Big E and Austin Theory

RAW won brand supremacy at Survivor Series. Vince McMahon had Cleopatra’s Egg, worth $100 million stolen, which is going to spill over into tonight. But the only confirmed thing on the preview is a 2 on 1 Handicap match with Rey and Dominik Mysterio facing Bobby Lashley.

I’m Amanda and this is the RAW review.

Match Results

Riddle def. Dolph Ziggler

Bianca Belair def. Tamina

AJ Styles & Omos def. The Street Profits (DQ)

Carmella & Queen Zelina def. Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H.

Cedric Alexander def. Reggie > Dana Brooke def. Cedric Alexander

Bobby Lashley def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Damian Priest def. Sami Zayn

Big E def. Austin Theory

Randy Orton and Riddle

The Show

Vince McMahon opened the show from his desk, talking to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce about his missing egg. He’s furious and hurt someone stole from him and horrified his gift from The Rock is missing. If Deville and Pearce don’t produce the culprit, they will be fired. Anyone who finds the egg will receive a sizeable reward. And if a Superstar brings it to him they’ll get a title match against Big E tonight.

Kevin Patrick asked Randy Orton why Riddle wasn’t there. Orton said Riddle could get lost in his own house but it’s not like him to miss a match. Riddle eventually turned up with a fake moustache and goatee. He’s trying to become Orton instead of the cutesy hero-worship thing. Orton yelled at him, but Riddle was committed to the bit and even used Orton’s music for his entrance.

Orton put his head in his hands for Riddle’s imitation of his posing before Riddle, with Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler, with Robert Roode. Ziggler ripped the moustache and goatee off, which is good because it was hard to concentrate on anything other than how ridiculous he looked until then.

Ziggler met Riddle’s leap over the top rope with a superkick heading into the ads, but they were back in the ring and Riddle was firing up when we came back. Orton approved of Riddle borrowing his moves, especially the RKO that finished the match.

Robert Roode’s post-match attack was met by Orton. He scooped Roode up and nailed him with the Bro-Derek, pausing for a fistbump with Riddle.

Dolph Ziggler tries to submit Riddle

Backstage, the Superstars were tearing apart the locker room looking for the lost egg.

After contemplating the ovation from the crowd, Becky Lynch said that three years ago right there she slapped Charlotte Flair and her career skyrocketed. Some of the biggest moments of her life have been there.

What we saw last night was the culmination of almost a decade of love and hate and friendship and betrayal. She wanted to hurt her. She wanted to injure and embarrass and maim her. Flair wanted to do the same to her, and the crowd loved every second of it. They didn’t care who walked out a winner, or if anyone walked out at all.

But, of course, she won. That was never in question. Now that’s done and it’s time for someone fresh and new. She polled the crowd on who they wanted to see on top. Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan were the popular choices, with Morgan winning.

Then she called out the WWE Universe for disrespecting the women in the five on five Survivor Series match with CM Punk chants and being silly (she didn’t say his name, of course). It hurts her to say it, but she agrees with the crowd that none of those women has what it takes, least of all Liv Morgan. Not every underdog has its day, and no one is getting the title off of Big Time Becks.

Becky Lynch

Bianca Belair was the sole survivor for RAW in the elimination match last night. Before her match, she credited the support of the WWE Universe for helping her to victory. She mentioned Doudrop, purely to say that she hoped she’d moved on and realised why she was chosen for the team now and that maybe she should help Mr McMahon look for his egg.

Bianca Belair vs Tamina, with Natalya, started after a break. It’s nice Tamina could have Natalya in her corner one more time after the draft separated them. Belair was way too cocky in the beginning, but having to kick out of a Samoan drop humbled her. Tamina kept her humble for a while, mainly by keeping hold of her head and trying to wrench it off her body. But it only took Belair dodging a corner charge and Tamina crashing into the post, to leave her open for the K.O.D. that finished the match.

Natalya tried to put Belair in a Sharpshooter after the match but Belair kicked her out of the ring. While Belair was asking her what the hell she was doing, Doudrop attacked her from behind. After putting her down with a crossbody, Doudrop yelled, ‘The EST isn’t better than me’, and left arm in arm with Natalya and Tamina.

