At Bound For Glory, The Good Brothers will put the IMPACT Tag Team Titles on the line. The problem is that they don’t know who against. They’ll find out about it on Thursday night, so two days before the PPV, when Bullet Club vs FinJuice happens. In fact, The Good Brothers requested the match as the management seemed not to want to find them some opponents for the Biggest Night of the Year.

Because of that unique situation, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson had some time to talk to the media and share a few memories with their good friend D’Lo Brown. The Good Brothers not only talked about Bound For Glory this last Wednesday on a press pass, but they also talked about the Forbidden Door, working for 3 different companies, and many more.

 On their state of mind coming to “Bound For Glory”

Doc Gallows: “I would say that Machine Gun and I are used to being marked men. Now, the proverbial door has been not only opened but kicked down in Impact Wrestling. We’ve got teams from New Japan, Bullet Club, and FinJuice. We’ve got Impact teams gunning for us, of course. We’ve got teams over at AEW looking across gunning for us, but we’re totally prepared. It’s that same old recipe we say on Impact Wrestling every single week. It’s a Magic Killer, a 1, 2, 3, and a just “too sweet”. It’s been working for years. It’s gonna work at Bound for Glory.”

Karl Anderson: “One issue that the Good Brother and I have never had is lack of confidence, and whether we win a match or whether we lose a match, we know that we’re gonna bounce back next and, walking to Bound for Glory, I feel like we’ve cemented what we came to Impact Wrestling to do. At Bound for Glory, we’re just gonna continue doing what the Good Brothers do, and that’s just no matter what, making headlines.”

Bullet Club or FinJuice? 

DG: “There’s a lot of history between both teams and the Good Brothers because when we were on top of the world in New Japan Pro Wrestling, at the Height of the Bullet Club era, when we were winning tournaments and winning the IWGP tag team titles numerous times, both David Finlay and Juice Robinson were young boys. They were seconding us to the ring. They were out there on one knee watching us do our thing. I think they learned a lot from watching us. Then, when we were away from that for a while, watching them grow into themselves was really cool. They were a really talented team but then, you look at the Bullet Club, and we are Bullet Club, we’re the reason that there is a Bullet Club. Hikuleo is the blood brother of Toma Tonga, the biggest man of that lineage ever to come down the pike. So, that’s a dangerous duo there too. So, the lesser of two evils, I’m not sure which one it is. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I know that machine gun and I will have a game plan, and I definitely hope to see a Gun Stun and a Magic Killer be the finish for Bound for Glory.”

KA: “We’re prepared for both. We’re prepared for anybody. Anytime, any place, it sounds cliché, but we’ve been doing this for a long, long time. We’re not scared of anybody. We do not fear anybody ever, anywhere in the world and so, at Bound for Glory, whoever’s there, whoever it ends up being, it’s just another team that’s in our way for us to show that we’re the greatest tag team to ever step foot in the professional wrestling working anywhere in the world for any company ever.”

On Impact Wrestling Tag Team Division compared to other companies’ ones

DG: “It’s hot and heavy because you can say whatever you want but we have teams from almost every company in the world right now from AEW, from New Japan to our own Impact team. So, I think that the competition is hot and heavy, and we sit at the very, very top of the mountain, and we do not plan on that changing anytime soon.”

KA: “There’s just so much fun stuff going on, and we’re on Impact right now, so the future’s bright.”

On how Impact Wrestling has been treating them and valuing them

DG: “I think it attests to the fact that we can both say that we’re probably as professionally happy as we’ve ever been because Impact’s given us the opportunity to not only wave the Impact flag in Impact Wrestling. As well as we do that, we wanted to wave that flag around the world, and I think we’re doing it well. When the world fully opens up from the pandemic stuff, we’re gonna be doing it even more. There is nowhere that we won’t go and defend these Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles and, again, back to being confident, we’re very proud men and I think that we have a lot to be proud of, but a hell of a lot more to do, so that we can keep that up.”

KA: “Impact came calling to LG and me at a time when we weren’t particularly sure where we were gonna end up, what we were gonna do. We knew that in our minds, like we always say, that we’re confident brothers. We knew that we were gonna end up fine and land on our feet, but we weren’t exactly sure where we were gonna go and what we were gonna do. Impact came and really gave us an opportunity to show everyone what we can do. We’re proud to be Impact Guys, we wanna wave that Impact flag for a long time, and no matter what happens with our future, where we end up for the rest of our careers, I know that we’ll always have a really special spot for Impact Wrestling. To be able to be in the main events that we’ve done, be able to do the New Japan stuff, be able to have the new Japan guys come over to Impact, be able to have the AEW guys come into the impact zone, to be able to have Kenny Omega come in the Impact Zone, that’s something that we look at is very special. So Impact holds a really special spot in our hearts.”

