Welcome back to GCW and the dawn of NGI weekend. The company was in Detroit Michigan and ready to get violent. To whet everyone’s appetites for the big tournament ahead, we had Evil Deeds, another show of spectacles, stories, and delicious deathmatches. On the card tonight, Charli Evans makes her triumphant return to GCW against Rina Yamashita, ASF battle Gringo Loco, Leon Ruff debut in a madcap scramble, Chelsea Green vs Allie Katch, Matt Cardona vs Alex Shelley, and much, much more leading to the main event where Masashi Takeda and Alex Colon team up against Jimmy Lloyd and G-Raver for a bit of pre-NGI carnage. Let’s get into the action.

The Second Gear Crew (EFFY & Matthew Justice) defeated Tony Deppen & Alex Zayne via Table Splash on Zayne

The show opened with a somewhat surprising match as The Second Gear Crew moshed into the venue, EFFY flanking Justice as Ol’ Mancer has a broken leg right now. They weren’t just here to party though; they’d come to fight so Alex Zayne and Tony Deppen were going to give them just that. They opened with a toast to Mance and enjoyed a light beer with EFFY and Zayne using the cans to ambush Justice and Deppen. From there, we’d see a fun little clash of styles as everyone flew, EFFY channelled his inner Mance with eye pokes and the makeshift team found a rhythm. This often meant turning EFFY and Justice against each other and torturing EFFY for it. This often backfired and SGC ran wild, EFFY finding even more power in a Mancer mask. Both teams took nasty double team manoeuvres and SGC found another new move through a Doomsday Blockbuster. The fuckery came out early as SGC got the tables and mauled their challengers with finishers. Zayne was laid out on the tables and ate the splash to give SGC the win. This was awesome. I had no idea what to expect from this but the two teams injected a lot of fun and carnage into a small match.

Gringo Loco defeated ASF via Avalanche Falcon Arrow

Up next was some Lucha action as Gringo Loco and ASF prepared to lock horns. These two have battled in scrambles and multi-man actions around the country and now they were going to do the same in singles action. Could ASF overcome the size disadvantage he faced against the Base God? Loco was the salty veteran of this one and made ASF work for his spots, having counters and knowledge of most things ASF tried to throw at him. This led to an excellent chess game of a match that mixed Lucha and grappling to tell a fun story and give us some comedic callouts. Again, it was good fun to watch and featured a lot of impressive action from both fighters as ASF had to avoid getting thrown and slammed by a much stronger opponent. Since both guys tend to get looked over for singles matches, they went all out with this spotlight and nailed it big time. This isn’t one of those matches you write about as there’s too much going on to express properly, just watch it. You won’t regret it. The laws of physics do not apply in matches like this.

44OH! (Eddy Only & Atticus Cogar) defeated Jordan Oliver & Nick Wayne via Brain Haemorrhage on Wayne

Ah youth, many cling to it. Atticus Cogar on the other hand looks to destroy it and has made it his mission to wreck as many of the young talents coming through GCW. He’d put the bullseye on Nick Wayne and tortured him without mercy, prompting Jordan Oliver to start his young, dumb protection agency. For that, we now had this tag bout as Oliver and Wayne were going to mix it up with Cogar and the Smoke Style master Eddy Only. Would this unit finally put Cogar in his place? Honestly, they nearly did. It was a fairly open match for the most part as 44OH! did what they do best in dividing and conquering through their experience as a unit. Wayne and Oliver persevered through the bullshit though and managed to find a groove, working incredibly well together as Oliver was basically teaming with a younger version of himself. When the chips were down for Cogar and Only, Iron and Ryan appeared to tip the odds in their favour. The numbers led to Oliver being carted away with an injured leg. Wayne chose to fight on alone and gave 44OH! a black eye but succumbed to the numbers and ate the Brain Haemorrhage. It was a valiant effort from Wayne but once Oliver was out, the game was over. 44OH! continue to plague GCW and with their numbers there in almost full, it casts a green shadow over the weekend. However, this was also the match where the stream glitches started to get annoying.

