Welcome back to ChocoPro and to a special week of birthday celebrations for the current Super Asia Champion, Chon Shiryu. That would be the fuse to light up another weekend of explosive action from Ichigaya’s favourite company. In #177, we’d see Tokiko Kirihara and Yuna Mizumori team up against Sayaka Obihiro and Chie Koishikawa and for the main event, the Drunken Dragons would form to give Ganbare’s Ken Ohka a warm welcome as he teams up with the Ace Baliyan Akki. Then, if those two matches weren’t chaotic enough, the floodgates would open for another round of eight-person warfare. The champion who never lost, Minoru Fujita and his chosen warriors, Hagane Shinno, Sayaka, and Masahiro Takanashi would battle the current champ Chon Shiryu and his band, Baliyan Akki, Chie Koishikawa, and Yuna Mizumori. It was going to get wild so let’s waste no more time and get into the action.

ChocoPro #177

Tokiko Kirihara & Yuna Mizumori defeated Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka Obihiro via Supergirl on Koishikawa

Up first today was a battle between power and speed. The inspiration and inspired were teaming up as Chie Koishikawa and Sayaka Obihiro were set to take on The Tropical Fairy Yuna Mizumori and the Comaneci Master Tokiko Kirihara. This was going to be a madcap match for sure. As expected, the heavy-handed team opened with chops and Tropical Comaneci made them pay with dual Papaya Mango Coconuts. They trapped Koishikawa in a double Comaneci and kept torturing her with some holds as Obihiro watched on. Mizumori attacked and advertised her CDs and catapulted Koishikawa into the wall for a Crab. This beatdown continued as Koishikawa found herself with nowhere to go and two combatants willing to rip her apart. Koishikawa finally escaped from Kirihara after an agonising Figure Four and strikeout, landing her Tornado Arm-drag and bringing in a fired-up Obihiro. Sadly, her barrage of thrusts was blocked and Kirihara forced her into a Comaneci. Obihiro made her pay with a Sliding Chop but once again, had the tables turned as Kirihara trapped her in the Cobra Twist. When that failed, she just smashed Obihiro off the wall, letting her linger in the camera before impact. The Claw cut off a comeback and Mizumori flew in to crush Obihiro with a splash. Obihiro chopped back again and made her escape with a sliding chop. Koishikawa kept the chops coming and a pinfall war broke out. Koishikawa tried to choke Mizumori out but Kirihara intervened with a kick. Mizumori followed up with the handstand press and rammed Koishikawa into the wall with the Tropical Yahho. Both members climbed to the windows and murdered Koishikawa with a Coconut Crush into a dancing stomp.

Mizumori locked on another Crab and Kirihara joined in with a Comaneci. Obihiro made the save and Mizumori was pummelled with a chop combo. Koishikawa applied the muffler but Kirihara broke the hold. Koishikawa landed the Acumen on Kirihara and Mizumori was trapped by an Obihiro Magic chop but it still wasn’t enough. Obihiro accidentally took out her partner with a throat thrust and Mizumori instantly capitalised with a Supergirl. Tropical Comaneci had racked up their first win by capitalising on the misfortune of Obihiro’s wild strike. Koishikawa was once again screwed out of victory but had shown more of her hellacious offence throughout. Can’t go wrong with an opener like this.

Masahiro Takanashi & Chon Shiryu defeated Ken Ohka & Baliyan Akki via Dragon Clutch on Akki

