Welcome back to GCW and to one of my annual favourite shows of the year. The NGI often promises some of the wildest match-ups and this year looked to be no different. There was a lot of new blood mixing with the veterans and regulars this time as AKIRA was making his first tournament appearance against Alex Colon, Kit Osbourne was returning to action after some less than spectacular moments in previous shows, Masashi Takeda and Rina Yamashita were making the journey over from Japan to battle 44OH!’s Eric Ryan and Atticus Cogar in their first-round matches and there was one question mark left as Mance Warner was out with injury. There’s a lot to break down (and a whole lotta light tubes too) so let’s get into the action.

NGI Round 1: Atticus Cogar defeated Rina Yamashita via Brain Haemorrhage

Opening the show this time was one of the most promising deathmatch wrestlers in the USA, Atticus Cogar taking on the battle-tested Deathmatch Amazon of Japan Rina Yamashita. Cogar has been tearing through the youth of the company, how would he fare against a deathmatch veteran who wouldn’t hesitate to break every tube on him? UNCHAIN was coming for 44OH! They opened with slugs and slaps until Yamashita went for Cogar’s natural weak spot, the balls. Cogar slammed back and mocked the crowd by breaking a tube on the floor. He relented and cut up Yamashita with a broken tube then gave her tube horns against the ropes. They danced around a tube tower and Yamashita dropkicked Cogar through it. She lit Cogar up with more boots and strikes, flooring him with a rainmaker. They fought over a tube Suplex with Yamashita landing a German after a Matrix and Cogar hitting the glass breaking Suplex. A massive pile of tubes was made and they both repeatedly broke them over the other’s head until Cogar threw the whole pile at Yamashita. He followed up with a tube fan and ate a tube pile Jig and Tonic. She blasted him with a tube fan and flattened him with a Pearl Harbour Splash. Cogar fired back to life to deliver an Air Raid Crash to the tower and rained down more tubes. He skewered her head and ended things with the Brain Haemorrhage. Cogar had overcome his first lethal challenger in the tournament but he’d been left bloodied for it. This opening match rocked. Cogar and Yamashita went all out to murder each other and steal the show early. The crowd loved Yamashita and she left them with a bloody heart.

NGI Round 1: Charli Evans defeated Kit Osbourne & SHLAK via Schoolboy on Osbourne

The next match was the mystery box of the tournament. It had fuckery boards and an open spot for someone to call their shot. Kit Osbourne was ready for anyone but I think even his heart sank when he saw not one, but two challengers. He’d have to deal with the Violence Artist Charli Evans and Public Animal Number One, SHLAK. Evans and Osbourne went right for SHLAK but he went on a rampage through them. He was finally stopped with pocket sand and punished with kicks and tubes from both before getting kicked into a door. Evans and Osbourne took tubes to each other and Evans brought some traditional wrestling flavour with a Schoolboy Knee and Tube Suplex. She kept the strong style coming with tube headbutts and fired up with glass over her own skull. Osbourne came back with a decapitator lariat and SHLAK killed off Osbourne with a bundle charge through a board. Evans and SHLAK squared up and after a barrage of forearms, Evans stunned SHLAK with a superkick. She turned her attention to Osbourne and trapped him in a Deathlock as SHLAK stood dazed. SHLAK stomped both then powerbombed Osbourne so he could get taped up in peace. With his injury temporarily fixed, SHLAK broke a tube board over Osbourne and dragged a barbed-wire door into play. Osbourne fired back with strikes and ended up driven onto that door as SHLAK dropped him from the top. Evans came back into the fight with a Deadly Drive and launched SHLAK through a fuckery contraption on the floor, sending him into a frenzy. Osbourne nailed him with tubes and almost won with a Sleeper Suplex and Barbed-wire Pedigree to Evans. She refused to die and caught Osbourne in a Small Package to steal the win. Evans progresses to the second round after not one but two opponents. Technical Wrestling wins deathmatches and Evans is one of the top practitioners of hybrid death. This was an excellent showing for both Evans and Osbourne who came in to prove why they were there. I’d like to think they’d succeeded.

NGI Round 1: Alex Colon defeated AKIRA via Camel Clutch

Speaking of hybrid deathmatch, it was time for the ultimate example. AKIRA, the Catch x Death Samurai was finally getting his big chance in GCW against the Blood Fighter, Alex Colon. These two are no strangers to each other but with Colon once again looking to make history and with knives everywhere, the pressure was on. They opened with a chain wrestling knife fight and nailed each other in the head with knives. AKIRA scored an early shock with a bundle Koppu Kick and ate the glass. They fought around ringside with Colon putting the kibosh on AKIRA’s showmanship. He murdered AKIRA around ringside and took him out with a duo of running seated lariats, the second having one hell of a run-up and an indestructible tube. He decided to make it a trifecta and obliterated a whole load of tubes and AKIRA that time. The action returned to the ring and Colon dug another knife into AKIRA’s head, the camera getting the perfect close up of it. He gave the crowd a stabbing show and went after AKIRA with more tubes, both of them firing up on the carnage. AKIRA let Colon rain blows and tubes on him then rocked him with a devastating combo into a Teardrop Suplex. He teased a dive and blasted more tubes into Colon with a Tiger Feint Kick. He climbed to the top but Colon cut him off and up with another tube but couldn’t land the Spanish Fly and got dropped on his head with a Poisonrana. AKIRA missed the senton and both had to fight the 10-count. They had a grounded slugfest and AKIRA drilled Colon with Flash of the Blade, only to get kneed in the head.

