It’s ICW time once again. The touring company of ultraviolence had arrived in Chatanooga Tennessee at the TWE Arena and was ready to hang its hat for a weekend of deadly matches and monster fights. We started with the return of the Pit and the return of some favourites to the world of No Holds Barred. Insane Lane was back to fight Satu Jinn, Brett Ison took on Calvin Tankman, AKIRA went to war with Gary Jay and much more would lead to the main event where the M*E*R*C was debuting to take on John Wayne Murdoch for the American Deathmatch Title. It was going to get wild so let’s waste no more time and get into the carnage.

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AKIRA defeated Gary Jay via Axe Kick KO

We were opening with a slugfest tonight. AKIRA and Gary Jay are two of the heaviest strikers in ICW. This one was going to get painful to watch without any weapons required. Just the chops alone were going to leave these fighters sore. The crowd wanted to see AKIRA fuck Gary Jay up so Jay dared him to do so. They opened with a sickening chop exchange that left both men red and AKIRA’s chest bloody. AKIRA was trying to fire up on the strikes but Jay was really laying them in. They descended into rabid forearms and AKIRA dropped a fired-up Jay on his head with a Saito. AKIRA kicked the shit out of Jay and Jay made him pay with another stiff forearm into a slam. He kept the punishment going and took AKIRA on a painful tour of the TWE Arena until AKIRA ducked a chop and he mangled his hand on a pole. Jay was forced to take a seat and AKIRA booted him out of it with the Ole kick. Back in the Pit, Jay smashed AKIRA down again with more hard shots and set up a door. AKIRA put the door to good use with a 2K1 Bomb and repurposed the chairs for a barfight. The pair chopped it out again, AKIRA absorbing each chop with a hearty “fuck you, Gary.” He kicked back and KO’ed Jay with a heavy Axe Kick. AKIRA had won his return to ICW but it had left his chest as bloody hamburger meat and the crowd rabid for more.

Tank (w/Revered Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) defeated Jake Crist via Door-breaking Backdrop Driver

Up next was Jake Crist returning to ICW to fill in for Neil Diamond Cutter. He’d filled the void and was now going one-on-one with the Bloodbath Behemoth Tank. Crist was outsized here but could he find a way to work that into his favour and pick up a win? Crist was in full dickhead mode and tried to score an early advantage with a carpet-strip bat. That smashed against the Pit and Tank slammed him into the concrete. Tank lit Crist up with jabs and tried for a Door-VD but Crist raked his eyes and Superkicked him into the door. Tank refused to die so Crist raked him across the pit-side wire and winded him with a chair to the throat. Tank started showing life so Crist gave him another throat shot and more wire to the forehead. Crist set up a door and spent too much time sniping at the fans so Tank countered the Crist Cutter and threw him through the door. He set up a second door and backhanded Crist in a Backdrop Driver to take the win. Once again, Tank bulldozed his way through the punishment dished his way, and put another challenger in the ground. Crist had brought a good fight but his obsession with screaming at the crowd saw him get killed.

Calvin Tankman defeated Brett Ison via Door-VD

Time to get stiff. We went from hardcore to snug as hell as we prepared to see Calvin Tankman take on the Human Shotgun, Brett Ison. KOBK was going to be in full effect as Ison prepared to give it all before his break from wrestling. He wasn’t getting an easy fight though as Heavyweight Hustle doesn’t know how to stay down, especially since he wanted to bring the killer out of Ison. Tankman opened light with chain wrestling and tried to push Ison to fight. It started working as Ison got mad and the strikes came out. They clubbed and chopped the shit out of each other until Tankman dumped Ison with a Saito. Ison wouldn’t stay down so Tankman tried to break his arm and his spine with more traps and shots. Heavy knee strikes followed and Ison fought up, firing back at Tankman for thinking he was out of it. Tankman tried for a Camel Clutch and pried at Ison’s face, earning himself a bite in return. Ison threw another barrage at Tankman but was just slammed down for an earth-shattering splash. Even that couldn’t keep Ison down so Tankman pelted him with chairs and mangled him with the steel, using one in the back for another Camel Clutch. That woke Ison up. The monster was loose and he was throwing bombs like no one’s business. It was Tankman’s turn to barely escape death as Ison kneed the hell out of him. Ison got a door and had ring steps set up next to it. Both guys were knocked loopy from move heavy shots and Ison desperately tried for a pin. Ison set up the door and stood atop the steps but Tankman knocked him out with a back elbow and ended things with a Door-VD. This had been an absolute war. Tankman wanted KOBK Ison and he got him. These two just put one of the best pit fights to date, a perfect story told in the most physical of fashions.

