Welcome back to ICW and to one of the biggest shows to date. Following the massacre at the TWE Arena, the chains were coming to the Inversions Circus and giving Chattanooga another delicious dose of violence. The company was firing on all cylinders and was about to bring in one of the most popular wrestlers ever, PCO to take on Calvin Tankman. Alongside that, AKIRA took on Bad Boy Dale Patricks, Jake Crist took on Remington Rhor, Hoodfoot battled Satu Jinn, and much much more leading to the main event murder as The Bloodbath Behemoth Tank cashed in his title shot against John Wayne Murdoch. Could we see that title finally snatched away from Murdoch? Let’s get into the carnage and find out.

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AKIRA defeated Dale Patricks via Gotch-Style Piledriver

Up first tonight, we had the battle of a Death Samurai and the Deathmatch Gambit. That’s right, it was time for AKIRA vs Dale Patricks. We’d seen yesterday that the fun-loving Jackass is gone, now Patricks was out for blood and ready to hurt someone. Would AKIRA be able to cope? They opened with a forearm exchange and upped the ante with some Bud Lights and gussets in the head before teeing off on each other again. They descended into headbutts and both got knockdowns with a Pele Kick and a massive Powerslam. Patricks kept picking apart AKIRA and sent him colliding with the chains multiple times. Patricks wasn’t stopping but then neither was AKIRA as he unleashed a deadly combo into the Death Spiral Suplex. The pair brawled around the outside and sent Bud and blood flying as they fought through the crowd to a fuckery platform and back again. They chopped Buds into each other’s chests and used sack taps and cut-up cans to keep the other under control. They settled in for a good old barfight and slammed some more Bud into each other. AKIRA got the best of it and took the longest run-up yet for an Ole Kick. He dragged the fight back to that contraption and Patricks threw him through it after countering Sliced Bread. Patricks brained him with door parts and finally brought the fight back to the ring. At that point, he kept AKIRA trapped in the chains and tried to break his back and ribs with hammer blows.

AKIRA wouldn’t give so Patricks broke a keyboard on him and kept unloading on a willing AKIRA. The Death Samurai woke up and caught Patricks with deadly kicks into a massive Backdrop Driver. AKIRA countered Patricks’ death combo and dumped him on his head with a Northern Lights Bomb. AKIRA ate another chokeslam and was assaulted with baking trays before getting dropped onto a trashcan with an Atomic Drop. Patricks tried for a Swanton onto the can-trapped AKIRA but he dodged and Patricks crashed and burned. AKIRA returned the favour with can kicks and a Shatter Star Bomb. The pair manically tried to find an end but nothing was working. AKIRA had Patricks on his knees for more kicks and after a chain-bounce German, hooked in the Gotch-Style Piledriver to take the win. Once again, this new Patricks had raised hell and torn AKIRA apart but the heart of the Samurai kept beating and he found a way to win. What an opening epic.

Justin Kyle defeated Brett Ison via Door Spear

Next was the slug-out of the night. Brett Ison was going out in a blaze of glory for ICW and after a gruelling war with Tankman, was about to tear it up with the Super Fight Beast Justin Kyle. These two prefer to talk with their hands and quickly made that clear with barrage after barrage of forearms. Ison almost took the win with some stiff punches and a face wash but Kyle just about kicked out. Kyle returned fire with a Spinebuster and both guys stopped to catch their breath. They kept squaring up and slugging out as both guys relished the fight and were clearly having a blast. They fired each other up and beat the absolute shit out of each other until Kyle got nasty and dished out the slams and smashes to silence the crowd. Ison got his revenge with a huge lariat and began rearranging the furniture. He destroyed Kyle with spinning back-fists and another knee but it still couldn’t keep Kyle down. A Door Valley Bomb followed but Ison still couldn’t get the pin. Kyle created some separation with an armbar and started throwing Ison around the ring, goring him with a door Spear. Ison was out and Kyle got another victory, sending the hometown hero out on his shield. Ison gave it his all, showed the fire and aggression we wanted but, in the end, Kyle’s killer instincts and indestructibility led him to victory here. However, those traits may be pushed to their limits soon… as Krule appeared and murdered Kyle post-match. The Heathen called, Kyle seems all too happy (and angry) to answer.

