Welcome back to ChocoPro. It was another double bill of weekend action so you know what that means, a bumper edition of the review. There was not one but two shows of zany wrestling and odd opponents to dig into again. For #164, we’d see CDK in action against the new pairing of Tokiko Kirihara and Chon Shiryu and the main event clash between Best Bros and Chie Koishikawa and Sawasdee Kamen. For #165, Sayaka Obihiro would accompany Masahiro Takanashi as he took on Kappa Kozo, Yuna Mizumori would go to war with Sayaka and Best Bros stole the main event slot again by taking on Chie Koishikawa and Shin Suzuki. Let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #164

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Tokiko Kirihara & Chon Shiryu via Oath of the Peach Garden on Kirihara

Up first, we had a return to Ichigaya for CDK. Chris Brookes was making even more regular visits to ChocoPro and had an even more lethal impact on there now as he was back with his tag partner Masahiro Takanashi. He was tired and grumpy and just wanted to go back to bed so he was looking to make quick work of this new alliance. Oh. and Mei Suruga was referee so Brookes hated that too. Takanashi opened by berating fellow title competitor, Chon Shiryu for not getting involved and tried to get cocky with Kirihara so she kicked out his leg and locked on an instant heel hook. Kirihara tried to get him with the claw but he just grabbed her nose and Brookes broke it. CDK tried to taunt but Brookes didn’t get it and Kirihara ambushed Takanashi with a Comaneci. Shiryu joined in by locking up Brookes until one of them finally escaped. Takanashi caught Kirihara with her own hold and booted her hard in the back for it, then tagged. Brookes came in and crushed Kirihara under his boots and nailed her in the abs with a sponsor sign. CDK piled on Kirihara for a Cobra Twist and kept working together to break Kirihara, Takanashi also employing use of the sponsor sign. Kirihara tried to bulldoze her way out of the fight and eventually downed Takanashi with a mid-kick, allowing her to make her escape. Shiryu reignited hostilities with Takanashi and nailed him with a whole bunch of drunken-style attacks. They chopped it out and blasted each other in the face with kicks. Takanashi tagged and Brookes started a battle of finisher attempts, ultimately losing it when Shiryu countered a third attempt at the Praying Mantis Bomb into a spinning head kick.

They fought around the window and Shiryu downed Brookes again with a trust fall. Brookes and Kirihara had a war of striking with Kirihara kicking and Brookes chopping her soul out, taking away her kicks with a Dragon Screw. He tried to mangle her knees further but she escaped into a Guillotine and drove him into the wall. CDK double-teamed their way out of trouble and nailed Kirihara again with a Shotgun Neckbreaker. Shiryu made the save and booted Brookes in the face, softening him up for Kirihara’s Judo throw. He held Brookes in place with a Bridging Indian Deathlock and Kirihara dived down for the dancing foot stomp, now this team was kicking off. Takanashi made the save and sent Shiryu out the window with a thrust kick but he smashed Takanashi off the window and Kirihara went for the grounded Cobra Twist. They slugged it out again after a double near-fall and Brookes fought through more mid-kicks to play scumbag by using Suruga as a weapon. CDK struck and Brookes won with his variant of the European Clutch, the Oath of the Peach Garden. For a new pairing, Shiryu and Kirihara put on quite the clinic. CDK had a struggle here as their early momentum was repeatedly shot down by the Dragon and the master of the Comaneci. Suruga slapped Brookes post-match but even that couldn’t dampen his spirits.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Sawasdee Kamen & Chie Koishikawa via Propellor Pin on Kamen

Brookes would join the commentary station for our main event. Best Bros were back in action once again as Suruga and Akki prepared to battle Sawasdee Kamen and Chie Koishikawa. The Hyperactive Chopping Machine has been gunning for the duo and now she was working with a new ally who is always happy to hit Suruga in the face. Kamen and Akki opened with some fast chain wrestling and the pair tested the other’s neck with head-scissors and headlocks. They reached a stalemate and tagged so the Warm Caterpillars could fight. Suruga showed she had too much energy and went for a run over Koishikawa. She tried to wind up Kamen but ended up being caught by the pair and thrown back-and-forth between them and Akki until they didn’t bother catching her. Koishikawa worked over Suruga and brought in Kamen to do the same. Kamen went for Suruga’s head and she tried to chop back into the fight. She ducked Kamen’s attack and rolled him through into the Swanton. Akki started to pick apart Kamen with a walking Deathlock and tried to throw Suruga into a double stomp but Kamen kept her up and the pair kicked each other until one fell, Akki succeeding and finishing the double stomp. Kamen felt the pain of the Namaste Stretch and the sting of Suruga’s boots as she came in stomping. Suruga was cute on purpose and Akki mauled Kamen with knees prompting a chop-out between the pair. The counters kept coming and Kamen finally got a breather with a Tornado DDT off the wall. Koishikawa came in hot and chopped, kicked, and arm-dragged her way through the Best Bros. Another counter war broke out as Akki had Koishikawa’s number and trapped her in Akki’s Knot and Koishikawa blocked a backbreaker into a Guillotine.

