As they’re about to take part in the inaugural Women’s Ultimate-X match, this Saturday at Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill, Tasha Steelz, Rosemary and Chelsea not only talked about the match this Wednesday on a press pass but also shared with host Gail Kim on their vision of women’s wrestling, their goals, and many other things.

Here are a few highlights of the press pass video you can find below:

  • On making history

Rosemary: “We’ve said before in an interview, this is something we’ve been campaigning for since the end of 2016. Chelsea was there at the time, so she knows we’re very adamant about it, that girls should be given the chance to do everything that the guys had in TNA then, and now Impact Wrestling. And Ultimate X being a very specific TNA/Impact Wrestling centric match, that nobody else does anything like this, there are very few firsts left in this business. This is one of them and this is an Impact-specific first because Ultimate-X is ours and the Knockouts get to be involved now.”

Chelsea Green: “I couldn’t agree more. Truly, Impact might be one of the only companies (…) to put their Knockouts on the same pedestal that the men are on, and we’ve always done that. Back in the day, when I first came to Impact, I didn’t even think twice about the fact that I main-evented an impact show. I didn’t, I didn’t boast about it or brag about it. I didn’t even think about it and that was something I thought about today like, “man, they were having women main event way back then.” We didn’t think for two seconds, not only that, but the men have been wrestling the women. For years, and we, again, have not put it out there like, we should be praised. This is just something that we’ve done and we’ve always been equal to the men and this, to me, is that last step that we needed to take. I think the perfect time to be doing that, starting the new year off right and now, really, truly, Impact Wrestling is the best company in the world for women.”

Tasha Steelz: “I definitely agree. I agree with both ladies. There’s nothing else that I could say to that but going into the Ultimate X match, I love making history. 2021, my former partner, Kiera and I, made history. So I don’t mind doing it again.”

  • The pressure to be a part of the Ultimate-X Match

Chelsea Green: “I feel like we’re prepared exactly like the men are. We’ve been training our entire careers for things like this. And a lot of times, there is this hilarious stigma that women can’t last as long in this business as men can. And honestly, it’s BS. We’ll last as long as we want. And Gail Kim is sitting right here and is a testament to that. We can take these same bumps that men can. We can wrestle for just as long as the men can. We just choose whether we want to or not and now is our time and we are choosing, we’re choosing to do it. I don’t know about these women but I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were born ready to do this the way that we were born ready to wrestle.”

Rosemary: “There’s a reason that we chose a female Mitsu when we came into this realm and that is the incredible resilience that you, human females, have and that was one thing that we’ve learned. We go into this match the exact same way that we go into a Monsters Ball, a Full Metal Mayhem or any of the other ridiculous things that we do to ourselves, and that is we’re not going to think about it. We’re going to go in and throw our body at wherever we have to do to get that victory because we’ll worry about it after quite frankly.”

Tasha Steelz: “I wouldn’t be the Boricua Badass if I didn’t get into matches such as this. So, preparing, I’ve always stayed ahead of the curve and prepared for anything. Preparedness meets opportunity so I’m ready.”

  • The matches that can help them for this Ultimate-X one

Chelsea Green: “It’s not necessarily the specific matches I’ve been in that have prepared me for this, but more the places that I’ve had matches, the opponents I’ve wrestled in every major company in the world at this point, that will accept females, and me. I really truly think that I’ve kind of always been a fighter and I’ve always fought my way to the top, and I’m going to do that in this match as well. We’re absolutely ready. We were ready years ago and now, our time has come.”

Rosemary:” You’re going to see new things because females bring something new to whatever we do. In the female Monsters Ball matches, you will have new things happen because girls can come up with different things and we are typically more flexible. So, there are new things that we can do that the guys necessarily won’t do. So, you will see new and that’s going to happen in Ultimate-X as well because of our creativity, our drive. Knowing that we have an awful lot to live up to, you’re going to see creativity come out here, new creative ways to inflict pain upon each other, and new creative ways to get that win and stand out.”

Tasha Steelz: “Just stay tuned. I don’t want to give everything away.”

