Welcome back to GCW and to part 2 of the LA double bill. We saw the shooters kill it last night, now it was time for the GCW regulars to take the spotlight against some new and deadly foes. On the card tonight we’d see, Alex Zayne vs Jonathan Gresham, AJ Gray vs Dark Sheik, Team Eye to Eye vs Juicy Finau and Jacob Fatu, SGC vs The Briscoes, and much much more leading to the ultimate King vs King fight between the King of GCW, Nick Gage and the King of the whole wrestling world, Minoru Suzuki. This show was loaded so let’s waste no more time and get into it.

Scramble: Allie Katch defeated JTG, ASF, Eli Everfly, Matt Vandergriff, Lucas Riley, Gringo Loco & Brandon Gatson via Piledriver on Everfly

Up first was the customary GCW scramble. We had a whole bunch of familiar faces in the mix with JTG making a surprise appearance and Brandon Gatson making his debut amongst the regulars like ASF, Gringo Loco, Eli Everfly, and Matt Vandergriff. The seven fighters looked set to go when another entrance theme played and Allie Katch made her way to the ring. She wasn’t going to be left out of the action. Katch started by taking on everyone and threatening to pull her knife on them. JTG took her out and we went into the usual mess of fighting and flying that always populate these matches. Gatson got to show off in his debut and as per usual everyone made full use of the spotlight. No one was safe as the high-flyers were really going all-out to outdo each other, sometimes to their own detriment. In the end, the interloper took the win as Katch with the Piledriver on Everfly. Through the chaos that was going on, Katch continued to plan ahead and showed that Katch-as-Katch-can will outdo the high-flying. It was a messy match but fun as hell to watch. Chelsea Green, you better protect your neck, Katch is coming for you.

Alex Zayne defeated Jonathan Gresham via Counter Pin

Next up was an extreme clash of styles. Alex Zayne, the Sauce, is often most comfortable in the air utilising his speed and aerial control. He was in for a fight with the exact opposite of that, the grounded submission expert, the Octopus Jonathan Gresham. We know Zayne can adapt but would he find a way to avoid the clutches of the Foundation. Gresham started off taking this match lightly, offering a limb and found himself getting run over by the high-risk innovation of Zayne. As expected, Gresham found his way back into the fight and we got the hyper-competitive contest you’d want to see between these two. Both men found themselves wrestling smart, trying to think ahead and Zayne kept trying to prove he was more than the flips. Gresham may still have one of my favourite collections of holds and breakers as he unleashed a whole load of them on a trapped Zayne. You could see him savouring the pain he was inflicting on a prone Zayne. The Sauce was able to fight through the pain and came back into things with the flipping leg drop and fought off more lock attempts to hit the Baja Blast. Gresham kept torturing Zayne until both fired up and traded shots. The action kept coming thick and fast and Zayne took the win with a pin counter. This was an exceptional fight between two top-tier wrestlers and with a shock win like that, I’d love to see them run it back because they could do so much more.

AJ Gray defeated Dark Sheik via Diving Splash

Oh man, this was going to be an interesting one, AJ Gray, the MF’N Truth was in the building and ready to throw some lariats and kill someone. He was in for a challenge this time though as he’d have to work around the wily veteran tricks of Dark Sheik. She was rocking some incredible gear and was just as ready to fight. This rocked, no bullshit, this match was just awesome. Gray started as his usual brutal self, trying to take Sheik out early and woke that fire up in Sheik that had her really taking the fight to him with her signature style of attacking and some deadly kicks. In turn, Gray got more violent and we had an incredibly hard-hitting contest between two absolute pros. Sheik took the abuse and found creative ways to work around the lariat, stopping Gray in his tracks with the Cage split punch to the balls. It was hyper-competitive, very violent, and a whole lot of fun. Both Sheik and Gray know how to put on a top-tier match with anyone and this just proves it further. It may have been a defeat for Sheik but she rocked Gray and continues to give GCW reasons to keep bringing her back. Meanwhile, Gray still seems unstoppable and I’m just hoping we see him fight Moxley for that title, the streak deserves to be rewarded.

