Welcome back to MLW and to another round of action and intrigue as Cesar Duran continues to build his empire within the company. This week we’d see just what it was that King Muertes wanted as he main events the show in a casket match against a mystery opponent. Alongside that, Alex Kane will host a prizefight open challenge that would bring out a surprise competitor and Willow Nightingale will return to action, teaming with Zoey Skye against the Sea Stars. Plus, we’d have all the comings and goings on the way to War Chamber as tempers flare and futures are decided. Let’s get into the action.

The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) defeated Willow Nightingale & Zoey Skye via Tidal Wave on Skye

The first official match of the night would be some women’s division action as Willow Nightingale returned to action alongside Zoey Skye to take on the Sea Stars. This was Skye’s big debut; would she be able to get a win right out of the gate? Skye opened up with a chain and rope running exchange alongside Vox and got overpowered into a double team arm handle. The double team continued and Skye tried to escape Vox’s clutches. She made a tag to Nightingale but their offence was cut short as Vox dodged Nightingale to deliver a corner uppercut. Nightingale regained control with a cartwheel superkick and used Skye as a weapon against Vox. Skye scored a near-fall with a slingshot dropkick and went for broke with a diving crossbody but ate the mat as Vox moved. The powerhouses were tagged in and Exo rocked Nightingale with clotheslines into a bridging Northern Lights. Skye came to the rescue and took out both Sea Stars with a buckle sunset bomb. The Sea Stars fought off Nightingale and swarmed Skye, Holidead emerged to drag Nightingale away and Sea Stars put away Skye with the Tidal Wave. This was a fun opening match with a nice spotlight on Skye and the continuation of the nightmarish machinations of Holidead as she looks to tear apart Nightingale.

Prize Fight: Alex Kane (w/King Mo) defeated WARHORSE via Mark of Kane

Up next was the Alex Kane open challenge Prize Fight. Anyone from anywhere could get all this work as he was clocking in ready to fight. That challenge was answered by the hurricane of heavy metal, the headbanging former IWTV champion, WARHORSE. This was going to get wild as WARHORSE RULES ASS. He instantly made his presence felt with a headbutt to Mo and lit up Kane with jabs. Sadly, he got too hung up on Mo and got blasted in the back by Kane. WARHORSE threw him off and smashed him off the rails before throwing him back into the ring. Kane tried to smash him off the buckles but this just fired him up and he sent the crowd into a frenzy with headbanging and horns. They traded headbutts and WARHORSE sent Kane flying with a Missile Dropkick. King Mo distracted WARHORSE and set him up for his first Suplex, an Exploder into the buckles. Kane stomped and choked out WARHORSE and whiplashed him off the buckles again. Another Suplex followed as Mo held up his battle cards. WARHORSE countered the third Suplex with a bell clap but Kane fought him off again and drilled him with Suplex 3, a Saito. WARHORSE slugged back again but Kane withstood and nailed the ripcord Olympic Slam, then ended things with the Mark of Kane. The Suplex Assassin had just claimed him next MLW victim by murdering WARHORSE. Alex Kane is coming for that Opera Cup regardless of if he’s meant to be there or not.

Between the matches:

  • Cesar Duran opened the show again, asking the crowd who they wanted to see sacrificed. He was interrupted by 5150 who were once again after their title shot. Konnan was displeased with Duran’s ducking of him and had cornered him now. Los Parks joined the conversation and the two teams started brawling. Both had to be dragged away, still trying to fight.
  • When the smoke cleared on the brawl, Filthy Tom Lawlor, flanked by Kevin Ku, accepted Duran’s call demanding a match since he’s the top prizefighter in MLW. He wanted a title fight and he got it, the main event casket match against King Muertes. Lawlor was furious but couldn’t back out now.
  • Mads Krügger interrupted the feed to send another chilling message to Alex Hammerstone, promising to destroy him and MLW forever at War Chamber. Later in the show, Josef Samael also dropped a video package railing on America and MLW’s insinuations CONTRA was cracking. He was still King of that castle and CONTRA would destroy MLW.

  • Alex Kane bragged before his prizefight about taking out Calvin Tankman, claiming he was out of the Opera Cup. Tankman personally shut this down.
  • Big Beef Gnarls Garvin was announced as coming soon. I can’t wait to see what they do with him, a more than welcome addition to the roster.
  • The Openweight Ladder match combatants were announced. It’ll be Myron Reed, Alex Kane, Zenshi, Alex Shelley, and a wild card entry.
  • Hammerstone was interviewed about making a deal with Cesar Duran over his War Chamber team but he waved that rumour off. In other Dynasty news, Richard Holliday was bragging about his new consumers in Japan after signing up with a candy company. He was going to offer Alicia Atout a free sample but Tajiri was in his storage closet and was eating them all. When Holliday tried to separate him from the treats, Tajiri just pelted him with them.

Casket Match: King Muertes (w/Karlee Perez) defeated Filthy Tom Lawlor via Straight to Hell

Filthy Tom Lawlor had brought this all on himself. He’d pushed Cesar Duran for a title match and now he’d been dumped into a casket match main event against King Muertes. He had no help on the sidelines as Kevin Ku had abandoned him and was going to have to rely on his wits and will if he was going to escape this one alive. With Azteca Underground pushing for a sacrifice, it’d be safe to assume Muertes was going to try and kill him. Things went from bad to worse for Lawlor as Muertes for seconded by Karlee Perez, FKA as Catarina. Muertes opened by overpowering Lawlor and murdered him with a Spear into Ground and Pound punches. Lawlor booted his way to freedom and took a breather on the outside. Muertes followed and repeatedly smashed Lawlor off the casket, braining him with a DDT onto the lid. Muertes kept up the abuse with a TKO and tried to force Lawlor into the casket. Lawlor booted free again and snapped Muertes off the ropes. He went to Muertes’ leg and rocked him with a Kamigoye knee. He dragged Muertes to the coffin and tried to shut the lid but Muertes wouldn’t die. Once again, the Man of 1000 Deaths broke free and swatted Lawlor away, crotching him on a guardrail for more chops.

Lawlor sent Muertes into the railing and chased him with a chair. He tried to go for the kill but Muertes punched the chair away and got bounced off the casket. Lawlor tried to chair shot him again but Muertes dodged and Lawlor blasted the casket, wrecking his wrists. Muertes took advantage with a casket powerbomb and the pair struck the hell out of each other. Lawlor jumped into a Rear-Naked Choke and started to wear Muertes down for another coffin trip. Muertes fought it off again and dragged Lawlor back into the ring by the throat for a Powerslam. Muertes ran into another choke and turned it into the Straight to Hell. He dragged Lawlor into the casket and sealed the lid. Muertes had won and sacrificed Lawlor to the gods. This had been like nothing Lawlor had faced before and, in the end, alone and broken, it had been the death of him. Muertes had brought back a long-time ally and destroyed one of MLW’s greatest champions, manhandling him like a toy. Things are certainly changing in MLW with Duran’s iron grip closing in tighter and tighter.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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