Welcome back to ICW NHB and to a good old-fashioned monster mash. It’s time for another horror show from the company of chains and carnage as they make their triumphant return to Florida. We’d have new faces making their debuts, monsters from the past returning to wreak havoc on the new generation, and two of the oldest foes in the company attempt to outdo previous attempts in a hellish stipulation. We’d see Sage Sin Supreme take on Neil Diamond Cutter, the monsters of W*NG mash with The Carver, Danny Demanto and Tank, The Kirks vs Colby Corino and Jack Victory, Satu Jinn vs The Heathen Krule, and much more leading to the Ironman main event between Eric Ryan and John Wayne Murdoch. Let’s get into the madness.

Fights, Camera, Action

Pumpkin Patch Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Sage Sin Supreme via Honey Badger Splash

We opened with a trip to the pumpkin patch. Neil Diamond Cutter was in for some pumpkin-based brutality as the Pumpkin Queen debuting in the chains with her type of match. That’s right, ICW was welcoming Sage Sin Supreme into the fold and giving her the Honey Badger as a first foe. We had Jack-O-Lantern helmets and a whole lot of fuckery to open things. They both adorned pumpkin heads and went to town on each other with tubes and headbutts. Cutter had Sin stunned, then broke himself running into a cinderblock wall. Sin kept attacking with the pumpkin and tried to pull Cutter’s face apart. She brained him with a firecracker spooky bottle and Cutter used his head, fists, and a senton to bring himself back into the fight. He picked up a mannequin head full of spoons and tried to attack but Sin tripped him onto them, then dug them in further with a body attack. She cut into him with more tubes and kept trying to rip his face off, even employing an electric carving tool to Cutter’s forehead. Cutter came back with a slam and carved Sin like a jack-o-lantern too. He set up a spoon board and hit her with the bottle but Sin kicked back and smacked Cutter with an exploding treats basket. She broke the spoon board with a Suplex and crushed more tubes into him with a slingshot double knee. Sin covered the ring in tacks and gave Cutter another crack with the treats basket, then tried to hit another double knee but Cutter caught her into a Finlay Roll onto the tacks. He broke a cinderblock onto her knee with a bowling ball and Sin dropped Cutter on more tubes with a Snap Piledriver. Cutter attacked Sin with BOB and Sin kicked low to drive Cutter head-first onto another pumpkin. She threw Cutter into a corner and dropkicked another pumpkin into his dick, mangling his balls further with a tacked mannequin head. Sin set up a chair contraption but Cutter caught her with a Twisting Brainbuster and Sin tried to remove his eye with another spoon. She got two with the Code Red and the pair slugged it out. They fought to the top and Cutter blocked a Code Red, giving him a chance to end things with the Honey Badger Splash. This was a killer opening match with equal parts comedy and horror. Sin was right at home in the chains and definitely left her mark on the company. Seriously good opening fight.

The Kirks (Brandon & Kasey Kirk) defeated Colby Corino & Jack Victory via Beatdown Pin on Victory

Maria Carey once again rang out throughout ICW which could only mean one thing, The Kirks were here. The power couple of ICW was ready for war and were going to get it in the form of Colby Corino and the ECW veteran Jack Victory. Kasey was ready to give another “rousing” speech so Victory cut her off with a jug to the head. Corino worked over Brandon with rapid slams and sentons whilst Victory smashed Kasey around the outside. Corino flew to the outside and beat Brandon down around ringside whilst Kasey threw Victory into a shipping container. Kirk spoiled Corino’s kendo fun and Kasey kept the beatdown going on Victory. Corino regained control with a chair so Kirk suplexed him through a door. He kept pummelling Corino and Victory with plunder, then dragged a cheese grater across Corino’s forehead (trying to help him match dear old dad.) Corino trashed him with a can and Brandon caused Victory to nail him with a sign. Kasey stunned Victory and Brandon tried to show off with a Stalling Suplex, earning himself a Stundog and a door-breaking combo. He turned his attention to Kasey and hit her with a Package Backbreaker, then nailed Brandon with a snap bat. He caught Brandon with a La Magistral Bomb but Kasey made the save. She got in Corino’s face so Victory blasted her with a tack bat and he dropped her with End of Heartache. Kasey refused to die so the pair set more doors up outside. He got too cocky so Kasey pushed him through the doors and dumped him on his head with a DDT when he got back in. The Kirks handcuffed Corino to the chains and beat down Victory for the win. The Kirks had done it again, taking a rough start and turning the match in their favour. They had bested an old vet and made Corino watch as they did so. An evil end by an evil force in a solid little match. Would love more hardcore Colby, he fits the style nicely.