Allie Katch defeated Chelsea Green via Cast Crossface

Now for the moment, we’ve all been waiting for, Chelsea Green vs Allie Katch in one of the most-anticipated beatdowns in GCW history. It looked to have been derailed as Chelsea Green came out with a cast and gave a heartfelt speech about being injured again. This was BS and she sucker-punched Katch with it. That beatdown continued as Green mercilessly tried to kill Katch as the crowd booed the hell out of her. Katch refused to die so Green just kept finding different ways to try and murder her, most of which involved smashing her face into buckles or mats. Katch got revenge with a Whoopie Cushion and went to work on Green with her corner combo. Both fighters got leg problems through counters and Green tried to staple an 8×10 to Katch. Katch stopped this with a headbutt and stapled the promo photo to Green’s head. Green tried to low blow Katch but found it didn’t work and had to improvise with a Curb Stomp. Katch held on and avoided a Killswitch on a chair to smash Green in the face with knees and kicks. Green tried to get cocky and ended up driven into the mat with the Bussy Piledriver. Katch grabbed Green’s cast and tapped her out with a Crossface. The lesson here is, don’t piss off Allie Katch or you will die. Katch is the Queen of GCW and she had proven that again by sending the villainous Green packing. Excellent fun.

Scramble: Leon Ruff defeated Chase Burnett, Brayden Lee, Cole Radrick, Spyder Nate Webb & Yoya via Backflip DDT on Burnett

We returned from intermission to have a good old scramble. Leon Ruff was making his way to GCW and was out to take the spotlight against five other hungry competitors. He’d be facing the veteran dirtbag Spyder Nate Webb, Uncle Chase Burnett, Brazy Brayden Lee, Cole Radrick, and Yoya. It was going to get wild. As expected, this was ridiculous fun. Once again, we had an excellent mix of styles and personalities all colliding to put on a mental as fuck bout. Burnett was looking to show he still had it and managed, Yoya liked using other people as weapons, Ruff looked to show everyone the potential he had that hadn’t been tapped into and everyone else made this match shine. Scrambles are always hard to write about and once again this was the glorious clusterfuck you wanted it to be. It was great to see Ruff get the hometown love and a big win to hopefully kickstart a multitude of appearances in GCW. Once again, great fun and a nice way to ease back into the more serious action that was coming up.

Alex Shelley defeated Matt Cardona via Shellshock

It was time for the other half of the couple from Hell’s rampage on Detroit. Matt Cardona was still unhappy about being in a B-Town but he was at least getting a match with one of the best wrestlers on the planet, Alex Shelley. To no one’s surprise, Cardona was still hung up on EFFY and had appropriated his ring jacket for his entrance. He doesn’t have EFFY’s charisma though as he nearly bored everyone to death on the mic. Shelley got the crowd back into things by appearing and mocking the Internet Title. As per usual, once the bell rang, Cardona tried to stall and made everyone wait for the action. He doesn’t wrestle work-rate matches, he just wants to get paid… He even tried to sabotage the match with a WCW Bash at the Beach finish because he didn’t want to wrestle. Shelley wasn’t buying it and clawed Cardona’s balls then his mouth, in that order. The match got more competitive and the droning pace picked up to give us an entertaining match where everyone wanted to see Cardona get his ass kicked by Shelley. Cardona, to his credit, did his absolute best to keep Shelley trapped and worn down but eventually, that plan failed and Shelley lit him the hell up. No matter what Cardona did, Shelley wouldn’t stay down. The ref was taken out and Shelley would have won with a belt DDT. Sadly, Chelsea Green ambushed the replacement ref and the Cardona’s went to work on Shelley. Cardona killed Katch as she came to fight and EFFY hit Green with the Sack Ryder. Cardona had been blasted with the belt and took a low Blow from Shelley into the Sack Ryder. Shelley followed up with Shellshock and took the win. The Anti-Cardona party stood tall today as EFFY and Cardona destroyed him. The match was pretty good but the fun storyline throughout made the drags in the action worth it.

