Welcome back to GCW and to the bright lights of L.A. It was time for a battle of good vs evil as multiple feuds looked set to explode with bloody results. On the card tonight, we’d see more scramble goodness, AJ Gray vs Jonathan Gresham in a pure rules title fight, Alex Zayne vs Blake Christian, BUSSY vs the Cardonas, and much much more leading to an ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evil as Atticus Cogar and Jordan Oliver took their vicious tale into Cogar’s deathmatch world with a no-ropes barbed-wire match. Let’s get into the carnage.

Scramble: Ninja Mack defeated Jack Cartwheel, Jimmy Lloyd, Matt Vandergriff, Arez & Gringo Loco via Poisonrana to Flippy Splash on Lloyd

The show opened with a good old-fashioned scramble featuring some of the top high-flyers around and the ultimate wrestling chameleon Jimmy Lloyd. They’d been thrown into a ring together and let loose on each other. We had Ninja Mack and Jack Cartwheel in the same ring together, there was bound to be some exceptional flipping plus, Arez was here to make things strange. As per usual, there was no weak link in this scramble as everyone took their moments to shine. The thing I learn every time I see these scrambles, is how many different singles matches I want to see when they’re done. This time it’s mostly me wanting to see Arez vs Gringo Loco happen with more time and no distractions. That being said, this was excellent opening fodder with plenty of high spots and gif moments for all the guys involved. We even got to see Lucha Jimmy make a rare appearance with an Arabian Moonsault. This was wild and really helped set the tone for things to come. Though everyone was hurting at the end of this one.

GCW Tag Titles: The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) defeated Brody King & PCO via Jay Driller/Froggy Bo on King

Next up was the first title match of the night as the Briscoes put their Tag Titles on the line again, this time against the lethal force of Brody King and PCO. Old allies had found their way back together as they took on the force that was running roughshod through GCW’s tag division. This was going to get ugly as monsters collided. To no one’s surprise, this got chaotic quickly. The normal tag formula was thrown out of the window as everyone started fighting around the outside, flying and trying to give Brett Lauderdale a heart attack with broken chairs. There was blood, monstrous shots, and missed opportunities as both teams went for broke. It was rapid-fire violence with PCO making sure he didn’t get left behind, getting just as hardcore as the rest of the fighters and often paying the price for it. King even left a bloody message on a door with the crimson coming from his forehead before spearing Jay through it. That was but one of the multiple WTF-worthy moments of hardcore horror. This was another vicious hurricane of a tag title bout and really laid into the pure anarchy we know all these guys are capable of. I loved this. Also, go listen to God’s Hate if you don’t already, they go as hard as this match.

Tony Deppen defeated Nick Wayne via KO Knee

There are few absolutes in GCW. Everything seems to change on a dime but if you’re a young talent in the company or popular as hell, one thing is for certain, you will be tested by Tony Deppen. The Gatekeeper of GCW was being unleashed again and this time he was putting Nick Wayne through his paces. The match started in typical Deppen fashion with cocky shots and limited motion and exploded to life as Wayne overcame a bloody face, a bloody nose, and an injured shoulder to take the fight to Deppen. When it got going it was a very heavy, very unpredictable war of attrition as Wayne threw everything, he had to out game and end Deppen but just couldn’t find that killing blow. Nothing was doing the job as Deppen just kept kicking out. The crowd still hate Deppen and were forced to see Wayne fall at his hands. Wayne got ever more desperate to get the win and it led to his doom as Deppen just picked his moments. He showed a lot of heart and surprised the hell out of Deppen with his resilience but as always, everyone falls in the end. Deppen caught Wayne in his Chicken Wing, drained the life out of him, and put him to sleep. It was a nasty, malicious sight to behold and another checkmark in the victory book for Deppen. Wayne put up a great fight but it wasn’t enough tonight.

