Welcome back to Paradigm and to the world of the UWFI rules. It’s a new season and the company has stocked up on a whole host of new contenders to take part in its UWFI revival this time around. The series was about to open with a bang as we had six fights on the card with Freddie Hudson taking on Tyler Voxx, Gnarls Garvin vs Lobo Okami, Killa Kate vs Persia Pierce, and more leading to the main event non-title super fight where Filthy Tom Lawlor takes on the super middleweight champion Jordan Blade. It was going to be a fun return to the new-school take on old-school rules so let’s get into the action.

Freddie Hudson defeated Tyler Voxx (w/Fully-Licensed Manager Bruce Grey) via Banana Split

The action opened with a showdown between classic-style wrestling and white trash grappling. Freddie Hudson, the Hornet of Shooters Don’t Die was the first in action tonight and was taking on the Lycan of DDTrash, Tyler Voxx. It was a serious clash of styles but also an excellent chance for Voxx to prove he was more than his trashy persona. It sadly didn’t last long as they went from scrambling around the mat to Voxx tapping out to a Banana Split in under two minutes. It wasn’t all bad though as Voxx managed to boot Hudson in the mouth, Suplex him, and lock him in a Guillotine before his unfortunate defeat. He’d tried to hang but this was Hudson’s ruleset and he’d played an almost perfect game to get a quick victory. It would be back to the drawing board for Voxx.

Big Beef Gnarls Garvin defeated Lobo Okami via Lariat KO

Up next was a proper kaiju fight as we had a battle between two hard-hitting hosses. Big Beef is no stranger to UWFI rules and loves to brutalise opponents with his no-frills, all pain style of striking. His opponent was a newcomer to the company and the series, Lobo Okami. He too, had Beef’s size and aggression so it was going to be a very wild fight. Okami jumped Beef and mauled him with palm strikes before taking him down with a German. They kept scrapping and ended up in the ropes forcing a ref break-up. Okami countered a belly-to-belly and powered Beef to the mat for heavy ground and pound shots. Beef grabbed the ropes and bit back but was stopped when Okami dropped him on his head again with another German. Okami ran his mouth so Beef slapped it off and knocked him down with heavy knees. They threw more bombs and Beef took the win with a Lariat to the back of the head. Okami was knocked out and Beef was the winner. It had been a very heavy fight with Okami getting in a whole lot of licks before going down. it had been a very stiff fight that packed a lot of pain into its short runtime. Post-match, Beef called out Lord Crewe. As the only man to beat him in this style, Beef wants his head.

Dustin Leonard (w/Ben Shearin) defeated Tanner Keeler via Heel Hook

We went from bruisers to the skilled as Dustin Leonard and Tanner Keeler prepared to square up. It would be Leonard’s BJJ discipline meeting the amateur wrestling prowess of Keeler. They were both highly proficient in what they do so we were in for a good one. Leonard struck quick with a kick but was cut off with multiple slams from Keeler. The fight went to the mat and Leonard tried to sink his hooks in but Keeler popped up and stepped out. Keeler scored another throw but Leonard managed to pick an ankle and started working over the heel. Keeler tried to strike free but Leonard seemed unphased and refused to break the hold. Shots to the head forced a break and Keeler sent Leonard flying again with a deadlift German. A second quickly followed and a third shortly after, a wound on Keeler’s face breaking open and leaving him with a bloody smiling visage. Keeler got a bit too comfortable and tried for a fourth but Leonard was able to shift, take Keeler down and tap him out with a heel hook. It had been an impressive display from Keeler but in the end, the UWFI pro was the one to take the win. Keeler had managed to show his power and technique but Leonard just needed to pick a moment and tap out the bigger man. That was just one example though, Leonard wants to make so many more.