Satu Jinn vs Krule via Ref Stoppage

Okay, time for the bloodbath. I won’t bullshit you, I’d seen the announcement and the aftermath pics so I was excited about this one. This was the kaiju deathmatch between the deathmatch genie and the heathen. Both would bleed and break each other to a concerning degree. Jinn started by throwing chairs but it had no effect so Krule lit him up with knees and tossed him through a door. Jinn couldn’t budge Krule with door shots so he let momentum do the work and ran him into another door. Krule still seemed unphased and fought up to slam Jinn through a chair. Jinn tested Krule’s mettle with a bundle but even that didn’t phase him, he just readjusted his mask and chopped Jinn’s soul out. Jinn thought he’d finally found a plan by giving him a chair to the face and a ring post ram but Krule shook that off and no-sold a gusset, freaking Jinn out even more. Jinn hit him with a gusseted Elm St mailbox but even that didn’t stop him, just pissed him off even more leading to more nightmarish strikes to Jinn. Krule hammered a Kenzan into Jinn’s head and Jinn finally snapped, stunning the Heathen temporarily with more pelted chairs and gut shots, but again, he just got mauled by more knees. They brawled around ringside and Krule nailed Jinn with the mailbox then a bundle over the head. Jinn cut him off with a chair to the throat and pissed Krule off again with a gusset chop. Jinn stunned him with a Mongolian chop and sent them both to the concrete with a crossbody. Krule collapsed against the stairs and pelted him with a pane of glass. Krule was thrown into the ring but didn’t stay there, diving over the chains hard onto Jinn and the concrete. The pair staggered up, threw more fuckery into the ring, and punched it out. Krule won the exchange with a block chair Chokeslam and Jinn stunned the monster again with a gusset door jawbreaker. Jinn was thrown through that door too and got stomped through a super bundle. Krule just kept throwing Jinn through more and more doors. They struck it out again and Jinn finally started to stun the beast. A corner crush later and he had Krule ready for the infamous glass spot. He crushed the pane into Krule, cutting up his shoulder, and pelted him with tubes, being dragged away before he could bring out the cane knife. The ref stopped the match and Krule walked away a bloody but unbroken mess. Jinn had won but he wasn’t happy about it. Here’s to hoping we get the round two. These monsters are perfect opponents.

Monster Murder House: Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) defeated Crypt the Keeper, Nightmare Freddy, Crazy Sheik, Danny Demanto & The Carver via Bundle and Snap Board Backdrop Driver

So, this one was a total clusterfuck. A six-way elimination match with the winner getting a title shot at whoever won the Ironman match. Danny had made the stipulation and all he had to do was survive five other fighters to potentially become the king of his own company. That was easier said than done as he was dealing with Tank, Nightmare Freddy, Crazy Sheik, Crypt the Keeper, and the Carver in a fuckery fest. As expected, this was pure fucking chaos. Fights broke out everywhere as the W*NG, BJW and IWA Japan legends beat each other up and Tank brawled with the Carver. Everyone was hitting everyone with whatever they could, even the cameras weren’t sure who to follow. Freddy attacked Demanto with a chair and Keeper was forced face-first onto a bed of nails. Crypt the Keeper was the first eliminated after a chair DDT as Demanto threw Carver through a barbed-wire board. Freddy choked out Sheik and Carver cut up Tank with a barbed-wire bat.

Crazy Sheik was eliminated off-screen and Freddy turned his attention to Demanto, smacking him with a snap bat and faceplanting him onto a chair. He brained Demanto with a bundle, forcing Demanto to snap and attack Freddy with a chair all whilst Carver and Tank kept brawling. They had a barfight and Demanto eliminated Freddy with a door tackle. Demanto and Tank accidentally worked together to fuck up the Carver, burying him under doors. Demanto and Tank slugged it out until Tank won the exchange and eliminated Demanto with a bundle of chokeslam. Carver resurrected and the pair punched it out. They fought around a snap board and Tank broke through the Carver’s flurry to end things with a Backdrop Driver through the board and a bundle. Tank had taken the win and made himself the next contender to the American Deathmatch Title. He had systematically destroyed the last two fighters and punched his ticket to bigger things. This was pure chaos with lots of fun sprinkled throughout and another nice spotlight for the Carver.