DG: “I’m happy to say that we’re involved with three companies that are making us really happy right now because a few years back, whether the chips were up or down, where we were before, we weren’t always really happy. I think that overall, we’re much happier guys right now, which probably makes us better performers and that’s better for you guys as fans.”

Being IMPACT and using the Forbidden Door

DG: “It’s a high honour, but we’re used to being marked men because you’re not always as welcome as you would feel and our home at Impact Wrestling. When you walk into those places, people wanna know what the hell you’re doing there. When you’re there week in and week out like we’ve been at AEW, and then you jump over to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Strong had the tag team turbulence tournament, we went in there. We won that tournament to re-establish ourselves in that company that put our names on the back. So there’s a lot of weight on your shoulders, but like Machine Gun said, we’re two very confident guys. So, you just gotta wear it. You gotta live it, and you gotta do it every single day because we wanted that door to be open. It’s damn sure open now.”

KA: “I feel like they know what we’re there to do. We’re there to win matches and make as absolutely as much money as we possibly can. So, everywhere we go, we’re not liked, but that’s not something that the LG and I really think about. You can lose much sleep if you start thinking about that stuff, you’re gonna start losing matches and you’re gonna start losing money, and we don’t wanna lose either of those.”

DG: “Everywhere that we go, we wanna make a big impact. That’s the flag that we wave and no matter what, no matter who, no matter where, I think we have the same approach. It’s strong confidence in who we are and what we do, and we show up and we deliver.”

KA: “It’s interesting because you got New Japan Pro Wrestling and AEW and now Impact and a lot of the people in charge of all these companies. Now, we’ve built relationships over the last 20 years, and it’s funny the way things work out, how things happen, how situations arise. Who would have thought that this would have happened when we were running with the Bullet Club. The Young Bucks and Kenny and me and Gallows are in the room, just sitting there talking, or Rocky Romero and AJ Styles, and we’re all sitting around. We’re all sitting in the Tokyo Dome Hotel laughing. You just never know that Rocky might (in kayfabe) be in charge of New Japan. Who would have thought that the Young Bucks were gonna go and start this company with Kenny and find Tony Khan? Then, Scott D’Amore sat in the same room with us back in the day. Now, he’s at the top of Impact Wrestling. It’s just crazy to think about, from when we started in the year 2002 or whatever we did till 2021, the relationships you build sometimes. Just real genuine relationships come back, now we’re living it, and it’s pretty cool.”

On a possible Talk ‘N Shop A Mania 3 and the limit between being fun and mean

DG: “The real problem is not the bigger member of the Good Brothers, it’s the slightly smaller, quicker one in the Machine Gun Karl Anderson because that stuff takes a lot, a lot, a lot of work, and we’ve been talking on here about the Forbidden Door all day. We’ve been waving the flag of Impact Wrestling not only at Impact but in New Japan and AEW, and we’ve been going around the country, making appearances. We’re one of the most sought-after acts in the business, which is a very cool thing, but we don’t have time right now. So, I’m dying to get that thing shot, get it out there for you guys, but the answer is it’s coming, and I don’t know when. Give us time.

“Talk N Shop is like an alternate universe where we can turn on a different side of our personalities like you see on our podcast Talk and Shop, which a new episode drops every Sunday. Talk ‘N Shop A Mania is a way to express our real sense of humour, but when we’re in Impact Wrestling, we’re in the title picture. We’re in AEW as members of the Elite. We’re in New Japan Pro Wrestling, carrying the heavy leg that we do, then, it’s all business. So, I think as an entertainer, as a performer, you have to be able to show both sides. That’s what range truly is, and I think that over the last couple of years especially, Karl and I have shown that we absolutely haven’t. So, I think it’s been a blessing.”

KA: “If people know us, they know what gets us off the most is making people laugh. That’s our true personal identities. We just love to make people laugh, man. But sometimes, in the ring, you gotta be serious or be mean or whatever. It’s fun to go back and forth and to have that Talk ‘N Shop A Mania outlet to be funny. There were times on Impact when we tried to be funny and we got pulled aside by the boss, and it’s like, “Hey, it wasn’t really the time for that.” I think the only people that thought it was funny was us, but sometimes we need to dial it back, that’s alright. But you gotta go for it. You gotta take chances.”

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Bound For Glory will air live from Las Vegas on Saturday, October 23 at 10 PM EST (3 AM BST) on Pay-Per-View in North America and around the world digitally via FITE TV. IMPACT Wrestling is airing on Thursday at 8/7c on AXS TV in the USA and around the world on IMPACT Wrestling’s new YouTube membership Impact Insiders.

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