Jake Crist defeated Remington Rhor via Crist Cutter Backslide

Time for something a bit different. Jake Crist has become somewhat of a regular now for ICW. Despite pissing everyone off, it’s had to deny his ability and cunning within the pit or the chains. Now, he was getting to welcome some new blood, the Carnivore Remington Rhor. Would Crist teach him a painful lesson or would Rhor show Crist who was at the top of the food chain? Crist realised quickly he’d fucked up as he’d brought carpet-strips to a machete fight, that didn’t stop him ingratiating himself on the mic and pissing even more people off. He had a strong start with his strip bat and pelted doors but Rhor quickly overpowered him and started throwing him around. Crist bailed so Rhor followed with a Baseball Slide. Rhor geared up for an apron kick but Crist baited him into another chair to the head. Crist went back to mauling Rhor around ringside and made sure everyone heard his train of thought. Rhor tried to use a fan argument to his advantage but Crist just smashed a tack bat into him. Rhor returned the favour and they both became pincushions. He stalked Crist around ringside and took a bite out of Crist’s head. Crist went to the eyes and drove Rhor into the concrete with a Tornado DDT off a wall. He drove Rhor into a ring post with a chair to the throat and returned the action to the ring. He kept picking Rhor apart but tried for a Suplex and got dropped with a Falcon Arrow. Crist angrily swung back and snapped a strip across Rhor’s head. Crist did it again in the chains and scored near-falls with Snap Suplexes, one into a strip lattice. He made a chair pile and slammed Rhor hard onto the steel.

He piled them over Rhor and crashed down into the mass with a chair drop but still couldn’t end things neither could a follow-up chair pile Tornado DDT. Crist changed tactic and stretched out Rhor with a Camel Clutch then hammered a gusset into Rhor’s head after a struggle for a bloody Superkick but still got two. He took to the air but Rhor caught him and drove him through a door with a Fire-Thunder Driver. Crist just about kicked out so Rhor set up a strip door and took it to the top. Crist stunned him with a Gamengiri and drove Rhor through the door with a Superplex. Rhor kicked out again so Crist ended things with a Crist Cutter into the Backslide. The crafty, loudmouth vet had scored another win over new blood and wouldn’t let anyone forget it. Though, it had been a hard task as Rhor has proven to be nigh-on unkillable. It was a long, but enjoyable fight between these two.

Reed Bentley defeated Bobby Beverly via Tiger Driller

BY GOD HE’S BACK. That’s right, after a bit of an absence, Reed Bentley was back in ICW and he was picking up where he left off with another strongman bloodbath against 44OH!’s resident Suplex Machine, Bobby Beverly. This could get ugly, especially since both were wearing flannel. Both went straight for the bundles and took turns busting them over the other’s head, filling the air with spooky dust. Bev carved up Bentley and the pair continued to break each other around the venue, Bentley getting some revenge with the Eagle and tubes to the ankle. Bentley took too much time to celebrate and took a chair to the face for his trouble. He kept the abuse coming and backdropped Bentley onto another bundle before starting a chop and punch out. Bentley got pissed and just hurled a tube cabin at Bev’s head. The action mercifully returned to the ring and Bentley gave Bev another taste of glass with a Pepsi Twist. Bev kicked out and broke Bentley over a bundle with a pop-up knee into a Saito. The pair kept trading Saitos with reckless abandon and Bev broke Bentley across his knee. Bev set up a door and Bentley broke it with a Bulldog. He nailed Bev with a tube senton and dropped him on his head with a Fisherman Buster but still only got two. He set up a killing bundle chair but it would be Bev that landed the blow with a Brainbuster. Even that didn’t end things. Bev didn’t stop and tripped Bentley on a chair then drilled Bentley with a spinning Fisherman Bundle Buster. Bentley returned the favour with a tube cabin trip and quickly ended things with the Tiger Driller. It had been a successful return to action for Bentley and a ridiculously good fight from Beverly. These two just get each other and I feel they’ll always make magic in the ring, fuckery or not.