Ninja Mack defeated Arez via Rear-Naked Choke

Okay, time for some flippy shit. Ninja Mack is proving to be the hottest star of 2021 as he has taken GCW by storm. Kamikaze Mack has shown out in almost every match he’s in, now GCW were giving us the perfect combination by putting him against the King of Strange Style Arez in singles action. This was going to be wild. Much like the last match, these two just got each other. Mack was acting cocky and technical, using a headlock to ground the fight and Arez was sure to match the psychology whilst picking up the pace. Those mind games could only last so long as Arez got tired of the cockiness and unmasked Mack, pissing everyone off. That lit a fire under the match and things kicked into another gear as the niceties were thrown away and the pair just beat the hell out of each other. We got more awesome Mack antics and a whole barrage of Strange Style. Mack was showing some doubts in his ability following an accident at a recent show and that leaked in as he second-guessed some of his own offence, giving Arez the chance to strike. Arez revelled in the hate and had Mack’s number for most of the fight as the crowd tried to will Mack back into it. Mack used all the technical tools and strikes he had to stab back into it and came away with the win with a clever Rear-Naked Choke after missing the Phoenix 630. Arez got too confident and Mack made him pay. What an awesome story in an awesome match with two awesome wrestlers.

Team Eye to Eye (Chris Dickinson & Starboy Charlie) defeated Juicy Finau & Jacob Fatu via Door to the head on Finau

Speaking of personal fights, it was time for another. This fight has been brewing for weeks after Fatu attacked Dickinson and we saw Finau join him in the destruction. From there, these two teams were on a collision course. We’ve seen Eye to Eye working on their teamwork and coordination but would that be enough to take out these two Samoan and Tongan Juggernauts? Both of these teams tore into each other from start to finish. The Tongan size advantage proved to be the sticking point early on for Eye to Eye as Finau bullied Charlie after surviving an opening storm. Dickinson could do nothing but watch as Fatu and Finau massacred his partner. There was no mercy and no quarter as Charlie had to fight through to get to his partner, trying to fight instead of making the tag. That tag finally came and Dickinson ran wild on Fatu and Finau, especially out for Fatu’s blood following their last match. The plunder came out and ultimately went through it as he took his eyes of Fatu. Charlie still refused to die despite the punishment and ducked a chair to cause Finau to take out Fatu. Charlie revealed he was rocking dick strings and took out Finau with a series of blows and a door to the head. Eye to Eye had gotten their share of revenge and we saw the Starboy become a Starman. Yet again, GCW are going for an A+ on storytelling here but I don’t think the story is over yet since Finau and Fatu attacked again after the match. I think we’ll be seeing more of these teams and honestly, with more matches like this, I ain’t complaining. Though, following the beatdown, I’m not sure Charlie is even in fighting condition.

Jordan Oliver vs Nick Wayne ends in No Contest

Post-intermission, we came back to a battle of the young blood. The last time Nick Wayne was at GCW, it didn’t end too well as Cogar turned him into a pincushion. Now, he was battling the Clout Cutter, Jordan Oliver. Would he be looking over his shoulder or would he be ready to wreck Oliver? This played out like a fun little exhibition between two guys who respect each other. No punches were pulled but there was mutual respect in the air as both tried to hit their best. Oliver might have promised to protect the youth of the company but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to put them through their paces in the ring. It was a fairly even fight with both guys reading the other’s moves that got cut short as Atticus Cogar made his presence felt again

Oliver tried to defend himself and Wayne but Cogar cock shot him and hit the Brain Haemorrhage onto a barbed-wire chair. He demanded a mic after finishing with Oliver and talked about being categorised with Wayne and Oliver due to his age. He took that as an insult and entered himself into the NGI. Atticus Cogar is calling his own shots and is coming for the heavy-hitters of the next big deathmatch tournament.

GCW Tag Titles: The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) defeated SGC (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) via Froggy Bo’ on Mance

The insanity was about to really kick off as we prepared for a hurricane of violence. The Briscoes had shot their shot at the GCW Tag Titles and now it was time to cash in. They are one of the most celebrated tag teams in the US but were they ready for the chaos they were about to encounter at the hands of SGC? Both teams showed their respect then prepared to raise hell. The Briscoes went on a tear early by beating down Mance and ended up doing the same to Justice. The plunder came out as the Briscoes brought out the chairs and Jay duelled with Ol’ Mancer. Everyone went chair crazy and Mark got broken with a DVD onto another. The blood was flowing from Mance and he nailed a double eye poke. Justice tried to follow him out but ate shit as everyone moved. The Briscoes regained control and kept punishing SGC, paying special attention to Mance. Chaos reigned everywhere as bodies flew and the Briscoes kept beating the hell out of SGC. Things just kept getting scrappier and scrappier as both teams came into their element and Mance got some chair-based revenge with a kneepad up kneepad down and Justice joined him with a chair-based coast to coast. Everyone was bleeding and everyone was brawling, Jay eating SGC’s Total Elimination. Both teams were beaten to hell and firing off like nothing was wrong. SGC kept introducing plunder to the Briscoes and put Jay through a door with the Powerplex. That wasn’t enough to win and both teams just punched it out. The Briscoes nearly took the win with a Neckbreaker Bomb and Justice broke the internet with a spear through the ropes sending everyone into a door contraption, Mance hitting hardest off a double Suplex. Jay baited Justice into hitting Mance with a chair and got another two-count with the Jay Driller. Mance tried to fight back but he ate a Jay Driller onto a chair and Mark sealed the deal with a Froggy Bo’ to take the win. This was pure bedlam, a compelling car crash between two of the wildest teams on the planet. The GCW Tag Titles are now in the hands of the ROH elite and nobody can predict what comes next. SGC fought like hell but it turns of Dem Boys were just more chaotic tonight. What a fucking match.