Rina Yamashita defeated Charli Evans via Splash Mountain

GCW is often the home of dream matches. It was once again living up to that as it gave us an international dream match between Unchain’s Deathmatch Amazon Rina Yamashita and the Violence Artist, Charli Evans. These two may be worlds apart but in this company, they’d been brought together to absolutely murder each other. Evans was rocking amazing tribute gear to her favourites and they had plenty of tubes to cause some bloodshed, this was going to get very messy. They opened with a lock-up and Evans bulldozed Yamashita with a shoulder tackle. Yamashita answered back with a tube to the head and threw one to Evans to start a duel. They kept trading tubes with Evans upping the ante with a tube forearm into a Snapmare back kick and crossbody. Evans cut up Yamashita with a broken tube and tried to charge but Yamashita ducked and mauled Evans with tube forearms and another hard smash. Yamashita bit into Evans’ forehead and slammed her into the glass pile. She tried to drive Evans into more tubes with a Brainbuster but Evans dodged and rolled Yamashita into a Schoolboy Knee. She Suplexed Yamashita into the tubes and Yamashita Backdropped her into the glass pile then kicked her in the head. Yamashita went to the top for a tube splash but Evans popped up and brought her crashing back down with a Superplex. Both fighters had to avoid a ten-count and both fought up to slug it out. They drilled each other with Germans and popped right back up for double lariats. Yamashita almost got the win with a decapitator and Evans almost did the same with a folding Saito and even nastier lariat. Neither fighter would stay down though. Evans charged again and got dropped again with Jig and Tonic then got brained with a tube fan. Yamashita made one final tube pile and ended things with Splash Mountain. Evans had given it her all in a deathmatch that screamed fighting spirit but it just wasn’t enough to stop the Amazon Yamashita. This was fucking awesome and well worth the price of admission. Both fighters are world-class at what they do and made magic in that ring.

Alex Colon & Masashi Takeda defeated Jimmy Lloyd & G-Raver via Double Stomp Dominator on Raver

Last but not least, the main event. We had ourselves an international tag team deathmatch on our hands as Alex Colon and current GCW Ultraviolent Champion Masashi Takeda were teaming up to murder G-Raver and Jimmy Lloyd. It was originally meant to be against Neil Diamond Cutter and Jeff King but shit sadly happens and we were Honey Badger-less. Raver and Lloyd were going to give Colon and Takeda hell though if they could co-exist and avoid using the fuckery on each other. Both teams danced around each other and the tubes until Colon and Takeda dropkicked their opponents right into them. Takeda fired up on the broken glass and brained Raver with tubes. He made Raver eat a tube and brought in Colon for some blood fighting. Colon went after both Lloyd and Raver with broken tubes and even gave Takeda a tube to the head as a tag. Takeda kept dogpiling Raver with more tubes and crushed his head under a thrown chair. The pair slugged it out and Raver got a measure of revenge on his foes before getting another back full of tubes. Takeda kneed another load into his face and dumped him with an Exploder. Lloyd came to the rescue and gave Raver the chance to crush Colon with his buckle senton then dive onto Takeda. Raver got a two-count with a bundle Meteora and Takeda made the save by cutting up Raver with scissors. Lloyd cut off another bundle dive by pushing Colon into his own bundle and hoisted Takeda up for a duo of double knees from Raver.

Takeda went on another scissor massacre and Colon drilled Lloyd with a double stomp and dived on Raver. Takeda set up a pane of glass for Lloyd whilst Colon set up a table near the entranceway. Takeda broke the glass pane with a cannonball for trying to embarrass him and Raver broke Colon and the table with a Swanton from the entranceway. Takeda PK’ed a bunch of tubes into Lloyd and after another slugfest with Raver, ended things with a Double Stomp Dominator alongside Colon after he’d nailed him with a tube chair. The pair of NGI combatants had worked as a solid unit but tensions ran high at the end as Colon made his intentions at Takeda’s belt very clear. What a way to end things, a maddening little bout with more fun bloodshed and death-defying fuckery. It’s so awesome seeing Takeda back in GCW and I cannot wait to see how the NGI plays out. It was just a shame that this stream was let down by a bunch of stream glitches. Hopefully, that is sorted before the tournament.

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