This year’s Hard To Kill is nothing more than a return to freedom. Impact Wrestling are free of AEW, free of constant comings and goings. Impact Wrestling are free to be Impact Wrestling. Yes, the Ring of Honor Champion is competing tonight but, that’s a chance, not a problem. I hope FinJuice will come back soon, they did a fantastic job in 2021 working with the roster. I think very few of us expected to see the Bullet Club on IMPACT, that happened. Hardcore, X-Division, Knockouts, even Deathmatch, and an inaugural Knockouts Ultimate-X match, this card is Impact Wrestling, ladies and gentlemen. Our Impact Wrestling.
There was no major question surrounding this PPV, I told it to you in my last review. But since IMPACT on Thursday night, a flood of news has changed the game a little bit. Mickie James will bring the IMPACT Knockouts title to WWE as she will take part in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match (if she wins tonight…). The Knockouts Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration, will miss the show. Speedball Mike Bailey will make his debut tonight. And we have a new announcer as Tom Hannifan is replacing Matt Striker alongside D’Lo Brown.
Three Championships are on the line, some dream matches are meant to happen. Who are the survivors and the winners of that great night, from Dallas, Texas, in a sold-out arena? How many “I told you” and “I saw it coming”?  It’s time to find out, but your French Enygma Steph way…

Jake Something defeated Madman Fulton. A big-men match but a very good match. Jake Something didn’t have to ask, “What’s my name?” because everyone yesterday night was remembering his name.

Chelsea Green, with Matt Cardona, promised Gia Miller to become the #1 contender for the Impact Knockouts championship. Cardona and Chelsea put over their wedding and Cardona said Hard to Kill is their honeymoon. He promised they will head out with the Big Red X and the Impact World Championship.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Chris Bey, Laredo Kid and Ace Austin. It was his debut match and made clear he will be a serious contender for the X-Division Championship in 2022. A classic X-Division match, with moonsaults, Spanish flies, big dives. I wish it could have lasted longer, like the first match, because this Countdown action was a tasty appetizer…

  • Knockouts Ultimate-X Match – The winner becomes the #1 contender for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Tasha Steelz vs Alisha Edwards vs Chelsea Green vs Jordynne Grace vs Lady Frost vs Rosemary

The match started off crazy with Jordynne and Tasha trying to climb early but they’re stopped. Chelsea connected with the blockbuster on Alisha and sent her to the outside. Chelsea started to climb but Steelz caught her and they exchanged strikes. Steelz sent Chelsea into the corner and we got some grappling before Steelz sent Chelsea to the outside with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Jordynne hit Steelz with a spinebuster before throwing her outside the ring into Alisha and Lady Frost. Rosemary caught Jordynne before she can start to climb. Savannah Evans came out and Jordynne hit a DDT off the apron onto Tasha outside. Havok came out too and lifted Rosemary up to grab the X but Chelsea Green prevented that with a dropkick. Chelsea and Alisha tried to scale the beam on the outside and then both dove onto opposite sides taking out all four women on the outside. Everyone was down.

Lady Frost from the top rope hit a corkscrew dive onto everyone outside of the ring. She began to climb up the scaffold but Jordynne Grace climbed up too. Jordynne sent Frost face-first into the steel before she climbed onto the ropes. Jordynne began to climb her way to the X and Lady Frost jumped onto her back but Jordynne didn’t fall. Rosemary caught Frost, looking for a powerbomb, but Frost reversed it. Tasha Steelz came in and pulled Jordynne down. Frost hit a Yoshi Tonic on Jordynne with Chelsea’s help. Chelsea began to climb for the X but was stopped crashing into Tasha. Rosemary and Chelsea began to climb for the X but Alisha got in the ring and started nailing them both with Kendra the kendo stick.

Alisha climbed to the top but Chelsea had the kendo stick and looked to hit Alisha, but Rosemary hit her with a Spear off the ropes. Tasha started to climb the scaffold and got to the ropes but Jordynne followed quickly behind. Tasha and Jordynne met in the middle, Jordynne started kicking at Tasha. Both dropped to the mat. Lady Frost climbed up the scaffolding and hit a moonsault to the outside on Havok, Rosemary and Savannah. Jordynne was back up and started to climb up to the rope. Tasha and Jordynne met each other again and Tasha dropped Jordynne with a right to the face. Chelsea and Tasha met in the centre and began fighting over the X. Tasha Steelz grabbed the X for the win. WHAT A MATCH.

