Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After another super short break, we are back in Ichigaya for another season of madcap matches with events scheduled out to Halloween. On this big return, there’d be three matches with some interesting implications for the company. Firstly, the show was opening with an explosive triple-threat between Rekka, Chie Koishikawa, and Masahiro Takanashi. Secondly, the Best Bros would look to keep their winning streak alive against the newest incarnation of Black Comaneci, and finally, in the main event the two standouts of season 9, Chon Shiryu and Yuna Mizumori were to battle it out to become the number one contender to the Super Asia Title. Things were starting with a bang so let’s get into the action.

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Chie Koishikawa & Rekka via STF pin trap on both

Up first we had a nice dose of chaos to kick things off. Chie Koishikawa, Masahiro Takanashi and making his ChocoPro debut, Rekka. Now, Rekka has fought for Gatoh Move before but this was his first time on a ChocoPro episode and he’d be facing some stiff competition. Takanashi seemed to be at a disadvantage here as he was the only one not being hyper. It opened with some interesting technicality and Koishikawa becoming a tug of war prize. The boys kept fighting so Koishikawa interrupted that with an arm-drag and mat burn. They teamed up on Koishikawa again for this and planted her into the mat with a hammock slam. This two-on-one bullying continued until Koishikawa ducked a double lariat and took them both over with a double arm-drag. She chopped and dragged the pair around then rolled Takanashi into a Guillotine. Rekka put the brakes on that and smashed Takanashi into the wall with a single-leg dropkick. The pair got into a chop fight with Rekka mauling Takanashi with stiff hands. Takanashi went after Rekka’s legs and nearly tapped him out with a Figure-Four. Rekka turned it on him and Koishikawa went after Rekka to start a pinfall war. Rekka took the Demon Chop and became a stepping stool for a flying X chop as Koishikawa really came into the fight. Rekka got a second win countering Koishikawa and tried to pay tribute to his mentor, Minoru Fujita, with a Sayonara. Takanashi took advantage of this and killed two birds with one stone by thrust kicking Rekka into a DDT on Koishikawa. Both quickly recovered though and Koishikawa trapped Rekka in the Muffler. Takanashi took advantage again and trapped both opponents in an STF pin trap, taking the win. This was an absolutely manic little three-way with everyone starting the season with a bang. Takanashi had to play crafty veteran to get the win here as he was dealing with two hyperactive opponents. Rekka proved to be another fun opponent for Ichigaya and hopefully, we get to see him on the mat again.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated “New” Black Comaneci (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) via Namaste Splash to Kirihara


Next was some tag team action as Best Bros looked to start season 10 with a win. They’d survived a triple-threat tag challenge to end season nine and now, they were going to exorcise yet another devilish variant of Black Comaneci. Honda and Kirihara have had several close calls with the titles, now they may just be able to earn another shot. Kirihara and Suruga opened with chain wrestling as Suruga tried to avoid being overpowered by Kirihara. The pair kept the competitive technically charged wrestling whilst Honda stood sentinel with a party blower ready to attack. They both tagged so Honda and Akki took turns trying to break the other’s arm as they rushed in. Akki winded Honda with a mid-kick and Honda begged for a timeout, stabbing Akki in the throat with a timeout drill. Black Comaneci swarmed the mat and Kirihara attacked Akki with hair straighteners whilst Honda attacked Suruga with props. The pair kept attacking Akki and Suruga with props and only narrowly avoided getting disqualified for it. Honda ran wild on both and a dancing jab battle broke out as Honda powered up for the Bionic Elbow, only for Akki to KO him with a head kick. Suruga came in full of non-goblin energy and took out both members of Black Comaneci with crossbodies. She narrowly avoided being driven into the wall and bounced Honda off the wall. The Best Bros piled onto Honda with double chops and Akki threw Suruga into a Spider Splash. Honda countered a backbreaker into a Neckbreaker and Kirihara lit him up with kicks. The pair traded low kicks and Kirihara turned the tide of battle with a Claw Slam. She looked to end the match with a Comaneci but Akki fought up and downed her with a chop. Kirihara popped up to deliver an STO and tried for a Buzzsaw Kick but Akki ducked into a Backbreaker.

