Welcome back to Timebomb Pro. It’s been a while since we got to cover them but oh, boy if you’d pardon the pun, they’ve come back with a bang. Not only did they manage to put on a super show for their own established stars, but they’ve also brought in Bryan Keith to battle Kevin Ku and in an ultimate dream match, booked their current champion Dominic Garrini against the King, Minoru Suzuki. That’s right, Timebomb got in on Suzuki’s US Super Tour. Alongside that, we’d see Orin Veidt take on the Sauce Alex Zayne, Badger Briggs look to murder Jordan, Damon Spriggle humbly fight Arik Cannon and Gabriel Skye go to war with the nefarious Dr Cube. Let’s get into the action.

Orin Veidt defeated Alex Zayne via Total Anarchy

The show opened with what could be a sleeper hit of the show as the Sauce Alex Zayne travelled to Timebomb to battle the Wizard King and face of the company, Orin Veidt. Zayne is one of the hottest guys on the scene but would he be able to contend with the Timebomb Cowboy on his home turf. Veidt is determined to prove he’s more than death, Zayne was going to be a great guy to test that against. They opened with a trial of chain wrestling as both guys worked through multiple locks and exchanges. They knocked each other down and Veidt showed he could fly too with a Hurricanrana. Zayne didn’t take this well and slammed Veidt down for a flipping relaxed senton. He kept hammering Veidt with strikes and woke him up with a chop exchange. The pair kept trading heavy shots until Veidt could tank the head kicks to deliver a short-arm STO. He didn’t stop there and shocked Zayne with a Snap Suplex and Slingshot DDT. Zayne refused to die and swept Veidt’s legs out from under him to deliver a flipping Guillotine Leg Drop. He tried to drag Veidt into another killing shot but Veidt pulled free and dropped Zayne with a sidewalk slam. Veidt tried to go top rope but Zayne kipped up and launched him with a Dragonrana into the Baja Blast. That got two so Zayne countered Total Anarchy into a Small Package and levelled Veidt with a lariat. He tried for the Taco Driver but Veidt countered that and nailed Total Anarchy for the three-count. This rocked. It was a straight-up wrestling chess game with both guys showing they are more than their usual styles. It was an entertaining opener with both guys warming the crowd up well. Please give me a rematch of this down the line.

Badger Briggs defeated Jordan via Armbar

Next up was a singles contest between two people trying to really make their mark on Timebomb. Jordan has been popping up at shows trying to take that spotlight and Badger Briggs has gone from murder victim to murderer. This was going to get interesting. It opened with a handshake but that was the only nicety. Briggs ducked an instant lariat and dropped Jordan with a German, forcing him to bail. He returned and tried to trade shots but Briggs just overwhelmed him with kicks, open-palm strikes and forearms. Jordan slugged back hard and pummelled Briggs with forearms, forcing her to play defensive and went for a Cross Armbreaker. Jordan broke free of that and trapped Briggs in a Sleeper. Both fighters fell outside and reignited hostilities on the outside. They struck it out again and Jordan suplexed Briggs onto the floor. Jordan revelled in the hate but got sloppy, allowing Briggs to mangle his arm against the ring post and stomp him down, caving his chest in with a PK. She went back after the arm in-ring and forced Jordan into the ropes with an armbar. Jordan forced some separation with a bite and blasted Briggs with a heavy elbow to the head. He took Briggs on a giant swing and got a two-count with a stomach stomp. Both came at each other with lariats and just bullied each other with massive strikes, Jordan trying to end things with a buckle DVD. Briggs wouldn’t stay down so Jordan dropped her on her face with an F5 and locked on an Anaconda Vice. He tied himself to her and downed her with a back-fist for a series of stomps. Briggs still wouldn’t quit and brained Jordan with a straightjacket German. She stomped a hole through his chest and tapped him out with the armbar. This was brutal. A back-and-forth war of physicality that just kept escalating. Briggs already carries herself like a star and Jordan is an incredible heat magnet. This went from just a match to a must-see.

