AEW Dynamite returned to Saturday night with a bang. CM Punk joined commentary for some big matches, including The Super Elite against The Dark Order, Kiera Hogan versus Penelope Ford, and Bryan Danielson wrestling Bobby Fish in the main event. MJF was looking for Darby Allin, Cody Rhodes got some tough love, and Adam Page spoke after winning his shot against Kenny Omega at Full Gear. First off, Malakai Black took on Dante Martin.

Malakai Black vs Dante Martin W/ Lio Rush

Before the match, CM Punk walked out to join Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross on commentary. Martin countered a German suplex, but Black soon took control with some arm drags and an arm lock. Martin hit a shotgun dropkick off the second rope. Black knocked him to the ground then countered with a powerbomb, turning it into a single leg Boston crab. Black hit a back heel trip and a knee breaker, then locked in a kneebar. Martin almost got the pin with a roll-up. He hit a reverse hurricanrana to give himself some breathing room as Black crawled up the ramp. Martin jumped on the top rope and flipped into Black.

Martin went for a moonsault off the rope, but Black moved. Martin connected with an Enzuigiri. Black hit a Meteora, high rise kick, and a German suplex into a pin, only getting a two-count. Martin hit a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle, but hurt his knee in the process. He managed to hit a moonsault off the ropes, but it didn’t quite connect. Black locked in a single leg Boston crab again, but he let go and started to hold his ribs. Martin jumped off the ropes again, but Black countered and hit Black Mass. He pinned Martin to pick up the victory.

Thoughts: A solid match. Martin was impressive, but he was never going to beat Black. ***

Reunited And It Feels So Good

The Inner Circle headed to the ring as Judas filled the arena. Not going to lie, it felt great seeing them all together once again. Santana thanked Miami for bringing the energy. He talked about how America’s Top Team have been a problem recently, and they all walked out with Dan Lambert leading the charge. Lambert told the fans to show them some respect. Jericho called Lambert a “fat-faced dips***,” and of course, the fans chanted it. Jericho said he had a question for Paige Van Zant and asked her if she had an obsession with him. He said not to worry because he wouldn’t touch her with her husband’s genitalia. He mocked her Instagram photos and the filters she used, asking if they were “bimbo or b*tch.”

Jericho said all the jokes were done, and the Inner Circle were reunited and were ready to take them on, 5v5. Lambert said if it was up to him, they’d beat their asses every day of the week. He mocked them all, including the size of Jake Hager’s head. He ended by saying only Guevara’s wearing gold, so he’ll have the chance to make the match. Scorpio Sky started to talk, but Sammy interrupted. He said he’d see them all next week and he’d kick all of their asses.

Thoughts: A great promo by everyone involved. I don’t like Lambert, but he’s good on the mic. I love how this feud has unfolded. A 5v5 would be the coolest outcome, so let’s hope it happens.

AAA Tag Team Championship Match: “Los Super Ranas” AKA FTR W/ Andrade El Idolo vs The Lucha Bros.

Fénix started off against Wheeler. They both attempted to take each other’s masks off. Penta and Harwood got in the ring, and FTR were finally exposed. Harwood hit a snap suplex on Fénix, then tagged in Wheeler. Wheeler hit a leg drop on Fénix as he rested on the apron, then locked in a chokehold in the middle of the ring. Harwood tagged in, and both men exchanged chops. FTR hit a front-falling suplex onto the top rope. Penta ran in and launched Fénix into the air so he could hit a double shotgun dropkick.

Fénix held FTR’s legs open so Penta could fly off the top turnbuckle and kick them in between their legs. With FTR outside, The Lucha Bros. dived on top of them. Penta and Wheeler fought each other at ringside. Fénix hit a corkscrew kick on Wheeler off the apron. Harwood got caught with one as well. Tully Blanchard ran down and distracted the referee. Harwood hit Fénix with one of the belts, then landed a brainbuster to pick up the win and make FTR the new AAA Tag Team Champions.

Thoughts: It was a decent match, with plenty of big spots. It’s always good to see FTR with some gold, too. ***½

Jon Moxley vs Wheeler Yuta W/ Orange Cassidy

Moxley went straight after Yuta and nailed the Paradigm Shift. He left the ring straight away as Cassidy entered the ring.

Thoughts: Not sure what the point of this was, to be honest. *

The Super Elite (The Young Bucks & Adam Cole) W/ Don Callis & Brandon Cutler vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, & Jon Silver)

The fight broke out to the ramp as The Dark Order took them out. The bell rang as The Dark Order took control. Silver threw Nick across the ring and landed some strikes to his head. Cole kneed Silver as he ran to the ropes, so Silver kicked him off the apron. Silver went wild and took out Cole and Cutler until Matt knocked him to the ground. Reynolds got caught with a superkick from Cole. He then picked him up as the Bucks kicked him in the neck and Cole dropped him on his knee. Back in the ring, Matt and Nick worked on Silver. Cole tagged in and stomped down Silver in the corner. Silver tried to break out the corner, but Cole hit a swinging neckbreaker.

The Super Elite worked down Silver in the corner. Silver did his best to fight out, but they kept overpowering him. Silver managed to double suplex the Bucks and finally tag in Evil Uno. Uno hit a neckbreaker on Cole. He then took out the Bucks. He took off Nick’s shoe and his sock. Uno grabbed the sock and put it on his hand to give him a ‘Mr Socko.’ Silver and Reynolds kissed Cole’s face who thought it was the Bucks. The Dark Order gained momentum and beat the hell out of Adam Cole in the ring. Evil Uno hit Something Evil, but the Bucks made the save. The Bucks took out Silver and Uno.