Mickie James discussed the news about her going to the Royal Rumble later this month, she said the excitement of that will not get in the way of her championship match tonight. She said it’s no secret she and Deonna don’t like each other and tonight’s match is very fitting because everything is bigger in Texas. She said Deonna’s not getting up for the ten seconds and last night was glorious but it will be more glorious when she walks out the champion.

Deonna Purrazzo told Gia Miller she’s glad Mickie’s confident but tonight it ends. She said it’s the only night in the last two years she’s walked into a pay-per-view without her championship, and she has a plan A and a plan B. Gail Kim came and said she put in a no-contact clause and that ends tonight but, if Matt Rehwoldt puts his hands on Mickie, she loses and Matt is fired. Deonna said this happens time after time but she doesn’t care and tonight Mickie’s done. Deonna says Mickie can walk out tonight but she’s not walking into the Royal Rumble.

  • X-Division Championship Match – If Maclin loses, he can no longer challenge for the title as long as Miguel is Champion – Trey Miguel (c) vs Steve Maclin

Maclin attacked Trey before the bell, beating the champion up the entrance ramp. Trey with a dropkick sent Maclin down the ramp. Trey sent Maclin into the ring, looked for a moonsault but Maclin caught him and set him up in a Tree of Woe. Maclin looked for a Spear but Trey moved, sending Maclin to the outside. Trey hit a dive onto Maclin that ended up with Trey in the front row. Trey laid into Maclin with a forearm but Maclin Speared him back-first into the ring apron. Maclin chopped Trey against the barricade before tossing Trey into the ring. Trey looked for his spin through but Maclin caught his legs and slammed him back-first into the barricade. Back into the ring, Maclin taunted for a moment before sliding back out to Spear Miguel into the apron yet again. Maclin tossed Trey into the ring, connected with a uranage to the knee. Maclin set Trey up on the middle rope and clotheslined him off the rope.

Maclin backed Trey into the corner, Miguel fought back, rolled through but ran right into another uranage. Maclin hit a strike to the back and taunted Miguel before hitting him with another backbreaker. Maclin started taunting the crowd before sending Trey into the ropes and Trey went to the apron before Maclin kicked him in the face to the outside. Maclin connected with an elbow drop off the apron to Miguel on the outside. Maclin went to D’Lo and Tom and flipped them off. Maclin hit a backdrop on the apron, another forearm to the back that sent Trey to the mat before hitting another backbreaker into a stretch. Trey with the knee stroke to fight out of the stretch and started hammering Maclin with some more strikes. Miguel caught Maclin and rolled him through before hitting him with a double stomp. Trey looked for a springboard clothesline but Maclin ducked it. Trey pulled Maclin face-first into the apron before climbing to the middle rope.

Trey looked for a Meteora on the apron. Maclin set Trey up on the ropes and Speared him into the ropes, both men rolled outside. Maclin rolled and fired away with elbows to Trey’s head and neck. Maclin looked for Mayhem for All but Trey rolled through into a piledriver and hit the scorpion kick. Trey went to the top but Maclin charged, Trey dropped off onto the apron but Maclin hit him with an elbow. Both men were on the apron and exchanged strikes. Trey connected with a knee to the face and a Meteora off the apron to the outside. Maclin’s head hit the damn guardrail. Trey hit another Meteora to Maclin, Maclin kicked out. Trey slapped Maclin, hit him with a flurry of strikes, and Maclin talked shit through all of it. Trey connected with a brainbuster before climbing to the top. Trey hit another Meteora for the win. BRILLIANT.

The Influence told Gia Miller The IInspiration are unprofessional for not showing up to work. Madison said they should’ve made it a priority and shown up for work. Madison said they’re still going to have the match and become Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions. The match will be in Fort Lauderdale on January 27th. Kaleb has already started the photoshops of them with the belts and they walk away.

