Welcome back to ChocoPro and to part one of the new year’s special. As 2021 draws to its end, it’s time to end the year with a wrestling boom. Following the Christmas chaos, Antonio Honda had been left with a Christmas wish. He’d used it to get a title shot and now it was time for him to claim it and take a shot at the Super Asia Champion, Chon Shiryu. Alongside that, we’d see Sayaka Obihiro and Chie Koishikawa team up to kick some Kappa Kozo and Dragon Sakura no Bo ass and a triple threat featuring Baliyan Akki, Masahiro Takanashi, and the ChocoPro debut for 666’s Taro Yamada. Let’s get into the first part of the new year’s festivities.

Baliyan Akki & Masahiro Takanashi defeated Taro Yamada via B3

To kick off the wrestling festival, we were starting with a triple threat. It would be Baliyan Akki and Masahiro Takanashi carrying on their hostilities with another variable added in, the Gatoh Move return and ChocoPro debut of the 666 Monster, Taro Yamada. Could Akki and Takanashi keep their sights set on the new threat or would they just try to kill each other again? This was exactly how it started, Yamada had to force his way into the action as the other two just ignored him and fought. They scrambled around each other and Yamada left a mark with a lariat/Neckbreaker combo. He beat down Takanashi and tried to mangle his neck with claws. Akki saved him so he could kick Takanashi’s ass and went to work on the repaired leg. He kept Yamada away by throwing him into a table and ended up getting thrown into the wall by Takanashi. He used his opponents as weapons on each other and tried to tap both out with a double submission. Yamada dragged himself away and Takanashi and Akki returned to beating the hell out of each other. They threw bombs and Takanashi cut off Akki’s momentum with an arm-wringer slam. With a shoulder broken, Takanashi had a target to go for but couldn’t capitalise as Yamada interrupted with a Neckbreaker and knee drop. Takanashi almost took the win with a double pin and tried for the Taka-Tonic but Akki knocked him away with a thrust kick. He tried to take the win with a Backbreaker and missed the Spider, earning himself an Enziguiri. Akki and Takanashi ended up working together unintentionally and took the win with B3, both of them being declared the winner. It turned out these full-time foes could co-exist when the need arose. This was a fun opening sprint with Yamada injecting some new life into the Akki/Takanashi story.

Chie Koishikawa & Sayaka Obihiro defeated Kappa Kozo & Dragon Sakura no Bo via Roll-over pin on Kozo

Up next was some heavy-handed tag action. Sayaka Obihiro and Chie Koishikawa were teaming up once again to take on the monstrous forces that had been invading ChocoPro and their daily lives, Kappa Kozo and his newly drafted teammate, Dragon Sakura no Bo. Separately, they have been unable to topple these monsters, could they score a victory by working together. Kozo and Sakura tried to ambush the chopping duo but they were able to hold out and Obihiro used a running Koishikawa as a weapon. They attacked Kozo with double-wall dropkicks and double posing wall chops. Obihiro kept the beatdown going on Kozo with chops and chokes but Kozo bit free and tried to attack Akki. He wasn’t having it though and bonked Kozo on the head. Kozo knocked Obihiro loopy with a headbutt and brought in Sakura, who kept the pressure on, ripping out Obihiro’s hair as she did so. They kept torturing Obihiro through nefarious means as Akki seemed unable to stop them and unwilling to DQ them. Kozo made sure Koishikawa wasn’t left out either, clawing her whenever he was near. Sakura cockily mangled Obihiro’s arm and continuously stomped her into the mat. She got too complacent though and Obihiro finally got her escape with throat thrusts. Koishikawa flew in and went for a run before chopping the hell out of Kozo. Arm-drags followed and Koishikawa tried to go for a wall chop but hit nothing but bricks. Kozo silenced her with a claw but Koishikawa got mean and straight-up choked out Kozo, dragging him to the mat for the Demon Chop. He clawed away the leglock but couldn’t keep Koishikawa contained and she made the tag to Obihiro. Obihiro ran right into a boot and got whipped with Sakura’s belt, cutting off her momentum for Kozo’s sliding lariat.

