Welcome back to MLW and the final chapter in CONTRA’s war with MLW. After Alexander Hammerstone stripped Jacob Fatu of the MLW World Heavyweight Championship, the Samoan Werewolf had become despondent. Hammerstone didn’t want to end there though, he was the CONTRA Hunter and he was going to eradicate them from the company in their home turf, the War Chamber. It would be 5 from CONTRA, 2 Sentai Death Squad, Ikuro Kwon, Mads Krügger, and Jacob Fatu taking on the Hammerheads, Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, Savio Vega, and one missing man who’d certainly make his presence felt. It was all to play for now with either CONTRA or the company losing its soul. Let’s get into the action.

War Chamber: Hammerheads (Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, Savio Vega & Matanza Duran (Jeff Cobb)) defeated CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Mads Krügger, Ikuro Kwon & Sentai Death Squad members #1 & #2) via Torture Rack on Kwon

This was it, the final battle. One last time around the sun for either MLW or CONTRA. One team was coming away broken tonight in that barbed-wire topped cage. The rules for the match were quickly announced, a five-minute 1-on-1, then the team with the coin toss win would enjoy a 2-on-1 advantage as combatants trickled in at two-minute intervals. We knew the teams, we knew the anger and we knew Cesar Duran had been stirring up trouble for the teams. Who was going to leave War Chamber alive? CONTRA had won the coin toss so Jacob Fatu was out first, he was going to destroy early on. However, the Hammerheads had their own secret weapon thanks to Cesar Duran, Matanza Duran (Jeff Cobb to the uninitiated), Cesar’s brother, and a monstrous foe for Fatu. That’s right we had five minutes of pure Cobb vs Fatu violence. They had the ultimate hybrid hoss fight as both guys threw heavy strikes and tossed each other around the cage. After five minutes of breaking the laws of physics and Cobb trying to break Fatu’s spine, Sentai Death Squad #1 was sent out to fight. He instantly planted Cobb with a Black Hole Slam and worked with Fatu to brutalise him with a vicious beatdown. Savio Vega came out to Cobb’s aid and massacred both with kendo stick shots. Cobb went back after Fatu and Vega kept the Sentai member downed and choked. They switched dance partners and the Sentai member felt Cobb’s heavy hands whilst Fatu got the kendo. Ikuro Kwon was in next and went right to work with his educated feet and striking game to KO Vega and Cobb for another multi-man beatdown. After flying onto him with an assisted splash and stomping down Vega, he removed his shirt and choked Cobb out with it. CONTRA’s numbers were really starting to overwhelm.

Just as things were getting nasty, the numbers finally improved as Richard Holliday rushed out to deliver a CONTRA beating. He might not be in his element but he was bringing rarefied air to the cage along with the pain. He took out Sentai #1 but found himself being targeted and flattened by Fatu. Holliday found his feet first and used the quiet to beat down Kwon as Cobb doubled stomped Sentai #1. Sentai #2 must have felt his fellow member’s pain as he was out next and went to work on anyone in his way. Once again, CONTRA were left standing tall thanks to the blessing of the coin toss. However, it didn’t last as the judgement was coming in the form of EJ Nduka. The Judge is unstoppable and instantly went to work throwing around bodies. Between throws and feats of strength, Nduka cleared out the ring and left everyone down, using Sentai members to break the cage. Fatu and Nduka threw their hands and the final CONTRA member made his way to the ring, the Black Hand, Mads Krügger. Nduka was ready and we got a proper battle of the big men with Kwon eating a Verdict and Cobb eating a boot for interfering. Krügger finally took Nduka down with a flying lariat and ordered his fellow members to massacre Holliday. As he’d made his entrance, Krugger had left a third Sentai member by the door who rushed Hammerstone as he made his way to the cage. Hammerstone rid himself of Sentai members #1- #3 quickly with pocket salt, pipe shots, and heavy strikes. Hammerstone murdered everyone in his way, then turned and got Chokeslammed out of his boots by Krügger. Hammerstone returned the favour by finally hitting Krügger with the Nightmare Pendulum.

With Krügger down, Fatu and Hammerstone renewed hostilities. The pair slugged it out, then Fatu went for the injured ankle and wrenched it in an ankle lock, fighting off anyone who tried to break it. Hammerstone managed to free himself and launched Fatu into Krügger, who’d been working with Kwon to keep Nduka under wraps. The CONTRA monsters had a hostile staredown and tried to work together but Hammerstone was ready to counter, watching Fatu take out Krügger again. Kwon jumped onto Hammerstone’s back to deliver a rear-naked choke but Nduka helped pull him off and after a lethal kick, Hammerstone submitted Kwon with a Torture Rack. CONTRA had been bested once again as the Hammerhead overcame the swarming, the odds, and the mind games to ruin the warmongers on their own turf. It had been a drawn-out battle of attrition that allowed Hammerstone to come in last and play the monsters off each other to get that win. This was awesome. It was fun to see Cobb back with Duran, Ikuro Kwon and Nduka got to show off more of what they’re capable of and as per usual Fatu stole the show with his versatility.

The Samoan werewolf was beside himself when the smoke cleared. CONTRA had lost again and Hammerstone remained alive and well. He mauled everyone in the cage as tensions boiled over. Krügger and Fatu argued over who cost who the match and brawled until security dragged the pair away. Kwon tried to soothe things over, then joined the beatdown on Fatu. CONTRA had disintegrated as the power struggle came to fruition. The two commanders were smashing each other to pieces as Fatu had gone rogue and destroyed his former soldiers, to the crowd’s excitement. It took a whole mass of bodies to pull the brawl apart and even that failed as Krügger and Fatu wanted blood. CONTRA as we know it is dead. MLW could breathe a sigh of relief as this stinging loss and Duran’s stirring had destroyed CONTRA.

Before/After the Match:

  • Cesar Duran announced he was taking MLW to Mexico. He was bringing the best of MLW to fight the best Luchadores in the biggest colosseums.
  • 5150 dropped another scathing promo package as their family was back together. They had Homicide on their side and Rivera was celebrating the fact he’d not only stolen but burned Hijo de LA Park’s mask. They were beyond pleased with themselves and the pain they’d caused.
  • CONTRA couldn’t leave the feed alone as Mads Krügger left a chilling message ahead of the final battle. Fatu had broken Hammerstone’s ankle, he wanted to break Hammerstone’s spirit and end MLW forever.
  • Big Beef Gnarls Garvin debuts next week on MLW’s Thanksgiving Fusion. We’ll also see the 5-way Openweight ladder match and the other Opera Cup semi-final match between TJP and Calvin Tankman.
  • After the match, when the smoke had cleared and the brawl had been ended, the camera cut to a meeting between Cesar Duran and Karlee Perez. Duran was looking to be friends in this new world as the pair lamented what they could do to paint a new violent future for MLW and Azteca Underground. A new cathedral of violence is under construction and the pair toasted to the future.

All images courtesy of MLW, video courtesy of MLW YouTube, 

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