Welcome to what is sure to be one of the most violent shows of 2022. VxS and No Peace Underground had teamed up to produce the ultimate hybrid deathmatch super-card. We had fighters from both sides of the aisle battling each other for attempted company supremacy. It was going to get gory. Within this card, we’d see a triple threat tangled web, Masha Slamovich vs Sawyer Wreck, Atticus Cogar vs Vincent, Parrow vs JTG, and more leading to the main event House of Horrors match between AJ Gray and Matt Tremont. All with Nick F’N Gage hitting the commentary booth. Let’s get into the carnage.

Tangled Web: Lucky 13 defeated AKIRA & Marcus Mathers via Super Dragon Stomp on Mathers

Just before the action started, we had another tribute to the fallen warrior Markus Crane. As one of the lynchpins of NPU, this one stung just a little more. When that had played, we got into the violence. Up first, we went straight to the wire, the barbed wire anyways. Lucky 13, AKIRA, and Marcus Mathers were about to open proceedings with a triple threat tangled web bout. There were three fighters, one winner, and a whole host of wired-up implements to use. Would it be the prodigy, the Death Samurai, or the veteran taking this one? The fighters were smart as they always worked to keep one man out, usually AKIRA. This played out as a Lucky 13 vs Mathers wire match as they went tit for tat with wired ropes, light tubes, and chair piledrivers. Even Cluck Hogan made an appearance. Mathers nearly won with a barbed-wire door bomb which prompted a return from AKIRA and another beatdown on Mathers. The pair duelled tubes and Mathers landed a tube-assisted Northern Lights as 13 took a breather outside. It was AKIRA that hit the nastiest spot of the match though as he dumped Mathers and 13 into a wire net with a German. He went wild with submissions and suplexes but neither foe would stay down. The match broke down into a killing blow exchange as everyone worked to either pin opponents or break pins, hitting finishers as they went. Mathers was loving this carnage and instigated the end with a glass pane. They all fought on the scaffold and AKIRA was kicked into a wired board and after a vicious slugfest, 13 superkicked Mathers through the pane. Mathers collapsed onto a chair and 13 ended things with a Super Dragon Stomp. This was pure, brilliant bloodletting from all three. It was paced well, violent as fuck, and had Mathers really step up to two deathmatch icons. What a way to open this mayhem.

Made in Japan: Masha Slamovich defeated Sawyer Wreck via Northern Lights Bomb

The murder train didn’t slow down as the fighters up were Masha Slamovich and Sawyer Wreck in a Made in Japan Deathmatch. We had all the usual suspects plus massive Tokyo Towers of tubes to be broken. Who was going to come out strong in this one, the Russian Deathwish Masha Slamovich of VxS or Sawyer Wreck the Matriarch of Mayhem of No Peace? Either way, it was going to get nightmarish. It opened with Wreck’s strength advantage and Slamovich’s kicking ability being put to the test. Slamovich struck first with the fuckery and stabbed Wreck with syringes. Wreck smirked that off and delivered a stiff slam with the syringes still in her cheeks. Wreck took tubes to Slamovich and tried for the Widow Maker but Slamovich countered with a German. Slamovich tried for a piledriver but Wreck just hoisted her up and hit the Widow Maker through a bundle. Slamovich wasn’t out so Wreck trapped her in a Gory Special into another slam. Slamovich struck back with spinning back-fists into an axe kick and drove Wreck through the Tokyo Tower with an Exploder. She followed up quickly with a Northern Lights Bomb and took the win. It had been a rapid-fire match but it hit hard and got just as violent as expected. I’d have liked to see this one go a little longer but then again, Slamovich is a killer and this just furthers that. Hopefully, we see this happen again in the future.

Jordan Oliver defeated G-Raver via Clout Cutter

Well, then it was time for a battle of the aces. It was the current ace of VxS, Jordan Oliver taking on one of the top dogs of NPU in G-Raver. We’ve seen Oliver getting hardcore lately so was he going to tap into that style again against the resident psycho? What followed was a mix of styles match that started technically in a ring and descended into outside brawling, high-impact kicks, and flips and kept picking up the paces with fuckery spots and nasty chair landings. It was all very crisp, very stiff, and very fun as Oliver matched the intensity of Raver. This was the longest match of the show and it earned it as they kept upping the ante. Neither man wanted to give in but at the same time, both guys seemed to be having too much fun to want to stop. They both showed off a whole lot of creativity throughout and definitely informed some people about why they’re aces of their chosen company. After the car crashes of the former matches, this was a nice change of pace as we got something that was no less destructive but a bit more methodical in its approach. Both guys killed it and Oliver had to give it his all to best Raver, especially as Raver had taken him to hell throughout. Seriously, this could have dragged and it didn’t, it was fucking awesome.