Kozo missed his diving clothesline and was blasted with a rolling double chop. Obihiro and Koishikawa rained down chops and dropped a headbutt so they could roll him into the mat. Obihiro pummelled away but as per usual, Kozo had teleported away and she’d been beating up Koishikawa. Kozo and Sakura attacked from the window with another lariat and double stomp but Obihiro wouldn’t quit. Kozo tried to attack with the bin but Koishikawa cut him off, Sakura doing the same when Obihiro tried to use the weapon. Kozo tried to hold Obihiro in place for a double-team bin shot but Obihiro dodged and Sakura brained Kozo with the bin. Obihiro capitalised with a roll-over pin and took the win. The monsters had finally been defeated and as much as they tried to fight on post-match, were repelled back to where they’re come from. Today was the day of celebration for Obihiro. This was a fun fight and it was nice to see the chopping duo finally overcome their monstrous opposition.

Super Asia Title: Chon Shiryu defeated Antonio Honda via Project A

Last but not least, the main event. Honda’s Christmas wish had granted him a Super Asia Title shot and another crack at Chon Shiryu. These two have fought for so long now, across the years and the companies, now it was for a singles prize. They’d split the crowd and both had their partners chanting for them but who’d be holding that belt when it was all over? They opened with a chain wrestling masterclass and tried to lock up the other’s limbs. Honda tried to rip Shiryu’s arm off and Shiryu ended up doing the same. They kept locking up around the studio and kept switching limbs and holds in desperate scrambles. Honda almost gave up to a Hammerlock and Shiryu brought out the first strikes of the match. Honda begged for a time-out and tried for the time-out strike but Shiryu blocked it, they’d known each other too long for that. Honda caught him in the throat with his other hand and applied a chin-lock, sitting on Shiryu’s back for more pressure. Honda performed comedy with a stool and snapped Shiryu down for a face stomp. He grabbed a kettlebell and realised it would be a bad idea to use it so he just stomped on Shiryu instead, then crushed his head in the window. Honda just kept working the head and Shiryu seemed unable to stop him. Even when Shiryu tried to strike back, Honda just gut-punched him back down for a high knee. He jabbed away but danced for too long and got nailed with a gut punch and was launched away with a wall-run takeover. Shiryu followed up with a dropkick and let out a defiant roar, the Dragon was awake now. He lit up Honda with strikes and downed him again with the Trust Fall. He stopped for a long swig of Sake and unleashed the Drunken Master Kung-Fu on Honda, making his opponent and himself dizzy with the ferocity and eccentricity of his shots.

That only got two though so Shiryu went for the Sleeper and Honda nearly went out but Gon came to his aid. Gon attacked Shiryu but the Dragon trapped him and got him buzzed on Sake. Gon was too drunk to fight and attacked Honda in a drunken stupor. Shiryu capitalised with a Camel Clutch and it looked like Honda had given up. He hadn’t though and the pair debated this. Honda claimed he was going to give up soon as Shiryu was just better and stronger and had a decent job. Before he was going to do that though, he wanted to sing his new song. He grabbed his ukulele and sang away as the crowd clapped along. He finished the song and collapsed from the effort but it was a trick and he tried to attack Shiryu with his ukulele but referee Yamada was paying attention and stopped it. Honda accidentally KO’ed Yamada with a fan and the pair took turns dodging ukulele shots until Honda smashed Shiryu in the head with it. Honda grabbed a chair and dropped Shiryu onto it with a Piledriver but there was no ref to make the count. The delay allowed Shiryu to kick out so Honda tried for the dancing elbow again. Shiryu dodged and both got downed as Shiryu delivered a thrust kick and Honda fell into the elbow. They both struggled up and struck it out again, throwing hands with all the malicious intent.

Shiryu knocked the hell out of Honda but Honda was able to catch and arm and land the Scorpion Drop. He tried to scramble up the window for the fist-drop but took too long and got kicked in the face by Shiryu. The Dragon booted Honda into the window for double knees and got brought crashing back down as Honda landed a Brainbuster. Honda climbed up the sink for another attempted fist drop but Shiryu moved and Honda hit nothing but mat. Shiryu leapt into action and killed off Honda with a Dragon Kick and Gory Bomb. Honda refused to quit so Shiryu hit Bombs Away and Project A to end the match. Shiryu had managed to retain his title despite all of Honda’s tricks, traps, and actual wrestling ability. It had been a wild fight and gave Shiryu a challenge I don’t even think he was expecting. It’s not the type of match everyone will enjoy but it had some personality for days, some great comedy, and some great wrestling. Just don’t let Emi Sakura see the hole in the ceiling.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, Chie Koishikawa, Sayuri, FlyingVTrigger, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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