Welcome back to ChocoPro and to another double bill of wrestling action. This week, it was time for a more traditional take on the Ichigaya fights as it was mostly the Gatoh Move roster in action. For #191, we’d see Masahiro Takanashi take on Chie Koishikawa and the main event where Best Bros took on the heavy-handed powerhouse team of Sayaka Obihiro and Yuna Mizumori. In #192, Yuko Sakurai returned for another crack at teaming with Chie Koishikawa, this time against Best Bros and we’d get a Three-Way main event between Masahiro Takanashi, Yuna Mizumori, and the Super Asia Champion, Chon Shiryu. Let’s get into the action.

ChocoPro #191

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Chie Koishikawa via Inverted Sharpshooter

Up first this week was another test for Chie Koishikawa. The ever-improving chopping machine with too much energy always impresses in her matches but it was time to see if she could conquer one of the big baddies of the company, Masahiro Takanashi. They opened with the expected technical fare, traded holds, and Koishikawa gearing up for a run. Their knowledge of each other came into play as both kept countering until Koishikawa could land the chop. Mat burn followed and Takanashi was trapped in the bow and arrow. Takanashi escaped that and a Guillotine, then dodged a dropkick to smash Koishikawa’s knee into the mat. Thus began the breaking of Koishikawa’s legs stopping whatever plans Koishikawa had. The torture continued until Koishikawa was able to flip away and use the wall to stun Takanashi into an arm-drag. She landed more chops and the dropkick but only got two. She went after Takanashi’s legs too and dodged his attempts at attacks to deliver a basement dropkick. She went up top but Takanashi followed and brought her crashing down with a Kneebreaker. He went back to mangling her legs and dragged her back when she tried to swim away. The Shrimp escape had failed and Takanashi was giving her the boots for it. Koishikawa rolled him up as he attempted a Figure-Four and fired back hard with a rolling chop. She made the mistake of going to the window again and Takanashi punished her with a Dragon Screw. That knee was wrecked now so Takanashi applied the Figure-Four and pursued her around the mat preventing her escape. What he didn’t bank on, was a thumb in the eye as Koishikawa played it smart. Koishikawa tried to recover with the Samson Clutch but Takanashi caught it into an Inverted Sharpshooter for the win. Koishikawa had given it her all again but the crafty Takanashi had picked a spot and hammered away until it was broken. Koishikawa is learning with each encounter, one day, she’ll beat him.

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Sayaka Obihiro & Yuna Mizumori via B3 on Obihiro

The first main event of the double bill was a tag team encounter between Best Bros and their continuous archenemy, Yuna Mizumori. This time Mizumori was teamed up with Sayaka Obihiro so Best Bros had power and chops of doom to contend with. Suruga opened against Obihiro and after a chain wrestling war, the pair tagged out as Obihiro had gotten the better of Suruga with a throat thrust. Mizumori and Akki began with their usual shoulder tackle war and Akki brought out the low kicks. He met the wall and the tropical duo punished him with trapped punches into a catapult throat thrust. Obihiro was getting into the Tropical mood and attacked with a barrage of Tropical headbutts and punches as she wrenched Akki’s arm. Akki remained the Tropical punching bag until he secured his escape with punches into a Backbreaker. Suruga was unleashed and flattened everyone with elbows into crossbodies. Suruga trapped Obihiro in Gateau Invisible but it was applied in a bad place and Obihiro pinged her into the wall. Obihiro charged and got tripped into the wall, Suruga adding to the pain in her hands by flying stomping it into the mat. The Goblin tried to strike but Obihiro escaped with a thrust and Mizumori continued to hammer away on Suruga. The Tropical Barrage was cut off with a foot stomp and the Apple Mutilation but Mizumori escaped the hold.

Suruga tried to use the wall for her combo and got half of it off before Mizumori smashed her face in with a Coconut Crush. Mizumori kept the chain going with Papaya Mango Coconut and flew into a Tropical Splash for two. Suruga turned Tropical Yahho into a roll-up and Best Bros struck with the rolling Swanton combo. Akki was tagged in and began to fire up Mizumori with chops. He nearly took the win with a spin kick and Mizumori took him out with a flying shoulder tackle. Obihiro was brought out to play and went right after Akki with her heavy chops. They fought over attempted pins and Akki got stopped with another thrust into a Yahho/Crossbody combo. Akki made her pay with another Backbreaker and started another chopping war. Obihiro dodged the Spider into her Bridging Suplex and Mizumori helped her make a pin combo. Suruga made the save and struck hard with the Super Mei Punch and Akki KO’ed Mizumori with another head kick. Obihiro tried to fight off both but Best Bros dodged and took the win with B3. It had been another uphill battle for the Best Bros but they’d come out on top. That brought them one step closer to Suruga’s goal of being the ultimate winner in ChocoPro be it through her singles wins or Best Bros wins.

