Welcome back to GCW and the return to Texas. After a roller coaster of a tour earlier in the year, the company was back and it was bringing even more names with them. Houston was going to be their first stop and there were a whole host of wonderful sights planned as well as some utter horror shows. Among the matches we’d see, Dante Leon vs Jack Cartwheel, SGC vs Bryan Keith and Mysterious Q, a massive Lucha six-man tag, Bandido vs Tony Deppen, and much more leading to the main-event nightmare between Sadika and EFFY. Let’s get into the carnage.

Loko Title: Dante Leon defeated Jack Cartwheel via Endseeker Senton

Up first tonight was a defence of the Loko Wrestling Title. Since GCW plays home to their champion and Loko was playing host to them, why not let him put on a show defending the belt? Thus, we were now about to see the Endseeker Dante Leon vs the Rocketwheel Jack Cartwheel in a high-stakes battle of the high-flyers. This was every bit as wild as you’d want it to be. It went by in a hurricane of wild flips, hard strikes, and bad landings as these two engaged in a flippy chest game. Once again, the high-flyers went all out to show they could wrestle, counter and work it just as smartly as anyone else. There were so many mind-blowing moments littered throughout this one as both brought their A-game. I feel like describing this one would do it a disservice. It was about 13 minutes of no-brakes, high-impact fighting, and flippy shit. What’s not to love? Loko got to open the show with a monstrous bang.

Allie Katch defeated Gino Medina via Dick Twist Small Package

Up next would be an interesting little contest. Allie Katch and Gino Medina are both home-state heroes and both are capable of turning up the heat on each other. Both are accomplished grapplers and strikers, would Medina’s Lucha expertise trump the Katch as Katch can style of Allie? What opened with almost flirty and romantic chain wrestling became an Any Means Necessary battle of attrition as the pair threw bombs, each other, and caution into the wind as they tried to pick up the win. The pair showed off their multitude of styles and put on a fun melting pot of wrestling power and technique. Medina couldn’t resist trying to break the rules when the opportunity presented itself and that bit him in the ass as Katch wasn’t affected by his low blow and on the crowd’s, approval twisted Medina’s dick to the finish. Both showed their respect after the match and basked in the reception they’d gotten. Katch is on a roll right now and Medina is always going to be great when given the chance. It was short, sweet, and enjoyable to watch.

Ninja Mack defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Phoenix 630

The flips were back as Ninja Mack burst back onto the scene to take on the Different Boy, Jimmy Lloyd. The Kamikaze would have to be ready for anything as Jimmy Lloyd can do anything if he puts his mind to it, plus he’ll take punishment like no one else. This was going to be an odd one for sure. It most certainly was. This went by in a flash as the pair put on a mini competitive fight of clashing styles. Lloyd did his best to adapt and counter Mack’s signature offence but, in the end, it didn’t work as a door Sunset Bomb and the Phoenix 630 signalled his end. I didn’t quite know what to expect between these two and what I got was more than satisfactory. It was another dose of fun to kick this show off.

The Second Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & AJ Gray) defeated Bryan Keith & Mysterious Q via Leg Drop/Splash combo on Keith

Time to get violent. We were about to get stiff and wild. SGC was in the building. It would be the embodiment of thrash metal Matthew Justice and Black Death AJ Gray flying the SGC flag against the hometown team of Mysterious Q and the Bounty Hunter Keith. We were looking at the show-stealer here. This was pure carnage. It looked like it was going to start off civil but some deception from Q and Keith made this a war from the start. Both teams beat the shit out of each other with their bare hands, horrific power moves, and good old-fashioned plunder. This was a knock-out, a drag-out bout of nightmarish blows as AJ Gray let the fans hate on him as he beat down their favourites. This was always going to be a belter as it was more AJ Gray vs Bryan Keith, i.e., two of the hardest hitters in wrestling today. Throw in Q and Justice and we had a recipe for pure unadulterated violent fun with mind-melting Lucha antics. It was bloody awesome. SGC might have won the match but it was the fans and viewers that won here. Yes, I’m aware that is a cliched line but this match was incredible. We even got a new combo move as Justice and Gray unleashed the spear/lariat combo, Immortal Corruption. A leg-drop and splash later, they’d taken the win. SGC had conquered more heroes and they didn’t give a fuck what you felt about it.

ASF, Drago Kid & Chris Carter defeated Demonic Flamita, Gringo Loco & Low Rider via Springboard Crusher on Riderhttps

After intermission, we came back to more chaos. Lucha six-man matches nearly always lead to the wildest action and this one was going to be no exception. Gringo Loco and ASF were taking their on-again/off-again rivalry to a new level as they brought teams out to fight. ASF had Drago Kid and Chris Carter on his side whilst Loco had Low Rider and Demonic Flamita in his corner. The name value alone for this match was insane. So was the action. Loco and ASF picked up where their last match left off and only upped the ante. Team Loco became the villains as they snuffed out the fire of the exceptional Drago Kid and went all out to kill him. Demonic Flamita and Rider seemed to be the perfect cohorts as they sadistically picked apart Drago Kid, even prying at his mask. It was a much slower, methodical take on the Lucha tag match. The action spilled everywhere with Low Rider hitting a crossbody from the scaffold and wiping everyone out. in the end, the villainy didn’t pay off and karma is a bitch as Drago got his vengeance. Team ASF got the W but it had been a hell of an exciting fight and another showcase for everyone involved, Chris Carter getting a big win with a Springboard Crusher on Low Rider. This was awesome fun and had more structure than the usual Lucha Tags of GCW as Team Loco looked to crush Team ASF with numbers. Though once again, when the lights came up, respect was shown as the crowd threw money into the ring, actually nope didn’t happen this time as Demonic Flamita led the ambush of Team ASF and stormed off under a chorus of boos.