In the ring, Reynolds almost rolled up Cole. He hit an elevated knee strike, but the Bucks came in and hit a double superkick as Cole hit Panama Sunrise. They hit double knee strikes as Cole hit Last Shot for the win. After the match, Jungle Boy ran out but was overpowered by the Super Elite. He grabbed a chair and hit Cutler who was the only one left in the ring. Jungle Boy locked in the Snare Trap as the Bucks and Cole left him on his own.

Thoughts: A thoroughly enjoyable match and a great performance by The Dark Order. It was just unfortunate they couldn’t pick up the win. ***½

MJF Calls Out Darby Allin

MJF walked out and said it smelled of “hookers and gasoline.” He mocked Justin Roberts for how he introduced him, then did it himself. MJF then asked Darby Allin to the ring. He said Allin no-showed like a gutless coward, and he broke him mentally. He pretended to be surprised about the attack on Allin last week and said he had no idea. He asked Wardlow out who brought the referee to the ring. MJF told him to count to 10, and if Allin didn’t come out, he’d win the match. As he counted, the lights went out. When they came back on, the snow fell and Sting walked out. Sting attacked Wardlow with a baseball bat as MJF ran off. MJF headed to the back as Sting stood in the ring.

Thoughts: This has the potential to be one hell of a feud. I can’t wait until MJF and Allin finally get it on in the ring.

Kiera Hogan vs Penelope Ford W/ The Bunny

Ford connected with an arm drag. Hogan hit a clothesline in the corner and landed a neckbreaker for a two-count. Ford drove Hogan’s head into the turnbuckle with a bulldog, then kicked her out of the ring. She choked Hogan on the barrier, then threw her into another one. Ford went for a pin but only got a two-count. She choked her on the second rope, then kicked her in the ribs. She landed a snap suplex and stomped her in the stomach. Ford hit a handspring elbow into the corner on Hogan. Ford climbed the turnbuckle, but Hogan knocked her down.

Hogan landed a superplex to knock the wind out of Ford. They traded chops. Hogan knocked Ford to the ground, then connected with a sliding dropkick in the corner. Ford hit a modified cutter. Hogan drove her knees into Ford’s throat, but Ford fought back with a cutter and made her tap with the Muta lock. After the match, Ruby Soho ran out and took out Penelope Ford.

Thoughts: A good match, but the pace was really slow. There was a real lack of chemistry between the two. **½

Hangman Speaks

Tony Schiavone welcomed Adam Page to the ring. Schiavone talked about Page’s chance to become AEW World Champion. Page said he was excited for Full Gear. He talked about starting All Elite Wrestling, and how he believed they would change the world. However, the world changed him. Page said he’d become the first AEW World Champion, but he failed. He talked about losing to Jericho and PAC, losing his confidence, his friends, and himself. Page said the fans kept getting louder every week and talked about what cowboy s*** meant to him in a stunning promo.

He said he doesn’t know how Full Gear will go, but the fans still believe in him. For the first time in his life, he believes in himself as well. Page said he would give the fans his heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears. He said at Full Gear, he would give the fans cowboy s***.

Thoughts: Wow, what a promo by Page. I want him to win more than anything.

Bobby Fish vs Bryan Danielson

Fish knocked Danielson to the mat with some big knees. Danielson was able to wrench Fish’s head as he trapped his legs. Fish kicked Danielson to the mat and went for the pin, only getting a two-count. Fish landed a couple of kicks, but Danielson throw him over the top rope and connected with a Tope Suicida. Fish got pushed into the ring post. He ran across the apron to follow up, but Fish tripped him over. Fish worked on Danielson’s knee, smashing his knee into the ring post. He whipped it again and got back in the ring.

Fish hit a running knee strike and continued to work on Danielson’s injured knee. He locked in a half crab, but Danielson reversed into an ankle lock. He hit Fish with a release German suplex and a succession of strikes. Fish retaliated with some strikes of his own, but Danielson hit a couple of dragon screws. Danielson whipped Fish’s knee into the ring post three times in a row. Fish hit a backdrop driver and went for a pin, but only got a two-count. Fish hit an avalanche falcon arrow and transitioned into a kneebar. Danielson locked in a kneebar as well, with both men trying to get full advantage. Danielson got full control with a heel hook as Fish tapped out.

Thoughts: What an absolute clinic by both men. I love how Fish has been given the main event on Dynamite so soon after signing. A thoroughly enjoyable match to end the evening. ****

What Else Went Down

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus were being interviewed by Schiavone until they were attacked by the Super Elite. Luchasaurus was powerbombed through a table.

Lio Rush and Dante Martin were talking to Schiavone backstage. Rush said Martin failed because of his own doing. He said if Martin listened to him, it would be all money. Rush said Martin would have a tag team partner, and it would be him.

Serena Deeb was with Schiavone. She said she had to bring the division to her level. Shida came in and started to beat the hell out of her.

We saw a video air where Cody was met by the Nightmare Factory, with nobody happy to see him there for training. Cody was shown taking them out until he “took his eye off the ball” and they all took turns in hitting him. Arn showed him a video of his fight with Cody’s father, then said Malakai Black was coming.

Schiavone talked to Anna Jay, but Britt Baker walked out and called The Dark Order losers. She said Anna Jay was nothing without them. They started to fight until officials broke it up.

A video aired where Miro questioned God, asking why had he forsaken him. He said make he needed to make him champion or he would become his enemy. It was a fantastic promo by Miro, who always kills it.

The brackets for the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament were revealed. Dark Order’s 10 faces Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy faces Powerhouse Hobbs, Dustin Rhodes faces Bryan Danielson, and Lance Archer faces Eddie Kingston.

Match of the Night: Bobby Fish vs Bryan Danielson

Best in Show: “Hangman” Adam Page

Overall Rating: ***

All images and videos courtesy of AEW – Very special thanks to Fite TV for the captures

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