Satu Jinn defeated Insane Lane via Barbed-wire Door Uranage

Onto something more monstrous. It was time for a battle of deathmatch juggernauts. It would be the uncivil Satu Jinn taking on the Mental Messiah, Insane Lane. The last time we saw Lane, he’d gusseted a sparkler to his head, what the hell was he going to do this time? It was going to be pure chaos. It opened with a pelted chair from Jinn and the pair mauling each other around the venue with assorted fuckery. Jinn got a snap bat in the bat whilst Lane got swatted with a snap racquet. Jinn kept the violence quota up with a gusseted keyboard and Lane returned the favour by giving him a gusset to the head. They continued to fight around the venue and Lane got explosives to the head in bat form. Struggles complained the action was too close to commentary so Jinn grabbed his cane knife and cut up Lane right in front of them, raking that blade across his forehead and his mouth. Lane snatched the blade off him and cut into Jinn’s head, then brained him with a tack bat. They chased each other again and attacked with a TV and gusseted badminton racquet. The action returned to the Pit and the pair beat each other senseless in front of a can door until Lane threw Jinn through it with a Pumphandle-plex. Lane set up a barbed-wire door and tried to Suplex Jinn again but Jinn hoisted him up for the Uranage and ended things. Jinn had battled another monster and won, surely putting him up the ICW ranks. It was hard not to have fun with this one as it became an anarchic brawl of ridiculous fuckery with both guys having a blast… or several.

Krule defeated Hoodfoot via Tennessee Door Massacre

Okay, this was the scary one. Hoodfoot and Krule are both monsters who have no fear for blood loss and will fight through hell to pick up the win or batter their opponents. Now, they were being let loose on each other. This was going to get ugly. It started frantically as Hoodfoot tried to stun Krule with a multitude of thrown items to no effect. He tried to light Krule up with strikes and brain him with chairs but the Heathen wasn’t phased and punched the chair into him. Hoodfoot turned Krule into a gusset plate porcupine and even that couldn’t stop the monster as he just flexed them out and hammered one into Hoodfoot’s head as blood leaked out the holes. Now both guys were pissing blood and took the fight around the arena, nailing each other with more gusseted toys. Krule was in full-on Terminator mode as nothing Hoodfoot could do would stop him from coming forwards and striking back. Even a gusset door was just picked up and thrown right back at him. Krule broke the door over Hoodfoot’s back and the pair took turns smashing each other off the venue wall, getting blood everywhere. Krule knocked Hoodfoot senseless and just tossed him over the wire back into the Pit. Hoodfoot booted the wire into Krule’s crotch as he crossed the threshold but as expected, Krule didn’t feel it and grabbed him by the throat. He kicked Hoodfoot in the dick and set up another door. Hoodfoot played it smart and knocked out Krule’s knee so he could apply a sleeper hold. He tried to transition to a backdrop driver but Krule kept elbowing him away. They moved away from the door and Hoodfoot finally got the big man down with a Cutter. They rose again and Hoodfoot finally put Krule through the door with a Half and Half. Krule rose like the dead and murdered Hoodfoot with door pieces until the match was stopped. Hoodfoot had given it his all and scored some shock moves on Krule but the Heathen would not be denied and claimed his first ICW victim in an absolute bloodbath.

Justin Kyle defeated Dale Patricks via Door Powerbomb

Well, this was going to be a styles clash. Dale Patricks might just be one of the MVPs of the year but he found himself at a somewhat disadvantage here. Kyle had a distinct power advantage so he was going to have to make Kyle fight the deathmatch style to level the playing field. He came out looking cool as fuck and went right after Kyle with a launched cigarette and a barrage of strikes. Kyle kicked back hard and the pair kept scrapping, launching wild elbows. Patricks got knocked into the fuckery so he smashed Kyle in with a chair. He bounced multiple trashcan lids of Kyle’s head and headed towards commentary to grab a power saw. He mashed the blade into Kyle’s forehead, then powered it up and went to town on his forehead again. Kyle woke up after more fuckery shots and started throwing bombs back, levelling Patricks with fuckery shots of his own. He hammered Patricks with a water jug and got a fan to do the same to him but this let Patricks get up and score more hits on him with a jug and vicious forearms. He kept going with a chair chokeslam but Kyle kicked out at one. Patricks attempted the White River Plunge but Kyle just got angry and started throwing shit at Patricks, then slammed him through a door. He brought in a cameraman and gave the viewing audience a close-up as he hammered a gusset into Patricks’ head. A door mauling followed but Patricks still wouldn’t give. Patricks caught Kyle with a snap bat and landed another chokeslam but Kyle wasn’t going to die either. He set up a door and kicked Kyle in the cock but even that wouldn’t subdue the Super Fight Beast. He rocked Patricks with a forearm and ended things with a Powerbomb through the door. Holy shit, I was not expecting this magnitude of fight. Patricks has a new attitude and it certainly helped him leave his mark on Kyle. It may not have led to victory here but he certainly seems more dangerous now. Excellent fight here.

