Rey Mysterio 619s Bobby Lashley

It’s RAW’s Survivor Series go-home show, which traditionally contains a few surprises. All we know going in is, Big E is going to respond to Kevin Owens’ attack at the end of last week’s show. Becky Lynch is going to talk some more about Liv Morgan. And Bobby Lashley is going to beat someone up.

I’m Amanda and this is the RAW review.

Match Results

Big E & Riddle def. The Usos (DQ)

Seth Rollins & The Usos def. RK-Bro & big E

Bianca Belair def. Tamina

The Street Profits def. The Alpha Academy

Queen Zelina def. Nikki A.S.H.

Rhea Ripley def. Carmella

Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor

AJ Styles & Omos def. The Dirty Dawgs

Bobby Lashley def. Rey Mysterio

Big E

The Show

Big E opened the show after a lengthy recap of the shenanigans between him, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins over the last few weeks. Since becoming WWE Champion, a lot of people have their eyes on him, but Survivor Series means the matter at hand is Roman Reigns. It was supposed to just be brand vs brand, but Roman and his cousins took it somewhere they can never come back from. They put their hands on his family, so Big E needs to beat Roman’s ass like he stole something. He’s got to take a piece of Roman that he’ll never get back.

But that’s Sunday and this is Monday Night RAW, so he called out Kevin Owens for them to handle their business.

Owens came as far as the stage, looking bored and unrepentant. There’s nothing more he’d like than to get in the ring and beat on Big E, and he planned to after he’d said his piece. Big E cost him the match last week by getting in his way which gave him his third loss in his three weeks back on RAW. Before that, Big E was calling him a liar and questioning his integrity. He wasn’t lying but that didn’t matter because Big E said it and everyone loves him so it must be true. So, yes, he snapped, but how could he not when everyone is judging him. And everyone judging him can go to hell.

Kevin Owens

Perception is reality, and everyone’s perception of him is that he’s some lying scumbag and a horrible person, so that’s what we’re going to get. He’ll be the bad guy everyone thinks he is, but he’s going to be so much worse than anyone can imagine. And everything that happens from here on out, is Big E’s fault.

Big E demanded Owens come to the ring. Owens walked backstage. Big E followed him up the ramp and got jumped by the Usos. They dragged him back to the ring and gave him a thorough beatdown before sending Roman Reigns’ regards. They sent a message to RK-Bro as well (their Survivor Series opponents), so Riddle ran down to make the save.

Sonya Deville came out and made it a weird-ass tag match. Seth Rollins arrived for no obvious reason before we went to a break.

Rollins joined commentary for Big E & Riddle vs The Usos, which is a shame because this version of Rollins makes me want to change the channel as soon as he speaks. The only thing that briefly shut him up was Big E throwing an Uso at him. Rollins yelled at him, so Big E punched him in the face.

Rollins immediately invaded the ring and laid out Riddle, earning the disqualification and joining the Usos in a beatdown. Randy Orton ran to the ring and saved his partner with an RKO to the Uso who wasn’t still crumpled by the announce desk.

Big E throws an Uso at Seth Rollins at commentary

Of course, Big E & RK-Bro vs The Usos & Seth Rollins started after the next break. Rollins wrestling is much more fun than Rollins talking. He took some punishment while briefly trapped in the opposition corner, but turned things around on Riddle and stuck him in the wrong half of the ring. Knocking Orton off the apron still left Riddle with Big E to tag, and he had some payback to dish out.

It got increasingly chaotic after the next break, with all 6 men in the ring at one point. Seth Rollins got the pin on Riddle, and for the second time in the night, Randy Orton had to RKO an Uso to save him. From the look he was giving him as they left, Riddle was going into time out or on the naughty step.

Big E sent a message back to Roman Reigns in the form of a Big Ending to his cousin.

Randy Orton RKOs an Uso

Finn Balor interrupted Kevin Owens confusing Sarah Schreiber to tell him that he’s sorry he wasn’t around last week when Owens needed someone to vouch for him because he would have told him straight to his face he doesn’t trust him one bit. Oh, and because Balor was supposed to face Rollins tonight, the authority have given him Owens as a replacement.

