 45-minute epic (though I wish NJPW would learn that.) Today’s match is the perfect example of that. Jun Kasai’s Deathmatch Carnival has been a highlight in the FREEDOMS calendar for years now. When he plays matchmaker crazy shit happens. One of those matches was Rina Yamashita vs Masashi from Volume 1 of the manic event. These two deathmatch elite for the company were about to clash in a Crazy Drunker Sting deathmatch. It was to be a rapid-fire bout of painful points, nasty landings, and boozy moments. Unchain was colliding with ERE in a good old fight for faction dominance. It was going to get ugly fast.

They opened with chair shots to the head and stiff fists then stopped for a beer break. They both took about one sip and started braining each other with the cans. Yamashita scored big with an Enzuigiri and sent Takeda flying through a lattice board. Takeda rolled outside and Yamashita followed to grab tubes, only for Takeda to break one in her mouth. Back in-ring, the gussets came out and Takeda hammered one into Yamashita’s arm. They both hammered one into their own heads and drove them in further with repeated headbutts. Takeda broke another chair across Yamashita’s back and started cutting her up with scissors, even using them to try and carve her mouth up for a submission. He planted her again with a Curb Stomp and whipped her into the corner for some hellacious knee strikes. Takeda didn’t stop there though and threw chairs directly onto Yamashita’s face for a nasty Con-Chair-to. Fortunes changed when Takeda set up a barbed-wire chair for a lethal Suplex but Yamashita reversed it into a Backdrop through it. She got some revenge with a Curb Stomp onto the wired chair and crashed down from the second rope with it to deliver a splash. Yamashita made a chair pile and the pair fought around it, dropping each other onto it with Germans. Yamashita smashed Takeda in the midsection with the wired chair again and tried to crush him under a fork lattice. Takeda threw it off and met Yamashita up top before throwing her to her doom with a Spider German. He followed her down with a Swanton and drove her onto the forks again with a Uranage. He tried to end things again with a Gourdbuster onto a can contraption but Yamashita fought free and pelted him with it, sending cans and spoons everywhere. Things only got nastier as Yamashita drove Takeda head-first onto more forks with a Dudebuster and tried for Splash Mountain but Takeda wiggled free and stunned her with a back-fist. He dropped her in the forks with a Thunder-Fire Bomb and scored a one-count with a running knee. He hoisted Yamashita up a final time and ended things with the Reverse Crusher. It had been an ultraviolent sprint of a match with both fighters showing you can have a compelling match in 11 minutes. Seriously good fun that never stopped going 100mph. Come back tomorrow for the next deathmatch delight.

All images courtesy of screenshots.

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