BUSSY (EFFY & Allie Katch) defeated The Cardonas (Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona) via BUSSY Piledriver on Green

Hey look, another blood feud. Matt Cardona and EFFY have been fighting for months, be it in-ring for the Internet Title or the volatile battlefield of Twitter. Cardona had lit the fuse again by involving his partner, the Hot Mess Chelsea Green so EFFY brought the fire too, with the power of BUSSY. EFFY and Katch were ready to kill the “Deathmatch King and Queen.” All things must come to an end and EFFY was hoping to be rid of Cardona for good. Hell, GCW wanted rid of Cardona for good. What followed was great. It was bursting with personality as both teams injected humour throughout with Green getting more and more annoyed at the situations her man ended up in, EFFY accidentally lip-locking Cardona and interjected it with anarchic violence. It became the Cardonas vs EFFY as Green and Cardona worked to keep EFFY trapped. It only worked for so long as EFFY took both Cardonas out with an Under the Rainbow Superplex. Katch came in as the hot tag but as per, Cardona was a killjoy and tried to mock her. That backfired and Green got hardcore to save her man. Cardona almost repeated history by narrowly missing Green with a chair and nearly took the win the same way he did last time, a low blow to Rough Ryder. EFFY powered out and Cardona smashed Green in the face with the Internet Title in another failed double-team. Green was busted open and kept getting caught in the crossfire. A Sack Ryder later and he was out then Katch ended things with the BUSSY Piledriver, driving Green into Cardona. This was just as chaotic as I wanted. It was funny, full of story beats and personality and most of all, won by BUSSY. Cardona claims he and Green are done with GCW, somehow, I doubt that. For now, though, this was an amazing final chapter.

ROH World Title Pure Rules: Jonathan Gresham defeated AJ Gray via KO Blows

Time for another first-time-ever as GCW played the home to an ROH Title match. Jonathan Gresham was back and he was putting his newly won title on the line against the ultimate no fucks given wrestler, AJ Gray under pure rules. This was going to be an interesting one as we know Gray can go but this rule-set definitely favoured Gresham. Gray ignored the code of honour and the grappling got underway. Gray remained adamant in his denial of handshakes so Gresham turned up the intensity on his submission attempts. It got very physical, very quickly as both guys got into their rhythm and tried to murder each other. Forearm met lariat as both threw bombs and knocked seven bells of shit out of each other. Gresham had destroyed one of Gray’s knees to tactically remove a large part of his offence but that couldn’t save him from the lariats. There were near-falls aplenty and a whole lot of suspense as the Pure Rules took their course. Gresham got on the Octopus Hold and basically blasted Gray in the face until he was knocked out. Gresham had survived AJ Gray through clever planning and brute force but he still couldn’t get his handshake. It was an intense fight and a brutal exchange between the pair, providing a nice change of pace to the action. There’s not too much to write, this was a very cerebral fight that is better observed.

Blake Christian defeated Alex Zayne via Rolling Executioner Elbow

Time to get wild. With both of these guys back on the indies, it was only a matter of time before they were booked against each other again. It would be the Sauce vs All Heart as Alex Zayne went one-on-one with Blake Christian. This was exactly what you’d want. It was both guys doing what they do best. It was a hybrid of physicality and athleticism as the pair paced themselves through another monster of a match. They were using their brains as well as their brawn as they once again showed how well they knew each other and countered around it. They also seemed to have a new spark, more to prove, and new things to try. They were using this match as a canvas for growth, taking that fight around the venue and revisiting some previous hits. No one was safe as the fight came towards them. Back in-ring, it didn’t slow down either. That spark remained throughout and once again, gave us a whole load of memorable moments as these guys gave each other hell until the very end. Neither wanted to give the other an inch until Christian took the win with a Rolling Executioner Elbow. Since his return, Christian has shown even more versatility and looks like he’s going to be a monster threat when given the chance to anyone facing him. He wants Gresham, come Hammerstein, it looks like it’s happening.