Owens said that’s too bad for Balor, and that was no lie.

Bianca Belair said she knows Doudrop thinks she should have Belair’s place on the team, but Belair doesn’t make the rules and if Doudrop wants to mix it up, let’s go. She’s not trying to take away from Doudrop’s athletic abilities, but she’s the one who keeps sticking her nose in her business.

Tamina interrupted to say that tonight Belair was her business. Belair said she was hoping for Doudrop, but Tamina will do.

Bianca Belair vs Tamina was interesting to see how Belair coped with not having the strength advantage. It caused her some trouble through the mid-section of the match, but she’s so much more agile and athletic than Tamina. It finished with a K.O.D. that shocked commentary.

Doudrop was shown watching backstage during the match but didn’t appear until after. She stayed on the stage because it wouldn’t be fair of her to take Belair on when she’s just had a match. But after Survivor Series, she’ll be looking for her.

Bianca Belair dropkicks Tamina

Becky Lynch showed the footage of Charlotte Flair asking who she was, then reminded her. She used to be her best friend, who rode everywhere with her and was there to celebrate the wins and offer a shoulder when things didn’t go her way. She’s the person who realised a friendship with Charlotte Flair came with a requirement to play second fiddle. And she’s the person who said to hell with that friendship and slapped her so hard she catapulted herself into a different stratosphere. She’s the person who had to tear herself apart and recreate herself so many times to be the biggest star in the industry, instead of being a one-note rip off of someone else. She’s the person whose success has made Flair the most miserable person she’s ever met and so bitter she doesn’t even like herself anymore. Most importantly, she’s the person Flair will go one on one with at Survivor Series. This isn’t about brand supremacy, it’s about personal legacy. On Sunday, if Flair doesn’t remember who she is, she’ll be the one beating the piss out of her.

Liv Morgan arrived to complain about Lynch walking away from her last week. Lynch patronised her and told her she was expecting the interruption and had prepared a video package. It turned out Lynch had hugged her before she went on maternity leave and said Morgan would be champion by the time she came back. After the video, Lynch apologised and said she had no idea how much Morgan would underperform.

Liv Morgan said Big Time Becks is a Big Time Bitch. Lynch threw the title down and went for the Manhandle Slam, but Morgan countered it. Lynch left her title in the ring when she escaped and Morgan held it aloft, to cheers from the crowd, before giving it back.

Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch

Randy Orton yelled at Riddle for getting involved in other people’s business and putting their titles at risk. He kept trying to explain that the only thing he cares about is the team and the titles. When Riddle beamed at him and took it to mean he cares about him, Orton screamed in frustration and stormed off. Pretty sure Riddle had forgotten everything he’d said by the time he finished talking to The Street Profits a minute later.

The Street Profits vs The Alpha Academy was a lot of fun, but I’m still not getting Gable and Otis as a team. Sure, Otis is serious and aggressive now, but I feel like he’s lost more than he’s gained. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins always bring it. Ford trying to cut down Otis with kicks and chops was funny but ultimately unsuccessful. It ended with Dawkins having to save the match with Ford squished by an Otis slam.

Dawkins sent Otis into the barricade on the outside, and Ford rolled through Gable’s crossbody and pinned him.

Chad Gable tries to submit Angelo Dawkins

Rey Mysterio demanded to know what the hell went on with Dominik last week. He asked Pearce if he was a man of his word or not. Pearce said Rey is a legend in the business but he advised him to stay in his lane. As far as what kind of man he is, he’s a man putting Rey in a match against Bobby Lashley tonight.

Veer Mahaan is still Coming Soon.

Nikki A.S.H., Rhea Ripley, vs Queen Zelina, with Carmella, was the first of two matches featuring Corey Graves perving at his fiancée instead of doing his job. Carmella distracted Nikki A.S.H. while she was on the top turnbuckle and cost her the match. Vega took her feet out from under and her and finished it with a code red.