They traded pinfall attempts and Colon wrenched at AKIRA’s ankle with an Ankle Lock. Colon wouldn’t let AKIRA escape and dumped him again with a Sleeper Suplex. Both fought to the top and AKIRA threw Colon onto another bundle. AKIRA landed the Shatter Star Bomb and scored a two-count with a Tiger Driver. He trapped Colon in the Muta Lock and grabbed a knife board for a Bridging Northern Lights. Colon kicked out again so he set the board on some chairs and grabbed some tubes but Colon broke those with double knees and slammed him on the knife board for another two. Colon booted another bundle into AKIRA’s head and made him pass out with the Camel Clutch. Colon advances but he had to fight through hell as AKIRA refused to die. This was another star-making performance from the Death Samurai and the absolute best of the first-round matches. Colon is the best deathmatch wrestler in the US and matches like this just keep proving it.

NGI Round 1 Ultraviolent Title Match: Masashi Takeda defeated Eric Ryan via Bundle Blast Forearm

Lastly, the first Ultraviolent Title match of the show. Masashi Takeda is going to defend that title each time he fights in this tournament and the first person to get a shot is the undisputed King of the Deathmatch, Eric Ryan. This had the potential to steal the show but would Ryan put a fork in Takeda’s title reign early? They started with some tubes to the back and Ryan went straight on the attack once this ritual was over, pelting Takeda with more tubes. Takeda retorted by throwing Ryan into corner tubes, and took the fight outside, breaking more tubes around the crowd. The scissors came out and Takeda drove them into the forehead of Ryan, trying to recreate Pinhead with cuts. They duelled with more tubes and Ryan kneed a bundle into Takeda’s chest. He followed up with a Bridging Northern Lights for two. He carved up Takeda with forks and raked another through his mouth. He filled the ring with more forks and backdropped Takeda into them for another two. Ryan tried to remove a buckle but took his eye of Takeda and had a bundle broken into him with double knees. Takeda gave Ryan the fork treatment and fed him a tube, shattering the glass into his mouth. With Ryan stunned, Takeda climbed to the top and drove Ryan into another bundle with a bulldog. The pair had a Suplex fight and Takeda pelted another bundle then kneed a second into Ryan for a one-count. The pair kept hammering each other and Takeda scored another near-fall with a Dominator. Takeda mounted Ryan, placed another bundle in his face and forearmed it to take the win. Takeda had succeeded in his first defence and managed to speed-run the match against Ryan. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of this duo as this fucking rocked.

Seven Way Scramble: Ninja Mack defeated ASF, Gringo Loco, Brayden Lee, Cole Radrick, Yoya & Spyder Nate Webb via Sunset Flip on Lee

Well, it wouldn’t be a GCW show without a scramble. Seven men entered this ring but only one of them could walk out the winner. We’d seen everyone but Ninja Mack fight each other yesterday and they seemed eager for round two. BUSSY had taken over commentary and had settled in to watch all seven guys flip, flop and fly their way around the ring. As per usual, this was a fun scramble with everyone picking their time to shine. Gringo Loco and ASF had another fun little showdown and even worked together in some regards to create the Ultimate Doomsday Device whilst Radrick and Lee took more moments to show off since they got overlooked in yesterday’s affair. Once again there was way too much action to describe but everyone had fun, everyone looked good and its fun seeing Nate Webb mix it up all these guys and showing out too. Ninja Mack took the win as he often does in scrambles with Brayden Lee making himself public enemy number one by cutting off some of Mack’s ridiculous flips. It was all good fun that’s better watched than described.

NGI Round 2: Alex Colon defeated Charli Evans via Camel Clutch

We returned to tournament action with another ultimate hybrid deathmatch. It would be the surprise entrant Charli Evans looking to continue her run through the tournament against the Blood Fighter, Alex Colon. Both had had tough opening round bouts but who would topple the other? Could Evans manage to upset Colon’s plans and progress to the finals? They opened with a lock-up and Evans kicking tubes into Colon’s back. Evans gave Colon a kicking on the outside and avoided Colon’s comeback by pelting a chair at him. Colon picked his moment and mauled Evans as they returned to the ring, slicing her arm with a broken tube. He kept the tube onslaught coming and poured tacks all over her. He missed his move and fell into the tacks so Evans stomped his hands into the pile and booted more into his mouth. She scored a near-fall with a Bridging German and pummelled Colon with corner kicks for a Chair DDT. Colon landed in the tacks again so Evans locked on a Deathlock and STF, forcing him to the ropes. They slugged it out and Evans charged but Colon caught her into the Uranage Knee. Evans went tube crazy and turned Colon inside out with a lariat for two. Evans grabbed some chairs and set up a glass pane over Colon. She took too long climbing the buckles and Colon made her pay with a bundle to the head. They traded shots on the top rope and Colon drove Evans through the pane with a Superplex. Evans kicked out so Colon broke more tubes on her and put her to sleep with the Camel Clutch. Colon took the win but once again, he’d been pushed to the brink by his opponent. Evans came in as a surprise entrant and took the tournament by storm, further putting her stamp on the world of deathmatch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, few do hybrid wrestling better than Evans and this just spotlighted it further. She even made a fan in Rina Yamashita who had been watching the match and helped carry her to the back.

