Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another double dose of trouble. We’d be seeing new teams and new fighters emerge as Baliyan Akki sees if he can coexist with Sayaka Obihiro to battle Shin Black Comaneci and the team with too much energy, Chie Koishikawa, and Kaori Yoneyama take on Masahiro Takanashi and Sayaka. For #174, we’d see the main-event return for Baliyan Akki as he goes to war with HEAT-UP’s Daisuke Kanehira. Alongside that, Chie-DK would briefly reform to take on Antonio Honda and Cherry. As the company rolls with the changes from American excursions, it is trying new things. Let’s see how they got on.

ChocoPro #173

Chie Koishikawa & Kaori Yoneyama defeated Masahiro Takanashi & Sayaka via Japanese Leg Roll on Sayaka

Up first today was a huge dose of energy. Masahiro Takanashi and Sayaka were going to have to contend with not just Kaori Yoneyama or Chie Koishikawa, they were going to have to face the full energy of the pair combined. They were in for a tough one here. Sayaka and Koishikawa opened with a test of strength that saw Sayaka overpower Koishikawa and trap her against the wall. They scrambled around the mat and reached a stalemate trying for pinfalls. They both tagged out and Takanashi started trying to lock up Yoneyama. She kept him on his toes and sent him flying with arm-drags. Koishikawa came to assist but Takanashi bounced the pair off each other. He tried to chain wrestling but Koishikawa took him on a run and Yoneyama latched on, hijacking the camera for some POV ass kicking. Just as they prepared the shot, Takanashi grabbed both their noses and broke them. They struck again and Koishikawa lit Takanashi up with the Demon Chop. They both gave Takanashi mat burn and Yoneyama mangled his face on the window ledge. Takanashi had enough of this and trapped Yoneyama in another Nosebreaker then snapped her neck with a Rude Awakening. Sayaka kept his momentum going with heavy elbows and a scoop slam to Yoneyama. Sayaka fought off Mongolian Chops to deliver another elbow and Takanashi yanked at Yoneyama’s hair. Yoneyama grabbed back and the pair broke the other’s nose. Koishikawa took over for Yoneyama and caught Takanashi with the Tornado Arm-Drag but Takanashi stretched her out and threw her into the wall. He missed his thrust kick so Koishikawa went after his leg and tried for the Muffler. Both fighters kept countering and both took the other out with dropkicks and double chops. They both crawled to their partners and Sayaka almost took the win over Yoneyama with a wall dropkick. Sayaka applied her multi limb Crab and Yoneyama fought out to use Takanashi as a weapon, dodging double team manoeuvres to bounce them both off each other. He was taken out with hyperactive double team and the pair almost took out Sayaka with a face-crushing senton combo. Sayaka fought off a window plunge and stunned Yoneyama with a dropkick but Yoneyama refused to die and folded Sayaka into a pin for the win. This opener had so much energy even Honda had trouble keeping up. it was fast fun with everyone getting time to shine.

Shin Black Comaneci (Antonio Honda & Tokiko Kirihara) defeated Baliyan Akki & Sayaka Obihiro via Double Comaneci Explosion on Obihiro

Our first main event of the double bill featured the return of Shin Black Comaneci. The demonic musical duo were all dolled up and ready to fight. It was just as well really as they were taking on the hard-hitting duo of Baliyan Akki and Sayaka Obihiro. Things were going to get screwy in this one as rules and Black Comaneci do not go together. Kirihara and Akki opened with their familiar style of fighting, taking each other in circles with chain wrestling after an early finisher rush. They got into a posing contest and the pair tagged out. Obihiro locked up with Honda and the pair traded holds as Honda tried to stop his “hair” from falling off. He nearly gave up to a Hammerlock and called for a timeout as Obihiro hit him in the chest. Honda stabbed her in the throat and stabbed Akki in the eyes with his “hair”, doing the same to Obihiro when she got up. Kirihara joined in on the stabbing and spun Obihiro on her staff, making her dizzy. The Comaneci followed and Honda hit her with a pop-up fist, taking the toy over to Akki to choke him out. The prop assault kept coming as Honda kept hitting both Akki and Obihiro with weaponry. A chop fight broke out with Honda breaking the flow with body blows. He missed the dancing elbow and Obihiro made him pay with flurry after flurry of chops. Akki came in swinging and pummelled Honda with his go-to combo into the Spider. The leglock followed and Honda had to punch his way to freedom. The pair threw bombs until Honda went punch drunk and nailed the dancing elbow. Both guys were KO’ed so Honda tagged out and let Kirihara kick the life out of Akki. She continued with wall slams and almost murdered him with an STO. The grounded Cobra Twist followed and Kirihara avoided a Backbreaker to deliver more kicks. Akki kicked back and the pair kept testing the other’s legs until Kirihara attempted an ill-fated Buzzsaw and nearly ended up in another lock.

Honda made the save and the pair punished Akki with a double Atomic Drop into a Double Cobra Twist. Obihiro saved Akki but got bounced off the wall and watched in horror as Honda grabbed the mallet. He ended up nailing Kirihara and ate an Enzuigiri as Akki realised he had a chance. Honda and Obihiro had a thrust fight and Obihiro caught Honda’s hands forcing him to stab himself in the throat. Honda countered Obihiro Magic and narrowly got saved from a double pin by Kirihara. Obihiro locked on a Sleeper but Honda was rescued by Shin Gon the Fox, who nibbled on Obihiro’s hand. Gon held Akki in place for Kirihara’s STO and Honda killed Obihiro with a Piledriver before ending things with the Double Comaneci Explosion. Much like the first match, this was bloody mental. Shin Black Comaneci have improved tremendously and seemed to have only found more ways to break the rules. Their image keeps getting scarier and now, their presence might be too as they rack up their first win in forever. It was definitely a main event calibre fight.