The first main event of the weekend would give ChocoPro another new contender as Ganbare President Ken Ohka made his long-awaited debut. He would be teaming up with ChocoPro Ace Baliyan Akki against the birthday boy, Chon Shiryu, and Shiryu’s on-again/off-again rival Masahiro Takanashi. Shiryu and Akki opened with a chain wrestling masterclass that quickly ramped up into all-out warfare. They reached a stalemate so Takanashi and Ohka took over. They too locked up and Ohka crushed Takanashi’s head with a headlock. Ohka powered through Takanashi’s tricks and was knocked into Akki when the pair tried double submissions. Shiryu knocked Ohka loopy with a step-up kick and the pair got to work breaking him down, even twanging him in the face with elastic and stomping a sign into his face. Ohka tried to come back with a flying shoulder block but it didn’t work out and he only took himself out. Shiryu and Takanashi continued to play with their food but an ill-fated wall throw had Ohka headbutting a wall and firing up. He took Takanashi out with a tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker and unleashed Akki on them. Akki kept the Backbreaker train rolling and went after Takanashi’s legs. He fell victim to the numbers and soon found himself being worked over by Shiryu and Takanashi too. Akki quickly tagged and worked with Ohka to hit a Finlay Roll/Swanton combo on Takanashi. Ohka missed another block and Shiryu made him pay for it with an excessive combo of strikes. Ohka dodged the flying kick and took out Shiryu from the sink with a shoulder block. Sadly, he brained himself on the wall and Shiryu wrecked him with another kick.

The pair hammered each other and Shiryu snapped Ohka’s arm before getting taken out with a Spear. Akki kept the pace up with the Spider and went to work on Shiryu’s legs with his Deathlock. Both guys landed some bombs and Takanashi helped set up a Trust Fall combo. They downed Akki with a double DDT and Shiryu dropped a Dragon Stomp. Ohka saved the day and knocked down both with a double clothesline after they attempted the DDT on him too. Akki chopped the soul out of Shiryu and tanked his strikes to plant him with a slam. Takanashi put the breaks on the Namaste Splash and Shiryu sent him crashing to the floor with a head-scissor. Ohka tried to come to the rescue but Shiryu threw Akki at him and Ohka gored him. The pair removed Ohka with dual kicks and bludgeoned Akki before Shiryu took him out for good with a Dragon Clutch pin. Once again, Akki finds himself on the losing end of a battle without Mei Suruga. Ohka had gone wild throughout the match but the cunning of his foes had proven too much. It was one hell of a match to watch though and another main event-worthy effort from both teams. More Ohka is needed.

ChocoPro #178

Minoru Fujita, Masahiro Takanashi, Sayaka & Hagane Shinno defeated Chon Shiryu, Baliyan Akki, Chie Koishikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Ankle Lock on Koishikawa

It was time for something chaotic. One-match shows are always special and this was going to be no exception. It was Minoru Fujita’s big return and he was coming back with a bang. It would be team Fujita vs Team Shiryu in an eight-person battle of attrition around Chocolate Square. Rivals would clash, teams had imploded temporarily and the champions were going to see who was better. All whilst HEAT UP’s TAMURA tried to officiate it. Fujita and Akki opened with a return to their epic feud and ended up dragging each other around the studio before breaking out the chain wrestling. Fujita collapsed after kicking and his team rushed to his aid. Sayaka and Koishikawa took over the fight and tried to score some early pinfalls. Both applied their bow and arrow and both were tagged out by Shinno and Shiryu. The pair picked up the pace for a bit before letting Mizumori and Takanashi knock each other about with shoulder blocks. More and more bodies joined the block battle and both teams formed Megazords around Koishikawa and Sayaka. The two huddles watched as Sayaka and Koishikawa tried to cause a collapse, the latter causing a fall with a Demon Chop. Chaos erupted and brawls broke out everywhere as the powder keg exploded. TAMURA couldn’t control it anymore as everyone fought in and around the studio. In an attempt to return the order, Fujita set up a mid-match Janken tournament and lost, prompting another round of brawls. Akki and Shiryu showed off some acrobatics and Fujita had another attempt at Janken with Koishikawa, losing again. Mizumori and Sayaka were throwing hands outside, Mizumori using a mat to inflict more pain. Sayaka avoided the mat sandwich and dropkicked Mizumori onto the concrete. Back in the studio, it was time for Janken round 3. Fujita finally beat Koishikawa and both disappeared from view.