Violence Over Honour: Atticus Cogar defeated Vincent via Skewered Brain Haemorrhage

Now for the one I was excited for. How would you like to see a battle of the devils? Vincent was a demon of ROH and now had been let loose to roam the Earth and continue to spread his message. That had brought him to VxS and the door of the Silver Teeth Satan Atticus Cogar. Both these guys have a sadistic streak and were going to use them to full effect. This could get messy, you dig? It would be 44OH! vs The Cult of Personality in Vincent. This was exactly what I wanted. It was a battle of two bad guys trying to out-fox the other. Vincent used his experience and mind games to one-up Cogar and seemed to have the match in the palm of his hand as Cogar couldn’t find an answer to his attacks. They didn’t even need to start hardcore either, it was a combination of crisp wrestling and power from Vincent mixed with a chair duel. Vincent’s showmanship started to get the better of him and Cogar found more and more openings into the match. We even almost got a Giallo-style death scene as Vincent had to desperately fight off buckle skewers that were aimed directly at his eye. Even then, it was an even fight with more horrifying suplexes and counters with a good old dose of mind games and taunting thrown in. Not everything went perfectly but who cares, in the heat of battle, perfection isn’t expected as Vincent met an invincible table. Both guys were left wounded from this one and Cogar was able to capitalise on an injured knee to break Vincent and end him with a Chair Raid Crash into a skewered Brain Haemorrhage, though Vincent loved the skewers in his temple, savouring them with a smile and attempted Sliced Bread. Cogar may have won the fight but Vincent had certainly gotten to him. It was another excellent war on a packed show that brought a whole lot of personality to its violence.

Mosh Pit Scramble: Casanova Valentine defeated Otis Cogar (w/Riley Madison), Chelsea Durden, Gory, Tye Hyll & Kit Osbourne via Stage 5 Clinger on Cogar

Time for something more chaotic. We had ourselves a scramble. Six-fighters, mosh pit rules, no mercy. It would be Otis Cogar vs Chelsea Durden vs Tye Hyll vs Gory vs Kit Osbourne vs Casanova Valentine. This was going to be a blast with bodies flying everywhere and violence aplenty. Valentine had promised cutters for all would he be able to fulfil that? We had a mix of NPU old and new-school in this mix. This was pure carnage with everyone getting their moment. As per usual with scrambles, it was every person for themselves with every person showing off whenever they could. We got a nice story of slugs and pain between Cogar and Valentine whilst everyone else tried to disrupt that and steal the spotlight. It was an excellent mess of bodies flying and fighting with even Big Vito getting blasted with a tube by Valentine for getting in the way of the action. It just goes to show no one is safe. Everyone was on top form in this one but I have to say, Valentine was fired up with a point to prove and a whole host of bodies to wreck and Hyll shocked everyone by using the rafters for his attacks. In the end, Valentine the NPU OG took the win and some revenge with a Stage 5 Clinger on Cogar after another hectic load of fun. We had broken glass, broken doors, and broken bodies with two happy OGs in Osbourne and Valentine.

NPU Title: Parrow defeated JTG via Parrow-Lyzer Trio

Time for a title fight. The NPU Title was on the line as Parrow the Deathmatch Bear was about to defend against JTG, the Gawd of VxS. We’ve seen JTG get hardcore before but was he ready for the carnage that comes with a No Peace title shot and the barbarism of the undefeated champ? He damn well tried to match it. They decided early on that this was going to become a last-man-standing match. That meant 10 counts and even harder shots. JTG brought out the tubes and turned Parrow into a bloody mess but as we’ve learned, Parrow just fuels up as he leaks. From there it was more killing blows and near counts as JTG and Parrow threw bomb after bomb and broke every bit of fuckery that was around that ring. We had broken doors, broken tables, and broken chairs as JTG kept showing off his immense strength by throwing Parrow around like he was a cruiserweight. It was all incredible to watch and a next-level effort from JTG. The champ won but he had to hit his finisher three times to keep the Gawd down. Post-match, Parrow showed his respect to JTG but the number one contender Atticus Cogar destroyed their moment by attacking Parrow and trying to steal the title. It was a sombre end to a very destructive match of the titans.

