Right here, right now. Happy Day 336 of 2021. Episode 48. Remember what I was telling you. “A time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results,” here is what a Turning Point is about. Now, did you seize it? Did you take your chance, make a change, find some benefits to it? If so, you’re definitely Hard To Kill. Right here, right now. Tonight is the real Fallout episode from Turning Point.
On the menu, this week, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Violent By Design will face off Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Chris Sabin will wrestle Drama King Matt Rehwoldt. Jonah will make his debut in the Impact Zone. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker were on commentary. On ‘Before The Impact’, Jake Something defeated Hikuleo w/ Chris Bey

  • Matt Cardona cut a promo about losing to W. Morrissey at Turning Point before turning his attention to IMPACT World Champion Moose. Moose made his way to the ring and told Cardona he’s accomplished so much in his 18-year career, everyone knows who he is. He mentioned Cardona’s action figures, his beautiful wife, and his deathmatch king nickname. He told him that’s all great but don’t overshoot it, truthfully he’s just not that guy. He will never be a top guy in this business. Moose asked Cardona if he really wants to step into this ring, with him. He told him it will last as long as his Intercontinental championship run. He called Cardona a mid-carder and said he should change his name to “Mid Cardona.” Cardona slapped the mic out of Moose’s hand and started to hit him away with 2 Broski boots in the corner before W. Morrissey hit the ring and ate a Broski boot as well. Both Cardona and Moose laid the boots on Matt Cardona. Morrissey lifted Cardona up but Eddie Edwards hit the ring to make the save. Cardona grabbed the Impact title and held it over his head as Moose and Morrissey headed to the back.

  • VBD promo. Eric Young said they told Rhino he’d learn the hard way and, at Turning Point, they showed him. Young said they’re coming for the Tag Team Championships and Willie and Rich are just the beginning of that. This is a warning to Impact, there is a design and it will be violent.
  • Backstage, Matt Cardona came to Scott D’Amore who made a tag team match, Moose & Morrissey vs Edwards & Cardona. Cardona added he wants a title match and D’Amore said, “make me proud and maybe you’ll get a shot.” Cardona said ok and walked away. Rachael Ellering and Jordynne Grace walked up and said they heard about the Knockouts Ultimate X match and they wanted to be in. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans came and offered their input. D’Amore said we have time tonight and booked Savannah vs Rachael.
  • Chris Sabin defeated Matt Rehwoldt w/ Deonna Purrazzo. She distracted the referee during the match so Mickie James got involved.

  • Backstage, Scott D’Amore told Chelsea Green next week he’ll announce the 6 competitors for the Knockouts Ultimate X match, Chelsea said he knows everyone wants to see Chelsea vs Mickie. Alisha Edwards came up and said she wants to be in the match. D’Amore said again he’ll announce the competitors next week, Alisha replied that she better be in it. Jai Vidal walked up and D’Amore said he’s not letting him in the Knockouts match. Vidal wanted a match at Hard to Kill because he’s Hard to Kill. D’Amore said he likes Jai but he only has one opportunity and he won’t like it. Jai agreed to take any opportunity. D’Amore made a match between Jai and Jonah.
  • Jonah defeated Jai Vidal. After the match, he said the whole wrestling world is talking about him and he takes over everywhere he goes. There’s a reason he showed up in NJPW, that was to stand face-to-face with Moose. Moose is the IMPACT World Champion, something he deserves to be. Jonah said before Moose he has his sights set on Josh Alexander because they say he’s the best in the world but, to be the best, Josh has to go through the top dog.

  • After a recap of his Turning Point match, Trey Miguel told Gia Miller he’s glad he retained the X-Division Championship but he wanted to pin Maclin and his biggest challenge so far has been pinning or submitting Maclin, something he has yet to do. Maclin appeared and beat down Trey, spearing him into a locker before throwing a toolbox at his head that Trey narrowly dodged. One security guard showed up to break it up and he just set Trey up to get beat down even more. Maclin choked out Trey with an extension cord before the rest of the security showed up to hold Maclin. They held Maclin long enough for Trey to flip off something onto all of them.
  • Brian Myers was practising distanced learning with Zicky Dice and asked how they got his phone, Zicky said he stole the number from Cardona’s phone, Brian hung up on him. VSK called Myers and said he’s not sure if Brian saw Turning Point, Zicky said VSK’s loss to Rich was really bad. Of course, he saw he’s a student of the game. VSK promised to make good on everything and make things better. VSK said he and Zicky are going to face FinJuice and make everything better.

  • Backstage, Moose told W. Morrissey they have to stop Matt Cardona from getting the championship. Morrissey asked how stopping Cardona helps him, which is funny because he already helped stop Cardona once. Moose told Morrissey if he stops Cardona, then he will get a shot at the title. Morrissey said he doesn’t think Moose ever has any intention to give him a title shot, so they’re done here. Moose said he’s a man of his word, he told Morrissey to look in his eyes, help Moose beat Cardona, and he’ll get the first shot at the Championship. W. Morrissey agreed before walking away.
  • Rachael Ellering w/ IMPACT Digital Media Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Savannah Evans w/ Tasha Steelz.