Killa Kate defeated Persia Pierce via Rear-Naked Choke

It was time for more new blood to make their debut as both Killa Kate and Persia Pierce prepared to enter the UWFI Thunderdome. It would be wrestling and MMA from Pierce colliding with the submission style of the one-shot Killa Kate. They opened with a cagey standoff of minor kicks and Pierce forced Kate the ropes when the fight hit the mat. They kept scrambling around the mat and as Pierce locked in on an arm, Kate sacrificed more points to force another break. The submission trading and guards continued as Kate found more footing in the match and bridged into a neck crank. They kept grappling and Kate scored another shot on Pierce with a Gutwrench Suplex. Pierce countered with more throws and threw a combo of kicks and strikes into a Judo throw and Armbreaker attempt. Kate fought it off and ducked a roundhouse kick to take the win with a Rear-Naked Choke. It was a flash win but Kate had weathered the storm of Pierce’s assault and picked the right moment to strike. It was another excellent fight and showed off both fighters’ technical acumen. Kate scored her first victory and is now gunning straight for the top, ending the segment by calling out Jordan Blade.

Lord Crewe defeated Ryan Clark via Sliding Forearm and Strikes

Well, this one was going to be different. We had the Swinger Ryan Clark against the Bareknuckle Berserker Lord Crewe. I’ll admit I don’t know much about Clark but he certainly had a swanky look and seemed more than happy to take the fight to Crewe. Would he survive the encounter though? He certainly started strong, surprising Crewe with a wrestling takeover and nearly tying him in a knot after tanking a Suplex. They both rolled into the ropes and Crewe unleashed a barrage of strikes but ended up landing on his face again as Clark pulled his leg out from under him. The fight was staying on the mat so Crewe picked a shoulder and tried to pry it apart. Clark kept picking at the leg so Crewe started throwing more bombs. Clark answered in kind and chased Crewe to the mat for an attempted Sleeper. He sunk the hooks in deeper but Crewe crushed him in the corner, rocked him with an elbow, and scored the KO with a sliding forearm into a ground and pound assault. The Swinger had stunned everyone by holding his own for so long with a berserker like Crewe and it surprised no one to learn that Crewe had been the one to recommend him. It had been a baptism by fire and he might not have won but he’d definitely left a mark on Paradigm. Crewe is aiming for the Heavy Hitters title and Isaiah Broner but also took the time to address Beef and hoped he’d get over it. There are some fights you just can’t win.

Non-Title Super Fight: Filthy Tom Lawlor defeated Jordan Blade via Rear-Naked Choke

Last but not least, the main event. It would be a submission super fight as Jordan Blade was about to put on a technical showcase against one of the deadliest threats in the UWFI division, Filthy Tom Lawlor. Both of these fighters have a vast knowledge of submissions and the savvy to know how to use them. This was going to get competitive. Lawlor really didn’t take this seriously at first as he did a bit of an early match dance and purposely back himself into the ropes. He kept winding Blade up and struck out to trap her in a corner. Blade kneed back but Lawlor cut her off with an elbow and continued to manhandle her, mockingly trying to prove a point. Blade grew sick of this and leapt over a low attack to dump Lawlor with a German. They scrambled to the mat and both kept trading positions for strikes and holds. Lawlor broke this up with a stiff kick to the spine and Blade grabbed his ankle for an Ankle Lock and transitioned to a rear mount for shots to the back. Lawlor trapped her in a Triangle and rained down elbows into her head. Blade escaped again and caught the back again, jumping up for a Rear-Naked but Lawlor just walked to the ropes. He tried to bring himself back into the fight but Blade mangled his knee with a Dragon Screw and kept the pressure on with a kneebar. Lawlor was able to bend free and threw down palm strikes to soften Blade up for a Sharpshooter. This didn’t work as well as he’d hoped though as Blade kept picking at the ankle and both ended up jockeying for leglocks. Blade switched it up and hammered it into Lawlor’s ribs with every tool in her arsenal of strikes. Lawlor hit back even harder and created some separation with a corner knee. He tried to keep Blade trapped with a neck crank but Blade just went after the ankle again and dumped him another German. It looked like the end was near but Lawlor cut Blade off in her tracks with an Enzuigiri. They both tried for chokes and Blade was unceremoniously dumped with a takedown. Lawlor was pissed and ended things with a straightjacket knee into the Rear-Naked Choke. Blade tapped and Lawlor won the fight. It had been a brutal, technical chess game of a match where both showed off some of their best tricks and tools. It certainly lived up to the super-fight moniker and Lawlor announced his intentions to chase that Heavy Hitters belt. That ended an exceptional first episode and leaves us with a whole lot to look forward to from the rest of the series.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Pro

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