Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another weekend of wrestling joy as we break down another two episodes of Ichigaya’s favourite wrestling company. This time, we have another four matches of competitive fun and whacky stipulations as the company continue to put its stars through new tests and tribulations. Firstly, in #175, we’d see a Wasabi Cream Puff match between Sayaka Obihiro and Antonio Honda and CDK taking to the Chocolate Square to battle Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa. Then, in #176 we’d see a Chopical team emerge as Yuna Mizumori and Chie Koishikawa team up against Baliyan Akki and Tokiko Kirihara and in the second main event, SAKI returns for a hard-hitting bout with Sayaka. Let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #175

Wasabi Cream Puff: Antonio Honda defeated Sayaka Obihiro via Wasabi Death

Up first was something a bit different. Since Sayaka Obihiro is a licensed chef, it was time for a food-themed stipulation. Enter the Wasabi Cream Puff match. Obihiro and Antonio Honda were going to go about their wrestling business but every two-count led them to a game of Cream Puff roulette as one of those tasty treats was laced with wasabi. Whoever picked that treat lost. it was a 1 in 8 chance. They opened with chain-wrestling and near-falls as the pair tried to score a two-count. Honda gave us an early song to avoid giving up and shook hands with Obihiro to signal it was good she was back. He gave her a positive palm reading and baited into an attack from a handsome foe, leading to the first two-count. Obihiro got lucky and picked a sweet treat so Honda jumped her and kept up the pressure. Obihiro struck back hard and managed to score the second two-count with a sliding chop. Honda fearfully picked a cream puff and also got lucky on his choice. He celebrated by punching Obihiro in the gut and dropping a fist onto her face. A dancing jab battle broke out and the pair went into a song and dance number before Obihiro got another two-count with the Dusty Elbow. Honda picked his second treat and still managed to avoid the wasabi. A chop battle broke out and Obihiro got her third fall in a row with Obihiro Magic. Somehow though, Honda’s luck hadn’t run out and he avoided wasabi. Honda begged for a timeout and scored a near-fall by stabbing Obihiro in the throat. She picked up another cream puff and sadly met her end as it was the spicy wasabi one. She ran out of the studio after an entertaining little fight with oddly high stakes. When ChocoPro does deathmatch, it does the most painful type of death.

CDK (Chris Brookes & Masahiro Takanashi) defeated Baliyan Akki & Chie Koishikawa via Thrust Kick Crucifix on Akki

To end our first episode, we had the triumphant return for Chris Brookes and his unbeatable faction, CDK. They had the beers out early and were ready to beat Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa again. Brookes had already mocked Akki’s mannerisms and now he was going to beat him too for the fun of it. CDK attacked early and focused fire on Koishikawa after throwing Akki outside. Akki jumped to the rescue and started lighting up both members of CDK, getting into it with Takanashi. He was cut off and Brookes smashed him in the back with a bin. Shinno wouldn’t count their pin so CDK started trying to break Akki’s arm. They kept him trapped and made sure Koishikawa was kept out of the equation by routinely attacking her. Brookes mockingly fired Akki up so Akki made him pay with a massive combo of punches and kicks. He tagged out and Koishikawa came out chopping. She launched Brookes with the Tornado Arm-drag and terrified him with a Demon Chop. She switched to working over his legs and tried for the dropkick but he dodged into a Snap Suplex. Takanashi came in to torture Koishikawa and found a way to counter anything she could throw his way. She returned the favour by dodging the thrust kick and chopping out Takanashi’s knee. Thus began another round of leg work as Koishikawa tried for the Muffler and Akki tried to assist. CDK kept control through their double-team expertise but Koishikawa was able to get away and bring in Akki. He tried to break Takanashi’s ribs with heavy knees and broke him across his knee. They fought over a backslide and Takanashi dragged Akki into a heavy lariat.

He made the tag and Brookes ruined Akki with a Shotgun Dropkick and the duo worked him over with some more horrific double-team. Koishikawa tried to come to the rescue but CDK just caught her into an elevated Nosebreaker and hit Akki with the Shoop Cutter. Akki managed to fight off another finisher and caused Brookes to crush Akki with a senton. Akki and Koishikawa took advantage with a Backbreaker/Chop combo and tried to end with a Namaste Splash but Takanashi pushed Akki out of the window onto Koishikawa. Brookes latched onto Akki with an Octopus but Akki was able to turn it into a Finlay Roll and landed a wall-run Swanton. Takanashi tried to strike but Koishikawa was at the ready to chop him out of the Taka-Tonic. Brookes and Akki slugged it out and continued to beat the piss out of each other until Akki was knocked out with a jumping knee. Akki kicked and almost scored a win with a Fisherman’s Buster to his knee. He flew at Brookes with the Namaste Splash but Takanashi was ready to thrust kick him into a Crucifix. CDK had clutched the win, snatching it at the very last second from Akki. This was a close fight with both teams firing off well. It was the experience and cunning of CDK that got them the win this time. Akki is really struggling to find his footing now without Suruga.