The action returned to Akki and Shiryu who were both choking out Shinno and Takanashi from the crane. Shiryu released Shinno and helped coach Akki on his technique. This would prove to be his undoing as Shinno reappeared with boxing gloves and used Akki as a speed bag. Fujita stepped over Akki’s dead body and set up round 4 of Janken, going 3-1 against Koishikawa. After that, the camera panned to Mizumori elbowing Takanashi against the bathroom door but he used a cupboard door to the knee to stop her. TAMURA had been using the facilities and accidentally opened the door into Mizumori’s head at Takanashi’s behest. Mizumori launched him with a Tropical Yahho and Akki joined in for a dual splash. Takanashi kept getting the life bludgeoned out of him by everyone on team Shiryu and Koishikawa became the punching bag of team Fujita. Another chaotic brawl broke out and the Egg Tarts fought each other, neither holding back on the other as Shinno used the Demon Chop on Koishikawa. Fujita picked her back up for round 5 of Janken and went 4-1 down after another loss. Team Fujita dragged Koishikawa away and Fujita began stomping down her hands. The rest of his team joined in and Koishikawa really found herself on the wrong side of town. She escaped with some violent chops to Takanashi and brought in Mizumori who bulldozed everyone in her way. Mizumori’s energy could not be contained as she managed to knock everyone about and block any attempt to stop her. Shinno booted away multiple Papaya Mango Coconuts and withstood multiple lariats to kick her away with a Bicycle Kick. Mizumori responded in kind with a dropkick and tagged in Akki. Shinno escaped Akki’s wrath with a sweep and Sayaka came in for a fight. Sayaka murdered Akki with forearms but he blocked her slam and ran into another vicious elbow. Sayaka kept Akki in her grasp and avoided Backbreakers to nail more forearms and the slam. Everything he tried to do was countered and turned into something painful.

Akki tried to escape and land the Spider but Takanashi held him on the wall and Sayaka took advantage with a dropkick to the back. She gave him another to the mat and Akki snapped her spine with a Backbreaker. Sayaka wouldn’t stay down though and he quickly collided with the wall as Sayaka landed another dropkick. The teams collided again to prevent a We Will Rock You. This backfired and Fujita hit the whole of team Shiryu with it. Shiryu and Fujita took over the action with heavy shots and Fujita once again collapsed from the impact. It proved to be a ruse and Fujita hit back harder until Shiryu took him out with a trust fall. Fujita was right back up though and enlisted Sayaka for a dropkick/Russian Leg Sweep combo. The stools came out and Fujita began setting up his Kamikaze Splash. He lost his breath at the window and team Shiryu swarmed him. Akki slammed him down and his team worked to bury Fujita in stools for a Kamikaze Namaste Splash. It landed and Shiryu dropped him on Fujita again with a Gory Bomb. Shiryu tried to follow up with Project A but missed it. The teams went on a massacre of each other until everyone was down, Shiryu and Fujita starting and ending the spree. The Egg Tarts took up the mantle again and unleashed hell on each other. Koishikawa slammed Shinno into the muffler and Shinno returned fire with an Ankle Lock. Another rush of finishers kicked off with Shinno and Fujita hitting Akki and Shiryu with the Death Penalty and Mizumori flooring Shinno with a lariat so Koishikawa could land her double chop. Shinno kicked out and lit up Koishikawa with kicks into an Axe Hammer and the Ankle Lock. Koishikawa tapped and Shinno secured the win for Team Fujita. It had been a long, gruelling battle that saw everyone rampage through the studio in a hurricane of wrestling action. The Egg Tarts were fine thankfully despite the match and ChocoPro gained another match of the season contender as this one had everything. It went from standard tag to an all-out brawl, back to a standard tag at a moment’s notice. Excellent work all round from the ChocoPro crew for this one.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, FlyingVTrigger, Tokiko Kirihara Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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