Right here, right now. Happy Day 350 of 2021. Episode 50. “I’m Mr White Christmas. I’m Mr Cool. I’m Mr Icicle. I’m Mr. 10 below. Friends call me Snow Miser. Whatever I touch, Turns to snow in my clutch! I’m too much…” Right here, right now. “Let It Freeze,” everything you want for Christmas is wrestling, trust me. Not Santa Claus, Mister Snow Miser…
On the menu, this week, from Las Vegas, Nevada, Chris Bey will face off Laredo Kid. Josh Alexander will compete against Rohit Raju. Doc Gallows will team up with Joe Doering against Rich Swann and Willie Mack. X-Division Champion Trey Miguel will square off with John Skyler. Jessica McKay of The IInspiration will face off Tenille Dashwood. And Moose, W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona will sign their Hard to Kill World Championship match contract. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

D’Lo Brown and Matt Striker were on commentary. On ‘Before The Impact’, Ace Austin w/ Madman Fulton defeated Hernandez w/ Johnny Swinger in a very good match. The episode was in memory of Jimmy Rave. 

  • Josh Alexander defeated Rohit Raju w/ Raj Singh.

  • Backstage, The Good Brothers and VBD told Gia Miller how they came to form an alliance. Anderson said that they’ve got everyone gunning for them, so it only made sense to align with them but they don’t trust them. Gallows talked about his history with Doering but said you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Eric Young said this isn’t a friendship or an alliance, it’s a business deal, a necessary piece of the beautiful design. Tonight, Doering and Gallows will set the tone and show the world what violence is all about.
  • Backstage, Chelsea Green told Gia Miller it’s an honour to be part of history in being in the first-ever women’s Ultimate-X Match and she would love to win and go on to face Mickie or Deonna for the Knockouts Title. She said she’ll do that and her fiancé will go on to become World Champion. Moose walked up and said Chelsea is a great woman for standing by his man who will always be a mid-carder. Chelsea replied Moose came to talk smack to her because he’s too afraid to talk smack to Matt’s face. Moose warned her that if they’re getting married on New Year’s Eve and he’s facing Cardona shortly after, then it’ll be a short-lived wedding even by wrestling’s standards.
  • Doc Gallows & Joe Doering w/ Karl Anderson, Eric Young and Deaner defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack w/ Rhino and Heath. After the match, The Good Brothers & VBD continued their beatdown on Swann, Willie, Heath and Rhino until Eddie Edwards hit the ring. Eddie evened the odds and the good guys were able to clear the ring and stand tall.

  • Backstage, VSK and Zicky Dice were hesitating to call Brian Myers. Zicky said they don’t have to it’ll all be ok. VSK asked if he thinks Brian doesn’t watch and know what happened. Zicky said it’s fine because when he sees them beat Decay, it’ll be fine. Zicky said he’s off next week for his parade of lights but after that, they’ll show the world what they’ve got.
  • Backstage, Jonah was explaining what is a top dog. His father went to prison and, on his first day, he got hit. The guards asked him what happened and he said nothing, Jonah said then and there he got the respect of the Top Dog. Jonah said he never forgot that story, he compared it to Josh getting dropped and getting back up. Jonah said instead of getting his respect, he’s going to beat Josh down until he respects the Top Dog. Josh calls himself the Walking Weapon, we’re looking at Mass Destruction.

  • X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defeated John Skyler. After the match, Steve Maclin attacked Trey. He brought his body and the belt backstage.

  • Backstage, Trey was retained by Maclin, hung somewhere.

  • Chris Bey w/ Hikuleo defeated Laredo Kid. Excellent match…

  • Deonna Purazzo attended ROH’s Final Battle and confronted Rok-C. Deonna was doing a signing and Mickie showed up only to get harassed by Deonna. They exchanged words and then started brawling in a separate area. Security was quick to break them apart while Rehwoldt talked trash for Deonna.
  • Backstage, Scott D’Amore was lecturing both Deonna and Mickie. Deonna tried to jump to her feet but Gail kept her back to the couch. Scott said the no-contact clause is back on. Gail said that they need a match to settle this once and for all, it’s going to be a Texas Death Match. Mickie said of course because they do it bigger in Texas and told Deonna, “Welcome to Hardcore Country.”

  • Masha Slamovich is coming soon.
  • Tenille Dashwood defeated Jessica McKay, well cheated a win thanks to Kaleb with a K.