ChocoPro #176

Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori defeated Baliyan Akki & Tokiko Kirihara via Supergirl Pin on Kirihara

Round two of ChocoPro’s double-bill opened with more tag team action as Yuna Mizumori and Chie Koishikawa teamed up to take on the interesting pairing of Akki and Tokiko Kirihara. The last time we saw and Akki team, there were the sparks of chemistry there and now we’d see if they could make it work against team Chopical. After the customary holding off Koishikawa ceremony, Mizumori and Kirihara began the match with cagey kicks and chain wrestling. The pair tagged and Koishikawa started taking Akki on a run. They too participated in technical warfare and Akki got launched with an arm-drag. She tagged and Mizumori catapulted Akki into a nasty chop before instigating a musical beatdown. Akki fought them both off and started angrily stomping. He brought Kirihara in and watched as she ragged Mizumori around the mat into a Comaneci. She repeatedly smashed Mizumori off the wall and brought in Akki to keep up the beatdown. Mizumori escaped with a back body drop and we got another round of Akki vs Koishikawa warfare. The pair kept countering the other and Akki put the brakes on Koishikawa with a Backbreaker. Kirihara returned to action with violent strikes and tried to trap Koishikawa in an armbar. She threw heavy kick after heavy kick but Koishikawa just kept coming back for more. Koishikawa managed to dodge the dancing stomp and went to work on Kirihara’s legs, softening her up for the Muffler. Kirihara tried for the Cobra Twist but Koishikawa just went back to the knee and ran into a Judo Throw.

Akki joined the fight and the pair tried for the Comaneci Press but Koishikawa got her knees up. Both tagged and we got a shoulder tackle contest between Akki and Mizumori. Akki won the exchange but Mizumori knocked him off the wall and hammered him with elbows. She fired up for the Papaya Mango Coconut but Akki leapt over her into a Sunset Flip. He kept trying for the pin and countered a handstand kick into a Kneebreaker and Deathlock. Mizumori reversed a Backbreaker into a Cutter and rammed him into the ringside tables with a shoulder tackle. She floored him again with a flying shoulder block and tried for a splash but Akki booted her in the mouth and kicked her into the wall. They threw more hands and Koishikawa had to come to the rescue after a wall-run Swanton. Mizumori took out Akki with a lariat but Kirihara was ready to help out and the pair landed the Comaneci Press. Koishikawa saved the match again and Akki finally tagged out to Kirihara. She kicked the soul out of Mizumori and wrenched on an armbar but Mizumori wouldn’t give. She tried for the Cobra Twist but Mizumori threw her off and flew into the Supergirl, sweeping the victory. This was a heart-breaking loss for Akki and Kirihara as victory had been right there. They had managed to keep a stranglehold on the match for the longest time but Koishikawa’s persistence and Mizumori’s adaptability had saved them from defeat. Once again, it seems Akki just can’t win without Mei around…

SAKI defeated Sayaka via Running KaWild Bomb

Last but not least, the second main event. SAKI was back in ChocoPro after storming the OOAK League and now, was going to put Sayaka through the wringer in one hell of a hard-hitting contest. The last time SAKI fought, it went 40+ minutes, so she would be ready to go the distance. SAKI was the favourite in this one but could Sayaka upset that? The pair shook hands and went into a chain wrestling exchange. They traded waist and wrist-locks, going back and forth on holds, screaming at each other the whole time. SAKI trapped Sayaka in a headlock and took the fight to the mat. They picked up the pace and began manoeuvring around each other. Sayaka landed a trip and tied SAKI in a knot, jumping on her back with knees for the bow and arrow. She kept mangling SAKI’s back as SAKI yelled back at her. SAKI made her pay with a body slam and showed her how to apply the stretch. She rolled Sayaka into the wall and locked on a Crab putting more pressure on the back, then transitioned to stretch Sayaka out with her own hold. SAKI brought out the strikes and mauled Sayaka with nasty shots and stomps. Sayaka tried to block a whip but SAKI just dragged her into a Snap Suplex. She kneed Sayaka into the wall and flattened her with a handstand press. Sayaka found a way back into the match by dodging a Vader Bomb and caving in SAKI’s chest with a forearm into the slam. She bulldozed her way into a Crab and the pair slugged it out when SAKI escaped. Sayaka tried to remain defiant but SAKI just kept booting her. She dodged Sayaka’s dropkick and nearly tapped her out with a Crossface but she managed to drag herself to safety.

SAKI levelled her with a big boot and tried for a Suplex but Sayaka kept rolling her up and applied the Sayaka Lock. SAKI slapped free of the hold but Sayaka was ready with a dropkick. SAKI booted back but Sayaka shook it off and forearmed her to the floor. Another boot connected and SAKI dumped Sayaka with repeated Atomic Drops into another boot. She locked on the Campana and dropped Sayaka for a Vader Bomb. Sayaka kicked out so SAKI scooped her up and ended things with a running KaWild Bomb. Well damn, this was an excellent way to end things. This match rocked. It’s excellent to have SAKI back and fighting in top form. Sayaka stood up to her nicely and held her own, forcing SAKI to break out one of her deadliest moves. It definitely brought the intensity and hopefully, down the line we get this pairing again.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Baliyan Akki videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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