Welcome back to ChocoPro and to the Halloween Weekend Spooktacular. There were going to be some very clear protagonists in this spree of shows as Egg Tarts were getting another shot at the big one. Chie Koishikawa has been taking down Best Bros at any opportunity she can even if she loses. Now, she and Shinno were at the strongest they’ve been and they were getting an hour to try and tear those titles away. When the smoke cleared, it was Halloween and it wouldn’t be a special holiday without some ChocoPro action. The mystery costume rumble was returning with Chie Koishikawa as a big player in it and we’d see CDK return together to take on Antonio Honda and Shin Suzuki. There’s a lot to dig into so let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #168

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) via Royal Dolphin Press on Koishikawa

Up first today was the big Asia Dream Tag title match between Egg Tarts and Best Bros. This is hardly the pair’s first meeting but there was a different energy in the air as Chie Koishikawa was more prepared than ever to snatch those belts away from Akki and Suruga. Would this be finally the time she did so? It opened with more wildcard technicality from Suruga and Koishikawa, with the pair going for their usual offence and meeting nothing but counters. They tagged and Akki and Shinno found themselves doing the same. They tried to work over each other with limb targeting and got heavy with strikes, Shinno taking Akki’s face off with a big boot. Koishikawa kept the work going with chops and the bow and arrow, then both trapped him for the Demon Chop. Akki fired back against Shinno but Koishikawa prevented him getting the tag and the Egg Tarts locked on double submissions on the Best Bros. Best Bros fought free and did the same to Egg Tarts. Akki finally made the tag and Suruga started having fun at Koishikawa’s expense with merciless stomps. Akki started working over her arm and Best Bros tortured her with double team holds. Suruga started acting like a Goblin with window attacks so Shinno tried to stop her but he got KO’ed off-screen and the beatdown on Koishikawa continued. Suruga used the wall to her advantage and tried to wall whip but Koishikawa clung on and got low, so Suruga just bit into her hand for fun. Koishikawa fought through the pain and countered Suruga into an arm-drag, then made her escape to Shinno. He instantly gave Suruga the boot and got rid of Akki with a wall elbow/bulldog combo. Suruga tried for a crossbody but Shinno caught her out of the air, letting her hang. She used this to land an arm-drag and gave Shinno the wall treatment before letting Akki throw her into the Chibi Spider.

Shinno quickly turned the tide again with a Dragon Screw to Akki and brought in Koishikawa for more chopping action. She lit up Akki’s leg and chest with fencing chops and smashed them in even harder as he slumped against the wall. She kept twisting up his leg and Akki tried to choke her out for it. Koishikawa lined up the dropkick but Akki reversed into a Backbreaker and tried to Suplex her. Koishikawa got free by continuing to chop at the leg and Akki tried to preserve his leg with a roll-up. They struck it out and Akki got sent flying with the Tornado arm-drag. She flew into a La Mistica variant and Egg Tarts almost won with a chopping combo. Shinno continued to work Akki’s leg and Akki kept fighting up to try and meet him. They straight-up pummelled each other for several minutes and Akki landed the Spider for two. Akki took the time to work Shinno’s legs and nearly took him out with a Tanaka Driver. Shinno evened the odds with a Final Cut from the window so Suruga came to Akki’s aid and hammered Shinno into the jump-scare and crossbody. Best Bros capitalised with the stomp and Swanton combo but Koishikawa was there to make the save. Koishikawa saved Shinno again from the Royal Dolphin Propellor and Shinno took out both Best Bros with vicious clotheslines. He tagged and Koishikawa went right after Suruga with a dropkick into the Muffler. Suruga rolled through the hold and ran at the wall to deliver another crossbody. The pair scrambled on the mat and Suruga locked in Apple Mutilation. Everyone fought everyone with Shinno and Akki taking each other out and Suruga blasting Koishikawa with a dropkick. Koishikawa returned fire with a double chop, leaving everyone knocked out and gasping for air.

Suruga and Koishikawa beat the count and started teeing off on each other with elbows. They battled back to their knees and Koishikawa just assaulted Suruga with double chops. Koishikawa had Suruga trapped for another Demon Chop but Suruga caught it with her teeth and levelled Koishikawa with the Super Mei Punch. Suruga battled to lock in the Apple Mutilation and Shinno rolled in to almost steal the win. Egg Tarts killed off Akki and caught Suruga into a Muffler Killer. Koishikawa tried to tap Suruga out but she wouldn’t give so she dove onto her with an X Chop. She tried to tap Suruga out again but Suruga escaped into a double stomp and scored a two with the Propellor Pin. Akki took Shinno out of the equation with a Spinebuster and Namaste Splash whilst Suruga took the win with Gâteau Invisible into a double stomp and Royal Dolphin Press. Best Bros had won again but it had been far from easy. Koishikawa and Shinno had pushed them past their limits, almost taking those titles but just falling short. It was a valiant fight and an incredible match. Koishikawa deserves all the respect in the world for the things she can do. The problem is, how can she translate them into wins? The other big question is, just who the hell can beat Best Bros?

