GCW has launched another companion company to join its growing ranks of independent companies. Through a press release on LA Fights’, the newly-established company, Twitter account we have learned that GCW is launching it as a West-Coast hub for its expanding network of promotions. Much like JCW, it will be a launchpad for West Coast and SoCal fighters, regardless of experience to show off their stuff on the GCW platform.

Currently, they have one event announced to take place from Don Quixote, Olympic Boulevard LA, on November 28th that will be streaming live on the GCW YouTube page. This follows a string of successful LA shows since the company returned to California after the pandemic kept them away. Brett Lauderdale, owner of GCW had this to say,

“When we returned to LA in August, we were welcomed back with open arms. It felt great to be back and it felt like there was an opportunity to do so much more. There is so much talent on the West Coast that is on the verge of a breakthrough. I hope that we can help provide that platform and expand our relationship with the fans of California at the same time. I’m excited to get started.”

For more information on the company, follow them on Twitter. This can be found below alongside the full press release.

All images courtesy of LA Fights Twitter

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