PCO defeated Calvin Tankman via Swanton Bomb

Now for the moment, we’ve all been waiting for. ICW promised a super fight and they were delivering as PCO made his debut within the chains. We all know what the monster is capable of and how many risks he’ll take. Just what would he do in a match against the Heavyweight Hustle, Calvin Tankman? This was going to be one hell of a match. Tankman wouldn’t let him hog the glory and flew right at him with a Tope Suicida during his entrance. They unleashed heavy chops on each other and Tankman threw PCO through the fan’s chairs with an emphatic “fuck Frankenstein.” PCO tried to fight back but Tankman just scooped him up and dumped him over more chairs. PCO returned the favour with a chair DDT and mauled Tankman around the venue, bulldozing chairs and Tankman with a running cannonball. Tankman fired back with chair shots and set up a door. They danced around the door and kept brawling around the venue, firing off more horrific chops on each other. Tankman took control with ring post battering rams and set up more doors on the outside. He took the fight into the ring and kept throwing out nasty strikes and electrifying PCO back into action. They kept throwing hands and Tankman tried to throw PCO out of the ring through the door tower. PCO fought this off and delivered a huge Chokeslam then followed Tankman out of the ring with a monster dive into a door. The monsters collided again and Tankman rocked PCO with a spinning back elbow only for PCO to rebound into a lariat.

PCO tried to go for a German but Tankman fought him off and pounced him through a door. More doors came into play and Tankman put PCO through another with a Blue Thunder slam. PCO rose from the dead again and tried to grab Tankman but Tankman bit free and launched him through the door tower outside. Tankman threw him inside for the Hidden Blade but even then, PCO kicked out. A table was brought in and Tankman set it up. PCO ambushed Tankman with a claw and laid him out on the table. He scaled the platform and put Tankman away with a Swanton Bomb. Holy shit. This was amazing. PCO came, saw, took a whole lot of punishment to once again prove he isn’t human and conquered. This was an epic. Tankman was the perfect opponent and had PCO on the chains so many times. This is the absolute must-watch of the show. Yes, it’s that good.

Hoodfoot defeated Satu Jinn via Bundle Smash Cutter

Time for another bloodbath. Hoodfoot and Satu Jinn are two juggernauts in this game and will both bleed buckets given the opportunity. Now, they were being unleashed on each other. Hoodfoot is still chasing that first glory despite so many near-wins and Jinn is on one hell of a winning streak. The stakes were on, who’d come away the victor in Hoodfoot’s debut in the chains? They opened with stiff chops and started trading tackles. Hoodfoot scored the knockdown with some misdirection and scored a second one with a massive dive. The pair brawled through the crowd, throwing bomb after bomb and bouncing each other off the wall. The tubes came out and Jinn broke the first bundle across Hoodfoot’s back then jabbed it into his head. Hoodfoot stumbled away and smashed a snap bat off Jinn’s back then got smacked with a trashcan lid. They traded more tubes and collided with doors as Hoodfoot clubbed bundles into Jinn’s head. Jinn grabbed his deadly cane knife and took Hoodfoot on a cutting tour of the crowd, picking the loudest side to give the grand finale, the blade in the mouth spot. He even tried to bite Hoodfoot’s nose off for good measure (Danny Devito would be proud.) The fight kept going with more blood on the walls and chair shots as both guys just wouldn’t stop. Hoodfoot found a gusset thing and smashed it against Jinn and started another series of bundle breaking. Hoodfoot was thrown through a door and rebounded by battering Jinn with the pieces, sending blood flying at the camera. Jinn winded Hoodfoot with a chair to the throat and pelted him with a glass pane. They finally returned to the ring and Hoodfoot kicked out at two. He fought off the Urange and flattened Jinn with one of his own. Jinn went strike drunk and landed his after a bundle to the head but Hoodfoot once again found a way to kick out. Jinn set up a barbed-wire door and the pair punished each other around it, Jinn breaking it with a DVD. That still wasn’t enough and the pair struck it out on their knees. They fought to their feet and Hoodfoot sent Jinn flying with a Saito. They both rushed to beat a ten-count and Jinn smashed another bundle on Hoodfoot’s back. Jinn tried to break another on his head but Hoodfoot surprised him with a Cutter and took the win as Jinn got a face full of glass. Hoodfoot had done it, he’d scored his first win in the company and derailed the win streak of Satu Jinn. It had been an arduous, bloody mess of a fight but he’d done it. He deserved this, he’d earned it and holy shit did they both look like megastars when the dust cleared.

