Well, here we are. The final Dynamite before Full Gear. There was plenty of action tonight as we saw a Trios match featuring Anna Jay, Tay Conti, and Thunder Rosa take on Britt Baker, Rebel, and Jamie Hayter. We also saw Wardlow face Wheeler Yuta, Jungle Boy against Anthony Bowens, Lio Rush debut on Dynamite alongside Dante Martin as they looked to silence Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty, and PAC and Dax Harwood go at it. It was an action-packed show that culminated in a personal contract signing between Kenny Omega and Adam Page. First up, Bryan Danielson and Rocky Romero squared off.

Bryan Danielson vs Rocky Romero W/ Orange Cassidy

Danielson and Romero reversed various wrist locks and submissions in the opening moments. Romero used Danielson’s momentum to send him to the outside. Cassidy had the American Dragon distracted, allowing Romero to land a Tope Suicida on him. Romero sent Danielson back inside the ring and dove from the turnbuckle, driving his knees into Danielson’s left arm. Danielson hit various chops and kicks into Romero’s body as he stood in the corner, and followed it up with a surfboard submission. Romero hit a DDT as Matt Hardy was shown at ringside. Romero hit a dropkick off the turnbuckle as Danielson was between the ropes on the apron. He hit a hurricanrana off the steel steps, then a running sliced bread in the ring for a two-count.

Romero hit some running clotheslines, but Danielson hit a bridged German suplex for a near pinfall. Danielson went for a suplex off the top turnbuckle, but Romero countered and locked in a cross-arm breaker. Danielson managed to lift Romero up with the move still locked in, then hit a sit-down powerbomb. They traded blows until Romero went for a cross-arm breaker again, but Danielson reversed. Both guys reversed submissions until Danielson was able to boot Romero in the face. Romero hit a running knee strike and went for another sliced bread, but Danielson countered into a Tequila Sunrise submission to make him tap out.

Thoughts: A great match to kick off the show. It was a lesson in technical wrestling, with both guys strong throughout. ***½

The Inner Circle Get Assaulted

Tony Schiavone introduced The Inner Circle to the ring. As they walked down the ramp, America’s Top Team assaulted them from behind. Junior Dos Santos punched Guevara in the stomach as Santana got thrown into the steel steps. Ortiz got hit with a kendo stick as Jericho was smashed with a trash can. Ethan Page threw Jericho in the ring. Page and Scorpio Sky put Jericho on Dan Lambert’s shoulders, then Lambert powerbombed him through a table off the turnbuckle.

Sky grabbed the mic and said this was just a small piece of what they can do, and they would get the full thing at Full Gear. Page said not only are they going to win, but they would also make sure Lambert pins Jericho. He then said Lambert was going to make Jericho tap tonight with the Walls of Jericho. Sky grabbed Jericho’s hand and slapped it against the mat. Page said the fans were looking at the greatest collection of athletes in AEW.

Thoughts: Making sure they secure major heat going into Full Gear, America’s Top Team did it in spades. Inner Circle were made fools of, and that will not sit well with them. This 5v5 match on Saturday is going to be a bloodbath.

Britt Baker D.M.D., Jamie Hayter, & Rebel vs Tay Conti, Anna Jay, & Thunder Rosa

All six women went at it as the bell rang. Rosa and Baker started things off. Baker tagged Rebel in who got dropkicked and hit with a facebuster. Rosa tagged in Anna Jay who whipped Rosa into Rebel, following it up with a leg lariat. Rebel whipped Anna Jay into the ropes where Hayter grabbed her hair and threw her to the mat. Rebel connected with a suplex and tagged in Hayter who stomped her down in the corner. Hayter landed some strikes and a suplex then drove her foot into the back of Anna Jay’s head. Baker tagged in and got caught with a suplex by Anna Jay.

Baker tagged Hayter and Anna Jay tagged Conti into the action. Conti hit a pump kick on Hayter. Conti gained some momentum by taking out all three opponents until Baker hit a rolling elbow strike, and Hayter hit a backbreaker and back heel trip. Baker hit a savage superkick on Anna Jay as Rosa hit a crossbody off the top turnbuckle to Hayter on the outside. Conti finished off Rebel to pick up the victory. Baker watched from ringside, afraid to try and save her partner.

