WWE managed to ask some quick questions to the newly crowned King and Queen, Xavier Woods and Zelina Vega, just after Crown Jewel PPV yesterday.

How does it feel to be King and Queen?

Queen Zelina Vega: “It feels amazing. It feels surreal, but so right at the same time. It feels like this is finally part of history. I made history. Incredible.” 

King Xavier Woods:I will second everything that my beautiful Queen has already said, but just so that everyone is well aware, we deserved this. Tonight we earned this. We earned the right to be the King and Queen of the Ring. Who would have thought… us! The gamer kids!”

Did you feel the energy from the crowd in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? 

King Xavier Woods:  “Oh, unreal energy I would say.”

Queen Zelina Vega: “I have to say that it was electric, but also, welcoming. It felt very welcoming. Like they just knew that we were meant to be King and Queen.”

King Xavier Woods: “There’s a certain group of people that were well aware that we were already royalty as it is. But the thing about having this crown, now they know that we’re great. These items that we wear on our person makes sure that there is no mistake. You will refer to us with our titles first… King and Queen. Before you say our names, people will respect us, and if you don’t, there will be problems before you in our Kingdom.”

Special thanks to Alex Sutton – All pics and videos courtesy of WWE

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