  • Special Ring Announcer Billy Cruise and Special Announcer Ian Riccaboni – ROH World Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Chris Sabin

Bobby Cruise ran down the ROH rules. After a handshake, chain wrestling early and Gresham took Sabin to the mat with a single leg, both men back to their feet and a sign of respect between the two. Lockup and Sabin with an arm drag before another stare down. Another handshake, Sabin with a headlock but Gresham connected with a unique reversal and locked Sabin into a modified ankle lock. Sabin grabbed Gresham’s wrist but fought out. Another lockup and Gresham went to the mat, using his legs for an arm twist. Gresham then attacks the ankle. He held Sabin down and started attacking the fingers and joints of Sabin, followed by an arm drag right away. Sabin sent Gresham to the outside and hit Gresham with a kick to the face. Sabin sent Gresham into the ring, Gresham kicked at the arm but Sabin moved.

Gresham continued with an elbow to the face and looked for a submission, but Sabin hit a forearm to the face and a lifted rotating DDT. Sabin lifted Gresham onto his shoulder, but Gresham connected with a wristlock and Sabin sent Gresham into the ropes. Gresham bounced out with a shoulder block. Sabin caught Gresham with a knee to the gut before setting him on the ropes for a swinging neck breaker. Gresham rolled through and again hit the arm with that kicking arm-twist. Gresham slapped Sabin right in the face and hit him with a Dragon Screw. Gresham kicked at the arm again but Sabin moved again. Gresham off the middle rope hit Sabin with a moonsault, then elbow strikes. Gresham locked in a crossface. Sabin tried to crawl to the bottom rope but Gresham grabbed his arm. Sabin grabbed the rope.

Gresham locked in a crossface yet again but Sabin rolled through and nearly stole it. Gresham stomped on Sabin’s foot and locked in the Octopus hold. Sabin grabbed for the rope but Gresham grabbed his arm. Gresham hit hammer fists to the side of Sabin’s head. Sabin fought out and hit Gresham with the cradle shock. Sabin covered and gets a three count but Gresham’s leg was under the bottom rope. Both men looked to get to their feet and started exchanging elbow shots as they were getting up. They started exchanging chops. They hit chops at each other, Gresham fell to the knee before they got back up and started palm-striking each other. Sabin dropped Gresham but he kipped right up but Sabin ducked an enzuigiri and dropped Gresham with an enzuigiri of his own. Sabin lifted Gresham up for the Cradleshock DDT but Gresham rolled out. They rolled each other up but Gresham stacked Sabin up for the win. A CLASSIC.

Backstage, Tasha told Gia there’s no history if there’s no Flava in it. She said she created history and Mickie has a date on the wrong side of the street with Tasha Steelz.

  • JONAH vs Josh Alexander

Staredown before Josh kicked JONAH right in the face. Josh caught JONAH in the corner and hit him with a flurry of strikes. Josh looked for a second rope dropkick but JONAH didn’t fall. JONAH went for a senton but Josh moved. Josh went for the ankle lock but JONAH shoved him off to the outside. JONAH followed Josh to the outside and hit him with a chop before sliding him back into the ring. Josh attacked the leg and got it trapped in the ropes before the referee helped get it out. Josh stomped away at JONAH’s ankle before sending him to the outside with a diving crossbody to the back. Josh on the outside hit a chop of his own before looking for a suplex, but JONAH blocked it and lifted Josh up, dropping him ribs first into the apron. Back in the ring, JONAH hit a chop on Josh in the corner before lifting him up and dropping him rib first on the top turnbuckle. JONAH put Josh onto his shoulders and tossed him onto the mat in the centre of the ring.

JONAH lifted Josh up for an inverted Torture Rack but he fought out. Josh tried to backslide him but JONAH blocked it. Josh grabbed Jonah’s ankle and hammered away at it. Josh looked for the C4 Spike but he couldn’t. JONAH tossed Josh onto the top rope and followed with a senton. JONAH lifted Josh back up into the Torture rack. Josh elbowed JONAH in the face to get out. Josh tried to grab the leg but JONAH hammered at his back, Josh replied with a chop. Josh and JONAH went face to face. Josh told him to hit him and JONAH dropped him with a huge elbow. Josh fought back and kicked JONAH in the ankle. Josh tried to clothesline JONAH out but he couldn’t. He tried another two times before finally hitting it after the third time. Josh and JONAH fought into the crowd and the front row was a bit concerned. They finally moved and JONAH clotheslined Josh back into the ring area. Josh punched JONAH and he fell into someone’s seat. Josh climbed to the top turnbuckle. JONAH got to his feet, Josh dove over the guardrail and hit JONAH with a clothesline, taking both men to the ground.