Thoughts: This was a fun match. I’m looking forward to seeing Tay Conti and Britt Baker go at it at Full Gear. Baker seemed fearful of Conti at the end, but come to this Saturday’s PPV, I’m sure she’ll give it everything she has. ***

Jungle Boy vs Anthony Bowens W/ Max Caster

Bowens won a test of strength at the start by throwing Jungle Boy into the mat. Bowens got caught with a kick to the face, but recovered and hit a knee to the stomach. He chopped at Jungle Boy’s chest in the corner. Jungle Boy hit an arm drag off the top rope, then hit a dropkick. He followed up with some knife-edge chops until Bowens headbutted him from behind. Caster tried to pull Jungle Boy off the apron, which allowed Bowens to knock him to the outside. Bowens and Caster got in a fan’s face as she flipped the bird at him. Back in the ring, Bowens drove his foot in Jungle Boy’s throat. Caster grabbed him and threw him into the barrier as the referee was distracted.

Bowens hit an axe handle across Jungle Boy’s back, following up with some chops to his chest. Jungle Boy fought back with a basement dropkick and a lariat. Bowens hit a superkick and a modified side slam, almost picking up the win with a two-count. Jungle Boy went for the Snare Trap, but Caster stood on the apron. Caster ate a Tope Suicida from Jungle Boy for his troubles. Back in the ring, Bowens hit a spinning DDT and got another two-count. Jungle Boy managed to lock in the Snare Trap and make Bowens tap out. After the match, Bobby Fish attacked Jungle Boy. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus ran out and chased him off.

Thoughts: Bowens has been impressive as of late, but Jungle Boy showed off how aggressive he’s become. Bobby Fish attacking after the match has made me wonder if we’re getting some sort of rekindled friendship with him and Adam Cole. I guess time will tell. ***

Wheeler Yuta W/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs Wardlow

Yuta tried to knock Wardlow off his feet, but Wardlow slammed him to the mat. Wardlow hit four powerbombs in a row and a rising knee strike off the turnbuckle to pick up an emphatic victory. After the match, The HFO’s Isiah Kassidy and The Blade attacked Cassidy and Taylor. Matt Hardy hit Cassidy with a chair as Kassidy filmed it on his phone, then the Twist of Fate with the chair trapped around Cassidy’s throat.

Thoughts: A very quick match, but proof that Wardlow is an almighty presence in AEW. As for what happened afterwards, I was really hoping for some interference by CHAOS. Oh well, maybe next time.

Lio Rush & Dante Martin vs Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty

Martin and Moriarty countered various moves in the early stages, both showing impressive skills in every department. Rush and Sydal tagged in. Sydal hit a flying kick, and Rush hit a hurricanrana. All four went at it in the ring. Moriarty was sent to the outside as Martin and Rush double-teamed Sydal. Sydal held Martin’s arm as Moriarty drove his feet into it from the top turnbuckle. They hit a double Russian leg sweep on Martin, then Sydal bent Martin’s knee in the hopes of a tap out. Sydal kicked Martin’s legs, but Martin flew over him and went for a pin. Martin dropkicked Sydal off the middle rope. Rush and Moriarty tagged in. Moriarty hit a flying uppercut and a savage reverse sit-down powerbomb.

Rush showed some great offence against Moriarty and Sydal. He hit a handspring elbow on both men. Moriarty got caught with a Tope Suicida and corkscrewed him on his head for a two-count. Sydal hit a hurricanrana on Rush from the top turnbuckle, followed by Moriarty throwing Martin off the top turnbuckle as well. Moriarty hit a running uppercut on Martin. Rush hit an Enzuigiri on Sydal and a hook kick on Moriarty. Martin hit a moonsault off the top rope on Moriarty for the win.

Thoughts: A superb battle between all four men. Rush and Martin were the kings of the bout, picking up a well-deserved victory. ***½

PAC vs Dax Harwood W/ Tully Blanchard

Harwood and PAC started off aggressively, with neither man getting an advantage. Harwood clotheslined PAC after exchanging a war of words in the centre of the ring. PAC chopped Harwood’s chest in the corner. Harwood tried to do the same, but PAC continued with more chops. They traded blows until PAC landed a German suplex. He clotheslined Harwood over the ropes and landed a Tope Con Hilo. They chopped each other’s chest outside the ring. PAC sent Harwood’s back onto the ramp after reversing a powerbomb. Back inside, Harwood hit a picture-perfect spinebuster on PAC. Harwood locked in an abdominal stretch, but PAC broke free.