He escaped and brought in Suruga, who rushed in to bounce Koishikawa off the wall. Koishikawa threw more chops and Suruga bridged under them but this allowed Koishikawa to trap her for the Demon Chop, much to Brookes’ delight. Kamen looked to continue the work but Suruga countered quickly and tried for the Apple Mutilation. Kamen shrugged her off and trapped her in a Cobra Clutch but Akki freed her with a dropkick. Kamen tried for a two-for-one special on wall knees but Suruga dodged and Akki caught him for the double-chop backbreaker. Kamen and Koishikawa fought back into things a final time and levelled both Bros for an assisted Sawasdee Press but Akki dragged Koishikawa into the firing line and Kamen killed off his own partner. Suruga followed up with the Propellor Pin and the Best Bros had taken another win. As Brookes said, they’d won by a whisker as Akki’s quick thinking saved them from doom. Koishikawa was furious as she’d nearly gotten a win over the duo. That one accident had ruined their match despite their decent attempts at teamwork. Again, this was an excellent little match with Brookes’ witticisms on commentary complimenting the action on the mat.

ChocoPro #165

Masahiro Takanashi (w/Sayaka Obihiro) defeated Kappa Kozo via Obihiro Magic

The second show kicked off with Masahiro Takanashi being joined by Sayaka Obihiro as he took on something more monstrous than the usual ChocoPro foes, Kappa Kozo. We’d seen the Kappa pop in before and now he was getting a proper singles match. Kozo instantly went to war with both and clawed at Takanashi. He continued to decimate Takanashi with his sharpened claws and flying abilities, drawing strength from the rainy day. The Kappa bust out a rolling senton and even rushed camerawoman Suruga to give her the claws too. No one was safe from the wrath of Kozo. He bit down on Takanashi and referee Koishikawa when she tried to interfere. Takanashi tanked a brain chop and stunned Kozo with a Jawbreaker before drilling him in the head with a dropkick. He launched Kozo into the wall and used the mat to make Kappa sushi. At least, he thought he had. The Kappa had teleported away and it had been Obihiro he was crushing. Kozo materialised at the window for a flying clothesline and nearly killed off Takanashi with a rolling neckbreaker. Takanashi fought off a sleeper to lock on an Octopus but Kozo threw Koishikawa into the wall and used her as a weapon against Takanashi. Obihiro tried to save him from a bin shot but her efforts just saw her attack Takanashi instead of Kozo. He threw Obihiro outside and scored another near-fall with a diving headbutt on Takanashi. He tried to go for the kill but Takanashi threw him into Obihiro’s throat thrust and won with Obihiro magic. Kozo was livid and attacked post-match but the might of ChocoPro was enough to dispel him. What a fun way to open the show. This played out nicely as it took a 2-on-1 assault to stop the evil Kappa.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Sayaka via Tropical Lariat