Back in the ring, Josh looked for the C4 Spike but JONAH hit the back body drop. Josh connected with a knee to the back of the head. Josh climbed to the top rope but JONAH shoved him off rib first into the post. Both men went on top and JONAH hit a huge superplex on Josh. Both men just barely beat the count and started exchanging strikes. JONAH laid in some combos, Josh too. JONAH caught Josh and hit him with a powerbomb. JONAH hit a clothesline. JONAH lifted Josh up and headbutted him three times. JONAH then hit a brainbuster. He climbed to the top but Josh locked in an ankle lock. JONAH replied with a headbutt and sent Josh to the mat. JONAH went for a moonsault but Josh moved and hit JONAH with a suplex and a powerbomb. Josh locked in an ankle lock while stomping away at JONAH’s face, then ankle. JONAH finally tapped out. A MASTERPIECE.

Backstage, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath, Rhino and Eddie Edwards were with Gia Miller. Eddie hyped up his team before Swann and Willie said they’re ready for a fight. Rhino told Eric Young he doesn’t care how many people he has to go through to rip his head off and kick it down the street, put it back on his body, then rip his intestines out and choke him with them.

  • 10-Man Hardcore War Match: Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath & Rhino vs The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) & Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering)

Rich Swann and Deaner started this off with a chair and a trashcan. Swann hit Deaner with the chair, then they turned to strike each other. Swann hit a bulldog on Deaner. He waited for Deaner to get up, then hit him with a suplex. Swann followed with a rolling splash. Swann wedged the chair in between the ropes, looked to run Deaner’s face into it but Deaner strangled his eyes and hit him in the back with a trashcan. Deaner ran at Swann with the can but got it dropkicked into his face. Swann looked for a 450 but Deaner moved and got right up. Deaner sent Swann face-first into the chair and waved the VBD flag high. Deaner yelled VBD at Swann but he ate a spinning heel kick. Swann went for a cutter but Deaner caught him and used the flag to do a Russian leg sweep on Swann.

Deaner grabbed a steel chair and slide it into the ring before setting it up. Deaner got Swann onto his shoulders but Swann fought out and hit Deaner with a superkick. Deaner connected with a drop toehold, sending Swann face-first into the chair. Karl Anderson came with a golf driver but Swann took it and hit him in the groin. Swann set up the chair and hit Deaner with a step-up cutter on the chair. Karl had the tag team belt and used it to crush Swann in the face. Willie Mack came out with a piece of wood and hit Deaner with it before sliding in weapons to Swann. Swann hit Deaner with a buzzsaw kick. Willie slid in a door and they set it up on the chairs. They looked to hit Deaner with a double suplex through the makeshift table but Karl broke it up. Willie hit an atomic drop on Deaner. Willie lifted Deaner up for the 3-D and Swann hit a bulldog variation of it.

Doc Gallows came to the ring with a chain in hand. They took advantage of this matchup and started taking out Swann and Mack. Deaner grabbed the door and threw it into Swann’s face. Deaner stomped away at Swann in the corner as Karl nailed Willie with the chair. They set the can on the groin of Willie Mack and hit it with the golf club. Again Deaner threw the door face-first into Rich Swann. Eddie Edwards was out next with Kenny the kendo stick. Eddie Edwards dove to the outside on Deaner, then caught Gallows and Anderson on the other side. Eddie took a beer from a fan and brought out a table. Eddie set the table up but Karl Anderson cut him off. Eric Young hit the ring with trash can lids, smashing them on Eddie’s face. They slammed Eddie face-first on the ring barrier.

Eric Young slid Edwards back into the ring and choked away at him. Gallows tossed a chair right into the head of Willie Mack. Deaner started biting away at Eddies’ face. Gallows to the other side slammed a chair face-first into Rich Swann this time. They used a fork to stab away at Edwards. Deaner smashed Edwards over the head with a trashcan lid as we awaited the next opponent. Heath came out next and met Karl Anderson on the ramp. He hit Anderson with powder, then Eric Young, and hit Young with a lead pipe. Heath used the pipe on Deaner and Gallows. Eddie and Heath set the garbage can on Deaner’s head and Heath hit him with the lead pipe again. Willie climbed to the top and Heath handed him the trash can. He tried to moonsault onto Deaner with the trashcan, but Deaner moved and Mack crashed. Joe Doering is out last for VBD. Edwards tried to dive on Doering, but he shoved him into the ground and then attacked Heath.

