TNT has finished announcing the fighters taking part in the 2022 Dead or Alive Tournament. We covered the first five entrants here and now know the final three taking part in the February 3rd deathmatch tournament. Coming to us from FUSION Nightclub, DOA is TNT’s top entry into the deathmatch world and has brought fighters from nationwide and afar to duke it out in a one-night, eight-person elimination tournament. This year’s edition is the first back since COVID and features a slew of new and returning faces to the bloody tournament. So far, the fighters are as followed:

  • Charli Evans
  • Alex Colon
  • Kameron Solas
  • Aspen Faith
  • Big F’N Joe

Now it’s time to break down the new additions:

Big Lou Nixon (New Entrant): Big Lou “Light-Tube” Nixon is one of the mainstays of the UK deathmatch scene and will be one of the most dangerous fighters going into the tournament. An accomplished wrestler and MMA fighter, Nixon is as confident throwing a punch as he is braining a foe with glass. Be it in-ring, no-ring, or around the ring, Nixon has been burning through the North East deathmatch scene and is looking to leave a mark on TNT’s deathmatch division too. Certainly, one to watch, and if there’s a Taipei deathmatch involved, it’s a sure-fire conclusion he’d be in it.

Tyler Devlin: (New Entrant): The penultimate entrant into the tournament is one of the most notorious men in deathmatch right now, Tyler Devlin. Recently, he took TNT’s Extreme Champion and previous DOA winner, Clint Margera, to the limit. Now, he’s back with a vengeance and looking to gain another shot at the king. Never afraid of being loved or hated, Devlin won’t be denied. Another mainstay from the UK scene and someone who is known to take everyone he fights to hell, he’ll be right at home in this tournament.

Session Moth Martina (DOA Record, 1st Round Loss to Jimmy Lloyd): The Death Moth flies again as Session Moth Martina brings the sesh back to DOA. Whilst her first deathmatch tournament ended in a first-round loss to Jimmy Lloyd, Martina has since won deathmatch glory by winning the 2021 Total Carnage tournament. No stranger to deathmatch and always willing to bring fun and violence, Martina has to be one of the favourites in this one as she looks to make it back-to-back deathmatch tournament wins. The party is going to be wild if Martina wins it.  

Tickets for DOA can be found here. Once again, this event takes place on February 3rd from the FUSION Nightclub, Liverpool. For more updates, as they happen you can check TNT’s Twitter here.

All images courtesy of TNT

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