Jake Crist defeated Alex Xcean via Spider Web Crist Cutter

The penultimate fight would bring us another return as Alex Xcean was back and ready to pick up where he left off, proving he can’t die. He seemed to be in better shape than ever and looked to prove he was in fighting form against the Born to Die Artist Jake Crist. The crowd were rooting for Xcean because Crist sadly shares a home state with 44OH! Crist took those frustrations out on Xcean by cracking him with a kendo stick and pulling at his face. They danced around a door and Xcean took the lead, throwing Crist through it. Crist returned the favour with a Door-VD and tried to rip Xcean’s face apart again. He kept bullying Xcean and talking trash, giving everyone a wrestling lesson. Things got more violent with chair shots and a chair to the throat as Crist just got nastier. He got too carried away so Xcean suplexed him through a door. Crist bailed so Xcean followed with a dive and the duo fought through the crowd towards a Caribbean Spider Web, taking a plunder tour of ringside as they did. They fought on the apron and Xcean went for broke with a charge, eating shit as Crist dodged and he flew into the wire. Crist climbed to the top platform and crashed onto Xcean with a chair drop, rolling onto Xcean for a two-count. Both guys pulled free of the wire and returned to the ring. They fought around the ring to the platform where Crist hit low and ended things with a Crist Cutter into the barbed-wire Spider Web. This got real nasty once the wire was introduced but honestly, I found it fun to see Crist being top dickhead whilst Xcean worked as the underdog. It was a nice combo and a fun match to watch.

Ironman Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch (6) defeated Eric Ryan (5) via points

Last but not least, the main event. Eric Ryan and John Wayne Murdoch have been locked into war since the first No Holds Barred and after multiple wars, were taking the blood feud to the next level with an ironman deathmatch. They had 60 minutes to tear each other apart. Despite the tubes and the glass around the ring, Ryan wasted the first few minutes demanding the ring canvas be properly swept. Ryan kept stalling and ran away any time Murdoch tried to engage. Ryan gave the fans the Tracey Smothers’ treatment and refused to work until the chants had stopped, driving Murdoch insane. When he finally got his hands on Ryan, Murdoch bounced him off the chains and cut him up with a knife. Ryan took the first fall with a schoolboy and dedicated that roll-up to Murdoch’s son. He went back to stalling as Murdoch waited to avenge the fall. Murdoch blasted Ryan with an explosion of glass and forced him back into the ring. He went tube crazy and Ryan threw him through a glass pane for a second fall. Ryan kept torturing Murdoch with chokes and tried to break as many limbs as possible. Minutes passed with Murdoch unable to stop Ryan’s tirade, even eating a whole box of pelted forks. It was all Ryan as Murdoch was cut and choked further, not giving up pins but also unable to mount a comeback at all. He finally got a point on the board by countering a bundle shot and drilled Ryan with the Brainbuster. He quickly made it two with another Brainbuster, this time onto a full box of tubes. Murdoch got pissed and broke more tubes, then threw Ryan through a pane. He took a fork to Ryan and made him a mess of blood and glass, showering everyone with tube dust. Ryan managed to counter a bundle and headbutted them into Murdoch, then KO’ed him with headbutts. Ryan was in firm control once again and massacred Murdoch with more tubes and bundles on the outside. Fans fled as the action spilled everywhere, Ryan looking to rend Murdoch incapable of continuing. Ryan tore at the canvas and Murdoch finally mounted a comeback, launching more tubes and causing more punch-outs around the ring. They took a seat for a tube barfight and after taking Murdoch out of commission temporarily, Ryan stripped the ring to bare boards. That would be his undoing as Murdoch levelled out the scores with a brainbuster onto them. We were 3-3 at near-enough half-time.