ChocoPro #174

Antonio Honda & Cherry defeated Chie Koishikawa & Masahiro Takanashi via Backslide on Koishikawa

Once again the show was opening with a bit of trickery as the devious minds of Antonio Honda and Cherry were meeting to form a team to take on the mixed energy of Chie Koishikawa and Masahiro Takanashi. One was really hyper, one didn’t want to be there, could they find a rhythm, or would this end in defeat for Chie-DK? The match opened with everyone getting chants and chain wrestling exchanges between Cherry and Takanashi and Honda and Koishikawa. Honda had to avoid giving up to a Hammerlock and tried to match Koishikawa at her own game before giving her a positive palm reading. Cherry gave Takanashi one too and the devious duo struck with bad luck in the near future and forearm slaps. Honda worked Koishikawa’s arm and brought in Cherry to keep up the torture with nasty submission holds. Honda came back in to dance on her arm, break it with a knee, and then nearly snapped her arm with another hold. Takanashi tried to make the save, but Honda just punched him away and went back to work on Koishikawa. She finally escaped with a dropkick and watched as Takanashi started taking his anger out on Honda with punches and dropkicks to the head. He locked Honda up and stretched out Cherry for a Demon Chop when she tried to interfere. Takanashi fired up for the thrust kick but Honda blocked with a punch and twisted him into a knee. Cherry and Takanashi got to grappling and Cherry dug her clutches into his repaired leg, bending it out of shape with a Figure Four.

Cherry kept going for the leg and tried for an Exploder but Takanashi fired into the wall and tagged out. Cherry stopped Koishikawa in her tracks with hair pulling but Takanashi freed her and the pair blasted her with chops. Cherry countered a second Demon Chop and dropped Koishikawa with an STO. Honda was tagged in and started punching Koishikawa in the gut. He snapped her back with a single-knee Backbreaker and all hell broke loose as the partners got involved. Cherry and Honda geared up for double-dancing elbows but took each other out instead of their opponents. Koishikawa and Honda chopped it out upgraded to slugs as the other tried to take the other’s head off. Koishikawa knocked Honda loopy with an arm-drag and sliding chop then climbed the window for the Acumen. Cherry made the save so Koishikawa tried for the Muffler. Honda rolled her up and managed to catch her again into a Backslide, stealing the win. This was a close match with both teams firing on all cylinders to deliver one hell of a heavy match. Koishikawa was rightly pissed but she had nothing to be upset about as Honda only just got that win.

Daisuke Kanehira defeated Baliyan Akki via GTS KO Knee

Last but not least, our second main event. Baliyan Akki was going to put on another main event-worthy performance alone against the HEAT-UP fighter Daisuke Kanehira. He’d been left without his bro and he was going to do everything he could to show he was still as dominant alone. Kanehira wasn’t going to prove to be that test. They started with strong lock-ups and shunted each other around the studio. The technical warfare continued as the pair worked through multiple holds and locks in a battle for dominance. Akki upped the physicality and flew over Kanehira to deliver an arm-drag. The pair started throwing bombs and Kanehira rocked Akki with a Powerslam. He hammered Akki with stiff knees and Akki made him pay by driving him into the wall and the stools. Akki threw knees back and tried to snap Kanehira’s spine and shoulders with a Stretch Plumb into a Crucifix. He borrowed Shiryu’s crane choke and scored near-falls with a Victory Roll and Cute on Purpose. He trapped Kanehira in the Namaste Stretch and had the tables turned quickly when Kanehira trapped him in an Abdominal Stretch. Kanehira released the hold and choke tossed Akki into the wall for more horrifying strikes ending in a devastating lariat. Akki kicked back and tried to fly but Kanehira just kneed him out of the air. He knocked Akki out of the window and climbed up himself, but Akki quickly paid with a Hurricanrana. Referee Shinno administered a 10-count, forcing both guys up and allowing Akki to jump-scare Kanehira into a Backbreaker. He followed up with the Spider but Kanehira wasn’t ready to quit. Akki tried to go for the legs but Kanehira kicked him off and countered another head-scissor into a powerbomb. Kanehira murdered Akki with more elbows and Akki caved Kanehira’s ribs in with a running knee.

Both men were just out for blood at this point. Akki fired Kanehira up with more kicks and the pair fought off suplexes to deliver more shots. Akki went for his head kick but Kanehira dodged and launched Akki with an Exploder. The pair beat the hell out of each other again and Akki got a modicum of vengeance with another Backbreaker. He ran the wall to deliver a Swanton and climbed the sink to deliver the Namaste Splash but Kanehira got his knees up. The pair fought up again and had another high-intensity slugfest. They blasted each other as hard as they could until Kanehira nailed Akki with a GTS and KO Knee to end things. This was brutal. It was a bell-to-bell slugfest with these guys trying to put on the most physical match in ChocoPro history. This is a sure contender for the match of the season list as the intensity was through the roof. What a fight.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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