Rumours started to run early in the afternoon yesterday. More WWE cuts were expected to be announced as the company was about to announce its Q3 results. And around 10.30 PM GMT, the names started to appear on social media, one after another, to reach 18. Here are the wrestlers who were released yesterday:

  • Nia Jax
  • Eva Marie
  • Mia Yim
  • Harry Smith
  • Keith Lee
  • Karrion Kross
  • Lince Dorado
  • Gran Metalik
  • Jeet Rama
  • Katrina Cortez
  • Trey Baxter
  • Zayda Ramier
  • Jessi Kamea
  • B-Fab
  • Oney Lorcan
  • Ember Moon
  • Franky Monet
  • Scarlett Bordeaux

WWE did not publicly announce tonight’s releases on their website, but they did issue their classic “future endeavours” line in response to an inquiry from The New York Post. “We wish them the best in their future endeavours,” WWE said.

Nia Jax wrestled her last match in WWE against Shayna Baszler on September 20th, 2021. She had signed in 2014. Eva Marie had returned to WWE after a series of vignettes promoting “Eva-Lution” had been airing, she was then placed in a storyline with Doudrop and wrestled Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. Her last 2 matches were against Doudrop and her last appearance was when Shayna “injured” her. Mia Yim was drafted to Monday Night RAW and did not wrestle one match on WWE television this whole year.

Former NXT North-American Champion and NXT Champion Keith “Bearcat” Lee had been off TV due to a heart inflammation which he revealed on social media. He wrestled his last match when he defeated Cedric Alexander. The former 2-time NXT Champion Karrion Kross suffered from bad creative decisions as soon as he was drafted to the main roster. Jeet Rama had been part of the WWE PC since 2015. B-Fab had two matches on NXT TV. As part of Hit Row, she was drafted to SmackDown.

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik were said to want to leave. Zayda Ramier wrestled 5 matches in NXT. Jessi Kamea was teaming up with Aliyah as part of the Robert Stone brand but Aliyah was drafted to the main roster. Franky Monet wrestled 6 matches in NXT despite an impressive career in Lucha Libre AAA and Impact Wrestling. Ember Moon is a former NXT Women’s Champion and Women’s Tag Team Champion. Trey Baxter was a GCW star and was thought to sign with Impact Wrestling after making an amazing Super X-Cup tournament.

Officially, the reason for them to be released is “budget cuts,” a reason that has become a motto over the last 2 years. We can’t put aside the effects of the pandemic that has drastically changed the way the company is touring. With NXT now 2.0, some talents, coming from the indies or above a certain age, seem not to fit the new mould WWE are trying to apply for their talents, kids who are young, fresh and the company can teach their way.

Another reason was revealed during the night, the COVID vaccination status. Some talents have been vocal about not wanting to receive a shot. Nia Jax was reportedly released from her WWE contract because she is unvaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. At least 5 of the released wrestlers are said to be “openly unvaccinated.”

Well, we could say some dreams can leave some bad taste in the mouth. With ROH’s upcoming hiatus and WWE accumulating budget cuts, we can ask ourselves what 2022 will look like, after such a wild 2021. Time will tell…

Pics courtesy of WWE and Denise Salcedo

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