ICW American Deathmatch Title: John Wayne Murdoch defeated Tank (w/Reverend Dan “The Dragon” Wilson) via Rolling Forearm

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for a title fight. The last time Tank met the Duke, it had been in the Pit. Now, he was cashing in his title shot in the chains and was not going to be denied again. The Bloodbath Behemoth was going to push Murdoch to the limit. Tank scored an instant knockdown with a back-fist and broke a multitude of tubes across Murdoch’s anatomy, having fun whilst he did so. The Reverend handed him a scythe and Tank used it to cut up Murdoch’s forehead. The tube shots just kept coming as Tank would grab them off the chains and smash them wherever they’d break interjected with more scythe action. Murdoch blocked another back-fist and gave Tank the tube treatment, breaking a bundle over his back. He kept the tubes coming and got thrown into the chains as Tank reversed a whip. Tank nearly took the win with a DDT and Chokeslammed Murdoch through a bundle. Murdoch countered a spear with a bundle to the head and Tank kicked Murdoch in the cock before breaking more tubes. Murdoch also hit low and tried for the Deep South Destroyer but just got backdropped through more bundles. The crowd got behind Tank as the fight went outside and both guys broke or got thrown into more fuckery. The fuckery turned to strikes and the strikes turned to headbutts as Tank looked to demolish Murdoch. Tank knocked himself loopy and Murdoch made it worse by throwing the literal commentary table at him. The table entered the ring and Murdoch tried to put Tank through it but got nothing but wood as he crashed and burned. Tank took full advantage with another barrage of tubes and fists then Murdoch dragged him down with a Flatliner into the Koji Clutch. The Reverend threw Tank the scythe again and Tank tried to saw Murdoch’s hand-off.

Murdoch tried to regain control with another bundle but Tank back-fisted it into him for a two-count. The pair fought around a knife-board and Tank dumped Murdoch onto it with a Backdrop Driver. Murdoch refused to die so Tank hit him with the title but even that wasn’t enough. The pair struck it out again and Murdoch tried for the Brainbuster but couldn’t get Tank up. Murdoch kept throwing out bombs and smashed super bundles off Tank, earning him a one-finger salute. Tank just took the blows and kept getting back up, bloody, bruised but defiant until the end. Murdoch scored the KO with a rolling forearm and got the three-count. He’d been mauled and pushed but he’d done it again. Murdoch just couldn’t be beaten. Tank had been a monstrous challenge and pushed Murdoch to change tactic but even then, the Duke had prevailed. He wasn’t ready for what came next though… Reed Bentley blindsided him. He’s done watching from the sidelines, he’s taking Murdoch’s belt for his own good.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • This time I’m not breaking down the best matches because they all rocked. This show was amazing from top to bottom. There was always something good be it the people in the matches, the horrendous blood loss or the spectacle. It was all amazing.
  • I feel special mention does need to go to Remington Rhor for being another perfect damage sponging monster and to the fact, PCO was on this show. I adore PCO and am glad to see him back in the indies blowing even more minds. I do hope this wasn’t a one-time deal. The possibilities are endless for PCO and the chains.
  • Props to the Tennessee crowd. This weekend of shows might have been one of the best received in ICW NHB history. Their energy was infectious and I found myself enjoying the action even more than normal. The pop for Hoodfoot’s big win just made it all the more special. A good crowd can make a good show incredible and an incredible show extraordinary or some bullshit to that degree.

What Happens Next?

  • Well, we definitely know who’s coming for Justin Kyle next. The Super fight Beast has enjoyed a long reign at the top of the undefeated shoot card but now the Heathen is coming for him. Krule attacked tonight, upping the ante and making sure he cannot be denied. Kyle is usually at an advantage in all his fights, what the fuck is going to happen when he collides with someone bigger and seemingly more indestructible?
  • Once again, please give me PCO again in the chains. I will take every opportunity to see his fights and ICW would benefit from a good dose of his insanity.
  • We know who’s coming for Murdoch next but looking at the stats, Murdoch has danger on all sides as AKIRA, Jinn and Bentley all have potential claims at the title. Bentley might be the first in line but it could be a very Reject-heavy list of challengers in the future.

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