Doudrop kneels over Bianca Belair

Seth Rollins gloated about being the sole survivor in the men’s five on five elimination match before Balor arrived. He took credit for the whole victory because Kevin Owens walked out on them. Lashley got counted out. Austin Theory wasn’t good enough. And Balor got pinned off a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. He promised to show Balor a few things about what it means to be the best. Balor’s music cut him off just before he finished.

Let’s be honest, Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor is a PPV match. Rollins didn’t want to wait, so he attacked Balor before the bell. Balor fought back and landed a dive over the top rope. But, as Rollins dropped him on the barricades and bounced him off the announce desk, ring, and barricades, it became clear the match wasn’t happening. He hit Balor with the steps, then rolled him into the ring for a Stomp. While officials were tending to Balor, Rollins went back for a second Stomp.

A fan attacked Rollins on the ramp. The incident was dealt with by officials, and the TV cameras caught only a second before being redirected, but the videos on social media look scary.

Seth Rollins Stomps Finn Balor

Backstage, the Superstars were still running around like they were on an out-of-control scavenger hunt. Sami Zayn was with Vince McMahon promising to bring him the person who stole the egg and checking he’ll definitely get a title match if he does.

Sarah Schreiber asked Kevin Owens what he thought about Seth Rollins’ speech. He told her he wasn’t listening. He was looking for the egg because he wants the title match. And if he doesn’t return it to Mr McMahon himself, he’ll be interested to see who does and who finishes the night as champion.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins brought a big bag to the ring for Street Profits vs AJ Styles & Omos. Omos won the battle royal last night with a dominant performance. Neither Ford nor Dawkins seemed keen to deal with Omos. They were on the outside talking about it heading into the break and Dawkins was fighting Styles coming out of it.

Ford got the task of taking on Omos, and it didn’t go well. Dawkins tried to help and was tossed out of the ring. He went to the bag and took out a fire extinguisher. Spraying Omos got them disqualified, but saved Ford from whatever he was about to take from Omos’ shoulders. Spraying AJ Styles as he came in for a Phenomenal Forearm might have been gratuitous, but it worked.

Angelo Dawkins sprays AJ Styles with a fire extinguisher

Carmella and Queen Zelina said they’re not worried about Nikki A.S.H. being a threat in their tag title match. All they have to do is take out Rhea Ripley and the titles will be theirs.

Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. (C) vs Carmella & Queen Zelina – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match – was delayed for Carmella to get her sparkly mask on. She’s got a red one now, which somehow looks even weirder. Carmella and Zelina had their chance early on to take Ripley out as planned, but they struggled to do so. Vega managed to spike Ripley with a DDT, but even stunned, Ripley stood up with her on her back and squished her in the corner while Nikki tagged in.

Eventually, their plan worked. Nikki almost pinned Vega with a neckbreaker but Carmella broke it up. In the chaos after Ripley came in to deal with her, and broke up Vega’s pin on Nikki during the chase, Carmella kicked Ripley’s head into the post. A superkick from Carmella while Vega distracted the ref, left Nikki A.S.H. open for Vega’s Code Red, and we have new tag champs.

Carmella kicks Rhea Ripley in the face

Sonya Deville excitedly told Vince McMahon they’d found the culprit and Adam Pearce was bringing them in. He and a jubilant Sami Zayn produced Austin Theory with the egg. Theory said he just wanted a selfie with it, then he got scared and took it back to the hotel. Zayn tried to say the story was full of holes.

Vince said Theory reminded him of himself, so he was dropping the charges and giving him the championship match. When Sami Zayn complained, he told him to shut up because no one likes a snitch.

Reggie (C) vs Cedric Alexander – 24/7 Championship match – had Corey Graves and Byron Saxton bitching at each other again. 24/7 rules were suspended for the duration of the match. Reggie has been consistently entertaining, but luck wasn’t on his side this time. Cedric Alexander pinned him, then got immediately pinned by Dana Brooke.

The 24/7 chasing pack had arrived by then, but no one quite knew what to do so they all stood around scratching their heads while Brooke celebrated. That’s her first title in WWE.

Sarah Schreiber asked her how she’s planning to defend it, and she gave a little speech about creating an opportunity and capturing it. This is her moment to show who Dana Brooke is.