NGI Round 2 Ultraviolent Title Match: Masashi Takeda defeated Atticus Cogar via Inverted Super Bundle DDT

Our other second-round match promised to be an interesting one. We’d seen Takeda knock off one member of 44OH! was he about to knock off another? Cogar had taken the first round by defeating Yamashita and now he had a chance to claim the gold. Which of these guys was going to walk away the winner and what would they do to achieve it? Cogar jumped Takeda and the pair brawled around ringside, breaking tubes and braining the other on ring posts. In-ring, Cogar took control and tried to score a quick win with a bundle to the head. He tore at Takeda’s face and stabbed more tubes into it. Takeda ducked another bundle and crushed it into Cogar with a Spear. He tossed more to Cogar and blasted them with a shotgun dropkick then did the same to a tree of woe bound Cogar with double knees. Cogar avoided the Inverted DDT and sent Takeda through a glass pane with an Air Raid Crash. The skewers came out and Cogar stabbed them into Takeda’s head but Takeda just seemed happy with it. He stuck a gusset into Cogar’s head and the pair headbutted it out. Takeda almost had the match won with a bundle Swanton and retrieved more of Cogar’s skewers. He was going to give Cogar a taste of his own medicine when Gregory iron and Eddy Only jumped him. Cogar hit a skewered Brain Haemorrhage but didn’t go for the pin as Jordan Oliver hobbled to the ring to make a save. Oliver had faked the injury and murdered 44OH! with kicks and his crutch. He threw Cogar to Takeda for a German. Takeda kept going with a bundle back-fist and Knockout Knee then had Oliver pass him a super bundle. He fed Cogar his own skewers then hoisted him up and dumped him onto the super bundle with his Inverted DDT. Takeda had retained again with a little help from Jordan Oliver. 44OH! had tried to hijack the tournament but it had been thwarted. Despite that, this match ruled. Cogar stepped up in a big way and I’m hoping for more from these two as well.

NGI Final Ultraviolent Title Match: Alex Colon defeated Masashi Takeda via Camel Clutch

Here we are, the main event. We had the best in the US vs the best in Japan as Alex Colon met Masashi Takeda. They’d teamed up last night, now they were going to tear each other apart. Takeda holds Colon’s former title and he was going to have to do everything in his power to stop Colon from taking it back. The ropes were tubed-up, the fighters were bloody and battered but fired the fuck up. It was time for our final. Both guys could make history here, Takeda as a 2X NGI winner and Colon as the first man to win ToS and NGI in the same year, continuing his legendary tournament streak. They started with feigned kicks then started breaking tubes. Both were thrown into the rope tubes and Takeda started cutting into Colon with glass. He kicked tubes into Colon’s jersey and fought around the outside. Colon fired back with more tubes and tried to dive but Takeda caught him. He fought off the hold and charged again so Takeda threw him through some ladder-trapped tubes with an Exploder. Colon collapsed onto a door platform and baited Takeda onto the top. He stunned Takeda with a pelted chair and met him up there to drive him through a glass and door contraption with a Superplex. Both men were pissing blood so Colon was taped up and went back to smashing tubes on Takeda. It didn’t last though as Takeda punched a tube into his gut and spiked him with a Uranage. Takeda made the mistake of going up top again and got drilled with more tubes. Colon scored another near-fall with the Spanish Fly and superkicked more tubes into Takeda’s face. Takeda tripped him into the KO knee and hit a second with added tubes. He hit the Inverted DDT but Colon wouldn’t quit. Takeda put Colon up top and made a tube pile but Colon rolled through, tubed him and hit another Spanish Fly for two. Colon locked on the Camel Clutch and Takeda tapped. The punishment had gotten too much and the Crazy Kid had to finally surrender. Colon had reclaimed his title and continued his monumental winning streak. He had once again cemented his place as the top-tier Blood-fighter.

It wasn’t to be a celebration though as Colon got to make his speech as he lost more blood through the wounds on his head. He shared his moment of respect with Takeda, challenged Jon Moxley and looked to have his triumphant moment when he was attacked from behind by a man in a hoodie. The man pelted him with a bundle and hit a Brainbuster. He unmasked and revealed himself to be John Wayne Murdoch. He mauled Colon, soaked in the mixed reception and held up the UV Title. The Duke had sent his message and laid down the gauntlet, he wants a shot at the title and it looks like he isn’t playing the waiting game. I do hope the world is ready for a battle between two Kings of the Deathmatch.

All images courtesy of GCW, FREEBIRDS, CreamOvTheeCrop

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