Swann and Mack looked to suplex Deaner but Doering double-powerbombed both of them. VBD and the Good Brothers had control of this match laying the opposing team out. Gallows hit Heath in the head with a metal beer bottle, then chugged it. Rhino came out with his own steel chain and dropped Eric Young with it, then Karl Anderson. Rhino sent Gallows into the ring steps but Eric Young attacked from behind. Rhino sene Young face-first into the table, then the ring, before sliding him back in. All 10 men were back up in the centre of the ring and they started brawling. Rhino was choking Anderson outside of the ring with the chain. Doering threw Willie into the guardrail outside the ring. Eric Young crowned Eddie Edwards with the trashcan and they exchanged trashcan shots before Eric took over nailing Edwards multiple times.

Young went off the ropes but Eddie ducked and dropped Young with a trashcan shot. Eddie grabbed Kenny and started swinging the kendo stick before nailing Young right across the head. Eddie dropped everyone on the other team with the kendo stick. Eddie grabbed another Kenny and lit it on fire. It took a second to light, then he swang it on Gallows and it went out. Eddie caught Young on the apron but Doering caught him. Eric Young lifted Eddie up for a piledriver, delayed but finally hit on Eddie through a table. Rich Swann connected with a 450 Splash to Eric Young on the outside. Willie went under the table and pulled out a barbwire board they slid into the ring. They set the board up but Doering was in the ring and got Swann onto his shoulders. Doering slammed himself and Rich Swann through the barbwire board. Swann was screaming. Willie Mack clotheslined Doering out of the ring, then hit Deaner with a pop-up punch with the steel chain. Anderson hit a cutter on Willie. Rhino Goref Karl and Heath covered him for the win. THAT WAS PURE HARDCORE.

After the match…

Former ROH stars Matt Taven and Mike Bennett came out and beat down Rhino and Heath. Vincent joined them and dropped Swann with a clothesline. They beat down Willie Mack and Rhino tried to make the save but PCO was here. PCO dropped Swann with a powerbomb. Bennett and Taven hit a spike piledriver on Willie Mack and PCO rolled Swann over onto the apron. PCO climbed to the top rope and they laid Swann there to get splashed by PCO. Maria was here to escort Bennett and Taven.

Backstage, Gia tried to talk to Scott D’Amore who was as surprised as anybody else in the arena. He said he was about to call Baltimore to learn more about that.

  • Three-way match for the Impact World Championship: Moose (c) vs Matt Cardona vs W. Morrissey

Cardona attacked Moose but Morrissey tossed him off, Cardona ducked a clothesline and went right after Moose but Moose sent him outside. Morrissey connected with a big boot to Moose. He sent Moose to the outside and Cardona followed both, taking them out with a dive. Cardona attempted to send Moose into the guardrail but Moose reversed it and sent him into the metal instead. Moose sent Cardona back into the ring. Morrisey powerbombed Moose back-first into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Moose hit a step-up crossbody on Cardona. Moose caught Morrissey in the opposite corner and powerbombed him out of the corner. Cardona hit a modified Radio Silence. Cardona hit Moose and Morrissey with boots in opposing corners before Morrissey sent Cardona into the corner. Morrissey chased Cardona but ate the knees to the face. Cardona and Morrissey made their way to the top ropes but Moose got underneath Morrisey. Moose connected with the powerbomb on Morrissey who hit Cardona with a Fallaway slam off the top ropes.

Moose sent Cardona to the outside and sent him into the guardrail. Moose pulled Morrissey near the stage and threatened a powerbomb but Chelsea came out and hit Moose with a crossbody. Morrissey sent Cardona into the ring and dropped him. Cardona fought back and hit Morrisey with a codebreaker that sent Morrisey to the outside. Moose went back in the ring and exchanged shots with Cardona. Moose flipped out Cardona but ate a forearm from Cardona. Moose climbed to the top but Cardona shoved him from behind through the table. Morrissey was back in the ring with Cardona and Cardona looked for an Unprettier but Morrissey fought out and chokeslammed Cardona. Morrissey taunted Cardona, lifted him up but he fought out and went to the corner. Morrissey ran into the knees and Cardona hit the Drive-By. Cardona tossed Moose into the ring and they exchanged strikes. Moose went for a Uranage, looked for a Spear on Cardona but Cardona moved and Moose took out the ref.

