Welcome back to ChocoPro and the ever-building powder keg within Ichigaya. The Super Asia Title four-way hangs over the four competitors and they have been granted matches across the weekend to build momentum for it. Alongside that, we are seeing the build-up of animosity between Chie Koishikawa and Mei Suruga, giving us an explosive main event for #167. Filling in the gaps we’ll see Sawasdee Kamen and Tokiko Kirihara team up with Akki against Masahiro Takanashi and Hagane Shinno and his bitter rival Chon Shiryu. Plus, Chie Koishikawa gets another one-on-one contest with Yuna Mizumori. Let’s jump into this latest double bill of action.

ChocoPro #166

Hagane Shinno & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Baliyan Akki & Sawasdee Kamen via Armbar

Up first, we had Baliyan Akki and Masahiro Takanashi trying to one-up each other ahead of the four-way title match. Rather than going head-to-head, they were bringing in partners. Baliyan Akki had Sawasdee Kamen at his side and Masahiro Takanashi had the Ice Warrior Hagane Shinno at his side. Who would come away with the momentum? Akki and Takanashi opened with a chain wrestling scramble and tried to pick up the pace but only reached a stalemate. They tagged and Kamen looked to continue the trend with Shinno. They too struggled to find a dominant fighter as the pair kept countering each other. Kamen got Shinno trapped and brought in Akki to keep things in their favour. That gave us another min of Akki vs Shinno action with Shinno struggling to fight out of Akki’s clutches. Shinno booted Akki’s face off and Takanashi came in to pick the bones. The counters kept piling and Takanashi tried to pay homage to Shiryu with a Gory Bomb but Akki countered that too. Instead, Takanashi paid homage to Mizumori with a Coconut Crush. Akki kicked away further mimicry and lit up Takanashi with chops. He missed a follow-up knee drop and Takanashi punished it by snapping him into the mat for a high-impact dropkick. He tagged and Shinno got some vengeance for their earlier encounter with hard punches. Akki blasted back and the pair nearly took each other’s jaws off with elbows. Akki scored big with a backbreaker and tanked a face kick to escape the fight with a dropkick. Kamen picked up the slack with a Tomahawk chop and kicked Shinno into a Hammerlock Clutch. Shinno escaped so Kamen dropped a knee and tried for the Sawasdee Press but Takanashi blocked him and the pair threw him down from the window. Akki came to his aid and Kamen drilled Shinno with a Fisherman Suplex and the Sawasdee Press. Akki took out Takanashi and Kamen almost ended Shinno but couldn’t get the three-count. Shinno trapped Kamen in an armbar and tapped him out, taking the win as Takanashi trapped Akki. This had been a close one with neither Akki nor Takanashi getting much momentum. They were too evenly matched so it fell to Shinno to get the win. He might have also just gotten Egg Tarts a title shot by beating Akki.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa via Supergirl

The main event of the first show saw the Tropical Fairy, Yuna Mizumori also looking to build momentum for that title fight by putting Chie Koishikawa through her paces. It would be another battle of power vs speed as the Tropical Powerhouse looked to destroy the energy of the hyperactive chopping machine. They opened with a technical exchange and Mizumori trying to keep a hold of Koishikawa. The pair warred over wrist control and Mizumori started bringing the hammer blows down. Koishikawa went on a run and almost scored the win with a roll-up. Mizumori pounced away a dropkick and repeatedly smashed Koishikawa off the wall. She tried to crush Koishikawa with a split trap and broke her back with a Crab. Koishikawa rolled her up and quickly went to work on attempting the bow and arrow. Mizumori countered again and catapulted Koishikawa into the wall for some elbows. She missed the Papaya Mango Coconut and Koishikawa capitalised with a Guillotine and arm-drag. The dropkick followed and Demon Chie trapped Mizumori for the Demon Chop. The bow and arrow was finally applied and Koishikawa broke Mizumori’s legs in an attempt to get the muffler. Mizumori blocked that with a Coconut Crush and crushed Koishikawa again with a Tropical Splash. She attempted a Tropical Yahho but Koishikawa tried for a Sunset Flip and pinballed out Mizumori’s legs. She dove in for a double chop and struck it out with Mizumori, getting the fencing chops in before being downed with a headbutt. Mizumori reapplied the Crab and broke Koishikawa’s back with more splashes, softening her up for a Tropical Yahho. They fought atop the window and Koishikawa brought Mizumori crashing down with a modified Dragon Screw. The Muffler was locked on but Mizumori was able to escape and managed to avoid being rolled up to rebound off a table kick and land the Supergirl. It had been a ridiculously hard fight again a fired-up Koishikawa but Mizumori had racked up a win on the board. It was fun to watch and further highlights just how dangerous Koishikawa is now.