  • Backstage, Tenille was back and asked Madison and Kaleb what everyone has been up to. Madison told her about Wrestle House and said these new girls from Australia have won the Impact Knockouts Tag Team titles. Tenille said being Australian is her thing, so she must meet these girls. All three walked off to find the IInspiration. Tenille walked up on the IInspiration. They mocked and reunited. Madison was not sure what’s going on but Kaleb jumped right in on the fun. Madison asked Kaleb if they know him too, he said he was just feeling the vibe. The IInspiration asked who he is. All five of them walked off.
  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Violent by Design (Deaner & Doering). After the match, Violent by Design continued their attack on Mack and Swann but Rhino and Heath came out to make the save. They dropped Deaner, then made their way into the ring to beat down Doering and Eric Young. Rhino connected with a belly-to-belly suplex on Eric Young.

  • Backstage, Hernandez asked Johnny Swinger if he’s finally happy. Swinger said he hasn’t been this happy in ages. Hernandez had some cash and Rohit Raju was mad he wasn’t invited to Wrestle House. Larry D showed up and said maybe he wasn’t invited because the Lord of the Manor didn’t want him there. Raju said he should’ve been invited because while Larry’s been gone, he’s done a lot of great things. Larry challenged Raju to a match for next week.
  • Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards defeated W. Morrissey & Moose. After the match, Morrissey dropped Moose with a huge big boot. Morrissey flipped off Moose and stood tall over him to close the show.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Matt Cardona & Eddie Edwards vs Moose & W. Morrissey

Morrissey and Cardona opened the match with a lockup but Morrissey took control with a shoulder block after a strike exchange. Cardona dropped Morrissey with a bulldog and got him in the corner to tag in Eddie. Eddie and Cardona worked quick tags and tried to drop Morrissey with a double clothesline but Morrissey ran through it. Cardona and Edwards taunted Morrissey outside and he followed them out. Edwards and Cardona dropped Morrissey and Moose on both sides of the ring. Back from the commercial, Morrissey was back on the offence. Moose tagged in and stomped on the head of Cardona, rubbing his boot into the back of his head. Morrissey tagged in and hammered on Cardona with forearms. Morrissey looked for a powerbomb but got distracted by Edwards. Cardona reversed and tagged in Eddie. Eddie connected with an enzuigiri to Morrissey. Morrissey went for a big boot but Edwards trapped the leg and dropped a shoulder into the calf. Morrissey sent Edwards into the ropes, followed, but ate an elbow. Moose distracted Edwards and Morrissey shoved him off the top of the turnbuckle to the outside. Edwards got checked on by the referee as he favoured his knee.

Morrissey tagged in Moose and Moose headed right to Eddie on the outside. Moose tossed Eddie into the ring; Morrissey tagged in and both men sent Edwards chest-first into the turnbuckle. Moose tagged in and tried to Spear Edwards but he sent Moose to the outside. Edwards tried to make the tag but Moose pulled Cardona from the ring apron. They isolated Edwards in their side of the ring and Morrissey hit a drop and elbow onto Edwards. Morrissey tagged Moose in and Edwards fought back dropping Moose with the jawbreaker. Moose tried to prevent the tag but Eddie shoved him off and tags Cardona. Cardona dropped Morrissey off the apron and then hit Moose with a dropkick, followed by a codebreaker. Cardona connected with the Broski Boot in the corner. Morrissey and Moose lift up Cardona for a double suplex but Edwards caught him. All four men in until it came down to Cardona and Moose. They both dropped each other and all four men are on the floor. Moose and Cardona exchanged strikes before Moose dropped Cardona with a big boot. Edwards and Morrissey were back in the ring. Morrissey went back to the outside and Edwards connected with a dive, taking both men out. Cardona ran at Moose and got hit with a Uranage. Moose went for the Spear but Cardona rolled him up. Cardona went for Always ready but Moose tossed him over. Moose went for another Uranage but Cardona rolled him up for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

Swinger is happy again, what do you want me to say?

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts/Awards of the Week

– Bonus tracks

Impact Wrestling graced us with a bonus match from last week’s Wrestle House II episode. Watch on Impact Plus or YouTube if you’re an Ultimate Insider.

Before December 18, a little rewind of the first Throwback Throwdown, with the main event.

– The challengers

After the episode went off-air, Scott D’Amore came to the ring and announced that Moose will defend his Impact World Championship in a three-way match against W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona at Hard To Kill. I can hear you say, what about Josh Alexander? I ask myself the same question…

Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill will air live on January 8, 2022, at 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT). You can already order it on Fite TV. Three matches on the card as of today.

To be eNYGMAtic…

A pretty good episode, at least action-wise. An X-Division kind of match would have been welcomed, to kick off the show for example. I may love Scott D’Amore, we saw him backstage a little bit too much.
Jonah is impressive, of course. W. Morrissey is powerful, definitely. Chris Sabin is a Legend, once again definitely. Here’s what we know, but there’s also what we need to find out.
We are 5 weeks away from Hard To Kill and the build-up should be slow… And why this title? Because doing bad ratings one week doesn’t mean you’re dead and ready to be buried…
I’m not late this week, let’s celebrate. On a “Nygma is not on Xmas Mode” note, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, go get vaccinated, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Fight Network, Dan The JOBR, and AXS TV. Photocollages custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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