Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another title fight. Today’s double bill would start with #170 where Sayaka Obihiro was returning to action alongside Chie Koishikawa against Kaori Yoneyama and Kappa Kozo and we’d see the crowing of an interim Super Asia Champion as the four contenders, Masahiro Takanashi, Baliyan Akki, Yuna Mizumori and Chon Shiryu tore each other apart until only one stood tall. After that, we’d see the fallout as #171 gave us another three matches of fury. Baliyan Akki would battle Shin Suzuki, Chie Koishikawa would team up with Chon Shiryu against Takanashi and Mizumori and in the main event, Sayaka and Tokiko Kirihara would go one on one in one hell of a showcase match. Let’s get into the chaos.

ChocoPro #170

Kaori Yoneyama & Kappa Kozo defeated Sayaka Obihiro & Chie Koishikawa via Diving Headbutt on Obihiro

First up we had a tag team showcase between the heavy-handed team of Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka Obihiro and the manic team of Kappa Kozo and Kaori Yoneyama. It was too much energy vs too much energy as Yoneyama and Koishikawa were meeting once again. They even had Hagane Shinno there to referee this anarchy. Kozo tried to jump Obihiro to start the match but got thrown through a loop when Koishikawa came to the rescue and both ran circles around him. They both chopped him against the wall and tried for another double team charge but Yoneyama dragged Koishikawa down for a pummelling and Kozo knocked away Obihiro. Kozo tried to crush Obihiro’s head and Yoneyama through her across the studio by the hair before locking on her face-pulling Camel Clutch. The pair kept bullying Obihiro with strikes and holds as Koishikawa watched from the sidelines, even biting both fighters at one point. Obihiro escaped by nailing Yoneyama with a throat thrust and unleashed Koishikawa’s chops and dropkicks. Koishikawa gave Yoneyama mat burn and the bow and arrow but Yoneyama punched her way to freedom and brought the Kappa back in. Koishikawa got clawed and narrowly avoided a slam to land the Tornado Arm-Drag. She tagged in Obihiro but could only watch as Kozo dodged her strikes. Kozo raked Obihiro’s face and almost ended things with a diving lariat. Obihiro got her revenge with a Dragon Screw and nailed Double Dropkicks alongside Koishikawa. They tried to use the mat to make sushi out of Kozo and Koishikawa unleashed a barrage of chops through the mat but when it was pulled back, Kozo had disappeared and Koishikawa had murdered her own partner. Kozo took advantage with a diving headbutt and stole the win. Once again, the Kappa had used his magic to screw over Obihiro, and once again, it had netted him a win. This was a fun opener with a lot of manic action packed into a small time frame. Kozo continues to be a menace in Ichigaya.

Super Asia Championship: Chon Shiryu defeated Baliyan Akki. Yuna Mizumori & Masahiro Takanashi via Dragon Splash on Akki

It was time to crown a new champion. Minoru Fujita had temporarily relinquished the belt and now we had four fighters looking to fill the gap. It would be Chon Shiryu vs Yuna Mizumori vs Baliyan Akki vs Masahiro Takanashi. Four ChocoPro heroes would enter the match, only one would walk out the champion and Shinno would have to officiate it all. This would be one of Akki’s next challenges since his Bro, Mei Suruga was in America. Everyone went after everyone to open with Shiryu fighting off anyone that came at him utilising his own and Sayuri’s moves. Mizumori took him out of the equation and mixed it up with Takanashi, striking him out of the match too. Akki blasted Mizumori in the face with a dropkick and a pinfall war broke out as everyone wanted to be done quickly. Shiryu and Takanashi grudgingly worked together to get rid of Akki and Mizumori, then Shiryu used the pair as stepping stones to kick Takanashi’s soul out. They chopped it out and Shiryu made Takanashi his plaything after tanking a Nose-breaker. Mizumori and Akki re-entered the fold, taking Shiryu out and turning on each other for another chapter of counter wrestling. Mizumori caught Akki into a Tropical Yahho and crushed him against the studio tables. She tried to end things with a lariat but Akki regained his senses and took her out with a Roundhouse kick. Takanashi prevented the pin and used Shiryu as a weapon against him, locking on a double submission. He bailed when Mizumori landed a Tropical Splash and beat her down too. He tried for a triple submission but had no way to get the mob under control. Akki went on a backbreaker rampage and did what Takanashi couldn’t do with a Triple Namaste Stretch. Mizumori fought up and flattened Akki against the wall, then tenderised Shiryu and Takanashi for a double Coconut Crush.

Chaos reigned as everyone once again went after everyone and bodies flew everywhere. Shiryu went window-to-window for another deadly kick and tried to choke Takanashi out from the crane. He tried to do the same to Akki but the others were ready to bring him crashing down. Akki and Takanashi took care of Mizumori, then hammered each other with stiff strikes. Akki tried to pay homage to Suruga with Apple Mutilation but he couldn’t keep it locked on and Takanashi took him out with a Shining Wizard. He tried for the Taka-tonic but Akki slammed him down and tried to end things with a Namaste Splash but Shiryu caught him and faceplanted him. Akki slammed him down and tried again on both but ate nothing but knees and a Tropical Splash. Mizumori almost won with a Supergirl and Shiryu took everyone out with a body pile Gory Bomb. He assaulted everyone with Dragon stomps and ended things with a Dragon Splash. This was insane. Everyone was knackered after this one as they had just worked a hell of a lot into 16 minutes. Shiryu had come away the winner but anyone could have credibly taken this at multiple points. He’d been the master strategist and for that, gets to hold that belt.