Jacob Fatu (w/Juicy Finau) vs Matthew Justice ended in no contest

Oh no. This was going to get ugly. Jacob Fatu is a monster, a force of nature that can take any style and bend it to his will. Originally set to battle Dark Sheik, that match had fallen through and now he was taking on the one-man militia, the mosh pitmaster, Matthew Justice. These two were going to raise hell. LA had not forgiven Fatu for the last time he was here. The history was following them as Big Toko Juicy Finau was with Fatu and Starboy Charlie was watching in the crowd with his mother. Justice tried to open peacefully but Fatu chose violence and Justice happily obliged. There was plunder aplenty as chairs and doors were used to hit Fatu. Finau just watched on as Justice unleashed a whirlwind of plunder shots to Fatu until Fatu launched his assault on Justice then Finau added to the pain. It was just a back-and-forth battle of hard blows and chair shots between two delightfully demented violence dealers. Fatu once again showed off shocking athleticism but Justice ploughed through in his usual no holds barred manner with door spears and coast to coasts. Finau tried to interfere but Justice just fought him too. After multiple instances of Mutually Assured Destruction, Finau took out Justice and the referee, and Fatu helped his Tongan ally to just kill off Justice. There was no winner here, just a murder. Justice tried to remain defiant but there were two monsters messing him up. Starboy Charlie and his mother Blanca tried to stand up to the monsters but they too were mauled by the monsters. It was a sombre conclusion to an absolutely anarchic bout. Receipts are due and when Charlie is healed, I feel they’ll come with interest.

No-Rope Barbed-wire: Atticus Cogar defeated Jordan Oliver via Elevated Barbed-wire Chair Brain Haemorrhage

Last but not least, the main event. For months now, Jordan Oliver and Atticus Cogar have been at war. Oliver, trying to protect the youth of the company from the horrific clutches of Cogar whilst Cogar wants to break away from the association he has with them through his age. He is a deathmatch king and now, Oliver was entering that world in the ultimate baptism of fire. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was doing it with one good eye. It was street fight Oliver vs a very silver Silver Teeth Satan. It started with chain wrestling and dancing around the wire until Oliver took out Cogar with a German. Cogar bailed and Oliver followed with a dive over the wire. They brawled around the outside and Cogar ate a Pedigree onto a bunch of chairs. They eventually brawled back to the ring and Cogar ambushed Oliver with a dropkick into the wire then threw him across the ring into another side of wire. Cogar went after the injured eye and fed Oliver wire. The wire mugging continued as Cogar also fed Oliver a healthy dose of skewers to the cheek. He stabbed them into Oliver’s eye and forehead too before bouncing him off more wire. Oliver came back with a baseball slide but Cogar cut him off with a chair to the head and threw a wired chair into the ring. He abused Oliver with that chair and kept stabbing away, Cogar was having a lot of fun at Oliver’s expense. Oliver fired up and started slugging back, taking Cogar into the wire with frantic throws and Monkey Flips.

Some wire was cut away and Oliver sacrificed his own body for a running boot and took Cogar to the floor and some more wired doors with a Cutter over the wire. Oliver mangled Cogar’s face with wire and grated him with the wired chair. He chopped Cogar into the wired ropes and launched him into it again with a vicious whip. Oliver couldn’t get Cogar to stay down though so he nailed 2/3 Amigos and both nailed each other with Superkicks. Cogar was hunting for more plunder and set it into the ring. Oliver ambushed him before he could do anything with it and nailed a sit-out Powerbomb. Oliver covered the door in lighter fluid and rolled aside as Cogar set it alight with a Mr Pogo-level fireball. Oliver threw Cogar through the flaming door with an Exploder and followed up with a Tombstone but only got two. He didn’t get flustered though and just dragged out a glass pane. He set that up but Cogar had used the time to recover and blasted Oliver with a German and Superkick. They fought around the glass and Oliver pulled out a surprise Lightning Spiral in tribute to Jimmy Rave. He delayed on another Tombstone so Cogar turned it into a Destroyer and gave Oliver a Sack tap. He hit a Brain Haemorrhage into the canvas and followed up with an Air Raid Crash into the glass. Cogar quickly delivered a second Brain Haemorrhage but Oliver kicked out at one, adrenaline powering him up. Cogar drove more skewers into Oliver’s head and hit a third Brain Haemorrhage but it still only got two. He smashed Oliver with the wired chair and threw it on the mat for an Elevated Brain Haemorrhage. That sealed the deal and Atticus Cogar had taken the win over Jordan Oliver. The Clout Cutter had stepped to him in his kingdom and pushed Cogar to his limit. It had been a main event epic and one hell of a first deathmatch for Oliver. These two have the whole world ahead of them. What a match, what a way to end another exceptional show.

All images courtesy of GCW, Hee_Bawn, Esther Lin, HeyyImRob

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