ChocoPro #192

Best Bros (Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga) defeated Chie Koishikawa & Yuko Sakurai via Propellor Pin on Koishikawa

The Best Bros spree continued as they were in the first match of show two against another new yet interesting team in Chie Koishikawa and Yuko Sakurai of COLOURS. We’d seen this team take the fight to TropikaWild and now they were taking on the best-mixed team. It was going to be a tough task for both teams especially as Suruga had gone cannibal and wanted to taste people. Even Akki didn’t know what the hell to do with that. Akki and Koishikawa opened with a feeling-out process and rapid technical wrestling, Koishikawa going on an early run. They tagged and Sakurai demonstrated her strength over Suruga by shunting her into the wall. Suruga was livid and took a bite out of Sakurai before taking her for the ride. Sakurai knocked her down but Suruga just used it as a chance to be Cute on Purpose. Koishikawa cut her off with a Demon Chop and the pair mauled her with wall attacks. Suruga escaped mat burn with the wall combo and dragged Koishikawa to Akki for a Best Bros beating. Akki trapped her in a Cobra Clutch and Suruga trapped her in a Sleeper after hammering Sakurai with forearms. Koishikawa became the Best Bros stepping stool and Akki tried to cut off her escape with a Backbreaker. Koishikawa tanked the blow and launched Akki with multiple arm-drags. Sakurai made her grand re-entrance into the match by slamming Akki and trying for an Abdominal Stretch. Akki transitioned it to the Namaste Stretch and the two juggernauts struck it out. Koishikawa joined in and the pair knocked Akki out with double dropkicks. Sakurai tried for the Suplex again but Akki fought it off and dumped her with a Gutbuster.

Akki tagged and Suruga came in to give Sakurai a taste of the wall, the window, and her boots. She tried for Apple Mutilation and went full-on goblin with an eye gouge. Sakurai fought off the blindness to deliver a slam and tried to choke out Suruga with a head-scissor. Suruga bridged free to deliver another double stomp and got trapped in the Dragon Sleeper instead. Sakurai used the hold to drape Suruga over the window and Koishikawa took full advantage with a Demon Chop. Koishikawa continued to deliver fencing chops and took Suruga out with a dropkick. Suruga broke free and used referee Shiryu as a shield and springboard for a crossbody. Koishikawa kept the energy up with the Muffler but Akki was ready to make the save. Best Bros tried to double-team but Koishikawa kept herself safe and Suruga hit Akki instead. That led to a chain of chaotic back-and-forth warring across the closing stretch until Suruga took the win with the Propellor Pin. Best Bros had kept the winning streak alive but damn, they got taken to the limit. Sakurai is fitting in very well with ChocoPro and has found a rhythm with Koishikawa, now they just need a win. Suruga was way too pleased with achieving her goal and Akki was still scared by the end. We ended up getting a fun match full of personality and potentially Suruga’s new persona as the ChocoPro cannibal. Wait, don’t goblins eat people?

Masahiro Takanashi defeated Choun Shiryu & Yuna Mizumori via Sharpshooter on Shiryu

Last but not least, our second main event. It would be a triple-threat fight with former number one contenders Masahiro Takanashi and Yuna Mizumori getting another crack at potentially earning the contender’s spot again by getting a win over Choun Shiryu. There were three deadly foes, one mat, and only one winner, who would it be? Things started cagey with a three-way technical war as everyone went for everyone instead of taking sides. Mizumori stood tall at the end of the exchange and murder both with elbows. Shiryu and Takanashi took her out with a double-wall slam and tried to work over each other but Mizumori came back into play and sent both of them flying. Shiryu turned the tide with a Takanashi-assisted arm-drag and started unleashing his signature offence on both opponents, snapping both their necks at once. This trend continued until Mizumori exploded back into the match with a Mango Papaya Coconut and catapulted both foes into each other. She tried to tap Takanashi out with a Half Crab and unintentionally took out Shiryu when Takanashi swung him into her knee. Takanashi kept using his opponents as weapons and slugged it out with Shiryu, their rivalry continuing to show through until both were knocked out. Mizumori capitalised with a double Yahho and took out both with a flying shoulder tackle. They both kicked out so she locked on a double crab. Shiryu sprung back to life with a senton dropkick and sent both into the window with a Gory Bomb for the window knee. He flew from the sink with a trust fall and tried to kick down Takanashi but Takanashi had a plan and used Mizumori to dropkick Shiryu’s leg. Takanashi broke both their legs with a Dragon Screw and kept the attack focused on the knees of his foes. The action flew between all three, as did their bodies until Takanashi took the win by forcing Shiryu to tap to a Sharpshooter. Takanashi won and is, therefore, the number one contender but it hadn’t been an easy ride. He’d made his statement by going from victim to victor with his brains, wits, and targeting skills whilst having to avoid Shiryu’s craftiness and Mizumori’s raw power. We have our next title match set now for January 22nd and knowing the pair involved, it’s going to be wild.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, DOGU, FlyingVTrigger, Videos courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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