  • The biggest asset of their 3 other opponents in the match

Tasha Steelz: “Jordynne has a lot of power and she doesn’t hold back.”

Rosemary: “In a previous interview, we actually named Tasha and Chelsea as our biggest threats because you knew us better than the other three. You two have been in the ring with us so you know what to look for. It’s the other three that actually on the flip side, we haven’t had much experience, especially with Lady Frost. So, those three, we don’t know very well. So, we don’t know what to anticipate from them. In the reverse situation, they won’t know what to anticipate from us either but we don’t like going in with an unknown.”

  • Who would they face off if they win?

Rosemary: “We never like to choose because we just want to fight everybody but if you’re forcing us, It’s so difficult because we’ve never faced Mickie James one-on-one, but we’ve also faced Deonna Purrazzo twice and she’s bested us twice. So, it might be that much sweeter to finally beat Deonna Purrazzo. And then, we’ll beat Mickie James.”

Chelsea Green: “I want to take on Mickie with Deonna in my corner. When we came down to business, I want to win. Period.”

  • The next step in the evolution for the Impact Knockouts Division going forward after this

Chelsea Green: “I feel like Impact is like years ahead of every other company in terms of the platform that they’ve put the Knockouts on. So it’s hard to even think of what we can do next. I mean, there is no ceiling anymore. I’ll say that. There’s absolutely no ceiling. SoI think that whatever we want to do, personally, we can do at this point. The options are endless.”

Tasha Steelz: I would like to be the main event, have more pay-per-views, that’s what I want to see. I want to see more women main-eventing pay-per-views here. I haven’t seen it in a long time.”

  • Any other unique match types that they haven’t participated in the past that you all would like to see put forth

Tasha Steelz: “I want that Lethal Lockdown to come back. I haven’t been in a cage match.”
Chelsea Green: “Any sort of like gimmick match. So, I guess I would like to do a TLC match but really, I’ll take anything at this point, any sort of weapon would be great.”
Rosemary: “Shockingly, out of all the things we have done, we’ve never done a ladder match. So, we’ll join you in that TLC if you like.”

  • The women from other companies they would like to welcome in the Impact Zone

Tasha Steelz: “I think I’ve been trying to get through this forbidden door. They’ve been trying to lock the door on me but they know I’m from the street. I pick locks. I break windows. So, I’ve been trying to get through this Forbidden Door for a long time. Currently, I want the best. I want the absolute best. So, if somebody can call that doctor, Chelsea, isn’t that your friend? Call the doctor. Tell her to come through. Cuz the Boricua Badass got some words for her. Go get Britt today. And bring her to Impact and I’ll introduce her a little bit.”

Chelsea Green: “I would love to get my hands on cute little Bunny Allie once again.”

Rosemary: “Had anybody along with that line of thought Chelsea and we’ll beat up this new Bunny’s little friend, Penelope (Ford).”

  • Besides theirs, which match on the card they are looking forward to 

Chelsea Green: “It would be crazy if I didn’t say that I’m excited for my now husband’s match versus Moose and Morrissey. That’s obviously one of the top matches I want to see because I want to see him walk away with that World Heavyweight Title but, really, I think that the whole world is tuning in to watch Mickie James versus Deonna Purrazzo. I think every all of us girls are going to be watching to see what happens because the whole reason we are having this Ultimate-X match is to see who we are going to be challenging for that title.”

Tasha Steelz: “Mickey James versus Deonna Purrazzo match. I need to see who I’m going to be facing after this. I want to see who I’m going to be facing after this match here, it’s going to be so bittersweet for me. If Deonna comes out as the winner and the new three-time Knockouts Champion, there’s a story there. If Mickie James retains, she’s going to be dealing with the Boricua Badass for the first time. So, we’ll see, we’ll see who wins.”

Rosemary: “Like they both said that we’re not looking forward to Deonna and Mickie to see who the champion at the end of this is, but we’ll throw out Josh Alexander versus JONAH because when Josh is angry, bad things happen to whoever’s in the ring with him.”

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