Dana Brooke celebrates her 24/7 title win while the chasing pack looks on confused

Dominik Mysterio apologised to Rey for freezing when Bobby Lashley put him in the Hurt Lock. Rey told him not to feel bad and reminded him he’s been doing it for a while now and can fight his own battles. But tonight, they fight together.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs Bobby Lashley, with MVP, – 2 on 1 Handicap match – started with MVP telling Rey how much he respects him as a wrestler but thinks he leaves a lot to be desired as a father. He asked him what he’s going to do when Dominik is in The Hurt Lock and there’s nothing he can do except wait to explain to his mother how he got their child hurt. The suggestion he could offer Rey’s wife some comfort when she’s disgusted by Rey was a step too far.

Rey and Dominik had to tag, but they kept Lashley in their corner and fast tagged to overwhelm him early on. It only worked for a little while. A high-flying save from Dominik nearly landed him in trouble, but an equally high flying save from Rey got him out of it.

Rey did have to watch Dominik being bounced off the ring post and generally brutalised, but he must be used to it by now. Dominik helped his dad deliver a DDT, and held Lashley still while Ry dived from the top, but neither pin attempts were successful. A double 619 followed by two frog splashes and a double cover, still weren’t enough to keep Lashley down.

Lashley speared Rey out of the ring, then grabbed Dominik in The Hurt Lock and kept it on until Dominik was out.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio double 619 Bobby Lashley

The next PPV will be WWE Day 1 on January 1st. It’s all very mysterious at the moment.

Kevin Patrick spoke to Big E about the decision to make him defend his title tonight against Austin Theory, after taking such a brutal loss last night. He said he let a lot of people down last night, and that’s on him. But he can’t wallow because tonight he has his hands full. Theory is young and brash but talented. Big E promised that after retaining his title, he’s going to be feeling pretty good.

Kevin Patrick also spoke to Liv Morgan, or he would have done if Becky Lynch hadn’t interrupted to tell him that Morgan, once again, underdelivered. She got mean enough about how many people Morgan has let down, that Liv Morgan was on the verge of tears. When Lynch taunted her about it, Morgan punched her. The little smile afterwards suggests Lynch respected that.

Apollo Crews, with Commander Azeez, came out to give Damian Priest his life story in response to Priest’s open challenge but declined the fight when Priest told him to shut up and get a podcast. Sami Zayn answered the challenge instead.

Damian Priest (C) vs Sami Zayn – US Championship Open Challenge match – was good. Zayn is one of those superstars whose character has become so tediously annoying you can almost forget how good he is in the ring.

Weirdly, after bouncing Priest’s throat off the ropes, Zayn took some time away to grab the title belt and trash-talk instead of pinning him. That fired Priest up and The Reckoning sealed the win a few moments later.

Damian Priest slams Sami Zayn

WWE Superstars went bowling with Special Olympics athletes as part of WWE’s partnership. Looked like they had a lot of fun.

Austin Theory is planning to become the youngest WWE Champion in history tonight. He probably shouldn’t have referred to Big E as a big loser, but we live and learn.

Seth Rollins joined commentary for Big E (C) vs Austin Theory – WWE Championship match – as being the sole survivor earned him a future title shot. Theory was being taught a lesson when Kevin Owens’ music hit. He took advantage of the distraction and took control of the match. Big E was on the floor at ringside, while Owens and Rollins yelled at each other, heading into the final break, but they were back in the ring after it and Owens was sitting the opposite side of the announce desk to Rollins. Happily, neither had mics.

Theory is good, but he’s not Big E good. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fair fight. Rollins chop-blocked Big E, taking out the leg Reigns injured last night. Owens threw Rollins into the ring to stop Theory capitalising and they argued at ringside. Theory watched them instead of paying attention to Big E and got pinned off a Big Ending.

Rollins blamed Owens. Big E barrelled into them from behind Rollins and threw him over the announce desk. He rolled Owens into the ring, but Owens was out the other side before he got close. Rollins came back in and took a Big Ending, but Big E held the ring to close the show.

Big E attacks Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

An ok post-PPV episode. We’re heading into a limbo period with no PPVs and the holiday season to get through. Things are likely to muddle along for a few weeks, but hopefully, that’ll give us a few unexpected gems.

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