  • In the ring, Scott D’Amore discusses the Triple Threat World Champion match set for Hard to Kill and said it’s time to make things official with a contract signing. W. Morrissey, Cardona with Chelsea, then Moose sat down around the table. D’Amore reminded us that Cardona has come here to get something that has eluded him his entire career. Cardona made his IMPACT debut a year ago, so he could sign first. Morrissey grabbed the contract, he said this is an opportunity to play mind games, but he didn’t come here to play games or make friends, he came here to become the Impact World Champion. At Hard to Kill, that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He signed the contract and walked away.

  • D’Amore handed the contract to Cardona who said Morrissey isn’t wrong, the last few weeks have been trash talk and sneak attacks as Moose tried to kill his passion. Cardona told Moose that there’s no one in this business who has been counted out and come back more times than he has. He said he’s hard to kill, but his passion is impossible to kill. He’ll never be more ready than he’ll be at Hard to Kill. Cardona signed the contract. D’Amore told Moose to scribble five letters and make the match official. Moose said before he signs this, does Cardona truly want to step in the ring with The Greatest World Champion in all of Professional Wrestling. Moose said this will end like it always does, with Cardona as a failure, so does he really want Moose to sign it. Cardona said no more trash talk, just sign the damn contract.

  • Moose signed the contract and told Cardona he’s in the main event of Hard to Kill. It’s a tough challenge ahead of him, but Chelsea has a tough challenge as well. He told Chelsea he loves how loyal she is to stay with an average man. She’s so loyal because she sees so much in him, she thinks he can one day be a top guy. Moose said what happens at Hard to Kill when she sees he’ll always be Mid-Cardona? Does she stay loyal or does she leave like the Whore she is? Cardona attacked Moose who sent him face-first into the table. Moose dropped Cardona with a big Boot before throwing him through the table with a Uranage. Moose stood tall over Cardona and Chelsea crawled around to check on Cardona as Moose walked away. D’Amore yelled at Moose as he walked to the back, so Moose headed back to the ring. He shoved Chelsea and laid into Cardona with right hands before grabbing the chair. Moose wrapped the chair around Cardona’s neck, grabbed another chair but Chelsea grabbed it to stop him and almost reasoned with him. Moose ripped the chair out of her hands and Cardona charged him with a chair. Moose moved and Cardona dropped Chelsea with a chair shot as Moose headed to the back. (that whole segment is available here)

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Rohit Raju vs Josh Alexander

Raju tried to catch Josh off guard with a right hand but Josh backed him into the ropes, immediately forcing a break. Raju recognized the injured ribs and started targeting them, but Josh tossed him across the ring and dropped him with a boot to the chest. Josh sent Raju into the ropes and hit him with a back elbow sending him to the mat. Raju, on the apron, looked for a Spear but Josh moves and kicked him in the chest. Raj Singh got involved and dropped with a boot outside. Raju rammed Alexander’s ribs first into the barricade before slamming him into the ring apron. Raju slid Josh into the ring and continued his assault dropping him to the mat with a series of strikes and chops. Josh was back to his feet in the corner, Raju met him there with a chop. Josh reversed out and hit Raju with a series of chops of his own. Raju reversed out but Josh got an ankle pick. Raju dropped Josh, then off the ropes ran into a Fireman’s Carry roll through. Raj Singh distracted Alexander long enough for Raju to catch him with a DDT off the middle rope and then sent him gut-first on the top rope. Raju continued him hammering away with strikes and kicks.

Josh to his feet he looked for a German Suplex but Raju reversed out off the ropes and ran right into a released belly-to-belly suplex. Josh charged into the corner with a forearm to Raju and dropped him with a suplex. Raju fought back but ate a kick to the face from Josh. Raju locked him in a submission while hammering at the ribs with forearms. Josh reversed out and locked in an ankle lock on Raju. Singh jumped on the apron to distract Josh but Josh dropped him with a forearm. Josh lifted Raju up but Rohit hit him with a forearm, Josh fought back and sent Raju into the corner with a forearm. Josh charged Raju but he moved and caught Josh with a series of movies in the corner, ending with a cannonball. Rohit reached the top rope and hit a double stomp on Josh Alexander right on the ribs. Josh looked for a German Suplex again, Raju reversed, Josh went for the C4 Spike but his ribs prevented it, so Raju hit an enzuigiri on Josh. Josh caught Raju in the corner and set his leg in the ropes before leaping up and stomping on the back of Raju’s legs. Josh lifted Raju up and hit him with the C4 Spike for the victory.