Damon Spriggle defeated Arik Cannon via Backslide

Prepare to be humble as Damon Spriggle came to the ring next to battle one of his mentors and someone Orin Veidt has been borrowing from a lot lately, Arik Cannon. As commentary told us, this was a real teacher versus student fight with Cannon looking to be a really stiff mentor, powered by PBR and anarchy. Spriggle keeps finding ways to surprise, would he do the same again? They also opened with a handshake and went into some incredibly humble chain wrestling, Cannon using his veteran savvy to get around. Spriggle went for a barrage of humble arm-drags but Cannon cut him off and smashed in his back with fists and an elbow drop. From here, Cannon just beat the hell out of Spriggle, making sure to throw some small joint manipulation in for fun. Cannon just stalked and struck, targeting as many areas as he could for punishment. Spriggle garnered some momentum with elbows and a Suplex counter but Cannon was right back on him with a trip and some nasty Superkicks. He stretched out Spriggle and earned the ref’s ire by mangling his face. Spriggle tried to fight up again but Cannon cut him off with a kitchen sink. He threw more chops but Spriggle fired up and unleashed a train of elbows on Cannon. Spriggle rocked him with a Shining Wizard and tried to elbow Cannon into a Saito but once again, Cannon just floored him with a lariat and landed an Exploder. Cannon hit a second into the buckles and tried for Total Anarchy but Spriggle countered into a DDT and Sliding D. Cannon refused to die and put the block on another Saito but Spriggle blocked another attempt from Cannon too and trapped him for the three-count with a Backslide. The student had overcome the master with a little help from an old-school classic. Much like the match before it, this got horrifically stiff with Cannon really putting Spriggle through his paces. Also like the last match, it absolutely rocked. The pair tried to enjoy a moment but Frontman Jah came to spoil the fun and took out Spriggle with a Superkick before burying him on the mic. I guess we know what comes next for the duo.

Kevin Ku defeated Bryan Keith via Fisherman Buster

Okay, time to get serious. This was one of the most-hyped matches for me. Bryan Keith is a deadly striker and wrestling genius, so this was going to be a special match here as he was getting put against another deadly striker and wrestling genius in Kevin Ku. This is the perfect pairing for one monstrous match. Let’s see which of these striking surgeons came out the winner. Ku tried to open technically but Keith just shoved him off. Keith tried to block more technical work but Ku Gator Rolled through into a pinfall and sent Keith to the outside. Keith paused to think out his next move whilst Ku joked on with the fans. He mockingly locked up Keith again and forced him to rope break. Keith was getting pissed so Ku laid down the gauntlet with a chop. Keith answered back hard and the pair made the crowd wince with nasty chops. That escalated to kicks as both guys just beat the hell out of each other, Ku getting cocky so Keith took his face off with a superkick. They brawled and fought around the ring, Keith and Ku really laying it in. Ku was thrown back into the ring and Keith kept pulverising him with kicks, rocking him with a basement knee when he tried to fight back. Every time Ku got the shoulder up, Keith found a way to quickly put him back down. Ku tried to remain defiant but his efforts weren’t doing much to mitigate the damage. The pair heated up and fired off on each other until Keith made Ku suffer again with a duo of Suplexes, bridging out with an Exploder. Ku made sure to make Keith pay and lit him up with swift kicks and planted him with an Olympic Slam. Ku grape-vined Keith’s legs for some stomps and cinched in a unique mix of holds. Ku had taken away Keith’s primary weapon and celebrated this by smashing him in with more horrendous shots. Ku scored a near-fall with a backbreaker and tried to kick Keith back to life. When that failed, he tortured Keith’s back with a Surfboard double stomp. Keith came back with a vengeance and tanked multiple knock-outs to start a pinfall war. Neither man won so Ku landed a snap Dragon and fought out of a Powerbomb attempt to take the win with a Fisherman’s Buster. This was awesome. A back-and-forth epic between two of the deadliest strikers in the game. Keith brought every ounce of fire I hoped he would and Ku proved to be a charismatic killing machine against the stiff competition. Another example of a must-watch from this show.