ChocoPro #167

Chon Shiryu & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Baliyan Akki & Tokiko Kirihara via Kangaroo Clutch on Kirihara

To kick off show two, we had round two of the Akki vs Takanashi tag team series as this time the duo were joined by Tokiko Kirihara and Chon Shiryu. Kirihara had been looking forward to teaming with Akki and forming some Best Bro-esque tag moves whilst Takanashi was tagging with fellow opponent in title glory Chon Shiryu. It opened with a brawl as Akki and Kirihara jumped their foes and took the action around the studio. Shiryu and Akki struck it out and quickly picked up the pace with a counter showcase. Takanashi pissed Shiryu off by bringing himself in and promptly found himself getting his ass kicked by Kirihara and Akki. Kirihara got a chance to torture Takanashi as she tried to break his arm with an armbar. They kept their rhythm going and Takanashi had no escape from the pain as Akki and Kirihara picked him apart. Shiryu just watched on in disgust, tagging himself in and booting Takanashi down so he became a stepping stone for a flying kick at Akki. Shiryu destroyed Akki with more kicks and window knees, then had his back broken as Akki countered the Trust Fall. They knocked each other loopy and Akki used his trusty head kick to escape to the tag. Kirihara rushed in to maul Shiryu with chest kicks and countered the Gory Bomb into a Cobra Twist. Shiryu was able to land a Judo throw and Kirihara quickly responded with the same. Akki jumped into a Swanton/Dancing stomp combo and tried to help further, hoisting Kirihara onto his shoulders for a flying Comaneci. She landed the move thanks to Takanashi and Akki slugged it out with him for it. Shiryu and Takanashi turned on each other so Shiryu dumped Kirihara on him with a Gory bomb and tapped her out with the Kangaroo Clutch. Shiryu had single-handedly won the match, laying waste to his opponents and his partner. It had been a dominant showing for him but also an eye-opening look at the tag team potential for Kirihara and Akki.

Mei Suruga defeated Chie Koishikawa via Bridging B3

Last but not least, the second main event. Chie Koishikawa had demanded this and now the Hyperactive Chopping Machine was getting another singles match against the Big Apple, Mei Suruga. This was going to be one hell of a test for her as she looked to wipe the smile off her face and take some of that shine for herself. They opened with lock-ups and chain wrestling scrambling between holds and positions, continuously moving to counter. They picked up the pace with pinfalls and kept trying to keep the other down. Koishikawa locked on the running wrist-lock and outmanoeuvred Suruga to apply the bow and arrow. Koishikawa chased Suruga around the mat to deliver a Demon chop but Suruga bit her as the blow landed. She bit Koishikawa again and took her for the ride. Suruga stomped down Koishikawa and tripped her across the window frame. She twisted up Koishikawa’s arm, snapping and kneeing it so it would break. Koishikawa elbowed back and feigned the chops to land an arm-drag. She dropkicked Suruga’s leg and slid in for a double chop. She gave Suruga mat burn and blocked a head-scissor to chop Suruga’s legs. Koishikawa kept working the leg and locked on a trailer hitch, forcing Suruga to break. Suruga bounced Koishikawa off the wall and ducked more chops to deliver the crossbody. She bridged into Apple Mutilation and climbed to the window when Koishikawa escaped. Koishikawa gave chase again and chopped Suruga’s knee out and the pair went counter crazy, going from the window to the mat into pinfalls and the muffler. Koishikawa elbowed the soul out of Suruga and ducked the Super Mei Punch to lock on a Guillotine. Suruga fought out and cracked Koishikawa’s back with a double stomp.

She went for another wall run but Koishikawa pushed her into it and hit the muffler slam and wrenched her leg again. She was forced to break the hold and chopped at Suruga again before downing her with a dropkick. She climbed up for an X chop but Suruga bridged under and nearly took the win with a Sunset Flip. Koishikawa landed the same but neither got the three-count. Suruga kept hold of the arm and took the win with a Bridging B3 pin. Once again, she had gotten the best of Koishikawa but it hadn’t been easy. It had been intense, painful, and competitive throughout with Koishikawa mere milliseconds from victory. What a main event and what an exceptional way to end the weekend. Top tier wrestling throughout and another chapter in the ChocoPro rivalry for the ages.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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