When you name your show after Scarface, it makes me think you have a lot to prove. That film is all about working from the bottom and taking it all, even if it is by dubious means. All you have is your word and your balls to get the money, then the power, then everything else that goes with it. VxS have been doing that all year, busting their asses to produce something unique and different. The wrestling of the Adult Swim generation. Now, they were ending the year with another super show. On the card, we’d see Delilah Doom vs Dark Sheik, Jordan Oliver vs Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Lloyd vs Lio Rush, Joey Janela vs Brian Cage, and more leading to the first-time-ever meeting between two absolute legends, PCO vs 2 Cold Scorpio. Let’s get into the action.

Wasted Youth (Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers) defeated Jack Cartwheel & Nick Wayne via Super Assault Driver Dump on Wayne

What better way to open the show than with some high-flying young blood? Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay were tired of fighting each other and were now going to put their team into the division. Their opponents, the Rocketwheel Jack Cartwheel and the Prodigy Nick Wayne. It was about to get rapid-fire and flippy. Wasted Youth gained bonus points from me by coming out to Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This started fast and mostly stayed fast as even when Wasted Youth spent the time wearing down Jack Cartwheel, it was still kept at an accelerated pace. The teams were both perfect dance partners and when it was neck and neck, anyone could have taken the win in a second. Wasted Youth were coming in as outsiders and used this to their advantage, shirking fan reactions for brutality and benefitting from it. Both teams had their time to shine, both broke the laws of physics and both opened the show hot. These teams were so in-sync and more than earned their spot. The crowd loved it and I did too. That finish was brutal too, McKay launching Cartwheel onto Wayne with a top rope Assault Driver. Purely vicious action to start things, they’re all young and hungry, the world is theirs.

Delilah Doom defeated Dark Sheik via Widow’s Peak

Now, this is a match that jumps at you. It was going to Dark Sheik vs Delilah Doom. Two extremely talented fighters making a slice of VxS history. These two hit hard and innovate on a daily basis so it was going to be a fun one to watch. Just what was going to be superior, the Church of Wrestling or Aerobic Style? Despite a hot start, this match was very much Doom trying to survive a continuous onslaught of submissions, strikes, and nasty drops from the Sheik. Even as the fight went into the later stages, Doom never gave in and kept finding more and more ways to get back into things, unleashing a torrent of high-impact moves on Sheik when she snapped. Sheik too, showed the same resilience as these two beat the absolute hell out of each other with neither giving in. Doom even managed to kick out of a Murder Driver. The intensity just kept getting upped throughout. Doom took the win with a nightmarish combo of continuous violence ending in a Widow’s Peak. Thick Thighs and Jazzercize won the day today but we were the real winners for getting to see that awesome match. Both fighters kicked ass here.

JTG defeated Brandon Gatson via The Brooklyn’s Edge

On the surface, this just looks like another match on the card. JTG, the VxS regular, and Brandon Gatson, the LA veteran making a resurgence as the scene gets put under the microscope. It turns out, these two met in WWE, where JTG humiliated him. Now, it was time for some payback. In the season of giving, JTG had brought Gatson a gift, new wrestling boots to replace the pair stolen. Gatson wasn’t thrilled and dug himself a very black boots hole. What followed was a super-aggressive, fast-paced big boy bout as the pair picked up the pace and left a lot of bruises. The fight went around the venue and Gatson really laid into JTG, throwing his own caution to the wind in the process. Gatson didn’t care about making friends, he just wanted to destroy his opponent and did just that. JTG wasn’t going to be outdone though and took every chance to make Gatson pay and try to sweep up the win. Nothing would keep Gatson down though and JTG found himself having to pull more and more tricks out of his bag. Gatson tried to go for broke but that ended getting him killed off as JTG landed the Brooklyn’s Edge and took the win. This had been a nasty fight between two utter monsters of the ring. Looks like revenge will have to wait a little longer.

Jordan Oliver defeated Jimmy Jacobs via Yakuza Kick

Okay, how is this for an unexpected pairing? Jordan Oliver is the new ace of VxS and he was taking on one of the icons of wrestling, the Wrestling Society X, the Messiah of the emos, Jimmy Jacobs. The Zombie Princess was back in VxS for more blood and he had the chance to upset the scales by beating Oliver. He had an advantage too as Oliver only had one good eye. Jacobs seemed pissed tonight, going right after Oliver and trying to make the damaged eye even worse. Jacobs just kept torturing Oliver so Oliver had to use his speed and fundamentals to get the better of Jacobs. It didn’t last as Jacobs threw Oliver right into the roof of the bar. There was no escape for him either as Jacobs continued to break him around the venue. Oliver returned the violent favours but every time he looked to have a way back into things, Jacobs would cut him off again, often with a nasty degree of condescension and mocking. He even had Oliver scouted as he kept reversing the killing blows. It would be a surprise Yakuza Kick that got the win as Jacobs ran square into Oliver’s boot. It was a hard fight for Oliver as he was dealing with a very agitated, cruel Jimmy Jacobs who seemed determined to blind him. He’s just lucky the spike hadn’t gotten involved, that could have made things even worse. I love seeing Jimmy Jacobs in action, so this match warmed my heart. Oliver continues to mimic the actions of the former ace, keeping his streak alive.