– Chris Bey vs Laredo Kid

Bey forced a break because Laredo Kid pulled his hair. Bey lifted Kid up and dropped him but Kid replied with the leg sweep. Armdrag from Laredo Kid and he flipped to his feet. Bey stared shocked. Bey teased a grapple and kicked Laredo Kid in the midsection. Bey slammed Kid into the corner chest-first and started talking trash. Bey connected with a right hand to Laredo and slammed him face-first into the turnbuckle. Bey looked for a splash in the corner but Laredo replied with a chop and a springboard crossbody to take Bey down. Bey to his feet but Laredo hit a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Bey went to the outside, Laredo dove off the apron but Bey moved, Laredo rolled through and Hikuleo got involved. Bey tried to take advantage of this, but Laredo caught him. Laredo tossed Bey back in but Bey replied with a kick. He sent Laredo face-first right into the ring post. Bey slid into the ring, rolled out and slammed Laredo into the apron back first. Bey slid Laredo in but Laredo to his feet hit Bey with a knee to the midsection.

Bey off the ropes dropped Laredo with a kick to the knee and a dropkick. Bey set Laredo in the ropes and choked him until the referee stopped him. While the ref was distracted, Hikuleo choked away at Laredo from the outside. Bey lifted Laredo to his feet but Laredo fought back and hit Bey with a right hand, Bey sent Laredo into the corner and hit him with an enzuigiri. Bey went off the top and hit a flying clothesline and a series of kicks to the midsection. Bey tied up Laredo’s arm in the ropes and double-stomped on it. Bey connected with a headlock on Laredo. Laredo to his feet looked for a backdrop but Bey landed on his feet. Laredo chased Bey but lifted over top to the apron. Bey off the middle rope looked for an elbow on Laredo. Laredo connected with a flip to the inside of the ring on Bey. Bey rolled outside but Laredo bounced off the ropes and took Bey out with a Tope. Laredo Kid tossed Bey into the ring and climbed to the top, looking for a dive, but Hikuleo dumped Laredo to the outside while the ref was distracted.

Back from the break, Bey got Laredo in the corner. He looked for a splash but Laredo moved. He slammed Bey and hit a moonsault, and one more. Laredo lifted him up and went for a suplex but Bey blocked it. Both men to their feet, Bey caught Kid with a kick to the face. Bey got Laredo on his shoulders and dropped him to the mat. Bey slammed Laredo into the corner with his shoulder. Bey lifted Laredo up, taunted giving Laredo a chance to fight out but he hit the driver from the top rope. Laredo went to the top rope and looked for a Phoenix Splash but Bey moved and Laredo rolled through. Both men were on the top rope and exchanged strikes. Bey laid Laredo Kid out on the top rope and hit the Drop The Bass on him on the top rope. Bey looked for The Art of Finesse but Laredo caught it and hit Bey with a flipping DDT. Hikuleo interrupted Laredo Kid as he was heading up top, so Laredo Kid dove from the top rope to the outside and took Hikuleo out. Laredo went to the top rope but Bey caught him with an enzuigiri. Buy climbed to the top and exchanged strikes again. Bey backflipped off the top. Laredo Kid dove right into a cutter from Bey who grabbed the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

On BTI, George Iceman announced that Rok-C vs Deonna Purrazzo after Hard To Kill is confirmed. But didn’t Purrazzo say she wanted a Winner Takes All match? Would that mean…


One year ago or so, Ace Austin won a Cup at Genesis iPPV… He has never cashed it in and he didn’t have it with him this week on BTI

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts/Awards of the Week

– A must-watch match…

The Wolves back together in a ring after more than 4 years…

Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill will air live on January 8, 2022, at 8 PM EST (1 AM GMT). You can already order it on Fite TV. Four matches on the card as of today. The build-up continues…

To be eNYGMAtic…

One of the best episodes we’ve had for a while. The 3 X-Division-style matches filled the blank of the last few weeks. Bey vs Laredo was clearly a very good match, but not to the point of making it a contender for the match of the year. There were fewer backstage segments, but they were useful to help build up the PPV
We are 3 weeks away from Hard To Kill and the build-up continues, slowly but surely. The next 2 episodes will be Year-End episodes, as usual, so we’ll have only one last IMPACT before Hard To Kill. Unless… Many of us noticed there were only 6 categories to vote for this year. That’s not a lot and that opens space for more segments and matches in order to build up Hard To Kill. Like you, I’ll see how it goes…
I’m late this week, again. I wish I can go faster but some circumstances of life are sometimes more important… On a “Nygma is definitely not on Xmas Mode” note, until Throwback Throwdown II, until next week (if I want), take care, stay safe, go get vaccinated, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

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