Well, the break is over and you know what that means, it’s time for another season of ChocoPro to begin. Season #10 had become a proving ground for the company, following some US excursions, and now it was ready to keep firing on all cylinders. To kick things off, Ichigaya was throwing a wrestling birthday party for the Ice Warrior, Hagane Shinno. He’ll have the main event slot as Egg Tarts took on Tropicalamari. Plus, there’d be a three-way dance between Sawasdee Kamen, Masahiro Takanashi and Kaori Yoneyama and another singles war for Baliyan Akki as he takes on Sayaka Obihiro. It was time to start Season 11 off with a bang, so let’s get into the action.

Baliyan Akki defeated Sayaka Obihiro via Namaste Press

The season kicked off with a singles match between Baliyan Akki and Sayaka Obihiro. With it being a new season, it was a fresh start for the pair to rack up a win and set a new record off with a positive start. Obihiro has had many unfortunate losses since coming back, could she turn it around now? Chris Brookes was on commentary to make sure all of Akki’s faults were down. They opened with rapid chain wrestling and Akki working to break Obihiro’s arm. Obihiro kneed back but Akki struck her back down with violent fervour. Akki went goblin mode with Mei Suruga’s basketball and congratulated her on her AEW debut as Obihiro tried to silence him. She locked on the double-arm twist but Akki broke free and applied the Namaste Stretch. He played dodge the thrust but Obihiro caught him on the rebound and tried for the cross chop only for him to dodge again and nearly choke her out. He kept the attack up but Obihiro took out his knee as he attempted the Spider. The pair kept blocking and trading until Akki started kicking out Obihiro’s legs for the leglock. He once again tried to take to the air but Obihiro dodged and launched him with a Suplex. Akki tried to correct the course but Obihiro trapped him with a Crossbody and almost stole the win. It almost happened again with a Bridging Suplex and threw him down from the window. She charged but Akki caught her into a Backbreaker and hit a double combo of aerial moves to take the win. The Namaste Press had gotten the win but Akki had been pushed to the limit by Obihiro. Even he was aware of how close that match had been. Obihiro really brought the fire in this one.

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Kaori Yoneyama & Sawasdee Kamen via Uwabami on Kamen

Oh God, this was going to get anarchic. It would be Sawasdee Kamen, the Gatoh Move hero vs The Drunken Master Masahiro Takanashi vs the chaotic Kaori Yoneyama. This could go anywhere and go to anyone, it was going to be wild. Yoneyama found herself on the outside for the opening stretch as Takanashi and Kamen locked up. They both tried to ignore her but she wanted into the fight and started out-working both of them. Kamen worked with Yoneyama to work over Takanashi until she betrayed him with a roll-up. She tried to do the same to Takanashi but he wasn’t falling for it and downed her with a punch. He continued to make her pay with targeted stomps and got thrown out of the window by Kamen. He tried to tap Yoneyama out with a keylock and the pair both paid her back for her attempted betrayals. She took them both out with a double takeover and crushed Takanashi with a Bulldog and stomp. Takanashi paid her back with arm work and nearly got choked out with a Sleeper Hold, barely escaping with a wall slam. Kamen prevented him tapping her out and nearly tapped them both out with a dual Crossface/Leglock combo. Yoneyama and Takanashi fought over who would hit Kamen with the Taka Tonic and Kamen finally just collapsed from their efforts. Takanashi was crushed under multiple presses and got kicked around by Kamen as he refused to be a punching bag any longer. Takanashi rolled him over and took the win with an Uwabami or Figure-Four Clutch pin.

Yoneyama congratulated him on winning but all their celebrations were cut off as a very evil figure invaded Ichigaya, Daisuke Sasaki of DDT. Yoneyama fled as Sasaki laid waste to everyone with chair shots and enjoyed a beer. Looks like he has issues with Takanashi that DDT couldn’t hold. It took Chris Brookes to scare him off and send him away fleeing. Now that is someone I want to see in action in Ichigaya. What an odd little invasion following a madcap match.

Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinno) defeated Tropicalamari (Chris Brookes & Yuna Mizumori) via Ankle Lock on Mizumori

Last but not least, the main event. It was time for the birthday bash as Egg Tarts looked to start another season strong with a big tag win over Tropicalamari. Brookes and Mizumori are a deviously deadly unit but could they halt the momentum of the Egg Tarts? Shinno came out kicking and bopped Brookes in the ass. In retaliation, Brookes popped a load of Shinno’s balloons and got into a technical wrestling trade-off. Brookes was launched into his corner and made the tag, having more than enough of Shinno. Mizumori and Koishikawa went into a much louder and more energetic chain wrestling exchange and went wild with running. Mizumori kept getting rolled up and Koishikawa tried to keep her down with a dropkick and Demon Chop. Shinno came in to keep up the punishment on Mizumori and Brookes fired up Mizumori by reminding her of her dead flamingo. She went on a rampage against Koishikawa and tagged in Brookes who stabbed balloons into Koishikawa’s gut with her own fencing sabre. He slugged and smashed her around the building and crashed her into his corner for a pineapple baton beating. They both went for the Papaya Mango Coconut but Koishikawa moved and the pair splatted against the wall. She caused some misdirected hostility and launched Brookes across the studio with a Tornado Arm-Drag. Koishikawa got the tag and Shinno went wild, attacking everyone in sight and turning Tropicalamari on each other once again to use them as stepping stones for high-impact knees and kicks. Brookes cut him off with a hanging Neckbreaker and locked on the Octopus. Shinno transitioned the hold to an Ankle Lock and Brookes reversed that into a grounded Mangi.

Shinno got the Ankle Lock again but Brookes could easily force a break. The pair reset to throw bombs at each other and Shinno got the last laugh with a sliding leg lariat to the jaw. Mizumori and Koishikawa did the same as they were both tagged in and tried to land a killing blow. The pair scrambled through moves and counters with Koishikawa almost taking the win with roll-ups once again. Brookes came to her aid and the pair mauled Koishikawa with a spinning Yahho and splash combo. Shinno saved Koishikawa from doom and Koishikawa rolled Brookes onto his own partner with a Cazadora. Shinno dropped double knees but Mizumori kicked out and Brookes hit a sneaky Shoop Cutter. They hit an assisted Yahho into a shoulder block but Koishikawa made the save. Mizumori tried to end things with the Tropical Crab and went for the Coconut Crush but Shinno caught it into a Kneebreaker. Shinno applied the Ankle Lock but Brookes interfered again so he was chopped away. Mizumori and Shinno had a lariat fight and Shinno took the win with the Ankle Lock. Egg Tarts had racked up their first win with mere seconds left on the clock. It had been a hard fight with both teams taking each other to the limit. Shinno got to celebrate his birthday with a win and has momentum going into his Ganbare fight with Brookes. What a way to end the season opener. This was ace.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Yuna Mizumori, FlyingVTrigger, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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