He crushed her with a Swanton but Honda broke up the pin and decked Suruga with a fan so she couldn’t stop him. Akki got the double fan treatment and Kirihara scored another near-fall with a Judo throw. Black Comaneci dragged Akki up for the ultimate Hammer Attack but he ducked and Honda smashed Kirihara in the head with the hammer. Suruga took him out with a Super-Fan Punch and Akki took the win with a Namaste Splash. Best Bros had overcome this new demonic strain of Comaneci but the prop-powered villains seemed unphased and left Ichigaya laughing maniacally. What a fun-as-hell fight to open the tag blocks this season. I’ll always enjoy Black Comaneci and the new Shin variant is hilarious fun.

Chon Shiryu vs Yuna Mizumori ends in a 20-minute draw

Last but not least, the main event. Chon Shiryu and Yuna Mizumori made waves throughout season nine and ended up as two of the strongest players. That clearly didn’t go unnoticed as they were now about to battle one another for a shot at the Super Asia Title held by Minoru Fujita. The pair opened by testing their technical skills on the other’s wrists. They kept working through lock-ups and holds with neither keeping a clear lead. Shiryu tried to break Mizumori with a Camel Clutch and started working over Mizumori’s back and arms with elbows, snaps, and knees. Mizumori downed Shiryu with shoulder tackles and hoisted him up to blind him with the studio light. She threw the blinded dragon down and elbowed him against the wall. She aimed to launch the Papaya Mango Coconut but Shiryu sidestepped and Mizumori headbutted the wall. Shiryu went eyes for eyes and blinded Mizumori with a Dragon Claw. Mizumori tried to blindly charge and knocked Shiryu out of the window but another attempt at the headbutt saw Shiryu smash her head off the window ledge. He kept striking at Mizumori but this just woke her up and she dragged him through the window for a Coconut Crush. Mizumori took the fight to the streets and smashed Shiryu into an elevator with a Tropical Yahho. She carried Shiryu back into the studio for a second but he wiggled free and sent Mizumori flying into tables with a dropkick. He attacked her ponytail and tried to choke her out with it. That was detected so Shiryu punished her with horrifying back chops and a falling kick.

Shiryu couldn’t keep the beatdown going as Mizumori stunned him with a flying shoulder block and hit her first Tropical Splash of the match. She kept the pace up with a handstand press and transitioned to a Crab when Shiryu wouldn’t stay down. Shiryu swept out her legs and trapped her against the walls for a leg-targeting We Will Rock You. He sent her flying again with a Trust Fall and tried for another Camel Clutch. Mizumori refused to die and answered a striking contest, tanking Shiryu’s chops to hammer him with elbows. The counters kept coming and Mizumori trapped Shiryu in a very twisted Tropical Crab and Shiryu countered a Tropical Yahho into a choke, using the window for leverage. He used the choke to bounce Mizumori off the wall and leapt at her with a Dragon Kick. Mizumori headbutted him down from the window again and dropped him across her knee for another Coconut Crush. However, Shiryu popped right back up for a Frankensteiner and dropkick. Both kept throwing out killing blows but neither could keep the other down. We saw more Tropical Splashes and a Gory Bomb but even that couldn’t get the three. The time ran out as Shiryu looked to drop into a finish and we were left without a definitive winner. They’d both fought their hearts out but both had been too tough to fall to the other. With the animosity in the air by the end, the pair could have probably fought for an hour. The challenge just got worse for the pair though as Takanashi has planned a four-way match now featuring himself and Akki as extra opponents. All those who are hungry for that title and Akki has inserted himself into the mix for his shot too. There are more challengers than champions right now so this competitive as hell opening show is just the tip of the iceberg of what to expect this season. This was a wild opener and I cannot wait to see what season 10 has to offer.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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