Nikki A.S.H. dropkicks Queen Zelina

Carmella trash-talking Nikki while Ripley was comforting, her possibly wasn’t the smartest plan, as Carmella vs Rhea Ripley started after a break. In fairness, Carmella dominated the early part of the match but she delivered one slap too many and Ripley’s demeanour changed. Ripley raised her fist and Carmella screamed and turned her back for Ripley to replicate the back slaps Carmella had given her. Carmella kicked out of a Northern Lights suplex and Ripley kicked out of a couple of superkicks to the head. Carmella started to stress about what to do next, but Ripley saved her the panic with a headbutt and a Riptide and pinned her.

Queen Zelina and her dodgy ‘possibly British but it’s hard to tell’ accent condescendingly congratulated Ripley on her victory and called Nikki a loser.

Carmella kicks Rhea Ripley in the head

Adam Pearce gave Big E a pep talk about RAW needing him to be totally focused on Survivor Series. He told him to stay away from Finn Balor and Kevin Owens tonight and threatened him with the kind of punishment Brock Lesnar got if he didn’t comply.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Seth Rollins as he was leaving. Rollins made his staff member put his case on the bus, yelling at him not to wake the baby, then talked about leading Team RAW on Sunday the way he led The Usos to victory tonight. But after Survivor Series he’s going to turn his attention to Big E and take the WWE Championship and lead Monday Night RAW to the mountain top. Because he is the visionary, the revolutionary, Seth Rollins.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens is a great match on any night in any venue. Experience, talent, and familiarity is a beautiful combination in a wrestling ring. Owens started to lean into the bad guy attitude as the match progressed and he failed to put Balor away, but it needs some work. Trying to powerbomb Balor on the apron led to him getting tossed over Balor’s head and dropkicked into the barricades. Balor got him back in the ring but missed the Coup de Grace and took a pop up powerbomb. Somehow Balor kicked out and got his knees up for Owens’ frogsplash. The second attempt at a Coup de Grace didn’t work either. Owens crotched him on the top turnbuckle and pinned him with a stunner.

Kevin Owens on the top turnbuckle with Finn Balor on his shoulders

Omos and AJ Styles aren’t worried about their issues with the Dirty Dawgs because they’re not on their level. Omos is going to make them suffer tonight. They’d like The Usos to permanently get rid of The New Day and get off their show. The bottom line is you don’t cross AJ Styles and Omos… the rest was mostly nonsense about movies.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler have been watching movies too. They think Styles and Omos’ movie would be Twins.

AJ Styles & Omos vs The Dirty Dawgs looked like it was going to start with AJ Styles, but Omos wanted in. Roode took the first stint and just got flattened and thrown around. Omos dumped Roode in his own corner and demanded Ziggler tag in. Ziggler tried a sleeper, which didn’t work out for him. Styles asked for a tag after Omos had pressed Ziggler over his head and dropped him and delivered a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Omos drops Dolph Ziggler

Bobby Lashley said Dominik Mysterio shouldn’t have been on Team RAW in the first place. It should always have been him. He’s planning on beating Rey tonight then walking through Team SmackDown on his own.

Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio, with Dominik, was the main event of the evening. Dominik tried for a distraction, and did his best cheerleading, but the match was mostly miserable for Rey. There was a minute or two mid-match where things looked almost promising for him, but he spent most of the match being brutalised.

Commentary got to the point where they were talking about Lashley just playing with Mysterio. Lashley looked Dominik in the eye and held his gaze as he held Rey in a delayed vertical suplex for a ridiculous length of time.

Lashley ran himself into the post when Rey moved, and took two 619s before he could recover. But Lashley stood up holding Rey when he went for the pin and put him in the Hurt Lock. Rey tapped, but Lashley kept the hold on until he passed out. Dominik looked like he might leap to attack Lashley, but opted to take care of his father instead.

Sarah Schreiber asked Adam Pearce, who had been shown watching backstage, if he had any final thoughts. He borrowed her mic instead of answering and went to the stage to remove Rey Mysterio from RAW’s Survivor Series team. Replacement to be named later.

Austin Theory ambushed Dominik and gave him an ATL. Pearce came back out and added Theory to the team because he likes his style.

Austin Theory with Dominik Mysterio on his shoulders for the ATL

We got a couple of run-throughs of the Survivor Series card, which looks potentially decent. Both of SmackDown’s teams have one person to be confirmed, which presumably will happen on Friday. Join us next week for all the PPV fallout.

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