Cardona hit the Drive-By but Morrissey sent him out of the ring. Morrisey connected with the powerbomb on Moose and covered but no referee. Morrissey went under the ring and started sliding in chairs. He set the chairs up in the centre of the ring. Morrissey looks for a powerbomb on the chairs but Moose fought out with a NutCracker (that’s my Champion…). Moose started wailing away at Morrissey with the chair. Cardona slides in as Morrisey slides out and jams a chair into the ribs of Moose. Cardona dropped Morrissey off the apron, looked to hit Moose but got hit with a NutCracker. Moose shoved Chelsea and Cardona went to hit him with the chair but Moose moved and Cardona nearly hit Chelsea again. Cardona rolled up Moose and nearly stole it. Moose sent Cardona into the corner with the ref and Chelsea, taking all three out. Moose hit Cardona with a Lights Out/Spear, the first referee slid in slowly. Moose got the win by pinning Cardona. VERY, VERY GOOD.

The next PPV will be “Rebellion” on Saturday, April 23, 2022. Do you see the same Question Mark as me on the logo?

  • If Matthew Rehwoldt interferes in this match, Deonna will be disqualified and Rehwoldt will be fired – Texas Deathmatch for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) defeated Deonna Purrazzo.

What can we expect from a Texas Deathmatch? Texas means horses, cowboys, so all the toys that can go with it. And Deathmatch, the bloody version of hardcore wrestling with toys you don’t even want to think of, like light tubes, bulbs, barbed wire, glass, piranhas or crocodiles. You suddenly understand why Impact Wrestling chose to put his match as its main event. Because a deathmatch is definitely not for everybody… But Knockouts deserved to main event a PPV for the first time as the company is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Some hairpulling early and Deonna started to work the arm. Some mat wrestling and Deonna sent Mickie into the ropes and looked for a clothesline but Mickie ducked it. Deonna caught Mickie and hung her up on the top rope. Deonna locked in a Venus de Milo and Mickie tapped out, forcing Deonna to break the hold. Rok-C was sitting in the front row for the main event. Mickie slapped Deonna and she had some choice words for her opponent. Deonna slid out and tossed a chair into the ring. Mickie rolled out and they both started tossing chairs into the ring. Deonna changed it up and grabbed a table but Mickie slide out and dropped her with a forearm to the face. Mickie grabbed a chair and hit Deonna in the back. Mickie grabbed the golf club and hit Deonna in the midsection with it. Mickie tossed Deonna into the timekeeper’s table, with a wheelbarrow at ringside. They brawled up the ramp and Deonna dropped Mickie before heading to the back. Deonna grabbed the road case and slammed it into Mickie James. The ref began his ten-count. Mickie got to her feet at the count of nine and Deonna was pissed.

She started hammering away at a busted-open Mickie. Deonna Speared Mickie back-first into the ring apron but Mickie fought back and sent Deonna back-first into the apron instead. Deonna climbed back into the ring and grabbed a chair. Mickie slid in and locked in a single-leg Boston crab. Deonna crawled to the ropes but there are no rope breaks. Deonna went on the apron and Mickie dropped her off with a dropkick. Deonna got back into the ring and ate a couple of knees from Mickie. Mickie dropped her with a third knee right to the side of the face. In the ring, Mickie tried to set a table up and Deonna caught her from behind and sends her face-first into the table. Deonna slid out of the ring and grabbed a black bag and dumped thumbtacks into the centre of the ring. Deonna set Mickie on the table and went for a Spear but Mickie moved. Deonna caught herself, Mickie went for the MickDT but Deonna dodged it and sent Mickie back-first into the thumbtacks.

Deonna sent Mickie to the outside and choked her out with her gear, forcing her to tap. The ten-count began again. Mickie got to her feet but Deonna sent her back into the ring and started hammering away with the chair to her knee. Deonna set the chair up on her knee and climbed to the top rope. Mickie escaped and grabbed the chair. Mickie slammed the chair headfirst into Deonna but then fell back into the tacks. Mickie hit a Thesz press off the apron on Deonna. Rehwoldt came out and lifted Deonna up. Mickie went to the top and took both of them out. Mickie set up the table and Deonna on top of it. Deonna got up top with Mickie and hit the Queen’s Gambit through the table. The ten-count was stopped. Deonna grabbed the chair and aimed to hit Mickie in the stomach with it. Mickie ripped it out of her hands and sent her knee first into the tacks. Deonna went for the PussyCracker but Mickie no-sold it, did her hand lick and dropped Rehwoldt with the guitar. Mickie hit the MickDT and buried Deonna in the garbage so she can’t stand up before the ten-count. Mickie retained. HARDCORE BUT NOT DEATHMATCH.

