Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another weekend of Ichigaya wrestling goodness. We have another two shows from Chocolate Square as the monsters continue to invade and old scores needed to be settled. On the cards tonight we’d see, Chie Koishikawa take on Kappa Kozo, and in the first main event, Kaori Yoneyama teamed up with Masahiro Takanashi to battle Baliyan Akki and Sayaka. Then in #183, Cherry and Chon Shiryu formed an intimidating team to fight Chie Koishikawa and Tokiko Kirihara and Baliyan Akki ended things with another fight with Baliyan Akki. Who would stand tall at the end of all this chaos? Let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #182

Kappa Kozo defeated Chie Koishikawa via Diving Headbutt

Up first was a terrifying bout between the devious Kappa Kozo and the Hyperactive Chopping Machine Chie Koishikawa. We’d seen Kozo terrorise Ichigaya for months now and as the anniversary of his first match with Obihiro lurked, he was coming against stiff competition in Obihiro’s tag partner. Koishikawa went on the attack instantly, stabbing Kozo in the top of his head with her fencing sabre and continuing to work that sensitive spot. She kept working over his legs and his head until he was able to claw free. Kozo tried to take his aggression out on Koishikawa’s wrist but she refused to be intimidating until he proved he could keep up with her. Both got dizzy from running and both collapsed. Akki started a ten-count and the pair staggered up for a sumo fight. Kozo won the exchange and started biting into Koishikawa and Akki. The torture continued as Kozo was now operating at maximum evil capacity. Anyone who intervened was attacked. He broke his hands on the wall trying to imitate Obihiro but Koishikawa couldn’t capitalise as Kozo countered the arm-drag into another choke. Koishikawa landed the arm-drag on a second attempt and decided against the Demon Chop to deliver vicious elbows to the head. Kozo fainted but it was all possum playing so he could sneak a roll-up. Koishikawa saw it coming and locked on the Muffler. Kozo blocked the X chop and stabbed her in the throat with a claw, retrieving her sabre to use in an attack. Akki stopped this and got taken out by a throat thrust, preventing him from counting a dropkick pin. With the ref out, Kozo tried to get hardcore but Sayaka Obihiro jumped to the rescue and put a stop to it. She murdered Kozo and tried to set up a double team throat thrust but Kozo dodged and Obihiro spiked Koishikawa. Obihiro was thrown out of the window and Kozo took the win with a diving headbutt. This was pretty fun for what it was. Once again, Obihiro did more harm than good coming to someone’s rescue and the evil Kappa was able to use that to his advantage.

Kaori Yoneyama & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Baliyan Akki & Sayaka via Roll-up on Sayaka

The show was about to get an energy boost as the other hyperactive roster member, Kaori Yoneyama was back in action, this time teaming with Masahiro Takanashi against the new team of Baliyan Akki and Sayaka. Akki and Sayaka had teamed the night before and felt more than ready to go against the two veterans. Yoneyama and Sayaka opened proceedings with some chain grappling and Sayaka instantly went for the knee drop bow and arrow. Yoneyama countered into a crossbody and the pair tagged out. Takanashi and Akki picked right back up with the technical warfare and Sayaka jumped in to apply dual Namaste Stretches. Yoneyama and Takanashi did the same and Yoneyama got distracted by the camera, leading to a mini ambush. They got the match back under control and started bullying Sayaka, trying to break her arm and her neck. Akki did his best to make the save but he was batted away and the veterans just kept targeting other limbs, continuing Sayaka’s suffering. Sayaka body-slammed her way to freedom and made the tag, bringing in an angry Akki. He lit up Takanashi with his signature combo and shook off Yoneyama’s clawing to dump her on top of her partner for a double Spider splash. Takanashi started to break his arm too and trapped Sayaka as she tried to help, leading to more double-team agony. Akki made him pay with kicks and Takanashi stopped him with a jawbreaker. He unleashed Yoneyama, who quickly felt the mat again as Akki caught her into a slam and splash.

She countered a second into a crossbody and found herself in multiple roll-ups. She and Takanashi tried for the Taka-Tonic and rolled Akki up as he went for a Fireman’s Carry. She dumped Akki on his head with a DDT and Akki took both out with a wall-run Crossbody. Akki crawled to freedom and Sayaka beat the hell out of Yoneyama with dropkicks. She trapped Yoneyama in a crab and was cut off with Mongolian Chops and gut punches. Sayaka fought them both off and almost took the win but Takanashi was ready to make the save. Yoneyama kicked out of a dropkick Backbreaker and Takanashi jumped in to help set up a double Nose-Breaker. Teammates collided and Yoneyama took the win with a roll-up. This again was fun for what it was. Sayaka and Akki make a nice team but they need to find a better rhythm to avoid more defeats. They managed to keep things rolling even if some of that usual energy was missing.