ChocoPro #171

Baliyan Akki vs Shin Suzuki goes to 15-minute draw

The next show kicked off with Baliyan Akki taking on Masahiro Takanashi’s biggest fan and new ChocoPro regular, Shin Suzuki. This was going to be a fun match as both guys get really creative when they’re on the mat. They opened with chain wrestling and fought their way through multiple holds and multiple limb traps. Suzuki made Akki fly with arm-drags and Akki smashed Suzuki with shoulder tackles so he could be Cute on Purpose. He locked on the Namaste Stretch and kept hammering away at Suzuki with splashes and wall slams. Suzuki struck back and sacrificed his knees to deliver a frog splash off some stools. Akki used Shiryu’s hanging choke and started dropping knees across Suzuki. Akki became the goblin and threw Suruga’s apple basketball at Suzuki. The pair chopped it out and Akki murdered Suzuki with high and low kicks into the Spider. Suzuki kicked out and once again came back with a headstand kick into a takeover. He hammered Akki with elbows and splatted him into the mat with a Complete Shot. He almost took the win with a Bridging Northern Lights and Akki made him pay with a Deathlock. Suzuki fought off the hold and forced a break, then tried to take the win with an Enzuigiri into an Anaconda clutch. They fought around the studio continuing to counter each other and Akki folded up Suzuki after countering another Taka-tonic. Suzuki got his knees up on the Namaste Splash and Akki kept trying to roll Suzuki up. Neither man could find that three-count and the bell rang before Suzuki could finish his last pin attempt. Both guys escaped defeat after a compelling little match between two innovative fighters. Neither man was particularly happy with the result but hey, it might mean another match, which I’m all for. This was ace.

Masahiro Takanashi & Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa & Chon Shiryu via Wall-run Splash on Koishikawa

Following that, was another tag team showcase as the new Super Asia Champion Chon Shiryu teamed up with the Hyperactive Chopping Machine Chie Koishikawa against fellow challengers Masahiro Takanashi and Yuna Mizumori. Could he rub another victory in their faces after taking the title yesterday? Mizumori was chasing another title shot so she was ready to kill Shiryu in this one. Shiryu and Mizumori opened the match with a technical display, going back-and-forth as the pair knew each other too well. They reached a stalemate and tagged, bringing in some Chie-DK action. Takanashi got the better of her and dragged her back as she tried to swim away. Koishikawa snagged his wrist and took him on a run, tripping him into the rolling leg drop and leg whips. Koishikawa and Shiryu made mochi of Takanashi’s back and chest but couldn’t land the Demon Chop so Takanashi tried to break her hand. Takanashi tagged and Mizumori rushed in to destroy Koishikawa, looking over at Shiryu as she did so. Shiryu came to Koishikawa’s aid by punching Mizumori in the head but Mizumori just slugged it out with Koishikawa and made a tag. Takanashi kept bullying Koishikawa and kept torturing her until she escaped with a Tornado Arm-Drag. Shiryu picked up the slack and went straight for Mizumori. Takanashi tried to make him pay, but Shiryu just ducked him and took him out with a Trust Fall. Takanashi clotheslined Shiryu out of his boots and unleashed Mizumori onto him. She crushed Shiryu against the wall and crushed him again with a Tropical Splash. The pair kept taking each other out with bombs and Shiryu tagged out. Mizumori fought off the chops with a Coconut Crush and attacked both again but Koishikawa dodged another Tropical Splash and nailed her with a flying chop. She blasted Mizumori with a dropkick and climbed the window for the X Chop but Mizumori carried her away. Koishikawa and Shiryu kept double-teaming Mizumori and Koishikawa nailed the Acreman but it wasn’t enough as Takanashi made the save. Koishikawa tried for the Muffler but Mizumori fought up and with Takanashi’s help, trapped Shiryu in the window so he could watch her end Koishikawa with a Wall-run Splash. Damn this one got competitive. Koishikawa keeps stealing the show in matches like this even if she loses. Mizumori and Shiryu are clearly far from done with everyone around them trapped in for the ride.

Tokiko Kirihara defeated Sayaka via Koji Clutch

Last but not least, the second main event as Tokiko Kirihara and Sayaka went to war. These two have some of the stiffest shots and love to get technical so this would be a fun match to watch unfold. This was going to be a fourth-generation showdown for the ages. Plus, it was a special birthday match for the pair and her new gear was awesome, perfect for the occasion. They opened with a test of strength and went into a competitive bout of chain wrestling. Sayaka landed her knee drop bow and arrow early and kept working the back with a stomp and stretch. She tried for the Crab but Kirihara kicked her off and locked in the Comaneci. She kept tossing Sayaka around by her arms and kept locking in more Comanecis. It was Kirihara’s time to wreck Sayaka’s back as she cracked her with a stiff kick. She kept the punishment going with repeated wall slams and carried Sayaka into the camera for a wall charge. The pair traded elbows and kicks that caused the whole studio to wince as they kept going for KO blows. Sayaka scored a KO with an elbow but only got two. She applied the Crab again and transitioned into a Cloverleaf, wrenching multiple limbs until Kirihara forced the break.

They slugged it out again and Sayaka almost stole the win with a roll-up. She followed up with a wall dropkick and tried for a second but Kirihara caught her into a body slam. The pair countered the other’s finishers and Kirihara locked on the Cobra Twist. Sayaka blocked the Judo Throw and finally landed her dropkick for another two-count. Another round of counters came and Sayaka managed to trap Kirihara in the Sayaka Lock. She landed another dropkick and prepared to charge again but Kirihara caught her into the Judo Throw. Kirihara kept hold and locked on the Cobra Twist again, then collapsed into a Koji Clutch type choke. Kirihara had taken the win to earn fourth-generation superiority but it had come at a cost as Sayaka had beaten the hell out her. That ended another double-bill of deliciously fun ChocoPro action with Shiryu taking the Super Asia prize… for now.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koishikawa

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