Six-way: Adrien Quest defeated Da Shade, Dani Mo, Façade, Dr. Cube & Sebastian Cage via Phoenix Splash to Cage

The second half of the show kicked off with a six-way Lucha-style scramble match. The Evil Dr. Cube was the first one out and made an enemy of everyone in that building, either with his mangled face or what he said on the mic. Thankfully for the crowd, Da Shade, Dani Mo, Façade, Sebastian Cage, and Adrien Quest were all going to beat the shit out of him. Cube did everything in his power not to fight to start with, then freely joined as the madcap action started to build. There were little stretches of comedy and a whole lot of high-impact, high-flying action. Da Shade showed off his power game, Quest proved why he’s Young Fuego and Dr. Cube was an asshole. It was all action, all the time with an ever-escalating series of high spots and shocking moments. Everyone got their moments to shine with Mo becoming everyone’s hero by hitting Cube with a chair. No one slouched in this one and Adrien Quest got to take the win here with a Phoenix Splash to Sebastian Cage. What a blast of a scramble match, lotta talent on display here… and Dr. Cube.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Lio Rush via Barry White Driver

The former ace isn’t ready to let that ace moniker slip away just yet. Jimmy Lloyd has been one of the top stars in VxS and he was determined to keep that alive whilst also proving he’s not just a deathmatch guy, not just a bleeder or a bludgeoner, he’s a pro-wrestler. He can hang with anyone and he wanted Lio Rush to bring his absolute best to their fight. VxS has been the place for Lloyd to show his wrestling credentials but was he going to be able to best the Man of the Hour? They went through several different styles and attitudes as Lloyd managed to keep up with Rush. It went from chain wrestling to brawling to just wild action as Rush seemed to get more pissed off with Lloyd. Again, both guys brought the fire as Lloyd played it a lot slower and smarter than normal, picking his moments to really clip Rush’s wings. It was bombs all around as the pair just got stiffer and stiffer as the conclusion drew near, neither man giving an inch to the other and taking yet more punishment. It was a battle of wits, wills, and cutters. Rush would have had the match after another twisting kick but Lloyd rolled out to safety. He wasn’t safe on the floor though as Rush drilled him with a Suicide DDT. Rush tried to end things with Dragon’s Call but ate Lloyd’s knees and got killed off with the Barry White Driver. Lloyd had managed to take another high-profile win in VxS, showing he is still the Ace, regardless of what Jordan Oliver may think. This match kicked ass.

Brian Cage defeated Joey Janela via Drill Claw

The hits just kept on coming as we got another clash of styles for the ages. Brian Cage, the machine, the destroyer of VxS was about to go one-on-one with the Bad Boy, Joey Janela. Janela had finally returned to VxS after a long hiatus and was getting a baptism by fire at the hands of Cage. It would also be a clash of personalities as neither man was phased by the other. It started as expected, Cage outpowering Janela and kept going back-and-forth as Janela tried to get back into things. He did succeed multiple times but Cage just kept putting him back down, using either his wrestling ability or a wall, breaking part of the venue in the process. With that, Cage was once again dominant as hell, forcing Janela to strike his way back into things. Janela did just that and raised hell around the venue as he did everything in his power to put down Cage, literally throwing himself in his offence. Both guys got knocked about to hell and ended up on their backs after several hard-hitting collisions. When the dust settled both went back to showing off their strength in last gasp attempts to get that win. It was pure violence. Cage thought he’d won it at several points but Janela just wouldn’t give in. After tanking Janela’s best, Cage threw him around a bit more and ended things with the Drill Claw. This was another epic from the VxS run for Cage. It was vicious, personality-driven, and full of maddening moments. The Machine is the only undefeated star left in VxS. With statements like this, no one is surprised.

PCO defeated 2 Cold Scorpio via Moonsault

Last but not least, the main event. An absolutely legendary encounter between two legends of wrestling. 2 Cold Scorpio has been a mainstay for VxS and continuously gets to expand his legacy into the modern age. Now, he was getting pitted against someone else remaking their legacy with a legendary run, the unbreakable monster, PCO. Who was going to win in this dream match and a battle of the tough guys? It started with lock-ups, dancing, and chain wrestling as Scorpio worked over PCO’s arm. The kicks came out and Scorpio took out PCO with dropkicks for a one-count. PCO took out Scorpio with a kitchen sink and went old-school for a springboard clothesline. PCO annihilated Scorpio with a boot and sent them both flying outside with a Cactus Clothesline into a Tope con Giro. They slugged it out around ringside until Scorpio downed PCO with another high kick and brought out chairs. He struck PCO with chair shots to the head and got thrown into the bar as the monster came back to life. He hung out Scorpio over chairs and took himself out with a Swanton off the bar. Scorpio flew at PCO from the apron and got put back onto it as PCO knocked him down with another lariat. PCO hung him out again and hammered him into submission and climbed up. Scorpio had nowhere to go as PCO tumbled down onto Scorpio and the floor with another Swanton. Scorpio refused to die so PCO dropped an elbow. It still wasn’t enough and Scorpio blasted back with Muay Thai knees and a Pele Kick. He flew from the top with the Tumbleweed and only got two. He tried again with a Moonsault but PCO still kicked out. They both threw more hands and kicks before Scorpio fired back with an Enzuigiri and got Chokeslammed down from the top. PCO also nailed a Moonsault and took the win. It was a close call but the monster PCO had come and conquered Scorpio’s home turf. It was a shocking finish but hey, if it works, it works. VxS had promised a dream match and I think the fans got it. They could have happily fought for longer and ended things with a show of sportsmanship. This ended an excellent little show as VxS once again gave people a fun, varied as hell show. The world is theirs if they wish to take it.

All images courtesy of VxS, Jocay19

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