A word from our Deathmatch Editor: “Let it be said, it’s cool as hell that a deathmatch is main eventing the show. Impact have quite a solid history with deathmatches. As do these two, it’s not the first time we’ve seen them get hardcore, just look back to the fight on the farm. That was awesome and I was hoping for more of that here. Here, we got a creative last fighter standing hardcore bout with some fun spots involving wheelbarrows, golf clubs and the traditional plunder weapons like chairs, tables and tacks. Things were definitely vicious and bloody with a nod to old-school bloody brawling Texas deathmatches, rather than the new school of extreme. That being said, it was still good fun and intense as hell. There was venom in almost every shot and an excellent story told, which always elevates deathmatch shenanigans. Plus, I popped for the infamous V call-back. This might not have been a traditional deathmatch but it was definitely a Hardcore Country Brawl.”

I decided now to tell the action first and keep my thoughts till the end. We experienced tonight different levels and styles of brutality, which explains the title. From the first Countdown match till the last minute, it was a fantastic PPV. It was absolutely Impact Wrestling. There was something fantastic in the way all the matches, despite different, were matching so well. There was something special that kept all the roster together and allowed it to make something great. Also, kudos to Tom Hannifan who did so well for his first Impact Wrestling PPV.
What can I say? The Countdown matches were so damn good, with Jake Something at his best and Speedball Bailey striking hard for a first. The Ultimate-X was also very good, shorter than a Men’s one but with the same bumps and falls. Trey Miguel proved once again he deserved the X-Division Championship. If unusual, style-wise, for IMPACT, Gresham and Sabin delivered, but not to the point of a dream match. JONAH vs Josh was a true masterpiece, with true intensity. 

The 10-Man Hardcore bout kept all its promises and opened the door to a FORMER ROH talents invasion. I can’t wait to see where it’s going to bring us. Moose retained and, in some ways, reaffirmed the fact he deserves to be IMPACT World Champion. Then, when you read Texas Deathmatch, you don’t expect to see a Hardcore match. The ladies both hit very hard but the match didn’t match the stipulation. That may be the only false note of the night because, yes, it was a great PPV.
What is next? Matt Taven clearly showed he wants the World Tag Team titles. With PCO and Vincent, expect some craziness in the Impact Zone in the weeks to come. If I wasn’t a fan of the AEW invasion, the former ROH guys (I insist on that because PCO was released before ROH went on hiatus and the others were released 10 days ago) bring so many possibilities I can’t wait to see what’s next. The case continues, what a great 2022 motto…
See you on Thursday for IMPACT, we don’t know yet what is going to happen but I’ll be there, damn sure. ENYGMAtically yours…


Hard To Kill Full Results:

  • Countdown to Hard To Kill Match: Jake Something defeated Madman Fulton
  • Countdown to Hard To Kill Four-Way Match: Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Laredo Kid
  • Knockouts Ultimate-X Match: Tasha Steelz defeated Alisha Edwards, Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace, Lady Frost, and Rosemary. She becomes the number one contender for the Impact Knockouts Championship
  • Trey Miguel defeated Steve Maclin to retain the Impact X Division Championship. Since Maclin lost, he can no longer challenge for the title as long as Miguel is Champion
  • Jonathan Gresham (c) defeated Chris Sabin to retain the ROH World Championship
  • Josh Alexander defeated JONAH
  • 10-Man Hardcore War match: Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Heath and Rhino defeated The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) and Violent By Design (Eric Young, Deaner, and Joe Doering)
  • Three-Way Match for the Impact World Championship: Moose (c) defeated Matt Cardona and W. Morrissey
  • If Matthew Rehwoldt interferes in this match, Deonna will be disqualified and Rehwoldt will be fired – Texas Deathmatch for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Mickie James (c) defeated Deonna Purrazzo

Special thanks to John Deathman – All pics, screenshots, and videos courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV, and Fite TV. All photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.  

By Steph Franchomme

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