Dr Cube (w/Goons) defeated Gabriel Skye via Avalanche Samoan Drop

Okay, here comes the violence. Gabriel Skye has been on a tear through the indie scene right now and he had been targeted by the Evil Dr Cube and his goon squad. The Doc had brought the deathmatch toys so this one was going to get nasty. Skye tried to even the numbers out instantly but got jumped by the goons and Cube took him out with a seated cannonball. He threw Skye back in and cracked open a pack of skewers to stab in his head. Skye yanked them out of his head and trapped Cube for some elbow strikes, then skewered Cube, multiple times. Skye nailed Cube with corner kicks but Cube took to the air and pushed Skye into the buckles for a rebound German. The goons mauled Skye again and Cube beat him with a tennis racquet, then threw him around the venue. Skye took out the goons with a stage dive but couldn’t capitalise as Cube jumped him again. The goons got some revenge as Cube filled the ring with plunder. Cube brained Skye with the racquet and Skye brained Cube with a pelted chair. Skye looked to go for a home run with a crutch but the Doc sprayed him with green mist and broke the crutch across his back. Cube kept going with a step-up hip attack and dumped Skye on his head with a Saito. He flew again with a cannonball and ran the ring for a Van-Daminator. Cube scored a near-fall with a buckle DVD and let the goons do the hard work. One nailed the other with a keyboard and Skye smashed the other with a jumping knee. He brained Cube with the keyboard and landed an elbow drop from the rafters. A chair platform was set up and Skye broke them both with a Chair Piledriver. Cube hit low and covered the ring in tacks. He tried to send Skye crashing down from the top but Skye turned it into a powerbomb and dumped him in the tacks. The goons made the save and Skye tried to end Cube but Cube slapped him silly and chokeslammed him into the tacks. Skye was still kicking so Cube took him to the top and killed him off with an Avalanche Samoan Drop. That was the final nail in a vicious coffin. Skye fought tooth and nail against the odds but in the end, the numbers and injuries added up, giving the evil doctor the big win. This was the longest match and certainly the most chaotic. I would not have liked to be on clean up duty for that one.

Minoru Suzuki defeated Dominic Garrini via Gotch Style Piledriver

Last but not least, the dream match main event. Dominic Garrini, the Bone Collector, the UWFIcon and a BJJ specialist, was about to take on the King Minoru Suzuki. This was another perfect match-up for the Suzuki US Tour as both men were going to clash in the best way. Both could break limbs, lock on some holds at the drop of a hat and forearm jaws off. The only question was, who was going to do it better? They instantly got to work grappling as Garrini tried to pick a leg and show off his Catch as Catch Can style. Suzuki found himself on the defence and had his work cut short as Garrini found the ropes. The fight reset and the pair got right back to the competitive grappling with Suzuki getting disrespectful and pulling at Garrini’s hair. Garrini squared up and tested his mettle against the might of Suzuki’s strikes, dishing out payback with his own. The pace picked up and Garrini ducked a boot to down Suzuki with a tackle. Suzuki rolled to the ring edge and played possum, baiting Garrini into the hanging armbar. He dragged Garrini outside and battered him around the venue, torturing him in a fan’s seat. Garrini chopped back so Suzuki hammerlocked his arm and lobbed him at the ring post. Suzuki got into it with the ref so Garrini dragged him down for more chops, earning himself another stint in an armbar. He kept stretching out Garrini and kept working the arms, paying extra attention to his fingers. Suzuki got complacent so Garrini nailed him with an Enzuigiri into a German Suplex. The pair unloaded on each other across the corners and Suzuki snapped Garrini into a PK. Once again, Suzuki tried to mock Garrini so Garrini squared up and they battled it out again, going forearm for forearm with Suzuki until he was knocked loopy with one of Suzuki’s. Garrini took more elbows and countered Suzuki’s charges into Sleepers, milking the five-count to break the hold when Suzuki made the ropes. He booted Suzuki into another Sleeper and Suzuki slid under his charge to apply his Sleeper. He held out as long as he could but he started to fade and Suzuki ended things with the Gotch Style Piledriver. What a war. Garrini really stepped up to Suzuki here and met him on his terms. It was an excellent hybrid fight with both guys having a blast doing it. Garrini may have lost but he earned Suzuki’s respect and helped but on one of the best Timebomb main events to date. What a match. What a show. Watch the whole thing on IWTV as it’s well worth the watch.

All images courtesy of Timebomb

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