The pair continued to brutalise each other with board wrestling and Murdoch cut up Ryan again with corner tubes. He set up a door platform and had to fight off Ryan further as the ref broke his contraption. He finally got it set up properly but Ryan had been woken up by the tube shots and brained him with another bundle. The contraption fell again as Ryan tried to choke out Murdoch and the pair fell to the outside for more brawling. They fought over to the container area and Ryan put Murdoch out again with the Snuff Stomps. The ref dragged him away and after lamenting a few moments, Ryan took another pinfall on the unconscious Murdoch. We were now at 3-5 to Ryan. It didn’t get any easier either as Ryan just kept destroying Murdoch with everything to hand, even throwing the ringside furniture at him. Murdoch tanked it all and tried to score another fall with a roll-up but Ryan kicked out. They had a punch-out on the floor and a second bar fight broke out, Murdoch taking advantage of a blinded Ryan, letting him hit the air. Ryan got to his senses and knocked Murdoch silly again with headbutts. Murdoch scored the KO but couldn’t get the three-count. He choked Ryan out with a chair and put another point on the board, now 4-5. Murdoch kept going, cutting Ryan with the Spider Web and throwing more tubes at him. Even a fan got involved as she held the box as Murdoch destroyed another ton of tubes. Murdoch tried to break Ryan’s ankle and Ryan smashed a pane in Murdoch’s face. They finally returned to the ring and Ryan climbed atop the platform after breaking a bundle in Murdoch’s ribs. Murdoch joined him after and stunned Ryan for a Suplex through the chair and glass contraption. That levelled out the scores with 14 minutes to go.

It was 5-5 with less than a quarter of the time to go. Both guys were bloody, broken, and cut to fuck but they managed to find their feet and keep going. They swung at each other again and took each other out with a double clothesline. The maniacs had another tube duel and headbutted more tubes into each other. Tubes turned to punches and chops with the clock continuously counting down. Desperation took hold and Murdoch broke them both with a tube leg sweep. Both guys just kept throwing shots at the other, trying chokes and bites, anything that would give them the point. They broke even more tubes and Ryan chopped at Murdoch with extra bile. The roles reversed and Murdoch tried to stall outside but Ryan just pelted more tubes and gave chase. They had another frantic fuckery-based brawl and with Murdoch breaking extra-large tubes over Ryan as the five-minute mark hit. Ryan did the same and the pair returned to the ring with three minutes to spare. They broke another batch of tubes and went hell for leather on strikes with neither man wavering at all. They stood defiant and beat the shit out of each other. They fell to their knees and Ryan tried for the headbutts again but Murdoch transitioned to the Koji Clutch and with mere seconds on the clock, Ryan passed out. It was 6-5 to end it with Murdoch just to say skinning the cat on time. It had been a bloody, vicious, and glassy match with both guys starting slow, then refusing to slow down until the time was up. Hats off to both of these guys, this fucking rocked.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Sage Sin Supreme nailed it in her debut with the company. Despite the loss, she put Neil Diamond Cutter through the wringer and put on a match that was both fun and violent as fuck. What’s not to love?
  • Despite the unfortunate glass incident, Krule vs Satu Jinn was an excellent bloodbath with Krule doing his best Nemesis/Terminator impression throughout. It’s rare to see such an unkillable force in deathmatches but Krule and Jinn made it work.
  • The monster house was a car crash of a match but it was pretty fun. I’m mostly ranking this for Demanto, Carver and Tank’s work but I’ll admit it was fun to see the old legends in action again. Nightmare Freddy is a blast to watch and Crypt the Keeper getting a face-full of nails was rather horrifying.
  • Ironman deathmatches are always going to be a mixed bag. I had faith Murdoch and Ryan could carry one and I was not proven wrong. They weaved a narrative through their chaos and managed to maintain a high pace of ridiculous action. Both guys have set the benchmark for this type of thing. Though please, keep them limited, they’re a nightmare to write about.

What Comes Next?

  • As per usual, I come away from an ICW NHB show looking at the new faces on the card and hoping they come back. Sage Sin Supreme, Colby Corino, and Krule all nailed their matches and should be brought back for another round in the chains or the pit. Plus, Alex Xcean is looking better than ever, maybe he too is due a new chapter in ICW?
  • Tank is the new number-one contender to the American Deathmatch Title. He had battled Murdoch before and now, he’s had the chance to see how Murdoch operates after an hour of torture. What will he do to change the outcome in Tennessee?
  • With Murdoch just squeaking out the win in the Ironman Deathmatch, he once again remains the unbeatable champion. He beat Eric Ryan again and in a really convincing manner too. Does this mean we can say goodbye to the Rejects/44OH! rivalry or are we going to see it evolve into something new?

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