ChocoPro #169 Halloween Spooktacular

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Antonio Honda & Shin Suzuki via Oath of the Peach Garden on Honda

We go from the intense to the spooky as we kicked off the Halloween Spooktacular with some tag team action. CDK were in the studio as a schoolboy and Winnie the Pooh (I’ve never seen Takanashi look so pissed off) and were ready to kick some ass. Their opponents, the Hyakkin Thunders! Wait no, it was Antonio Honda dressed as Emi Sakura and Shin Suzuki dressed as Masa Takanashi. The real Takanashi was ready to throw hands when he saw this. it wouldn’t be a Brookes match without Suruga refereeing. She was going to have a lot on her hands here, especially as CDK were trying to cancel Halloween. Brookes and Suzuki started off with a chain wrestling exchange, Suzuki doing a good job of emulating his costume’s namesake. They reached a stalemate and tagged, bringing in Takanashi and “Sakura.” Honda also played the homage card with some of Sakura’s offence and led Ichigaya in a sing-along. It seemed he was also emulating her bad back and failed to hit Queen’s Gambit. CDK latched onto that target and went after it with whatever they could, even getting in on the Sakura mimicry. Takanashi tried to go for a hair Biel but Honda’s wig came off and he pummelled him with Mongolian chops. Honda’s back gave out again so he begged for a timeout, using it to spike Takanashi in the throat. He tagged and we got some Takanashi-on-Takanashi violence, Suzuki hammering him with heavy shots and a Northern Lights. They both tried to land the Taka-Tonic and both took each other out with head kicks. Brookes and Honda took over with Brookes overpowering Honda and Honda clawing Brookes’ back. A Sakura-esque chop exchange broke out and Honda nearly took the win with a chop-line. Honda signalled for the 450 Splash and climbed up the window, teasing a Moonsault. Takanashi cut him off and held him in place for the Shotgun Neckbreaker. Honda caused a meeting of the minds and sent the pair into the wall for We Will Rock You, actually landing it the first time. The pair nailed Brookes with a Trash Compactor and Suzuki took out Honda with the thrust kick. Brookes quickly capitalised and took the win with the Oath of the Peach Garden. CDK had bested the imposter Hyakkin Thunders in what was one fun little tag bout. I do hope Sakura doesn’t kill Honda if she returns to Japan though for his impression of her.

Halloween Mystery Rumble: Chie Koishikawa defeated Mei Suruga, Sayuri, Sayaka, Chris Brookes, Sayaka Obihiro, Tokiko Kirihara & Yuna Mizumori via Window Elimination on Suruga

Last but not least, the ChocoPro Halloween tradition, the Mystery rumble. We’d have multiple ChocoPro superstars in costumes all battling it out to win it all. We started with Sayaka Pencil and Clockwork Maid Koishikawa. Sayaka had the life scared out of her by Koishikawa and stabbed her with her Pencil case for some pencil rolls. Koishikawa chopped back and got ready to charge but ran out of energy. Neko Suruga was up next and clawed at Sayaka, scooting around the powered down Koishikawa. She was just getting started when the gong rang again and Rocky Balboa jogged into the studio, well Sayaka Obihiro dressed as Rocky. She took out Koishikawa and Sayaka with gut punches and dodged Suruga’s Neko punches into a throat thrust. Obihiro used Suruga as a punching bag and a Tropical Shape entered the match, unmoving, unflinching, even as Koishikawa threw balls at her and Sayaka drew on her with her pencil. It was Suruga’s clawing that got her to move and so, she started throwing out shoulder blocks and tried for a Tropical Splash, trapping herself on the mat. Everyone bullied Mizumori and she fell onto Obihiro, trapping her for the three-count with a lariat. The gong rung again and a claw reached out at the camera, it was Tokiko Kirihara as Freddy Krueger! She clawed everyone and nearly eliminated Koishikawa with a dancing stomp. The gong rang and an odd shape was seen flying about through the windows, it was Sayuri dressed as a bat. She flew into the studio and started chopping everyone. A brawl broke out and Chris Brookes disturbed them all with his Pencil Army introduction. Sayaka joined in and he picked her up to stab everyone. Suruga tried to be cute on purpose but Pencil Army weren’t buying it and put her in a box, crushing her with dual pencil attacks. They took everyone else out and nailed everyone with We Will Rock You. They pinned Mizumori and Brookes betrayed Sayaka, stabbing her in the gut and throwing her out the window.

He broke everyone’s hearts again by stomping on yet another Pencil Army cap and turned Kirihara’s claw on herself before throwing her out of the studio as well. Sayuri tried to eliminate him with a Crucifix but momentum wasn’t on her side and threw her back onto his shoulders and dumped her outside. Koishikawa jumped onto him for a Sleeper but Brookes fought her off and nearly dumped her out of the window too but Suruga made the save. We got a Warm Caterpillars reunion and survived Brookes’ blocking attempts to throw him over. They bounced Brookes off the wall and dropkicked him out of the window, leaving them as the final two. They battled it out again and Koishikawa prevented Suruga from running by grabbing her tail, then turned another bridging escape into a Demon Chop. The dropkick followed and Koishikawa distracted Suruga with a decoration, almost sending her out of the window. Suruga hung on for dear life but Koishikawa just kept on chopping and eventually, the Neko fell through the window and got eliminated. Koishikawa was the winner and successfully sprinted into the sunset. It was nice to finally see her get a win again and to score it over Suruga was just all the sweeter. This was another fun rumble with everyone having fun and Brookes once again being a monster. It’s hard not to enjoy matches like this as they always have so much life infused into them.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Sayuri

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