Next up was a hard-hitting singles bout between Sayaka and the Tropical Fairy Yuna Mizumori. Both fighters here can throw down and we know Mizumori will be looking to make a statement here before her title contender’s four-way. This could get very stiff very fast. Sayaka flew in with a dropkick and tried to take the win with a series of roll-ups. She tripped Mizumori to the mat and drove her knees into her back for the bow and arrow. A crab quickly followed but Mizumori quickly bucked her off and showed her how it was done. Sayaka tried to avoid the tropical onslaught but Mizumori chased her down and crumpled her under rolling sentons. Mizumori locked on another half crab and mauled her against the wall with a splash and elbows. She posed for the Papaya Mango Coconut but Sayaka rolled her up again. Mizumori fought out so Sayaka stunned her with a chop and slammed her into the mat. She reapplied her Crab and tied Mizumori into a knot. Sayaka kept pummelling Mizumori’s back and Mizumori went after Sayaka’s back with the Tropical Crab. The pair kept countering and battled over a backslide. Sayaka booted out Mizumori’s knees and KO’ed her with a dropkick. Mizumori returned the favour with a Coconut Crush and flew at her with a Tropical Crossbody and Splash. The Handstand Splash followed but Sayaka turned it into a Crucifix and slug out. The pair threw bombs and Mizumori crushed Sayaka with a Tropical Yahho. She went to the top but Sayaka dodged the shoulder block to hit another dropkick and lock in the Sayaka Special. She knocked Mizumori out of a lariat and tried for the roll but Mizumori blocked that. A lariat sent Sayaka into the wall and Mizumori scored another near-fall with a flying shoulder block. The Tropical Lariat followed and Sayaka was out for the count. This was a fight, pure and simple. It was competitive as hell, stiff as hell, and fun as hell. Sayaka is incredible despite suffering multiple losses and Mizumori’s hot streak continues to burn bright.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Shin Suzuki via Double La Magistral on Koishikawa

Last but not least, the second main event. It would be the Best Bros, back in action again in their main event spot against their arch-nemesis Chie Koishikawa and a new debut for ChocoPro, Shin Suzuki. Koishikawa has been on the cusp of victory so many times, would Suzuki prove to be the teammate she needed? The match even had a special referee as Sawasdee Kamen wore the blue shirt of rule enforcement. Koishikawa and Suruga opened with a battle of wrist-locks with Suruga getting the better of the exchange and taking Koishikawa for the ride. Things threatened to get heated so the pair tagged out. Suzuki and Akki kept the technical pace up and Suzuki launched Akki with a wall-run arm drag. He brought Koishikawa in and tried to aid her in a wall whip but Best Bros took control. They tried for double Apple Mutilation but Akki couldn’t bridge and Suzuki threw him away with a headstand. Suruga dropkicked him and Akki went to work on Koishikawa. Suruga started destroying Koishikawa’s arm and Akki showed a whole new level of sadism with his submissions. The teamwork between the Best Bros was wrecking Koishikawa’s team and Suruga jumped in to snap Koishikawa’s arm off the window, crushing it in the frame for even more damage. This arm destruction continued for more minutes as Akki even cruelly pulled out the Namaste Stretch as Koishikawa tried to tag. Koishikawa chopped her way out and created separation with a Tornado Arm Drag and dropkick. Suzuki got his hot tag and went wild on Best Bros, beating them down with forearms and uppercuts. Akki tried to get the better of him but Suzuki just dropped him on his face with a Flatliner. Suzuki pulled out the Muffler but Akki countered and dragged Suzuki into his Deathlock. The pair threw hands and Akki dropped Suzuki with a backbreaker. The Spider followed but only got two. He tried to keep the pace going with a wall-run Swanton but Suzuki dodged and nearly took him out with a bridging Northern Lights. He fired up and tried for a Taka-Tonic but Akki caught him into a double-chop Gory Bomb. Suzuki nailed both Best Bros with enzuigiris and dragged himself to freedom.

Koishikawa chopped her way through Suruga and once again, trapped her during a bridge to deliver the Demon chop. Suruga kicked away the Muffler and double stomped her way into a backslide war. Koishikawa blasted her with a dropkick and tried for the flying X chop but Suruga smashed her hand off the wall and the window. Suzuki came to her aid and the pair landed an X Chop Backbreaker. They then targeted Akki and rocked him with a handstand kick/catapult chop combo. Suruga and Koishikawa swung on each other again, Suruga focusing on that arm again before launching Koishikawa at the wall for the Super Mei Punch. The Apple Mutilation was locked in but Koishikawa escaped and turned a second attempt into a Sunset Flip. A roll-up war broke out and Koishikawa trapped Suruga in the Muffler. Akki made the save and floored White Knight Suzuki with a thrust kick but couldn’t stop Koishikawa from murdering Suruga with a double chop. She flew at Akki but he caught her, woke Suruga up and helped Best Bros take the win with a double La Magistral. Yet again, Koishikawa had come so close to breaking Best Bros but it had just eluded her. This was a savage match with both teams showing a whole lot of hostility. Koishikawa’s rage continues to build as she comes closer and closer to victory, only to have it torn away from her. What a main event and what an epic to watch. Here’s to hoping we get more of Shin Suzuki too, it would be nice to see him work more alongside his idol, Masahiro Takanashi.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Yuna Mizumori, FlyingVTrigger, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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