Next month, TNT will throw its first deathmatch tournament of the year. February 3rd will see Fusion Nightclub become the battleground for the 3rd Dead or Alive Tournament (DOA) and now we know the first 5 warriors entering the battlefield. Much like last time, TNT is bringing the best in from around the world to fight it out in ever escalated deathmatch stipulations until one is the ultimate winner. Last year, it was Clint Margera, this year it could be anyone. It’ll be a current mix of new and returning fighters as we run down the field so far:

Charli Evans (Returning, DOA Record: Round 1 Loss to Rickey Shane Page): First announced was the Violence Artist Charli Evans. She’s making her triumphant return to TNT after a COVID-forced hiatus. During that time though, she has taken both the wrestling and deathmatch world by storm with banger after banger across GCW and DMDU with Rina Yamashita, Alex Colon, and Joel Bateman to name a few. After a round 1 loss last time in a very competitive match with RSP, she’s now back with a vengeance and has even more deathmatch know-how to bring to her opponents.

Alex Colon (New Entrant): Anyone who knows anything about deathmatches knows who Alex Colon is. The Bloodfighter lives for deathmatch and has become one of the most successful wrestlers within GCW’s deathmatch scene and is the current Ultraviolent champion. Tournaments appear to be his specialty as he is the only man to 3peat the GCW Tournament of Survival and won the 6th Nick Gage Invitational. Right now, he is on the streak of a lifetime, but will all that be stopped when he hits the UK for the first time in years?

Kameron Solas (New Entrant): Third is one of the breakouts of TNT IGNition, Kameron Solas. The current IGNition champion is blending the worlds of the extreme and the family-friendly as he jumps into the deathmatch side of TNT’s operations. He should fit right in as he’s not afraid of a fight and can be an absolute daredevil. Whilst not a complete stranger to the deathmatch game, this is going to be an uphill battle for Solas though knowing him, he’s up to the challenge. This is the entrant I know the least about but his work speaks for itself and it’ll be interesting to see how he does.

Aspen Faith (Returning, DOA Record: Round 1 Loss to Jack Jester): Following a nightmarish war with Rory Coyle at Merseyside Massacre, Aspen Faith secured his returning spot to the DOA Tournament. Faith is no stranger to the extreme world as a member of the ICW roster and has taken part in previous tournaments, going out to Jack Jester in a round 1 barbed Wire deathmatch. We saw then that Faith was willing to put his body on the line and left with a lot of barbed wire in his hair. This time, he’ll be looking to go all the way and will have even more experience to tap into.

Big F’N Joe (New Entrant): Whilst no stranger to TNT or the world of deathmatches, this is Big F’N Joe’s first DOA Tournament. The Don of deathmatch wrestling has been making the UK Deathmatch scene his for years now as well as taking his brand of violence to the US. This is one of the top contenders on the field right now as bar Alex Colon, most people haven’t had the wars Joe has had. He’s been plying his trade in every UK Deathmatch company and now looks to ascend to the top of TNT too.

Tickets for DOA can be found here. Once again, this event takes place on February 3rd from the FUSION Nightclub, Liverpool. For more updates, as they happen you can check TNT’s Twitter here.

All images courtesy of TNT

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