EFFY defeated Psycho Clown via Mask Removal Roll-up

Here comes the circus as one of the greatest clowns in wrestling had come to play, Psycho Clown. The AAA standout was finally making his debut for GCW and he was getting a warm welcome in the form of EFFY. We all know EFFY is the internet and he was going to give his all against such a high-level foe. They started with a battle of chants and technical one-upmanship as Psycho Clown had fun at EFFY’s expense. From there it was an excellent mix of personality, high-flying, and technicality. EFFY found himself struggling at first but found his way back into it and had Psycho Clown stuck in his signature spots. The crowd didn’t know who to root for as both guys are absolute fan favourites. Psycho Clown seemed more than happy to dish out punishment and wasn’t put off by any of Daddy’s antics. EFFY really had to work his way up as Psycho Clown had an answer to everything he could throw. He embraced the dark side and tried to unmask Psycho Clown but thankfully, wasn’t able to get it off. Psycho Clown proved to be just as mean, using the ring post to punish EFFY. Both guys got off their big moves and EFFY got the big win despite kissing the ref after a spanking. That distraction allowed EFFY to remove the mask and roll Psycho Clown up for the win. It was dickhead move but it worked and EFFY was your big winner, getting the upset over Psycho Clown. He better be back, the crowd loves him and there are more than enough incredible opponents he could face. As for EFFY, with this win here and Allie Katch winning the scramble, BUSSY is definitely fine.

Minoru Suzuki defeated Nick Gage via Gotch Style Piledriver

Last but not least, the main event. King vs King, God vs God. Nick Gage has been the heart and soul of GCW for the longest time and now, he was taking on Minoru Suzuki, a man who has torn through some of the best the company could throw at him. Would Gage be able to turn that tide or would Suzuki best him too? Gage opened with an attempted attack with the pizza cutter but Suzuki booted it away and the pair threw hands. Suzuki booted Gage to the outside and Gage made a fight pit in the crowd. Suzuki joined him and the pair threw more bombs until Gage rocked Suzuki with a headbutt and launched him into the chairs. Suzuki returned the favour and the pair traded headbutts amongst the crowd. The pair nailed each other with a bucket to the head and got lost in the sea of humanity as their brawl continued round the venue. Gage kept Suzuki at bay with an eye gouge and brought out the fan interaction for some chair shots but Suzuki countered it and Gage ate the steel. The fight returned to the ring and Suzuki started to torture Gage, wrenching his leg with an Achilles Hold. Gage remained defiant and made the ropes so Suzuki tried to kill him with a chair, braining the ref instead. Gage blasted Suzuki with a chair and landed a Chokebreaker but there was no ref to make the count. He took out Suzuki with the face wash and had a door brought into the mix. He set that up and smashed Suzuki in the mouth to keep him stunned, biting him when he started to stir. Suzuki took more punishment from Gage and unloaded more hard strikes on Gage. Suzuki caught a thrown chair and smashed it right in Gage’s face, demanding Gage get up for more. He locked Gage in the Sleeper and started to make Gage fade then dragged him up to the door for a Gotch Style through the door. That was that. Suzuki got the three-count and had taken another GCW scalp. Gage had definitely left a mark but Suzuki had persevered and used Gage’s plunder to end him. Suzuki is a master of all trades and proved that yet again by besting Gage in a hardcore brawl. Gage wanted a rematch and Suzuki seemed willing to give him it at some point. This was vicious fun with both guys embracing the scrappy side to end this incredible show on a high note.

All images courtesy of GCW, FITE, HeyyImRob

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