Welcome back to MLW and another big episode for the company as another three monster matches grace our screens. The show was opening with a real prize fight this week as Arez and Aramis fought over an Azteca Underground cash briefcase, nZo made his big debut against Matt Cross and in the main event, Los Parks and 5150 would finally be unleashed on each other in a no holds barred Philadelphia Street Fight. The 2300 Arena was about to be blessed by the best of Lucha, the best of street fighting violence and whatever nZo was going to bring to the table. Plus, it wouldn’t be MLW without a hint of intrigue and mystery as Cesar Duran keeps toying with the company ahead of the Azteca standalone series and multiple champions were in the building. Let’s get into the action.

Arez (w/Holidead & Dr. Dax) defeated Aramis via Strange Driver

Up first was the Azteca Underground super Lucha fight. Arez, the King of Strange Style was going to battle Aramis in another super-fight for a briefcase full of cash. We know money will do terrible things to people, but what would these two do that they haven’t before for it? Plus, would Arez’s company get involved? They opened with another mind-bending contest of chain wrestling and calmly manoeuvred between lock-ups and holds, playing on the other’s ability and their shared familiarity. They traded Pendulum holds and reset for another fast and furious counter-wrestling series. It was all so graceful, then that hit a brick wall as Arez hit a Crucifix Powerbomb onto the entrance ramp. He continued the pain with a double stomp and Aramis used the ropes as his weapon. He missed most of a Tornillo but was able to recover and kicked Arez to the outside. Aramis followed with a rolling knee lift and sent Arez flying with a Suicide Dive. The pair both went for their killing blows but neither could keep the other in position, instead opting for a creative kicking session, knocking each other loopy. The back-and-forth was continuous as neither man was willing to give the other an inch. They both collapsed after a meeting of the minds and Aramis scored a two-count with Desnucadora Del Muscatero. Aramis headed up top so Arez rolled out, thinking he was safe. Aramis gave chase with a through-the-buckles dropkick and hopped onto the ropes for a tightrope walking Moonsault. Holidead grabbed Aramis as he tried to return to the ring and that delay allowed Arez to hoist him into a tilt-a-whirl Backstabber. He scored a two-count with a position-switch Bridging Suplex and fought off the Estacada Heel Hook with some help from Dr Dax. Holidead distracted Aramis again and Arez ended him with the Stranger Driver. It had been another interesting showcase between this pair with Arez using other people to secure his paycheque. The fans weren’t happy with how he won but I would not be complaining about a match like that. Those two can do no wrong.

nZo defeated Matt Cross via Eat Defeat

Well, it was time for something different. nZo was making his debut for the company and the Real 1 had his first challenge, the world-travelled master of mayhem, Matt Cross. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen nZo in a wrestling ring, was he ready for this? Whether he was or not, he wasn’t phased by his opponent or the hate from fans. The pair opened with a lock-up and tangled around the ring. They transitioned to chain wrestling, nZo trying to keep Cross grounded and trapped with a headlock. They ran the ropes and Cross sprung up from a knockdown to crack nZo with a dropkick. Cross picked up the pace with some aerial attacks and nZo angrily threw Cross into the buckles for stomping and choking. He reapplied the headlock and brought Cross crashing down from the top with a leg pull. He snapped Cross’ leg and took him over with a Suplex. The corner abuse continued and tried to break his neck on the ropes. Cross countered an Alley Oop into a flip kick and bounced nZo off the buckles for a double stomp. Cross looked to end things with another top-rope move but nZo ambushed him and brought him crashing down with a Razor’s Edge. He propped Cross on the top again and nearly ended things with a Backstabber. Cross booted nZo out of the air and returned to the top but nZo cut him off again. Cross headbutted him back down and nearly took the win with a roll-up, catching nZo as he tried to dodge the Shooting Star Press. He hit the rope-bounce cutter but nZo still managed to kick out. nZo raked up the apron trying to avoid any more offence and when the ref wasn’t looking, punt kicked Cross in the balls and won with Eat Defeat. It was a dirty but smart win, nZo using brains since Cross had him dead to rights. This was an upset for sure and a serviceable match. KC Navarro was heading to commentary and got blasted by nZo on his way down. I guess we know what’s next for nZo, preferably a blessed beatdown. I suppose if you’re going to be a dick, you might as well go full-on dick.