Shattered Dreams: MASADA defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Skewered Chair to Face Knee

Well shit, it’s about to get nasty. We were entering pure deathmatch territory as Jimmy Lloyd would be VxS’ representative as their alternative ace against the skewer lord and deathmatch icon, the Ultraviolent Beast MASADA. It was a shattered-dream deathmatch, so that meant we had glass panes everywhere and plenty of other fuckery to accompany them. It was going to get bloody as MASADA has been on a tear through NPU and now, he was going to victimise Lloyd too. This was pure hybrid deathmatch fun. After an early glass break, these two were cut each other with glass shards, throwing haymakers and desperately trying not to be put to sleep. Lloyd loves to diversify but this was him at his fuckery commanding best. He threw everything at MASADA including glass shards and chairs but every time MASADA had an answer to it and would make him pay for the blood loss. The crowd was torn on this one as they loved both of the guys fighting it out. They even got involved as MASADA used them to hold chairs. Both guys had horrible encounters with the panes but Lloyd got it the worst after eating a glass pane Tornado DDT. MASADA was a close second after an ugly Assault Driver. MASADA had to be taped up but that didn’t stop him from getting back into the fight and taking the win. Lloyd had thrown everything at MASADA and nearly escaped death so many times but in the end pain and blood loss took hold and he stayed down after skewers and the chair to face knee. This was vicious as hell and more than a little scary but both guys made it work and damn near killed each other. MASADA is beloved in this scene for a reason and here he helped make Lloyd look incredible despite the loss.

House of Horrors: AJ Gray defeated Matt Tremont via Death by Lariat

Last but not least, the main event. After a sick-ass session from a hardcore band NYC Shootout, it was time to enter the house of horrors. It would be Black Death, AJ the Motherfucking Truth Gray taking on one of the greatest deathmatch wrestlers in the game right now, the Bulldozer Matt Tremont. After a year away, Tremont has come back with a fury and has been throwing himself into the most violent of deathmatches. Now, he was going to have to face one of the heaviest hitters out there in Gray. This was going to be incredible as we had tubes absolutely everywhere, even hanging from the fucking ceiling. They opened by locking up around the hanging tubes and taunted each other with more tubes. They collided with tubes and just started throwing hands and elbows, both knocking the other loopy. Gray got the first sting of glass with a bundle to the back and was thrown through a second in the corner. Gray got revenge by doing the same to Tremont and now both had glass on their backs. Tremont bailed to safety on the outside so Gray broke through the tubes and landed a Suicide dive. He kept breaking tubes on Tremont and started carving him up. Tremont did the same and gave Gray a horn with a broken tube. The glass kept breaking as the pair beat the shit out of each other on the outside. Tremont was in his element but Gray kept swinging back when given the chance. Just as Gray had Tremont reeling, he did something even more sadistic by breaking a tube in his glove and forcing Tremont to wear it as he broke his hand on the apron. More tubes met Tremont’s head and a gusset was stabbed into the top of Gray’s head. Both guys were just getting nasty.

They re-entered the ring and Gray went straight to Tremont’s midsection with a bundle. That fired Tremont up and the pair started plucking up the floating tubes for a duel. Tube after tube after tube met flesh as the ring filled with glass and the air with spooky dust. Both guys were bloody messes but wouldn’t stop breaking tubes across their bodies. The tube count went down in a flash as both guys traded barbs then more glass. it was insane. No matter how weary they were or the blood loss taking effect, they just kept smashing, even upping the ante as Gray went on a rampage. Tremont collapsed from a bundle to the head but wouldn’t stay down and temporarily stopped a lariat with a bundle to Gray. That didn’t stop Gray though and the pair were throwing lariats at each other until they both went down exhausted. Tremont signalled towards the scaffold and both guys took the trip up. They kneeled up top for another round of words and fists before Gray sent Tremont crashing down from the top into the glass-filled ring. Gray followed down with a Splash and only got a one-count. Gray followed up with a Lariat and Tremont stayed down. This had been fucking insane. Both these guys just fucked each other up for 20 minutes. It was a glass-filled slugfest with both guys throwing the ultimate bombs. Real respected real and the pair showed respect after the bell. Tremont proved he’s still the Bulldozer and Gray just keeps rising up the deathmatch ranks as one of the hardest-hitting guys in the scene. We had blood, broken glass, and bloody knuckles. These two are so alike and it was brilliant seeing them in a ring together. That was an early MOTY to cap off one of the best shows I’ve seen in months. From top to bottom, this card rocked. Everyone brought it and if these two want to cooperate more in the future, I think everyone would like to see that.

All images courtesy of VxS/NPU, HeyyImRob

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