Atticus Cogar defeated Nick Wayne via Wrist Tape Garotte

Hey look, Atticus Cogar is killing off the youth of GCW again. it was finally time for a one-on-one after tag bouts and the infamous sneak attack that saw Wayne end up with skewers in his head. That had been the fuse to this little story and now, Cogar was out to kill him again in an actual match. Could Wayne overcome the Silver Teeth Satan? Sadly, not but certainly tried his absolute best to snuff him out. He came out swinging and had Cogar on the run until an ill-fated chair took all the wind out his sails. From there, Cogar mangled Wayne in a cocky and condescending manner, continuing to use the chair to maintain his stranglehold on the match. He even tried to spew his vitriol but Wayne wasn’t listening. What had been a hot start was brought to a screeching halt as Cogar just worked at his own pace, dismantling his opponent as he went and revelling in the boos. Wayne did mount a strong comeback of uber-athletic kicks but even then, he couldn’t end Cogar and got driven into skewers. Even with that, he kept fighting until Cogar hit the Brain Haemorrhage. That would have ended things but Cogar upped the savagery by choking Wayne out with his wrist tape, using it as a garrotte. That put an end to Wayne’s part of the fight but post-match, Jordan Oliver came out to settle the score, causing Cogar to flee. The Youth might be losing on points but they still haven’t run out of heart. Cogar gets the wins but he’s still left with the marks. I was pleasantly surprised by this. It told a nice little story as Wayne became rabid in his pursuit of vengeance, only to have it craftily taken away from him.

Bandido defeated Tony Deppen via 21-Plex

Now for the moment, everyone was waiting for, the Gatekeeper of GCW, Tony Deppen was about to give Bandido a proper GCW welcome. The ROH and PWG Champion was finally making his GCW debut, electrifying the room with his presence and the violin of Roundtable Rival. As this one started, the crowd got an unwanted view of Deppen’s ass as they tried to get under his skin with “who are you” chants. Once the start was out the way, these two put on the calibre of match you expected. It was fast, furious, and technical as Deppen tried to ruin Bandido’s big welcome. They had hard strikes, power plays and Deppen went into big match mode as the situation pissed him off. The venue was torn up as these two couldn’t be contained by the ring. It wasn’t quite as long as I’d have wanted but as a welcome to Bandido, it certainly worked. Tony Deppen will always give people exceptional matches and this was no exception. I could have happily seen another ten/twenty minutes of this match without complaining. It was edge-of-your-seat action as both men took hellacious blows and moves without giving in. It took the nastiest pop-up knee I’ve ever seen and a 21-Plex to finally turn the lights out on Deppen. This was incredible, an absolute highlight of the show, and hopefully, the first of many GCW appearances for Bandido. It also had an extra bit of feelgood to it as Deppen actually showed his sportsmanship to Bandido. That’s when you really know you’ve made it.

EFFY defeated Sadika via Barbed-wire Door Powerbomb

Last but not least, the main event. Now, we all know EFFY is fine. EFFY is always fine and sick of being asked if he’s fine but that’s never stopped GCW testing this moniker, this motto to its limits. EFFY has fought many scary foes but now he was going to have to fight Sadika, La Reina Extrema. We know EFFY can get hardcore but was he ready for the hurricane of violence that is Sadika? She’d even gotten into the Christmas Spirit as she was dressed up in Santa gear. It started as it meant to go on with EFFY and a fan fishing candy canes from Sadika’s bra, the fan getting a slap for it. They slapped the taste out of each other’s mouths and Sadika stopped any of EFFY’s tricks with a hip attack and sit-out Powerbomb. EFFY fell to the apron and used the ropes to his advantage, stretching Sadika out in them. The pair kept teeing off on each other as Sadika refused to be stopped, pummelling any part of EFFY she could hit. It was almost over after a rope-hung Codebreaker but EFFY wasn’t done yet. The fight broke to the outside and EFFY made her pay with headbutts and chair breaking. He kept throwing her into the ringside furniture and ate shit on a chair-bound cannonball. A tube door was brought into the mix and the pair duelled it out on the apron. Sadika went for some mutually-assured destruction with a swinging Neckbreaker through the tube door and EFFY’s arm got cut to hell. The fight just kept on going though, as EFFY powered up on his own blood. Sadika tried to keep charging so EFFY had to keep finding ways to keep her downed and away from the cuts. Sadika disappeared again and returned with a barbed-wire door. She tried to introduce more tubes into things but EFFY stomped them out and dove onto her with a splash. He dumped her on a chair with a brainbuster and tanked Sadika’s final barrage to drive her through the barbed-wire door with a Powerbomb. That got the win and EFFY could go get the medical attention he needed. For better or worse, this was definitely wild and on-brand for Sadika but it was far from smooth. It was definitely a main event car crash and another horror show from Sadika. Everyone she mauls certainly feels it the next day.

All images courtesy of GCW, HeyyImRob

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