Between the matches:

  • Willow Nightingale was interviewed about her brawl with Holidead last week and was ready to show off her dark side to get the bully off her case for good.
  • Emilio Sparks wanted the scoop on Myron Reed, pointing out the almost moments he had in previous weeks. Reed reminded Sparks he was the Young GOAT and that Sparks needs to show more respect. Their heart-to-heart was cut short though as Karlee Perez appeared promising, he was yet to hit rock bottom and she would be there to help when he did.
  • Alexander Hammerstone was about to get a pre-fight interview when Matanza Duran (Jeff Cobb) attacked and beat him around the venue until the camera feed was broken. This brawl would be cut to again with everyone speculating this was Duran’s revenge for Hammerstone snubbing him. With no footage, they cut to a 5150 promo ahead of the main event.
  • Alicia Atout promised to give the inside scoop on CONTRA. Since their War Chamber defeat, they’ve been MIA and now, she was determined to find out if the group had disbanded. Duran had sown the seeds of discord. The group’s members have split up around the globe, Ikuro Kwon has been spotted in Japan training with Tajiri, Mads Krügger has been seen in the South African fight pits planning his revenge and both Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael are AWOL.

  • We got a reminder that the MLW Middleweight Title will be defended in Japan next week as Tajiri defends against Atsuki Aoyagi.
  • Richard Holliday tried to give Alicia Atout a Dynastic Coffee Mug as a Christmas present but it was broken in the brawl between Hammerstone and Matanza Duran, not that Atout was particularly impressed with it anyways.
  • Sparks was interviewing Holidead and company after their big win when 5150 rolled up on them with a trolley full of weapons. They were prepared for their street fight and Konnan had to stop his boys from mugging Sparks for his trainers.
  • The show was meant to end with an Alex Kane appearance but Calvin Tankman ambushed him and Mr Thomas. Thomas got knocked out and Kane drove away in a panic. Looks like wherever Bomaye Fight Club goes. Tankman is going to follow.

Street Fight: 5150 (Slice Boogie & Rivera w/Dr. Julius Smokes & Konnan) defeated Los Parks (LA Park Jr & El Hijo de LA Park w/LA Park) via 456 Headcrack on LA Park Jr

Last but not least, the main event. It was title fight time. 5150 have been gunning for the Tag Titles since they burst onto the MLW scene. Since then, they have raised hell for Injustice and Los Parks, the pressure on the latter giving them this violent encounter. They had the plunder, now they just had to get the belts. It would be El Hijo de LA Park and LA Park Jr against the full force of 5150. It opened with thrown hands and a 2-on-1 beatdown on LA Park Jr. Los Parks turned the tables with dual dives on 5150 and Hijo took a chair to the back of Rivera. They turned their attention to Boogie and cracked him in the back with a garden rake. Rivera saved his partner with a hockey stick and Hijo made him pay by crushing him with the shopping trolley. Boogie and Hijo continued to murder the partner of the other around ringside and Rivera took out both Parks with an Enzuigiri and dive. With that chaos, the show cut to commercials. After the break, Boogie was throwing Hijo with a Fallaway Slam and Rivera was chucked into a ringside attendant. LA Park Jr and Boogie had a hoss fight and Boogie won the exchange with a slingshot German.

Hijo squared up to Boogie and the pair hammered the hell out of each other, Hijo taking the lead with a kick and nasty chops. He nearly took the win with Codigo Rojo but Rivera made the save. Hijo and Rivera threw hands, Rivera shocking with a Spanish Fly. LA Park Sr appeared from beneath the ring to deliver a Spear, quickly replacing LA Park Jr and vanishing again back under the ring. LA Park Jr and Boogie took each other out with clotheslines and Homicide made an appearance to drag out LA Park Sr. They brawled to the back and the remainder of Los Parks returned their attention to Boogie, nearly ending him with a Powerbomb Stabber. Rivera cleared the ring with a Van-Daminator so Hijo dropped him on his head with a Destroyer. A door was brought into play and Boogie speared Hijo through it as he was too busy taunting. They dragged LA Park Jr up for the 456 Headcrack and took the win. They had managed to out-game Los Parks and stolen the belts from the Realest Family in wrestling. It had been a gruelling fight but here they were, 5150 were your new MLW Tag Team Champions. What a fight. The group was exceptionally happy with their work and had been rewarded for their violence.

All images courtesy of MLW, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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