Harwood whipped PAC into the turnbuckle and climbed up, only for PAC to hit an avalanche brainbuster from the top turnbuckle. PAC connected with a shotgun dropkick to Harwood’s shoulder blades. PAC hit a big boot into Harwood in the corner. Harwood hit a brainbuster after Blanchard interfered and almost picked up the win. PAC nailed a thrust kick and went for the finish, but Harwood stopped it and hit a superplex. PAC landed a release German suplex, then Harwood hit a lariat and followed up with a rebounded Liger Bomb. Harwood hit a succession of uppercuts as PAC hit a backslide. PAC locked in the Brutalizer and made Harwood tap. After the match, Cash Wheeler ran in and attacked PAC.

The lights went out as Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo appeared in the ring. They all attacked PAC until The Lucha Brothers and Cody Rhodes ran in. It was carnage as all 8 men went at it. The Lucha Brothers, PAC, and Cody Rhodes stood tall as Andrade, Black, and FTR walked away.

Thoughts: Easily the match of the night. PAC and Harwood were exceptional, and the chaos that ensued afterwards was a lot of fun. ****

Kenny Omega And “Hangman” Adam Page’s Contract Signing

Tony Schiavone was stood in the ring with the contract. He welcomed Adam Page and Kenny Omega to the ring. They both sat down at the table, as Page started to talk. He said the sooner he signs this, the sooner he gets to beat his ass at Full Gear. Page then signed the contract. Omega said he wished he could share the excitement of Page and the fans, but he’s a little sad. They were friends, almost family. Omega said if it wasn’t for Page’s failings and insecurities, he’d have been something, but The Elite always had to pick him up. Page said Omega liked to talk about his failings, but if he remembers correctly, Omega had a tag team partner once that he felt like he didn’t measure up to him either.

Page said he looks across the ring and sees the Best Bout Machine and he might have surpassed his former partner. He said he’d told him a lot of lies, but the worst was when he told him he was proud of him. Page said he didn’t want Page to feel the loss Omega had. He didn’t want a light to be lit under his ass. Omega said he did it out of necessity, and he wanted Page to realise his potential. Omega said he wanted to shake his hand one last time, right now. They shook hands as Omega walked off and said he was proud of him. Out of nowhere, Don Callis, dressed as a cameraman, hit Page with a camera. Page’s head was busted open. Omega signed the contract in Page’s blood

Thoughts: Wow. I’m speechless. What a personal promo by both guys, and what a fantastic way to end the last Dynamite before Full Gear. I cannot wait for this Saturday.

What Else Went Down

Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander appeared in a video where they both talked about their match in the TBS Championship Tournament. They talked about how they were friends, and Soho said respect doesn’t mean s***.

A video package aired with Adam Page talking about having to watch his friends become champions. Taz, Jim Ross, and Excalibur talked about the challenges and troubles Page had felt. Omega talked about Page losing big matches, and that he didn’t stand a chance.

The Elite were backstage, and Cole talked about how he’d known Bobby Fish for a while, introducing him to The Young Bucks. Matt made a reference to the Undisputed Era. Cole asked if Fish could face Jungle Boy on Rampage. Haha, guess I didn’t have to wait long for that rekindled friendship.

A video package aired where people were talking about CM Punk and Eddie Kingston. Highlights of their heated back-and-forth were shown. Ross said Punk needed to outwrestle him and get the hell out of the ring. Later on, footage was shown of CM Punk and Eddie Kingston being held apart backstage.

Miro cut another promo. He called Danielson a body standing between him and his wife. He said he needed to win the tournament and become World Champion. Miro said his god fears him, just like Danielson should. He ended by saying Danielson should say goodbye to his wife so he could say hello to his.

A video package aired regarding Darby Allin and MJF’s feud. Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone all weighed in with their thoughts on it.

Match of the Night: PAC vs Dax Harwood

Best in Show: Kenny Omega

Overall Rating: ***½

Full Gear Final Match Card

  • The Buy-In Pre-show: Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter vs Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida
  • PAC & Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo
  • Minneapolis Street Fight: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana, & Ortiz) vs America’s Top Team (Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Dan Lambert, Junior Dos Santos, & Andre Arlovski)
  • Darby Allin vs MJF
  • Falls Count Anywhere: Christian Cage, Jungle Boy, & Luchasaurus vs Adam Cole & The Young Bucks
  • CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston
  • AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final: Bryan Danielson vs Miro
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers (C) vs FTR
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Britt Baker D.M.D. (C) vs Tay Conti
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (C) vs “Hangman” Adam Page

All images and videos courtesy of AEW – Very special thanks to Fite TV for the captures

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