ChocoPro #183

Cherry & Chon Shiryu defeated Chie Koishikawa & Tokiko Kirihara via Dragon Lock on Koishikawa

#183 opened with another madcap tag bout as we got The Super Asia Champion Chon Shiryu teaming up with someone who is equally as mischievous and devious in Cherry. They were going to be a formidable unit for the team of Tokiko Kirihara and Chie Koishikawa. This was going to be a tough one to predict, especially as Cherry wasn’t fighting clean. Cherry and Koishikawa opened with chain wrestling and battled for wrist control. They reached a stalemate and tagged out, bringing in Kirihara and Shiryu. They too got to grappling and scrambled around the mat. The pair traded Comaneci’s and Kirihara dodged a stomp, punishing Shiryu’s transgression with a kick. They went back to scrambling and Kirihara tried to take mount but Shiryu had counters aplenty, including bites. Shiryu and Cherry began to maul Kirihara, Cherry paying particular attention to Kirihara’s abs. Cherry used every dirty trick in the book to punish Kirihara and unleashed her claws on her. Shiryu joined her in the clawing and the pair scratched up Kirihara alongside every other deed they felt like doing. Teammates collided and the evil pair ended up clawing at each other. Kirihara took advantage and smashed Shiryu off the wall before going for his arm again. Cherry got involved but it didn’t benefit her as Kirihara applied a double Comaneci as Koishikawa ran a victory lap. They put a pompadour wig on him and prepared to launch him into the wall but Shiryu used the camera to escape. Kirihara put him in a Sleeper and kicked the wig off him when he escaped. She tagged and Koishikawa began the demon chop chase.

Shiryu thought he’d escaped at multiple points but Demon Chie would not be deterred and got the chop off by hanging him in the window. Mat burn followed and Shiryu created separation with the Dragon Kick. Cherry got the tag and went right to work on mangling Koishikawa’s legs. Kirihara came to her partner’s aid but Cherry just took them both on and massacred them against the wall for a double body double stomp. Cherry was vicious but couldn’t avoid Koishikawa’s chop and a dropkick. Kirihara was tagged in and smashed Cherry into the wall. She applied the Cobra Twist and Cherry bullied her into more mat work with hard punches. Kirihara scared her off with a Claw Slam and got trapped in a Triangle. Cherry kept mangling the arm and Koishikawa grew tired of seeing it so she put Cherry in the bow and arrow as Kirihara applied a dancing stomp. The Judo Throw was blocked with a hair-pull slam and Cherry stormed out of the match. Shiryu lit up Kirihara with strikes and crushed her in the window with double knees. He used the window again for a roll-up and ran right into the Judo Throw. Kirihara tagged and Koishikawa hit all her greatest hits on Shiryu. He blocked a dropkick and performed a devastating combo with Cherry, ending in a double chop Gory Bomb. Kirihara was thrown out of the window but still provided her services as she held Shiryu in place for another window-trapped Demon Chop. The dancing stomp followed but Shiryu still kicked out. Koishikawa went to the legs but Cherry stopped her and Shiryu combo’ed her into a roll-up war and a horrific submission I can’t even name. Shiryu and Cherry had won but it had been way more of a challenge than either of them expected. Playing dirty won this time but there could be a future for a Kirihara and Koishikawa team.

Baliyan Akki defeated Shin Suzuki via Namaste Press

Last but not least, the main event. The last time these two met, Akki claims to have been saved by the bell. He’d been unable to beat Shin Suzuki then and now, he was hoping to make up for that. Another time limit loomed but he was slowly getting his confidence back and was sure this match would shape the trajectory of his season, he had to win it. They started with more grappling and both tried to make a weak point on the other, be it an arm or a knee. The pair upped the ante with shoulder tackles and Suzuki scared Akki with an arm-drag and backslide, almost scoring an early win. He nailed Akki with a nasty dropkick and the pair obliterated each other’s legs with kicks and counters, Suzuki sacrificing his own to blast away Akki’s wall-run kick. They kept targeting the other’s leg and Akki got mean with a double knee-breaker. The pair stayed neck-and-neck with striking attempts and both felt the sting in their legs again after a MAD knee-breaker. Akki trapped Suzuki in Akki’s knot and doled out more vicious kicks. Suzuki broke Akki’s knee further with the window and snapped the other with a chop block. He used the window again for a slingshot senton and halted any more of Akki’s progress with another nasty knee-breaker. He followed up with a Bridging Northern Lights and earned another kicking for attempting a Taka-tonic. The counters kept on coming as Akki nearly rolled up Suzuki and Suzuki dropped Akki on his face with a Flatliner. Suzuki applied his muffler variant and Akki almost took the win with another roll-up. Akki’s knees were bothering him as he unleashed more kicks and Suzuki capitalised with another round in the muffler.

Akki clawed his way to freedom and reversed a wall whip to land a brick-assisted dropkick. He injured himself attempting the Spider and flattened Suzuki with a Swanton. Adrenaline fuelled a second attempt at the Spider and he landed it, further winding Suzuki. The counters came out again but neither man could keep the other down. Akki went for broke with the Namaste Press and ate nothing but knees, still managing to hurt Suzuki. Sadly, this fired Suzuki up and he hit a Taka-tonic. Akki had the wherewithal to roll out of bounds and Suzuki had to drag him back to the mat. He attempted a second but Akki collapsed and Suzuki had to return to the drawing board. Suzuki threw some horrifying forearms but these appeared to wake Akki up and he countered an Enzuigiri into the Deathlock. Suzuki struggled as his legs were ripped apart and forced a break. With nothing left to give, the pair just slugged at each other. Akki booted down Suzuki, climbed the sink, and landed a second Swanton, then hopped up the window and ended things with the Namaste Press. With mere seconds left, Akki took the win. He had finally avenged the fight he couldn’t win and gave himself a positive projection for the season. It had been an intense fight with both guys going all-out on broken knees. Both men had given it their all but it had been Akki’s time to win. What an insanely good fight. Suzuki fought on until he could give no more, forcing Akki to use every tool he had, potentially crippling himself in the process. Akki is back, everyone should be scared.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, DOGU, FlyingVTrigger, videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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