Welcome back to ChocoPro and to one of the most important shows of Mizumori’s career so far. She had been granted another Super Asia Title match and now was the time to take advantage of it. This was her potential time to take the company’s top title and knock the Dragon, Chon Shiryu off his pedestal. Alongside that, we’d see a tag team affair as Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa take on Masahiro Takanashi and Sayaka Obihiro. Would Akki and Koishikawa be able to put the Best Bros wars aside and best this devious duo or would Takanashi and Obihiro take this one? Let’s get into the action and find out.

Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Sayaka Obihiro via B3 on Obihiro

Up first today was a tag team war that would see Baliyan Akki team with Chie Koishikawa instead of fighting her for once. They were going to have to put differences aside and face the unit of Masahiro Takanashi and Sayaka Obihiro. We’ve seen Obihiro work alongside Takanashi before but usually, her help costs him, was that going to be the case again? After the customary pulling away Chie ceremony, Akki and Obihiro opened with a cagey standoff, throwing face jabs and squaring up. Akki dropped Obihiro but she just used the opportunity to roll around the mat and scream at Koishikawa, trying to out-energy her. They both tagged and Koishikawa tried to deafen Takanashi. They locked up for some chain wrestling where Takanashi tried to keep locked up and silenced whilst Koishikawa kept trying to deafen him. Takanashi hit the Nosebreaker and brought in Obihiro for some double team but the pair got confused on what to do. Akki and Koishikawa took advantage of the chaos and beat down Takanashi, baiting Obihiro into attacking Takanashi again. Koishikawa gave chase to deliver a Demon Chop and unintentionally caused him to take out Obihiro as he rolled to safety. After more punishment, Takanashi finally got back into the match with the Wall Slam Neckbreaker and tagged out to Obihiro. She made up for lost time with throat thrusts and mauled Akki with a double chop, all while screaming at Koishikawa. Takanashi was able to correct their double team and got into a competitive counter wrestling exchange with Akki. He made his escape with a Backbreaker and brought in Koishikawa again. The pair took out both Takanashi and Obihiro with double dropkicks and Koishikawa went after Takanashi with leg locks. Takanashi returned the favour by breaking her knees and Koishikawa made him pay with the Muffler. Takanashi fought it off and trapped Koishikawa in the Figure-Four leg lock. Akki came to the rescue and fell foul of more double-team moves but managed to fight back and countered Obihiro Magic and multiple other pin attempts into the B3. It had taken a lot of work but Akki got the better of the devious duo and helped Koishikawa get another win on the board. it was an excellent outing for the duo and a less disastrous one for Obihiro and Takanashi.

Super Asia Title: Chon Shiryu defeated Yuna Mizumori via Project A

Last but not least, the main event. The Super Asia Title was on the line once again and the interim champion was going to have his first proper defence. Mizumori was furious to lose the four-way fight when she didn’t take the fall and now, she was taking Shiryu on one-on-one again. The last time they fought, they went to time. This time, they had 60 minutes to play with and could potentially break each other throughout. They opened with a staredown and got technical, testing each other with multiple holds and lock-ups. Neither fighter could find their footing as they changed technique for power and power for bridging ability. Whatever Mizumori did, Shiryu seemed to have the answer for. He started targeting her arm with lethal elbows and knees, trying to snap her shoulder and elbow. Mizumori fired back with shoulder blocks but missed the Papaya Mango Coconut and got dropkicked out the window. They took the fight outside with sickening strikes and Shiryu choked out Mizumori on a scooter. He then scaled the wall and dropped onto her for a head smack. Mizumori attacked back with an outside mat and smashed him off the wall to deliver a Tropical Yahho back into the studio. She broke Shiryu’s back with an MPC and kept breaking it with splashes. Shiryu almost spoiled everything with a roll-up and twisted Mizumori’s neck for a head attack combo. Mizumori tried to land a surprise Coconut Crush but that was countered and Shiryu broke her toes against the window. He had a new target and went to town on snapping that knee and weakening the already recovering leg. He finally relented to a degree and dared her to fight on, then took out the knee again. It was a battle of wills and Shiryu hit a We Will Rock You to Mizumori’s trapped legs. Mizumori fought back with a Coconut Crush and created some separation with a flying shoulder block.

It was Mizumori’s time to strike as she murdered Shiryu with Tropical Splashes (the third powered by a sponsor sign) and locked on the Crab. She tried to follow up with the handstand press but Shiryu caught her and swung it into another nasty Kneebreaker. He kept the pressure on with a Bridging Indian Deathlock and left himself open to an inverted Coconut Crush from the window. She landed multiple Tropical Yahhos nailing Shiryu against the wall and the tables, showing no mercy to Shiryu. He once again tried to steal the win with multiple roll-ups and Mizumori made him pay with a Tropical Crab. Shiryu escaped and pushed Mizumori into the window for the double knees and held on to choke her out, then swing her into the wall. He shot off the window to deliver a deadly kick and initiated another strike fest with her, willing her on to fight. Mizumori answered the challenge with a series of stiff lariats and paid homage to the former champion Minoru Fujita with a Kamikaze Splash. That took them both out but somehow still wasn’t enough to end things. Shiryu got his knees up against another splash and drove her head into the mat. They both reversed the other’s finisher and Shiryu ended things with a Gory Bomb into the wall, the Dragon Stomp, and the Project A. The champ had retained despite the continuous barrage from Mizumori. He had weakened her base, cut off her power, and just managed to outlast the tropical onslaught to walk away the champion for another day.

However, that may not last as a familiar face came out to congratulate him. The original champion was back, pigeon mask and all. He cut an intimidating silhouette across the Ichigaya doorway and stared down Shiryu. It was friendly for now but Shiryu best prepare because Fujita never lost that belt and he will definitely be coming to get it back when he gets the chance. Though if anyone is up to that challenge, my money is on Shiryu. Time is ticking until he’ll have to stand across the mat from Fujita and prove he’s the real champion, not just the interim edition.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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