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated M*E*R*C via Super Strip Brainbuster

Last but not least, we had the main event. It was title fight time with the M*E*R*C (MERC for short) stepping up to not only debut but to try and snatch away the crown jewel of the company from The Duke, John Wayne Murdoch. MERC is no stranger to death and violence and currently holds the top TWE Title, so he was going to fit right in with the NHB fighters. The crowd was torn on this one and with the amount of fuckery in the Pit, the wrestlers were going to be torn up too. MERC started strong with a Door-VD and tried to steal a quick win with a swift kick and pinfall. He began setting up furniture and broke another door and Murdoch with an elbow drop off a ladder. Murdoch got tired of MERC’s energy and just hurled him at the wire surrounding the pit. He broke two snap bats over MERC’s spine and got out the knives, dragging MERC outside to carve him up amongst the crowd. They tumbled amongst the fans as Murdoch cut up MERC’s head, shoulders, and back with dual-wielded knives. The duo traded headbutts and Murdoch spiked MERC with carpet strips only to get driven into the pole and stabbed with a gusset. They kept brawling and nailing each other with assorted fuckery as the fans reached fever pitch, Murdoch really shocking them with a knife-to-mouth jawbreaker. The fight finally returned to the pit and Murdoch turned MERC into a pincushion with a tack bat. He signalled for the Brainbuster but MERC reversed into the Jig and Tonic onto the chair. They duelled with trashcans on sticks, Murdoch’s can flying off to attack Struggles and MERC used the chaos to smack Murdoch about with a chain. Murdoch hit his first Brainbuster onto the concrete and MERC kicked out at one. MERC demanded more so Murdoch tried for the Deep South Destroyer and got caught into a jack-knife Suplex with the chain, barely kicking out. MERC tried to choke Murdoch out with his chain but it wasn’t working and Murdoch snatched up a trashcan to pummel him with. A fuckery tower was set up with a super bundle of strips up top and the pair fought atop a ladder until MERC took the death plunge for the three-count. Murdoch had survived another challenger but I feel ICW just found a new hero to root for. The Generalissimo, the MERC.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Jay and AKIRA proved you don’t need excessive plunder to make people uncomfortable. Their chops and slugs were wince-inducing with Jay’s heavy hands drawing as much blood as barbed wire. It was a monstrous opening contest and an incredible watch.
  • Tankman vs Ison was incredible. Ison might be on the way out for now but he is determined to go out with the loudest of bangs. He prides himself on his storytelling and the one he told with Tankman here should go down in history as one of the best stories told in ICW.
  • Satu Jinn and Insane Lane had a ridiculously fun fuckery fest that gave everyone a good dose of bloodletting and creative weaponry spots. It wasn’t the top wrestling match of the show but it was great fun and another big win for Jinn.
  • Hoodfoot and Krule had an absolute massacre. I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard this was going to go. Krule was in Terminator mode and Hoodfoot managed to navigate that and cause some major damage before the inevitable happened. What a fight.
  • Yeah okay, MERC v Murdoch fucking owned. It was a tornado of pure violence and gore with creative fuckery and ghoulish contraptions. MERC is a star and had the guts and charisma to not only match Murdoch but have the crowd rooting for him. He stepped up in a big way and gave a main event level fight, even if he lost.

What Comes Next?

  • As always, ICW NHB always gets better with new and returning faces, I’d love to see more Krule, more Insane Lane, more Hoodfoot and I definitely need more of the M*E*R*C in the company.
  • Calvin Tankman managed to help steal the show tonight but has his match with Ison set him up to fail against PCO tomorrow? He has time to recover but will he be in top condition to go toe-to-toe with the madman?
  • Justin Kyle has set his sights on Krule, if he can make it through Brett Ison at Volume 20, I’d love to see what would happen when those two monsters collide.
  • Dale Patricks has a new attitude and it spells trouble for anyone he faces. It’s clear that he’s done with being one of the nice guys and I can’t wait to see it come to life against AKIRA.
  • Murdoch just got hammered here. The MERC left his mark and now the Duke has to defend that belt against Tank on his home turf. Are we about to see an upset in Tennessee?

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